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  1. Great work. It's already been said but I too really like the way you have captured the invasion stripes. Cheers!
  2. USS Wasp and Malta-bound Spitfires.... the gift that keep on giving! Great work!
  3. Great work! I have three of these in my stash, all waiting for a chance to get started. You've really captured the worn look of these hard-worked aircraft. Thanks for posting!
  4. Lovely build. You've done a great job on the rigging. Not built up the courage to rig one myself!
  5. Very nice build and finish. I've recently finished a 1/72 PRXIX but failed to break up the PRU Blue so it looks a little bland compared to yours. Love to have something like this on my desk......
  6. Great work! Only problem is that I now need to add one to my collection!
  7. Fantastic collection. I absolutely love it!
  8. Great build an superb finish. Single-colour schemes are always difficult to get right but you have done a brilliant job.
  9. Great build and superb finish. How did you achieve the exhaust staining? I've not yet summoned up the courage to try what you've captured.
  10. Great build and it's already been said that it could be 1/48th scale! I have several AZ I want to build but I haven't been able to get one into the bench yet. Your build and excellent finish has given me the inspiration to get one started. Thanks for posting!
  11. Fantastic build! French aircraft of this period certainly have something about them. There's good aeronautical design, bad aeronautical design and there's French aeronautical design which somehow managed to merge them all.
  12. lovely build and a very atmospheric setting. I wonder if the crew was conscious of the amount of yellow paint adorning the airframe?
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