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  1. Hi all. Just had a read through the many posts above and have to agree with those that promote the importance of having fun in this hobby of ours. Numerous times over the years I too have ground to a halt and started thinking too deeply about what I'm doing, how, why etc. At the end of the day we are - mostly - simply filling in spare time in our otherwise busy lives. Have fun, it's only a box of plastic pieces after all! If all else fails maybe think back to when you were young and made those old Matchbox and Airfix kits. How did you approach model making back then? I just dived in and made the things, thinking of the real machines as I did so. I made lots of errors but I still had fun. I still make errors but I'm not competitive and don't really care if my end results are not as good as those in model magazines (though I like to think I improve a little with each passing year). I fill my spare time with a relaxing, interesting and fulfilling hobby. That's good enough for me.
  2. Hi all I have been using Swann Morton number 23 blades with a number 4 handle for many years. A good general purpose blade in a nice well balanced handle. As already mentioned be really careful when replacing the worn blades, as fresh ones are incredibly sharpe!
  3. Well, what can I say? Those monsters put my 1/72 efforts in the shade!
  4. Some great tips above. With regards to 1/72 scale I used a piece of thin paper, crumpled up, flattened then painted, on my ancient Italeri GR1 rebuild. Looked ok at that scale.
  5. Much the same here really. My young son built one of the Gnats from Lidl early this year, with me alongside building one too. We both found the tolerances very tight, to the point where my son (10) got rather frustrated. I found I was having similar issues, but we persevered and ended up with two lovely little aeroplanes. Having built the original Airfix Gnat a long time ago, almost certainly as my first ever kit, I must say the new offering is light years ahead. With care and attention these modern computer designed kits are quite remarkable, compared to kits of the sixties and seventies that I slapped together on a regular basis.
  6. That's a delightful Meteor you have there. I too enjoy making target tug models but it can be very difficult to find decent reference photos or drawings showing the equipment fitted. My own Meteor TT.20 took ages due to trying to get the under fuselage fittings as accurate as possible.
  7. I do hope they release the Lightning and Sea Vixen books. Even though we already have a lot of reference material for both types it's always handy to have more. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Wessex book when it was on sale. There were some lovely close up detail views and rare images of the green painted HAS3 in Northern Ireland.
  8. Very unusual theme there. Excellent work!
  9. My Black Mike kit came from a little, long gone, toy and model shop nearby that stocked a lot of Fujimi Phantoms, amongst other brands. It was the stunning box art that persuaded me to pick the kit. Oh to have a time machine. Back then £3.99 was a lot for me to spend on a kit. How times, and prices, have changed!
  10. Very informative photos Dave, thanks a lot.
  11. That's great news, one for the Christmas wish list. I currently have an old Fujimi FG.1 sanded down and awaiting repaint, as well as the lovely Black Mike boxing. The latter has to be one of the best Fujimi British Phantoms, though as others have said, the decals are not up to modern standards. I can still remember buying it way back in the early 1990s, the price sticker says £3.99!
  12. I had no idea that some Javelins also received LAG undersides. Amazing what you learn here.
  13. Well, it looks like a Gnat to me, so don't be too hard on yourself. When Aldi (or was it Lidl?) were selling Airfix kits cheap last Christmas I got a Gnat, as did my young son, as a kind of family group build. While a great bonding activity, we both had problems with the fine tollerances of some of the parts, especially the undercarriage. Florescent orange would have been great, but thankfully we went with a Red Arrows finish. In the past I have used Halfords acrylic florescent spray paint, which seems to work ok over a white primer, although it can be rather thick, certainly looking out of scale thickness at 1/72. Very careful sanding down alleviates that problem somewhat. I will try that tip of putting down a coat of regular orange first. Great what you learn here!
  14. Love them or hate them, those Matchbox kits certainly had some brilliant box art. At my local air museum they are selling second hand kits at reasonable prices currently, with the occasional Matchbox kit appearing on the shelf, resplendent in faded but enticing boxes complete with the viewing window on the back. I may have to revisit some of my early builds....Bliss!
  15. Like so much in this hobby it depends I guess on what you want the end result to look like and how you intend to get to that point. Some people use air brushes, some don't, some use after market items, some don't. Some of course use a bit of everything. Personally I don't generally buy after market material for two reasons. I like to allocate my very limited hobby budget to kits and decals mainly, plus I enjoy trying to replicate the 1:1 item using whatever bits and pieces come to hand, from my spare parts box and plastic card usually. I'm probably never going to be able to replicate the amazing quality of some of the resin and etched add ons available out there, but I have fun trying and the sense of achievement is important to me. Each to their own obviously. If you like to incorporate after market goodies into your models then why not!
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