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  1. Thanks Homebee, When I return next year, this is something I will consider, its relatively easy to obtain a new set of dimensions. Alan
  2. Hello WV908, Yes, its a genuine message, things are that bad, I have lost everything and of course I also get a lot of people who try to discredit me, for all sorts of reasons, my work gets a lot of bad press, so I also have this to deal with as well. I will look hard to decide whether its worth coming back next year. Also BLP have similar projects, so there is only limited room. Alan
  3. Hello Troy, Yes, by me, the world is a different place now. Alan
  4. The Victor Project is now cancelled, all documentation and masters have been destroyed. Apologies for the inconvenience and I thank you for your patience. MODs, THIS THREAD IS NOW FINISHED, FEEL FREE TO DELETE IT. Alan
  5. Thanks Mike, I will send in regular monthly donations. Alan
  6. It seems the Vulcan is very much an icon. I do intend coming through this affair in a better shape, I have had to lose everything to stay afloat, that's pretty much 50 years of my life, memories are lost forever but that's the price I have had to pay. We'll see each other in 2021, take care. Alan
  7. IFA, is closed down for the rest of the year. This is due to the current situation and severe financial restraints and limited trading. As I transcend two national borders, one resident and the other legal registration, I am required by law to file a closure notice. Alan
  8. Great progress, Alan. As you can see, I had to hastily make a new set of air intakes after much feedback from modellers, so its a good thing that you have highlighted said problems. The irregular shape of the intakes, is due to releasing them from the moulds, which can cause some distortion. The raised bump on the air intakes, I was not too certain of, something to look into. Alan
  9. Whilst on the subject of the Buccaneer and as it is FAA, as is the case with the Spey Phantom, since FAA, is my main theme, I have looked long and hard on how to improve my design techniques on the F4 and using the Bucc as a yardstick to avoid some of the design errors that occurred, I shall be using a new type of slide mould technology to facilitate more efficient moulding. So far, the F4 has been the longest project I have ever worked on and the current situation has not helped either. And whilst I like Brit types, they are often quirky designs that are so different from everything else, to the point that it can be a pain in the neck. At the risk of thread drift, I will keep things short; for instance, I have 20 pages both sides, of geometrical calculations, just for the airframe alone, so you can see design is never an easy task. The Buccaneer was a set piece and was generally ok and remarkably, the air flow characteristics of the big Spey F4, work out the same as the Buccaneer, which is a testament to the original engineers at both St Louis and BAC. So by necessity, the Buccaneer has served as a launch pad, to pioneer new ideas to make the Phantom attainable. Alan
  10. I have never been a fan of white metal, as you say it tends to bend and small bits also tend to break off easily. Also, there may be a health and safety issue with white metal, I am not quite sure on that, although under current EU laws, materials known to cause harm are prohibited. Whilst brass is preferred, Aluminium is stronger as it absorbs mechanical shock much more efficiently but is more expensive to produce.
  11. I think if I ever do a re-run of the Buccaneer production, then prices would have to come down substantially for those members who have already invested in one and who are looking for a second airframe. Also there would have to be major improvements to the airframe and some additional parts to enhance its function. I originally had an S.1 under development but put it aside, there are minor differences. Just a thought, as if I don't have enough on my plate already. Alan
  12. I can see that I am going to have order up a pallet load of brass; now let me see, where did I put the bankruptcy notice! As a way of an update, I have made in total, 36 Buccaneer kits, many from international modellers. Now, equally, there are those who have stated that the Buccaneer is crap and poor quality and that they are waiting for an IM version. Those comments, unsurprisingly are from these shores, however, I am not in the least bit deterred from developing new projects. Its a learning curve and progress is often made by advancement and feedback. If something is wrong, then tell me and I will work out a way to fix it. Alan
  13. Not at those prices! It would be over £35 a set and then minimum numbers and all that sort of thing. Nobody has a monopoly in this business because knowledge is power, unfortunately there are those who think they can keep trade secrets to themselves but I trust in science not medieval magic. Its in my interests to pass on cost savings to my customers. This is not aimed at individuals but rather companies who think they have a right to steam roller everyone else. Alan
  14. For all you ardent Buccaneers' out there, I am working on a new set of undercarriage legs but its several months away. They will be based on the original design but will be cast in Aluminium or brass. Alan
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