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  1. Hi, Sharing some pics of my completed RAF Harvard Mk II.a of the RAF's No. 32 Service Flying Training School (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada). This depicts my grandfather's favourite aircraft he ever flew and I've tried to create something to represent this as accurately as possible given my abailities. This is the first model kit I've made as an adult and I've very much enjoyed learning new things such as airbrushing and weathering which I've never tried before. Plenty of lessons learned as well such as don't attach the landing gear until everything else is complete a
  2. Don't be silly! Heard some garlic in the undercarriage works well though
  3. Bit of yellow has gone on today. Think it needs one more coat when I get another tin of paint!
  4. I'd be very pleased if my harvard build ends up at least half as good as this
  5. Henners

    Harvard MkII

    I've moved this to the work-in-progress thread as follows...
  6. Hi, I thought I'd re-position my Harvard MkII kit build here. Previous can be found at... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235033758-harvard-mkii/&tab=comments#comment-2951303 The goal is to replicate the Harvard my grandfather flew solo in in Moose Jaw Canada, pic here... IMG_20180306_192215 by Henry Smith, on Flickr Currently all seems to be going well. I purchased myself an airbrush and am testing out different paint methods on an old B24 wing. Never really used an airbrush before so I'm still trying to fathom it
  7. Henners

    Harvard MkII

    Thought I'd post an update of where I am so far. Cockpit done along with some prep of a few other items. Currently working the canopy. Next to decide whether I should undercoat grey and apply black pre-shading or undercoat black...
  8. Thank you both. I managed to locate a pic of KH114 and format to reintroduce a bit of colour. Here it is... Looks above that the lettering was dark grey. Does that sound reasonable? My grandfather's reconing was that it was grey but cant recall the shade. Sounds also that "snake" would not have been on this aircraft having gone USA to Canada to India (no diversion via the UK). Thanks Ewan for your detailed history of production on this Lib (wouldn't have know where to go to find that). Henry
  9. I haven't read the book but will look it up. Not sure if 159 did special duties, that might have just been 357 and 358 (there's a really interesting book called Flights of the Forgotten that gives some insight but much of it was kept hush hush). My grandfather was in 357 soon, not 159. Kh114 was initially in 159 before coming to 357. The turret in the pic would have been removed and lost likely the nose art too. I understand that 159's nose art of Donald's digit referenced the "D" marking in 159. Ive also found rquirk website very useful for pics of 357 sqdn but cannot find anythin
  10. Thank you both very much. Sounds like the faded x113 is the one to go for. The liberator in question is 44-10679 to sent to the RAF as Liberator B.VI KH114. It started with 159 squadron under "D" before moving to 357 squadron as "U" (which is the one the painting in my first link tries to represent). The (believe airfix) 1/72 kit actually depicts KH114 as with 356 squadron but log book records disagree with nothing referenced as KH114 in 356 squadron's log books, but very minimal time between entries in 159 squadron and later 357 as KH114. My grandfather flew in 357 s
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