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  1. Sadly you are probably right. At some point in the future there must surely come a time when the very existence of the RAF has to be questioned. If civilian contractors can do so much already might they eventually do everything? I'm thinking particularly about the eventual demise of manned combat aircraft and their replacement by UAVs. Who might operate these and under what rules? I would love to think I'm just being unduly pessimistic.
  2. Depressing indeed. Do we even make complete aircraft in this country any more?
  3. Are BAE Systems still building Hawks for export? If not are there any possible realistic replacements for the Red Arrows Hawks?
  4. Civil registered Hunters maybe? Hang on a moment.... Didn't FRADU have Hunters? Won't be much left in terms of UK military flying units soon.
  5. Imagine that in 1/72nd scale. Mind boggling how they could build such monsters all those years ago.
  6. I have heard of 118 Sqn Hunters with PRU blue undersides but thought there was some dispute regarding photographic proof. In black and white images it's very hard to determine what is blue and what is silver. The question arose in an old copy of Scale Aircraft Modelling, I believe. A PRU blue and camouflage Hunter would make a lovely subject.
  7. Welcome on board from another Suffolk model maker.
  8. A model shop has opened opposite your house? How rare is it for a model shop to open anywhere these days?! I live within very easy access of Hannants warehouse. Thankfully for my wallet they are not currently allowing visitors at the moment due to COVID.
  9. Modeldecal sheet 71 has 809NAS markings. It's unfortunately long out of production as far as I know.
  10. We really are lucky to have such a great selection of 1/72 RAF/FAA kits these days, as mentioned in above posts. The really obvious one missing is clearly a good up to date Canberra. Hopefully Airfix will eventually release a nice accurate and reasonable priced B2.
  11. Many thanks for that information. I'm sure I have seen a photo of such a pod quite recently on the internet.
  12. Mod703 looks intriguing. Anyone know what that ECM training pod would have been?
  13. It's great to have another UK Phantom available, especially with that wide range of under wing stores, but I'm rather puzzled why Airfix have included such crude looking panel lines in a modern kit. If Fujimi managed delicate details over 30 years ago why not Airfix now? Definitely a throw back to the era of Matchbox!
  14. Fascinating what you learn on here. I had assumed that indentation was simply an accidental dent too.
  15. Hope you enjoy revisiting the delightful little Bulldog kit. I built the same edition, with the black and yellow scheme, a couple of years ago. The decals in mine were seriously out of register. Looks like yours are ok. Good luck getting enough weight in that small nose!
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