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    My Interests are TSR2, beer, Brit X-Planes, beer, big scale planes, beer, modern Brit stuff, beer, Cold War Brit planes and beer. Oh, and did I mention that I like beer?

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  1. 1/72? Wow, that's impressive. Graham
  2. TSR 2 x 5 (but no full weapons load and even taking into account the terrible fit). Graham
  3. TSR 2 with full weapons load x 5 Graham
  4. Sadly, I cannot donate my organs, at least for human consumption, due to illness. Can't give blood either, so wont be getting my gold badge Would very much encourage carrying if a donor card. Graham
  5. TSR2 with full weapons load. Well I can dream, can't I? Graham
  6. Now this looks interesting Graham
  7. Yep, bit nice that. i have the Tamiya 1/32 and the decals. I WILL get around to it at some point! Graham
  8. A bit inconvenient, but have you thought about a respirator? Graham
  9. Not sure Susie would be able to do much though: I can't stand Chris Harris, he's almost as irritating as Evans. As for the other chappie, he hardly seems to join in. Having said that, last night's was the best so far, albeit, IMHO, from an exceptionally low starting point. It could have been the DB11 that did it. And Sabina of course. Graham
  10. Graham
  11. Some of you will know this already, I guess, but if not worth a gander. Some fab photos: Not bad for a film set. Graham
  12. Oh dear, I bet he felt a right Richard. Graham
  13. Mid to late sixties, the Buccaneer. Painted it with a toothbrush with some of my dad's emulsion I found in the shed...... Graham
  14. Although a big fan of Len Deighton I've never read SS-GB so I've nothing to compare it to, but I'm really enjoying the series. I find the head Gestapo chappie really scarey. And the lead character sounds just like the late John Hurt. Graham
  15. What does an Essex girl say after sex? "Do you all play for the same team then?" Graham