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  1. I finally got round to watching series 3 and 4 - watched series 3 on Sunday and 4 on Monday and Tuesday. Absolutely brilliant series, especially 3 which was particularly nail biting and, wow, what a final episode! Graham
  2. One thing I would recommend for doing the tourist bit around London would be the topless tour buses, weather permitting. They visit all, or most, of the must see places and few more, tickets are valid for two days I think, and you can hop on and off at will. Graham
  3. Looks interesting and familiar. Graham
  4. Another rather nice one there. Graham
  5. Well much to my surprise, I'm actually quite enjoying this series (I binged watched the latest three episodes yesterday). I'm not totally convinced about Bill, though after Clara a baked bean tin would be an improvement, but it's early days. And the the writing appears to have improved too. Graham, who is actually looking forward to the next episode.
  6. Absolutely FAB! Graham
  7. Best, Tamiya 1/32 Phantom, absolutely loved it. No idea about accuracy but it fell together. Worst (and I've whinged about this piece of plop at any given opportunity), the Airfix/Heller 1/72 Concorde. It fits where it touches and only bares a passing resemblance to what it's supposed to be. Graham
  8. Oh, shall very much look forward that! I'd not heard about it so thanks for posting. Graham
  9. And you can win one.... Graham
  10. And as a reminder, the new series begins this Saturday at 19.20. The masochist in me has set the recorder and on the bright side Clara is no longer with us. Graham
  11. I've tried varifocals twice. Total nightmare both times, just couldn't get on with them. Like Richard, I was walking around like John Cleese. As for trying to go down stairs....... I now have three pairs - reading, general wandering around and driving. I think the next prescription is going to be a Labrador and stick. Graham
  12. My, my. They grow up so quickly. Graham
  13. A quick thumbs up for the Gerry Anderson website shop. Ordered a 22" Eagle on Tuesday, got it today - and would have been yesterday had I been in. Also in January they sent me a 30% off voucher code valid for, I think 10 days. I wanted said Eagle, which at the time was out of stock and not due until April. On the off chance I dropped them a quick email asking if I could pay for one immediately, thus taking advantage of the 30% off, and wait for the new stock. Understandably they said no, but would send another voucher valid until end of April, which they did and let me know when the new stock arrived, which they also did. As a result now have (another) Eagle for a reasonable (for the UK) £92. Great service and a good price. Many thanks to Tim at the GA shop. A chuffed Graham
  14. How do girls "fall pregnant"? What, you're walking down the street, trip over a loose paving stone and all of a sudden you're a mum to be???? Graham