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  1. That is simply fantastic! How did you add the smoke effect? I was disappointed that the ground crew didn't remove the chocks and she taxied off to the runway! Thank you for sharing.
  2. Lovely build. There used to be a 1:1 scale Spitfire that I used to see around here back in the mid 80s. Very similar scheme but I'm sure they'd added some squadron codes! Cheers!
  3. Brilliant job! Only a little disappointed that it didn't taxi across the tabletop! Can't have everything I suppose.
  4. Very nice. Weathered just enough to be able to fly and not so much that the next stop will be the scrapyard.
  5. Nice. Oh for the space to (a) build one and (b) display one!
  6. I've always wanted to build a Mk II but I've been unable to track down the conversion. I will certainly go for another look now! Thanks for posting!
  7. Great build! I have a soft spot for these Heller kits. I built a Leo many years ago as a youngster and have one in my stash to build when I get a chance. Your build may have just moved it up in the queue!
  8. Great work! I particulalry like the paintowrk and the view down into the cockpit. Cheers!
  9. Great work. It's already been said but I too really like the way you have captured the invasion stripes. Cheers!
  10. USS Wasp and Malta-bound Spitfires.... the gift that keep on giving! Great work!
  11. Great work! I have three of these in my stash, all waiting for a chance to get started. You've really captured the worn look of these hard-worked aircraft. Thanks for posting!
  12. Lovely build. You've done a great job on the rigging. Not built up the courage to rig one myself!
  13. Very nice build and finish. I've recently finished a 1/72 PRXIX but failed to break up the PRU Blue so it looks a little bland compared to yours. Love to have something like this on my desk......
  14. Great work! Only problem is that I now need to add one to my collection!
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