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  1. Excellent work, very impressed with your conversion of the Airfix Puma.
  2. Hi from your part of the world too. Welcome on board.
  3. Now that's a lovely creation. Sword certainly do some high quality and interesting kits, I am certainly tempted. I created a Royal Navy AEW Skyraider some years ago, using the elderly Airfix kit as a basis. Everything scratch built including the canopy. Not a match for the new kit, but was certainly fun!
  4. Fascinating idea, and so many possibilities depending on part of the world you live in, age, cultural exposure and a whole host of other factors. My own, UK, orientated perspective, assuming what people from my own background may think (and assuming no particular interest in aviation). I have tried to imagine how people would actually describe the machines that come to mind, if they can't think of the true name, as well as reasons for the choice; Early years of aviation: •'Wright Brothers aeroplane' (Learnt through school education I would hope!) •A 'Sopwith' (as above) •A 'Red Baron' plane (as above) World War Two: •Spitfire (cultural icon in UK) •A 'Messerschmitt' (the above icons famous enemy) •Mustang (movies and occasion new item here in UK) •Flying Fortress (as above) •Lancaster (cultural icon in UK) Cold War and current types: •'Red Arrows jet' (and may know it's a Hawk, contemporary national icon) •A 'MiG' (shorthand description in news reports for any Russian fighter and Topgun movie) •Tomcat (Topgun of course!) •Tornado (numberous news items here in UK over years since first Gulf war, though with retirement will probably fade from general awareness) •Vulcan/'The V Bomber'(Falklands fame and XH558, but suspect will be fading from general publics awareness very soon) •Typhoon (replacing Tornado in any UK news items) •F35 (as above, some may know it's a Lightning) •Chinook (seems to be main military helicopter mentioned in UK news) We mustn't forget the civil types of course, as already mentioned; •Jumbo Jet (747 though possibly also A380, due to double deck element) •Concorde (cultural icon) And how about the little aeroplanes? •Cessna (anything small, probably white and seen flying locally in the past few decades) Just my ideas, utterly open to interpretation!
  5. Thanks for that interesting information. I guess comparing Modeldecal to modern sheets is like comparing analogue to digital. Such a shame, as I bet there would be a market for contemporary Modeldecal style sheets. Hannants are clearly making money from selling the original examples.
  6. Talking of Modeldecal sheets. Does anyone know if it is technically possible for the long out of print sheets to be reintroduced? I have no idea how they were created and the 'masters' saved, if that's the correct term. It would be great to see their two Vulcan sheets available again. I have always considered Modeldecal sheets to be the pinnacle of decals, with their perfect blend of subjects, background information and user friendly layout of sheets and instructions, as well as cramming more material on each sheet than many current examples. While more modern decals have clearly improved on the decal quality itself, Modeldecal decals are tough as old boots and last decades. They are amazingly good value too.
  7. How many engines??? That thing would have made a horrific noise I would imagine, had it been built. Fascinating to read about those ideas that never quite made it to reality, the PD17 is a new one to me. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Stunning models Antii, really inspiring to me. I have two second hand, already made, Heller Lansens that I will be rebuilding. Yours is so full of detail. Is the Canberra 1/48 scale? Would love to see any more Swedish aircraft you may have in your collection.
  9. I have used Humbrol 81 too, seems a decent match for zinc chromate. My tin is pretty old as well. Some of Humbrols more recent offerings are rather watery to say the least. Talking of aircraft flying in primer only, my favourite has the be the Binbrook Lightning F.6 back in the eighties. Very unusual.
  10. A fascinating use of the dear old Lysander, and a lovely model too. It seems that the engine may have been the main reason for the types limited use post war by civilian companies; too powerful and expensive to operate given the possible payload. A shame in my opinion.
  11. A new tool Whirlwind would be great, my choice would be an HAR.10. would be lovely if Airfix could do a themed yellow SAR trio box: Whirlwind, Wessex and Sea King. How about it Airfix?
  12. The Chinook must be fast catching up with the Wessex for variants. Are we up to a Mk.7 yet?! As for the dam repair work in the news, a great example of our armed forces showing what they can do when the call goes out for help.
  13. As mentioned above, a T5 can be made quite easily from the Matchbox T55 and an Airfix F3, though to be honest it's probably easier to get your hands on a Sword two seater these days than it is to obtain the two older kits and merge them together (though perhaps not so much fun!) I was looking through some old copies of Scale Aircraft Modelling this morning and there were articles about converting various kits to create otherwise unobtainable versions. How time has moved on. We are spoilt for choice these days.
  14. Ahh, that would explain that mystery, thank you Steve.
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