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  1. GreenDragon

    Airfix Short Skyvan

    First time I've seen a Japanese boxing of the Jetsream. Nice job on the Navy conversion. Paul Harrison
  2. They do a lot of kits I want but the prices are just bonkers. Paul Harrison
  3. GreenDragon

    Airfix Advent Calendar

    Airfix have brought back the Advent Calendar! First one is a comp for the 1/24th scale car door Typhoon. Paul Harrison
  4. GreenDragon

    Airfix F-35B anyone ?

    I like biscuits a LOT and for my money you have a picture of Coconut Rings sitting on top of a Fox's Assortment tin with Ginger Nuts in front of the tin. I'm off for a cuppa and a chocolate Hobnob or six! Paul Harrison
  5. GreenDragon

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    The one I did had some of the Navy parts including the nose gear leg and door but I don't think everything was there. I seem to remember the main wheels were white metal with rubber tyres in the full Navy kit? Paul Harrison
  6. GreenDragon

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    If Revell do reissue the Hase kit I'll get a couple, built one for a friend years ago without any instructions sheet (I think everything went where it was supposed to go!) but it just falls together. Lovely kit except for the lack of Sidewinders and the steps inside the intakes. Paul Harrison
  7. They're doing a C-119 soon as well. Paul Harrison
  8. Sorry to upset everyone but I know what the big announcement is.....Airfix have found the old moulds for their plastic combs and are giving up making kits!
  9. Think the Jo-Han moulds are still with Okey Spaulding in Kentucky though he hasn't produced any kits for some time IIRC. I'm not much of a car modeller but I do love a Cord! My Brother had the Monogram kit in the 70's and I have the Lindberg kit in my stash. Pretty sure the first time I saw one was the Doc Savage movie in 1975/6, wanted one ever since! Paul Harrison
  10. Think I'll have to get one or two of these, not many companies are doing seven markings options in one kit anymore. Paul Harrison
  11. Like these old S55s, anyone know which version tried to catch Porco Rosso and Curtiss? Paul Harrison
  12. First two kits announced from t6he Revell Purchase are The Invaders UFO (ex Aurora) in 1/72nd and the USS Iowa Battleship (Revell) in 1/535th scale. info from Cult TV Man. http://culttvman.com/main/atlantis-news-the-invaders-and-more/ Never got hold of the UFO kit over the years so I'll probably get one. Paul Harrison
  13. This pic was on HLJ listed as a Platz kit so it could be the F-Toys Gashapon reboxed by Platz as a kit like they've done with Lightning F.6 and some others. Paul Harrison
  14. GreenDragon

    C-130 Eggules from Freedom Kits

    Freedom Kits are adding a C130 Hercules to their Cartoony/Eggplaney series. Really wish it was a new tool real Herc but it looks quite cute! Paul Harrison
  15. GreenDragon

    1/3200 Romulan warbird kit

    Last released on it's own in 2012 minus the small Klingon and Ferengi ships. Not heard any news for a reissue yet. Paul Harrison