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  1. Minicraft stuff I hadn't heard of.

    Bit of a ressurection here but got a message from Minicraft that there are no plans to go ahead with the 1/48th Gulfstream or the 1/144th Convairliners family. A pity, was looking forward to them for a loooong time. Paul Harrison
  2. Film help

    Could be the Revelll 1/48th kit. Think TCM were the last channel in the UK to have the broadcast rights to Moon Zero Two but it hasn't been on in quite a while. Still have it on VHS, also the Legend of Orin (like the main ship design and planned to build it but nothing came of it). Paul Harrison
  3. Anyone know what the North Cariboo 146/RJ-100 was doing there? I saw it coming in from the Atlantic on Flightradar24 hoping it would come in to Edinburgh but no such luck! Paul Harrison
  4. I can't remember for certain but I think I've only seen 4 Tu204's, the RB211 powered one at Farnbourgh '92, two TNT's (Cairo Aviation) at EDI and I think I also got a passenger Cairo Aviation one out of EDI too. Wonder if it will get a rebox in other colours later? Would like a Cubana Cargo. Paul Harrison
  5. I hadn't seen the Belarus scheme so googled it. They're VERY green aren't they!? Think I'll get one just for that camo. Paul Harrison
  6. Ark Model are doing one in 1/48th. Paul Harrison
  7. Shocked and stunned, never thought this would be kitted in a million years! Paul Harrison
  8. Cult TV Man has some news from Round 2 about some new kits due before end of 2017. First up is a 1/1000th scale snap kit of DS9's USS Defiant. Rather more interesting to me is a Space 1999 1/48th Nuclear Waste Area #2! Set will include Moon Buggy. 8 Lamp stands with bases and lighting kit, some of those hexagonal crates they had everywhere, Nuclear waste covers and 10 figures. Also thrown in is 1/24th Moon Buggy with figures. Also coming is an accessory set of nuclear waste canisters for the cargo Eagle and a fully built display Eagle. Probably won't be able to afford them but it's nice to dream! http://culttvman.com/main/round-2-news-new-space-1999-and-star-trek-kits/ Paul Harrison
  9. Didn't Minicraft announce one of these? As with their 1/48th Gulfstream IV and 1/144th Convairs nothing ever appeared. Looking forward to this Freedom kit. Paul Harrison
  10. What have you purchased 8

    I've got to ask this as Darby has changed his avatar back to Terry-Thomas. When reading Darby's posts does anyone else hear Terry-Thomas in their head? I hear Gert Frobe when his pic is his avatar! Am I nuts or does everyone do this? Paul Harrison
  11. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Still like the Colonial Navy one on the Saratoga. Paul Harrison
  12. Artwork looks very odd to me, doing that manoeuvre at such a low altitude is just asking for trouble! Paul Harrison
  13. Prefer the Airfix kit mainly due to the weapons bay & Harpoons, strange they haven't released it themselves. Have three & a half Airfix kits and four Hasegawa in the stash (two Hasegawa's are rserved for a bit of four-engined COD what-iffery). Think I might get some of this SK Models release for cheap stash building. Paul Harrison
  14. BAe 1214

    Too rich for me but I do love the BAE X-Wing! Paul Harrison
  15. Looks like a -1000 so if I had the money Air Anglia and maybe Air France. Paul Harrison