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  1. Great Spitfire!
  2. Smashing build, Paul. I will have to try your technique for modelling bow waves. Cheers
  3. A trio of very interesting builds
  4. It's always pleasantly surprising how well these old, old kits turn particularly when built with care and passion. They were made to be built weren't they? Thanks for sharing. Cheers
  5. Smashing build and beautifully finished.
  6. You mustn't leave out the myriad supporting cast members who helped make some of these films absolute gems. Where would Dunkirk, The Cruel Sea and In Which We Serve be without them?
  7. Cheers, Rob
  8. Cheers, Beefy Looking forward to having some time to crack on with this one.
  9. Aoshima USS Wasp and HMS Victorious. Atlantic Models HMS Venus all from Mike Mcabe's Starling Models.
  10. True. I've seen some fantastic US carriers but with decks that wouldn't look out of place on Antiques Roadshow! I'm going to have a go at getting some wood showing through. Cheers
  11. My mistake, I posted while away from my workbench and couldn't check exactly what I'd used. Colour used is Flight Deck Blue, slightly lightened. Thanks for the link but it's a gnarly subject isn't it? I'm happy with the way it's turning out but by the time I've done some weathering with washes, dry brushing, pastels etc Lord knows what colour it will end up as. Cheers
  12. I wasn't at all happy with the way brush painting the flight deck turned out so, last night, out with the masking tape... Followed by a quick repaint with Lifecolor Deck Blue through the airbrush and I was much happier I added a little pale grey to the mix to introduce a bit of tonal variety to the deck which will be weathered before the aircraft arrive. Thanks for looking! Cheers
  13. After a bit of a break I've managed to make some progress. Hope to post some photos later. Cheers
  14. Speechless!