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  1. Remember a Buccaneer model from many years ago that had forward swept wings. Can't think what magazine it was in but have a stock of Matchbox Buccs that I always planned on using for mine. Paul Harrison
  2. Had the ESCI 1/48th Jaguar and Tornado back in the late 70's, very clunky kits but the Mirage F-1 was awesome. Still have a few F-1's in the stash plus one of the Italeri reissues. Paul Harrison
  3. Mine is not arriving till the 24th now. Ordered from Amazon with a del date of the18th but for some odd reason it's being sent from France and now stuck in customs. Paul Harrison
  4. Mine should be here tomorrow, I went a little overboard this year so this will be the 19th kit from me to me this Christmas! Paul Harrison
  5. Just saw test shot on Facebook, looks good. Will Probably get one coz I just bought eight of the 262 variants by Hobbyboss. Paul Harrison
  6. Atlantis are bringing out a 1/12 scale figure kit of the Mutant from This Island Earth. Apparently Aurora made a prototype model around 1970 but it was cancelled when they were taken over by Nabisco. I'd heard rumours of Aurora planning a kit but never knew they'd done a prototype. https://mailchi.mp/ac4a55cb186a/the-metaluna-mutant-and-more-monsters-in-2022-at-culttvman?fbclid=IwAR1jysUT7WeKGD-iJjudac0r5DQz9ZFudpjbwglGT8jbch6u2iH6T79mb6U Paul Harrrison
  7. Doll & Hobby in the States have announced a new tool kit of The Chariot from Lost In Space in 1/35th scale with figures of The Robot, Will Robunson and a seated John Robinson included. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/PREORDER-The-Chariot-from-Lost-in-Space-135-scale--3499--PREORDER-RESERVATION_p_6947.html?fbclid=IwAR34jU0BTQa8boiGHKZUCLqq_PPHoqAKAJUiNwsTrewUC0hVUWfjaequndE Not certain but I think the big Jupiter 2 by Moebius is the same scale. Paul Harrison
  8. Seem to remember Tan Model uses Lidar, read somewhere that they Lidared everything at a Turkish Aircraft museum or air show. Paul Harrison
  9. Round 2 announced one years ago then cancelled it, might get one of these. Paul Harrison
  10. Think I have two in the stash somewhere but I'd probably buy some more! Paul Harrison
  11. Would love to have it but $180 is too much for me and by the time it comes to Britain it'll be a lot dearer, Paul Harrison
  12. Been a very long time since I built one but that doesn't look like the Matchbox kit to me. Theirs is a welded slab sided hull Firefly in 1/76th scale and comes with a section of damaged bridge. Paul Harrison
  13. AMT name and tooling are owned by Round 2 now along with Hawk, Lindberg, MPC and Polar Lights (including some ex Aurora moulds). Paul Harrison
  14. Someone on facebook said pity it's not1/48th or 1/35th and Stransky said maybe. Not sure my eyes will be up to it in 1/72nd! They seem to be doing a Mosquito too but no mention of the scale as far as I can see. Paul Harrison
  15. Saw a few over the last year or two, they pop up every now and then. Haven't gone searching for them but haven't seen a bad one yet. Paul Harrison
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