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  1. Many thanks for that information. I'm sure I have seen a photo of such a pod quite recently on the internet.
  2. Mod703 looks intriguing. Anyone know what that ECM training pod would have been?
  3. It's great to have another UK Phantom available, especially with that wide range of under wing stores, but I'm rather puzzled why Airfix have included such crude looking panel lines in a modern kit. If Fujimi managed delicate details over 30 years ago why not Airfix now? Definitely a throw back to the era of Matchbox!
  4. Fascinating what you learn on here. I had assumed that indentation was simply an accidental dent too.
  5. Hope you enjoy revisiting the delightful little Bulldog kit. I built the same edition, with the black and yellow scheme, a couple of years ago. The decals in mine were seriously out of register. Looks like yours are ok. Good luck getting enough weight in that small nose!
  6. The trusty old Matchbox Meteor. Same as Steve said, it's not a bad kit provided you carry out the work he mentioned. I have built several too, as it lends itself to conversion to other versions. Years ago I managed to create a U15 drone, mixing the Matchbox kit and an elderly Airfix F3. Hope you have fun.
  7. Only black Hunters I can think of were the 111sqn display team and the four two seaters used by the Buccaneer units in the early 90s.
  8. Fortunately I don't tend to really go through significant losses of inspiration or blocks to my modelling, though the reason may lead some to cast doubt on my sanity! Many years ago, around the early 90s, I developed an interest in Whiffing. A back story started to develop at the time that put down roots in my imagination and over the years it arranged itself into a semblance of order and feasibility. Alongside this imagined world I have continued to build 'real world' representations, mostly postwar UK military types. My whiff models all relate to one another so I always have
  9. Have had a interest in the Wasp for a long time. Got two unbuilt Airfix Scouts in my collection, one of which will become a Wasp. Am finding it difficult to get clear photos of the underside though. Lots of helecopter plan drawings out there seem to provide side and top views but no underside views.
  10. I would second that. Fun has to be a key part of any hobby. Enjoy yourself and don't take it too seriously!
  11. Timbo88

    Puma HC-3

    Very partial to Whiffs myself, and your Puma clearly hits that spot. I'm thinking of building a second generation RAF Puma myself, using a Super Puma as a basis. In real world I'm sure it would have been a great replacement for the Wessex HC2 during the late 80s.
  12. Lovely end result there. Can't go wrong with those old Matchbox kits. Nice chunky plastic that can withstand a fair amount of hacking and filling, and a good basis for super detailing. Thanks to Revell we can still get our hands on quite a few of the Matchbox range.
  13. Very nice rendition of a great kit. It's funny how some kits seem to defy the passage of time. The Fujimi Phantom moulds must well over 30 years old now, but they are still my favourite, with such delicate panel depiction, cockpit details and undercarriage elements. The only weak aspect for me is the decals. In the various releases I have built I have replaced them with Modeldecal alternatives. From where I am sitting I can see the Black Mike FG.1 boxing, waiting for me on the shelf.
  14. 20mins away? Me too......I make a conscious effort not to drive past. If you know the Lowestoft area road layout you will understand that's not as easy as it sounds!
  15. Hobbyboss kits are a favorite of my son too. They are quite cheap, have relatively few parts and seem very solid, once constructed. I haven't noticed much in the way of new additions to their 'basic' range in recent years though.
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