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  1. Saw that over on Round 2's site a few hours ago Gavin, massive improvememnt on the old MPC/Airfix kit. Would love to get several but with the crazy prices now I doubt I'll be able to get one! Paul Harrison
  2. Think it was Zhengdefu that did a 1/48th one a long while ago. Paul Harrison
  3. There are two others in 1/48th by PMA and (IIRC) Zhengdefu. Paul Harrison edit Seem to remember a 1/48th single seater kit too. I've got a 1/72nd 2 seater kit in the stash somewhere.
  4. Really like SF260's but I hope to God it's done better than that ALCA kit of theirs. Paul Harrison
  5. Most I paid for the Italeri Kfir was £3.99, but the other three were £2.99 or less. £20 is far too much for my wallet. Got a C-27J for £28 about two months after it was released but still haven't found a cheap G-222. Paul Harrison
  6. Seem to remember the engine nacelles on the F-27 are too small and there are some other problems too. Paul Harrison
  7. Still no sign of the Canberra B.2 from the catalogue years ago, can't remember how long it's been. Used to buy loads of Italeri but their pricing went crazy and you could get better kits around the same price. Paul Harrison
  8. Anyone know why the Tomcat has decals for Italy and Mexico? Some whatiffery or just a complete mistake? Paul Harrison
  9. There are a lot I want but they'll be too expensive for me. Paul Harrison
  10. Years ago I did a review of the Bielek kit for Scale Aviation Modeller and some of those KP parts are looking VERY familar. Hope it turns out better that that ALCA. Paul Harrison
  11. I almost bought the Airfix catalogue in WH Smiths yesterday untill I found the price! £8.99 is far too steep for a catalogue. Paul Harrison edit: Bought the British secret projects bookazine thingy instead.
  12. Sorry Airfix, 18.99 is too steep for me. I'll just stick with my Hasegawa/Heller/Revell kits from the stash. Kits are getting too expensive now, I used to buy multiples but now it's only one and very far apart. Paul Harrison
  13. They said on FB that it'll be released in 1/72nd too so that will fit in with all my other Luft 46 kits. Paul Harrison
  14. First time I've seen a Japanese boxing of the Jetsream. Nice job on the Navy conversion. Paul Harrison
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