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  1. Is this in addition to the King Tiger with Porsche turret, Panther Ausf D (both in 1/35th) and the Super Deformed "Pinky" Sherman, Sherman Firefly and Type VII U-Boat? Paul Harrison
  2. Moebius has announced the long rumoured kit of the USS Kelvin in 1/1000th scale, should be around 11 inches long. News came from the Cult TV man site. https://culttvman.com/main/moebius-models-news-uss-kelvin-is-coming/ Paul Harrison
  3. GreenDragon

    Une Japonaiserie カタナ234 & Fi 103R サムライ

    Here's the scalemates page for the V-1 carrier showing the trapeze in action on the boxart of the kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/114909-dragon-5011-arado-ar-234c-3w-v-1-huckepack Paul Harrison
  4. GreenDragon

    Une Japonaiserie カタナ234 & Fi 103R サムライ

    It's launched by a trapeze that raises it clear of the tail. Paul Harrison
  5. Ordered three recieved one but they say the missing two will be sent soon. Packing mistake apparently so somone got two extras, lucky them! Looks very good in the box. Paul Harrison
  6. Me too, got three heading my way. Paul Harrison
  7. I was after the Buran price but that's a bit heavy for the 225 considering the 124's price. Paul Harrison
  8. GreenDragon

    Film help

    How about some more beans Mr Taggert?
  9. GreenDragon

    1/48 - Airfix Spitfire Mk XIV - Release ??/??

    Maybe they're holding back some announcements, including a Spit XIV, for the Nuremburg toy fair(Jan 31st)? Paul Harrison
  10. Modelstories in France is a regular visit of mine. http://modelstories.free.fr/ Paul Harrison
  11. GreenDragon

    Christmas TV

    I perused the tv schedules magazines as is usual for me around Christmas and New Year and came to the conclusion that I am rather glad my tv blew up! Paul Harrison
  12. For those members of the younger persuasion here are the Smash Robots.
  13. GreenDragon

    KP 2018

    Thought you might be interested in that spitfire Lee! Isn't the Vc the variant everyone was asking Airfix for? Never saw the Aero 304 before but it does look interesting. Paul Harrison
  14. GreenDragon

    KP 2018

    KP have announced several kits (new tool and repops) for 2018 including a new tool ALCA L-159. That's me happy then! http://www.modelarovo.cz/kovozavody-prostejov-v-roce-2018/ Paul Harrison