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  1. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    Storm Brian? He’s not a storm, he’s a very naughty breeze..... Graham
  2. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    I must be a bad person. I creased myself laughing before I realised the stop sign had been added. Graham πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή
  3. Airfix 2018

    No, no, you're all wrong. They are going to announce the long awaited 1/24th TSR2 (with full operational decals and weapons load). Graham (currently resident in fantasy land)
  4. Oh boy, that is very, very nice. Graham
  5. The Last Post.

    I spent two years in Yemen in 1999/2000. Your dad was right. Graham
  6. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Where would we be without Halfords and their Appliance White? Defo looking a bit special. Graham
  7. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Definately looking a bit good there John. Loving it. Graham
  8. Whoa..... how have I missed thus one? Absolutely fab stuff, Massimo. Loving it. Graham
  9. "The Vigilant Victor" -Airfix 1:72

    Must have been me as I now see a tasty Victor! Graham
  10. Airfix price increase

    😊 Graham
  11. "The Vigilant Victor" -Airfix 1:72

    I'm only getting empty white boxes 😒😒😒 Is it it just me? Graham
  12. Revell Victor

    I see dead people..... AND I also see a rather nice Victor. Graham
  13. Airfix price increase

    Oooo, good point 🀐 Graham
  14. Airfix price increase

    No imminent price increase? Damn it, that was the excuse I was going to use for buying the Victor 😑 Graham