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  1. GreenDragon

    C-130 Eggules from Freedom Kits

    Freedom Kits are adding a C130 Hercules to their Cartoony/Eggplaney series. Really wish it was a new tool real Herc but it looks quite cute! Paul Harrison
  2. GreenDragon

    1/3200 Romulan warbird kit

    Last released on it's own in 2012 minus the small Klingon and Ferengi ships. Not heard any news for a reissue yet. Paul Harrison
  3. GreenDragon

    Aurora 1/72nd restored kit builds

    Think I'll try that Mr Muscle, thanks Paul. The plane that drops Rambo into Vietnam is a Jet Commander Smudge, not really Military but the paint scheme is easy for people who have lost their Mojo! There were military Jet Commanders and Westwinds, most that I remember were the later stretched ones with tip tanks. Paul Harrison
  4. GreenDragon

    Aurora 1/72nd restored kit builds

    IIRC the Cessna 337 and Jet Commander moulds were destroyed in a train crash. Is that Mr Muscle stuff okay with the clear parts? I need to strip a 1/48th B-17. Paul Harrison
  5. GreenDragon

    Revell Under New Management after Hobbico Bankruptcy

    Be interesting to see what Atlantis got from the old Illinois toolbank and archive.
  6. GreenDragon

    Airfix 2019

    Ju88 probably but there are quite a few I'd like such as the T-33, F5A/B, F-86K, F-84's and the Hercules. Paul Harrison
  7. GreenDragon

    Dornier Do31 injected kit?

    Well that was disappointing wasn't it? Paul Harrison
  8. GreenDragon

    Dornier Do31 injected kit?

    Was just on Facebook and saw a Special Hobby ad announcing something amazing starting on the First of August and the picture shown is a closeup of a Do31 VSTOL transports engine front. I've wanted one for many years but couldn't afford the resin ones. Hope this is for real! No scale mentioned but I assume it'll be 1/72nd. Paul Harrison
  9. GreenDragon

    Frog F-16C

    Still a big fan of the Revell F-16 and still have a few in the stash. Paul Harrison
  10. GreenDragon

    Airfix 2019

    Airfix saw a few sugestions of mine on one of their RIAT Facebook posts yesterday and have sent them to the design team for consideration. I seriously doubt anything will come of it but it's nice to see they read the stuff posted. And the sugestions were an accurate Eurofighter Typhoon, a family of Super King Airs, a Kawasaki C-2 and a Kawasaki P-1 so don't hold your breath waiting for them! Paul Harrison
  11. GreenDragon

    Airfix 2019

    Super King Air 200. Enormous number of of users/colour schemes, military and civilian. Used by the RAF, include some decals for the Flying Doctors/RAAF/Army so it'll sell in Australia, RNZAF for New Zealand sales etc. I'd buy loads of them and before anyone mentions it I'm too scared of Mach 2's reputation to buy theirs! Paul Harrison
  12. GreenDragon

    Airfix 2019

    Didn't know they were looking at the 757, I would have bought a truckload of them! Love the look of the 757 and I hear Zvezda are working on one. If they do release it they'll be getting my money. Paul Harrison (who is sticking with his old Me 262's because he ain't paying no £18 for an Airfix one!)
  13. GreenDragon

    Appliance a white, Airliner modelling

    I always use Halfords Appliance White, not too good with an airbrush and hate the clean up! If using spray cans remember to start spraying ahead of the model then sweep across it because cans often spatter at first and do several light coats as others have said. Very tempting to blast it in one go but it'll run. Paul Harrison
  14. GreenDragon

    Viggen LIDARed at Newark

    A Viggen fits with the Airfix remit of replacing old back catalogue moulds, think I read somewhere that the kit of the prototype sold pretty well (I had several) as did their old Draken. Paul Harrison
  15. GreenDragon

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    HLJ is now out of stock of the Wave Haunebu boxing but it is on backorder. Price has gone up a bit though, it has massively jumped by £2.27p to an eye watering £27.27p plus post! If you want it cheap get it from HLJ! Paul Harrison