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  1. That’s weird! I’m sure I copied the Lotus link. Sorry!
  2. About £66 from Japan... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10407651
  3. I agree with both choices of music. I’ve just ordered the updated 2019 version of Eno’s album (with an extra CD to commemorate 50 years), and played The Race for Space today while at work.
  4. Yep, K2RUM. I’ve known Arnie for years (since before he built his first Seven) but don’t see him often as were on opposite sides of the world. I now NEED 300bhp in my Elise! I can do without the brutal gear changes, though!
  5. Hi folks, I have just rescued a Tamiya Lotus Seven that I made at least 30 years ago from my parents loft when I visited the UK this month. I’d like to mod it to make a replica of the Westfield that I built. I fitted a Nissan SR20DE engine (NA) from a Silvia S13 and would like to fit one in the “seven”. All the kits of the Silvia have no engine detail. Does anyone know of a kit or a resin SR20 I could use? IMG_4873.JPG by injidup_auto_art, on Flickr
  6. I was back in the UK recently and went for a quick spin in a Caterham with a Ford EcoBoost and paddle change gearbox. That was fun! He was on the way to have it tuned so I only got the 250hp version, but after the tune it was up over 300hp! From 1600cc! I’ll post pics if anyone’s interested?
  7. Loving your builds (including the Mossie) - keep it up.
  8. Hi Tyas. Apa kabar? I see you’ve already painted the car, but Zero paints are now sold in Australia by BNA ModelWorld. Maybe they can ship to Indonesia?
  9. Aren't F1 going to have their own streaming service for 2018? I expect it to be expensive, though, as even their iPad app is over A$4 a month just for live timing plus a few extras. Netflix is $12 a month for hundreds of tv shows and movies. if they get the pricing right, they will win back a lot of viewers. Maybe they could do a deal with Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  10. I bought the Caterham when it was originally on sale. It cost me over $500 Australian, which even now is a lot of money (about what the remaining Enzo and Porsche GT are going for). Good to see it coming back, shame I can’t afford to buy one any more. Must get around to finishing the old one! Only had it 15 years or so! I built a 1:1 Westfield in less time!
  11. Mark @mbdesignart asked to see pics of my “track” car, a 1997 Lotus Elise that I use for sprints and hill climbs here in Western Australia. I’ve had it almost 10 years now and it has about 70,000km on the clock (43,000 Miles) and has been very reliable despite the large amount of time it spends on track. I have fitted a new cylinder head, flywheel, exhaust, shocks, seats with harness, wheels (got some genuine Lotus wheels from the UK a few years back), track tyres and I also put the stripes on it. Last year I won 9 out of the 10 events I entered for my class, but there wasn’t a lot of competition! Here it is with the newer wheels. Latest upgrade is a home made front splitter, and I have a carbon fibre rear spoiler on the way. Next upgrade is l.e.d lights.
  12. Love it! Fabulous job, Mark. Have enjoyed following this build. Have you seen this? http://www.bikeexif.com/ducati-mh900e-cafe-racer
  13. Would using fairly hot water to soak them in help?
  14. I wonder if it’s going to lead to single-sided front wheels on 2-wheeled bikes? Can’t really see what the point is, though.
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