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  1. Very tempted by their big Type 7 Shuttle from Next Gen and some of the cargo sets look good too. Paul Harrison
  2. And here comes Harry Hill with the question:- IRMA Tu12, VSV Tu12. Which is better? Only one way to find out! F I G H T! Paul Harrison
  3. I've got the Airfix/Heller F-5E's in a box somewhere, can't remember if they were any good though. Paul Harrison
  4. Too pricey for me, Airfix RN & RAF Phantoms plus a Buccaneeer is about the same money so I know what I'd rather have! Paul Harrison
  5. James Bond Dogfight Double with a DC-3 has been on my wishlist for a while! Paul Harrison
  6. What has happened to the Draken? Also any idea what happened with the Mirage F-1 mould? Last I remember reading from JC Carbonel was that they'd found the mould. Paul Harrison
  7. You left out the 37! Have four or five of the J21, two J35's and two or three J37's. Must get some 29 and 32 kits.
  8. Sad the Jetstream was cut up, used to see it regularly at Edinburgh. The Bandeirante used for the flying sequence was ZS-NVB of Batair Charter which crashed sadly killing it's crew in Botswana a few years after it's movie appearance. The interior shots were in G-UIST, much more circular cross section than an EMB 110 and the actors were standing upright which you can't do in a bandeirante unless you're very short! Paul Harrison
  9. The Wild Geese is a great movie, it's in my must watch Christmas movie list! Had to google IAR, some nice Hercs. Paul Harrison
  10. Have read through the list, used Google translate coz my German is crap! The An 225 seems to have no interior and no chassis (which I assume is landing gear?) and has a stand supplied. Paul Harrison
  11. The Hawk T.1 reissue says it has extra parts for underwing loads, hopefiully not just the usual gun and sidewinders. I got a few of the old tool Airfix kit (1970's) just for the weapons. Paul Harrison
  12. My old Doctor had a painting of a Ju88 being intercepted by a Spitfire in that raid on his surgery wall, always wanted a dogfight double of it! Paul Harrison
  13. Airport '75, 747 gets hit by a light plane and Charleton Heston gets dangled from the 53 to try for an air to air transfer. Saw it when I was about eleven and always wanted a kit of it. Paul Harrison
  14. Only one built but a lot of schemes for it. I've seen it as British Cargo Airlines, Transmeridian (two schemes) and Heavylift that I can remember plus there was Azerbaijan Airlines, Baku Express, and a couple of others registered it in Ghana (red cheat and fin with big white 44 on it) and the Philipines but I'm not sure if they flew it. Think it's in Bournemouth now in bare metal finish with it's original reg N447T. Paul Harrison
  15. Revell got all the German WW2 aircraft kits including the ones you mentioned plus the Arado Ar234, Heinkel He115 and He162, though I'm not sure if they used the Me262 mould because the one I built in the late 70's was Revells own and kind of wide in the fuselage and had the Revell trademark on the inside. The 707 was a very early -100 I think and the last time I saw the Herald it was from a company called Maquette in the mid 90's. The Maryland is still with Ark not sure if they have the Baltimore though. Novo released it in the late 70's I think, sure I saw it in a big model shop near Wembly Stadium(?) when I got hold of a novo Fairey Delta 2. Really wanted the VC-10 but didn't have much pocket money back then! Paul Harrison
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