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  1. Frankson, There has not been much uptake in numbers, so I won't proceed until next summer. Alan
  2. Update on the 1/48 HP Victor; I have transferred the project to British Jets in Iceland, who will now take over development. BJ makes mainly 1/32 aircraft, I will no longer have anything to do with the project. Alan
  3. Hello Simon,

    Hope all is well with you.

    Happy Birthday!



    1. Simon Cornes

      Simon Cornes

      Hi Alan

      Yes, thanks and thank you for your good wishes! I hope that all is well with you to? I'm having a break from aircraft models - I've been having fun with 1/16 radio controlled tanks and have acquired quite a collection but I am enjoying the reworking and repainting most! But it will pass as I have two Harriers to deal with!

      All the best !



  4. I don't know what weapons fit was used on Tornadoes, I know they carried cluster dusters as we called them, on Granby, one of our convoys was bombed by a Tornado, as we tried to RV with it. I do recall seeing laser guided bombs loaded on them and they would fly with the odd Buccaneer, they would fly quite low over our section as we crossed the wadis, we were quite use to seeing this on a daily basis. I will admit, I never liked seeing any of our equipment, especially aircraft, painted in desert cam. One of the problems with the desert colour system was that some of the paints had different infra-red wavelengths and that caused a lot of problems, especially with US forces who couldn't always tell the difference and would bomb a lot of our positions, when using their infra-red systems and thermal imaging. Operational policy stated that units were to request clearance before executing any strikes on unidentified positions but there was often a breakdown in communication. Give me a list of ordnance carried and I will look into it Alan
  5. WV908,

    I can cast you a set of lower wings as that is all you will need, since , I reprofiled them, they will fit the upper ones as before. The leading edge extension, I have not got round to, just yet, that will come at a later date when I work out how to design it. At the moment,  have no materials, as suppliers are running slow, I have been waiting for months now, so I will probably not see anything until winter, I have been told.


    1. WV908


      Thanks Alan,

        It's much appreciated - I'm more than happy to wait for them 

  6. I have a great deal of info on all the V-Bombers here, especially technical data so if you need anything, just ask.....and along that vein, did you get any further with the 1/48th Victor? Gentlemen, thanks for your kind words. I have done all the calculations for the Victor and started work on both the fuselage and wings but I won't start properly until 2022, as I have a lot of things to do for the time being. I think this may be the next big project as there seems to be a good demand but it is by no means a walk in the park, I will have to dust off my old mathematics textbook to start grappling with the complex geometry. Alan
  7. Adam, From what I have worked out, it's going to be a huge task to design a good representation of a B.MK 1, which I am certain I can achieve; there are so many variations that one is entering into a minefield. I will base the IFA B.MK 1 on XA893 and according to the Avro documentation, it retained the straight leading edge and reduced trailing edge sweep angle. The surface detail was entirely different and even the vertical stabiliser looks like it was different. I have located part of the vertical stabiliser from an early type Vulcan, I will measure the cross section to determine its relevant dimensions. Ideally, it would make sense to go with 1/72 scale and since the Airfix Vulcan is the prime choice, I don't want to end up in a legal wrangle with Airfix, so I will go with 1/48 scale. From what I have left over from the B.2 project, most of the moulds disintegrated, along with the masters, I will use to form the basis of the B.MK1 project. There is a lot of work ahead; if and when I complete the project by next year (it's technically complex at this scale), I will appoint you to carry out a build, I don't know where you will put it, once complete, you might run out of space! Alan
  8. Request any information on the intake boundary layer bleed duct, used on the Vulcan B.MK.1. It was situated on the inner air intake, adjacent to the fuselage. Alan
  9. WV908, What extra ordnance are you referring to? Presumably, some of the ordnance on the Phantom would be interchangeable with the Buccaneer? I have made some mods to the airframe and was working on a new cockpit but the global crisis shutdown the supply line and since I rely on special materials from abroad, there is still a long delay before things get back to normal. Alan
  10. Gentlemen, As soon as I can get some photos, they will be uploaded. 1/20 scale is a common racing scale, used by many. I can get these cars to the UK at no extra cost. As for a more extensive range, I haven't gone that far, just yet. Thanks for viewing. Alan
  11. This is an all resin kit of the famous record breaking car. The actual model measures about 17.5 inches long and 5 inches wide. There is a simple parts count with full cockpit, upper and lower body sections. At present, there are no decals, however, in the future, I will be looking at having some decals done. The cost of the kit, including postage, is £85. Those interested modellers', should register their interest here and/or send an email to alanwilson1959@mail.uk Photos will be posted as soon as they become available. Alan
  12. Hello Joseph,

    I sent you an email but may be you didn't receive it. I was just checking to see how things are with you. Nothing much happening at the moment, there is still a shortage of materials and suppliers are only just starting up production, so there is a long delay in the pipeline. Apart from that, it's a little quiet.



    1. WV908


      Hi Alan,

          All is good with me thanks, I saw and replied to your email but I see my reply bounced back :(


      I hope all is well with you and I'm hoping to get back into modelling soon once my health picks up (allergy season has me floored for about a month every year sadly) 


      Best regards,


  13. Hello Joop, Likewise it's good to be back and yes, the A330 is making slow progress, the fuselage and wings are taking shape but it's so huge, I have to use a lot of materials and things are still in short supply. My computer systems failed, so I lost all my data, I can still work without them, things will just take a bit longer. Alan
  14. As soon as I am able to upload photos, I will, it will take some time
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