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  1. Hello Ben, I will definitely buy one of these from you. I done a 1/32 version with Gipsy Major engine, some years ago, I don't know how good it is but it looks like a Chippie to me and still rather incomplete. I have a particular interest in this aircraft as it was where I began flying before moving onto the Cessna. Keep up the good work. Alan
  2. Does anyone familiar with scale sizes and the Sea King have any idea what sort of diameter the rivet heads is likely to be at 1/32 scale? Alan
  3. Should have asked how many aircraft models, John T has in his collection, I don't think even John T knows the answer himself? Alan
  4. It's the first time I have been hacked but it only takes that one occasion to cause mayhem and that's exactly what it has done. This racket has completely knocked out my Comms and has temporarily isolated me from all around. The service providers are not that helpful as everything is automated, so you end up going around in circles trying to resolve these problems. My entire computer system has failed for other reasons, even my back up computer failed at the same time, so I was unable to retrieve my lost files and information has been lost; I never figured on both computer systems failing at t
  5. Please note that my email account has been hacked, so all sorts of messages may appear; they have not been sent by me! Alan
  6. Anyone has any information with regard to another manufacturer's progress on a 1/32 Supermarine Spitfire MK.22/24/FR.47? For example, release dates? Alan
  7. Hello All, It seems that bad news all round is the norm these days, especially in my case. I have just learned that the Americans are no longer on board with working together with me and after much talks and sharing of technical information, its back to square one, where I will be working by myself. They learned a lot from me and my ideas and decided they could do better, such is life. I will plod on as usual and gain encouragement and hope from my followers and supporters. Stay tuned, I am not finished yet. Alan
  8. Hello Joop, Its early days yet, so I haven't reopened just yet, still working out the main plan, so any new developments is way down the planning road, until I work out the best direction. Alan
  9. Collaboration with the Americans means I can delegate some design aspects to them, so should ease the division of labour; in an ideal world, with plenty of time and no distractions, I would have no trouble in completing the task, however, the Victor is one of my all time favourite aircraft, up there with the Avro Vulcan, so it will eventually see the light of day, taking into account that it is a complex design and whilst all the design calculations have been done, it would take about 14 months to complete. There would be enough modellers out there who would want one and I am confident that I
  10. Hello All, It seems like a long time I have been away, if only a few months but as the saying goes a lot can happen in a short time and despite all the bad stuff that has happened, the human spirit always shines through. On a bright note, I have joined/connected with 2 American aerospace engineers, one a NASA engineer and the other a senior designer, both are excellent people to work with and whilst the vast expanse of ocean separates us, distance does not temper our enthusiasm. The American connection brings a vast library of technical knowledge and know how and altogether will bring so
  11. Hello Fellow modellers' Although I have stopped worked on both the Spey Phantom and Jag, they are the most important projects and I think there is a greater demand for these subjects than others. Whilst I am still on close down, rethinking the overall strategy has played its part; I rely on a small amount of modellers like yourselves to keep me going, so bringing forth the projects you want, is the most important. My personal view, is that 32nd modellers are far more genuine and serious in their intentions and I have relied on such patronage to develop new projects. I will still do 1/48 i
  12. Thanks Homebee, When I return next year, this is something I will consider, its relatively easy to obtain a new set of dimensions. Alan
  13. Hello WV908, Yes, its a genuine message, things are that bad, I have lost everything and of course I also get a lot of people who try to discredit me, for all sorts of reasons, my work gets a lot of bad press, so I also have this to deal with as well. I will look hard to decide whether its worth coming back next year. Also BLP have similar projects, so there is only limited room. Alan
  14. Hello Troy, Yes, by me, the world is a different place now. Alan
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