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  1. Lovely build. I have one ready to start as soon as I finish the PRXIX I've got on the bench.
  2. A truly stunning achievment! I love to see posts of this quality. Equally intimidating when I look at my own efforts and inspiring to try and emulate such craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Excellent build and finish to match. I've not built a Sword Spitfire yet but I do have their Seafire set. Any advice?
  4. Great build. I want to add a Hampden to my collection. Not sure if I have the patience to upgrade the Airfix kit.
  5. Great build and superb finish! You've caught the faded look of an aircraft operated in a harsh environment perfectly, and without it looking that it might fall apart at any minute!
  6. Fantastic build. It could easily pass for a much larger scale. Cheers
  7. Beautiful build and finish. I have a BII I'm looking forward to build. Hope to match up to yours!
  8. I agree with what you say about keeping props free to spin. It makes for such a realistic setting. I have a couple of these in my stash and you've really made me think about bringing one closer to the bench. Thanks for posting.
  9. Another fantastic build. You have really elevated the 'humble' Airfix Spit to another level!
  10. Great build and a perfect setting. Every time I see one of these Arma Hurricanes I'm tempted to raid the stash and make a start on one.
  11. Great build! It could easily pass as a 1/48 model. Love the prop!
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