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  1. What a splendid tribute to a much neglected and little appreciated force that contributed massively to the war effort. Cheers
  2. HMS Kelly PK-64

    I have the Flyhawk detail set for this kit. All I need is some time to make a start on it. I don't think this will be a simple build!
  3. Bangor Lad's Boatyard

    I only had time to take a few photos with my phone but this shows the hull weathering plus the beginnings of the bow wave.
  4. Phantom FGR.2 Fujimi 1/72

    Fantastic build. I really miss these guys on the airshow circuit!
  5. Bangor Lad's Boatyard

    A little more progress. I've glossed the flight deck and applied the decals which are a mixture of GMM numbers and Starfighter lines. I then applied some weathering to the hull with some chips and scrapes from Lifecolor and Vallejo acrylics applied with fine brush. I also applied a couple of washes to the flight deck using a combination of greys and sandy shades. This is the first application which I'll follow up with some more washes, drybrushing and pastels later. The hull still needs some more washes applied to tone down some of the chipping and give a bit of depth to the details. Don't forget this is the old Tamiya kit so I'm using it as a bit of a test bed to try out a few ideas. In this view you can also see the seascape which I decided to add as I had a bit of time to play with it. The sea is textured watercolour paper. The waves are made by supporting the paper on lengths of cocktail stick. As I had fixed the hull to the base before cutting out the paper there is a split at the stern but this will be hidden when I add some texture. The gaps around the hull will be filled with cotton wool. I haven't yet tried to model a rough seas or a decent bow wave so this one will be another test bed. Thanks for looking! Cheers
  6. 1/72 Airfix Me 262 A1-A KG54

    Great finish!
  7. HMS Kelly PK-64

    I have HMS Kelly in the stash and I might just be tempted to join the GB. I have lots of goodies to add too.......
  8. Bangor Lad's Boatyard

    I've managed to get some work on CV-6 over the weekend. Finished fitting the etched details and applied a coat of Lifecolor 5N. The island isn't fixed in place yet. I'll do that once the flight deck decals have been applied. I added a little pale grey to the 5N to give some tonal variation. This will be followed by some washes to help pick out the details. I'll also add some chipping with various shades of grey and rust to give a weathered finish.Disappointed I didn't add any aircraft to the hangar deck. I hadn't realised that it would be so visible from this angle. Thanks for looking. Cheers
  9. I am going to have to attempt a heavy sea for one of my future builds! Yours is looking rather special.
  10. M5 Allied Halftrack – PSC 1/72

    DNice progress. Where did you get the circle cutter?
  11. M5 Allied Halftrack – PSC 1/72

    These are great kits to help get the modelling mojo going again. Had some great fun putting these together nice and quickly and have some fun painting.
  12. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Great work!
  13. 1/72 Airfix Me-262 A1a

    Very nice build.
  14. Love it! Tales me back to the days when my pocket money was burning a hole in my pocket!
  15. USS Independence CVL-22 Revell 1/700

    Thanks for the compliment! It really does make you appreciate the challenge the pilots faced on these carriers. I have USS Bogue in the stash which I hope to move on to at some time. Even more of a challenge! Cheers