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  1. Someone on facebook said pity it's not1/48th or 1/35th and Stransky said maybe. Not sure my eyes will be up to it in 1/72nd! They seem to be doing a Mosquito too but no mention of the scale as far as I can see. Paul Harrison
  2. Saw a few over the last year or two, they pop up every now and then. Haven't gone searching for them but haven't seen a bad one yet. Paul Harrison
  3. Think I may get three to go with my three Mirage 4000's, hopefully someone will do a multi-buy deal like Bassin Maquette did with the 4000. Paul Harrison
  4. Wonder if they'll supply a box for him to stand on? Paul Harrison
  5. If the price is reasonable might get some but I still have a load of Esci & Italeri kits in the stash. Paul Harrison Think I have several F-5B's in a Revell boxing too.
  6. Think they got scared off by the Airfix kit, would still like to see the AZ/KP take on it. Paul Harrison
  7. Very tempted by their big Type 7 Shuttle from Next Gen and some of the cargo sets look good too. Paul Harrison
  8. And here comes Harry Hill with the question:- IRMA Tu12, VSV Tu12. Which is better? Only one way to find out! F I G H T! Paul Harrison
  9. I've got the Airfix/Heller F-5E's in a box somewhere, can't remember if they were any good though. Paul Harrison
  10. Too pricey for me, Airfix RN & RAF Phantoms plus a Buccaneeer is about the same money so I know what I'd rather have! Paul Harrison
  11. James Bond Dogfight Double with a DC-3 has been on my wishlist for a while! Paul Harrison
  12. What has happened to the Draken? Also any idea what happened with the Mirage F-1 mould? Last I remember reading from JC Carbonel was that they'd found the mould. Paul Harrison
  13. You left out the 37! Have four or five of the J21, two J35's and two or three J37's. Must get some 29 and 32 kits.
  14. Sad the Jetstream was cut up, used to see it regularly at Edinburgh. The Bandeirante used for the flying sequence was ZS-NVB of Batair Charter which crashed sadly killing it's crew in Botswana a few years after it's movie appearance. The interior shots were in G-UIST, much more circular cross section than an EMB 110 and the actors were standing upright which you can't do in a bandeirante unless you're very short! Paul Harrison
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