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  1. Hello All, I see the mighty Vulcan has been taking centre stage, either way she's a lot easier to build than the old one and a lot lighter. She has an aluminium honeycombe matrix for both the fuselage and wings and the whole structure is strong and will maintain its structural integrity, which is why there is a greyish metallic appearance to her. I am currently working on a new set of laser decals for the Vulcan in the next few weeks, so hopefully, they will be a lot better than the inkjet ones, in the kit. Yes, Uncle Uncool, I can supply you a set of air intakes and bomb bay, as I Keep spares. Send me an email to: alanwilson042000@yahoo.co.uk I will find out the postage to South America. I will be attending Telford, as Bentwaters has already mentioned and I am aiming to release a couple of big projects that will shake up the modelling world. I will be returning to England after Telford, permanently; I am leaving Icelandic Fine Art and will come over here and set up a projects department, on a part-time basis. The old designs will stay with IFA and I will develop new projects. The 1/72 Trident is still on, so is the 1/48 Victor and 1/32 Buccaneer (which is completed); everything else gets binned. The Buccaneer would have been released by now, if it was not for the clear transparencies. It has proven difficult to cast clear resin canopies, of a particularly large size, so I have used my CNC multi-axis machine, that I use to cut aero turbine blades with, in the aerospace industry, to cut through solid polyurethane blocks and shape individual canopies. It is a long process but it is the only way I could achieve the results I wanted; once polished they will look like glass. I am looking forward to the Vulcan builds, I am sure there are going to be some spectacular builds going on and who knows, I may start awarding prizes to the finished Vulcans. Keep up the good work, fellow BM's, the future looks bright! Alan Icelandic Fine Art
  2. Hello All, I will be at Telford, F4U. WV908, as regards your Vulcan, whilst I won't repeat the story and since Bentwaters has covered the topic extensively, I will leave it at. There are one or two differences with your Vulcan: firstly, the aerodynamic modification introduced by Avro to the front underwing profile is incorrect on yours but not by a large amount; you will probably have to sand it right down and re-scribe the wing; secondly, the undercarriage bays are all wrong, they are 1/72 that have been cut and glued together. I can send you a replacement set that are 1/48 and correct in detail. Also, I think the burner cans or exhausts on yours may be wrong, there again, I can send you a replacement set that are correct. As far as I am aware all B.2s had asymmetric burner cans, in operational service, the RAF would not have flown without them. The canopy is not quite right, it lacks the demarcation line when joined to the fuselage, also there are no windscreen wipers; there again I can send you a replacement canopy that looks more like the one fitted to the Avro Vulcan. I hope this addresses some of your points, WV908. Also don't listen to those individuals who misinform you about resin design and manufacture. Size of moulds and extraction rates are not related; in general it is usual to get 30-40 parts from the same mould; it is related to the type of silicone rubber, its chemical composition, cure time and the end user's knowledge. Once you get above a certain size in resin, one has to use an aluminium/resin matrix to impart mechanical strength and structural integrity. None of my castings warp or twist, that's testament to my understanding and industrial experience. Lastly, Eiriksson made about 16 1/48 Avro Vulcans, I checked the records held by the bank, back in 2008. I am the designer and copywrite holder and others are still trying to take off with the design for their own purposes but there's not much I can do about that. If you need accurate information, Bentwaters, is the one to ask. Alan
  3. Hello Stealthman, What scale are you referring to as regards the Vulcan B.2? Alan.
  4. Its ok Mike, the F4K has top priority right now and come rain or sun, we will see one here on this forum in 6 weeks time! I am still looking for all my stuff for the Ark Royal, so will let you know when I find it. As you also mentioned the wasp, I wonder what one would look like in 1/144 scale? S&M are bringing out a 1/72 Wasp at Telford. May be its time for me to dig out all my drawings and sketches for the Wasp. Alan
  5. Hello All, As regards a 1/144 F4K Spey Phantom, I understand that there is serious interest for such a classic aircraft and since my speciality is post-war Fleet Air Arm, I have decided to go ahead and start work on a 1/144 F4K FAA, immediately. For me, it is an easy subject to cover, the F4K, is easy to design but more involved in casting, nothing I that I am unable to solve. As soon as I have completed the drawings and the calculations, I will commence on the master and should have it to show on this forum, in about 6 weeks time, in between all the other projects I am working on. Alan
  6. Hello Mike, 1/144 HMS Ark Royal IV!! That must be nearly 6 feet long. That's a significant achievement in itself. I plan to work on my 1/144 collection during the Christmas period as I mainly specialise in post-war fleet air arm. There's a huge gap in the market as it is individual and unrelated to its family of Phantoms; its difficult to capture the contours correctly at that scale but mine is taken from the actual dimensions of the aircraft itself. I will set to the task, come December. All the best, Alan
  7. Hello Dave, No, afraid not, they are in fact 1/250 scale that was originally used on my 1/250 scale HMS Ark Royal IV 1977 that I had done over 10 years ago. I do in fact have a 1/144 F4K Spey Phantom but I never managed to get round to finishing it. Its probably the only real one in existence and captures all the real contours of the Brit Phantom. Thanks, Alan
  8. Hello Bentwaters, I see you have done a good job getting the images to the forum. I have tried in vain to upload my article to this site but all else has failed. Both the 1/48 Avro Vulcan and 1/32 Buccaneer masters are now completed and I am currently running tool trials to achieve the best setup. The price has also been finalised and providing that I am not breaking any forum rules by disclosing them, the 1/48 Vulcan will be £180 and also the 1/32 Buccaneer will be £180; this includes postage and packing within the UK. The AEW.3 Gannet is also finished but I am still improving the transparencies with some good results, so wait out for an answer when it is finished. I will be finishing off the 1/72 VC10, both the C.1 and BOAC, 1101 series. After that, I will also finish off the 1/72 BAC 111 series 500 and should be finished by the end of October. Alan Icelandic Fine Art
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