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  1. Thank you all for your assistance and positive comments. Whilst not the best of the breed, this 'Messerschmitt' was always of interest as a Czech improvised version. Due to the lack of Daimler-Benz engines they combined the late Bf109G airframe with available Jumo 211F 'bomber' (similar to the He111) engine and large propeller. This gave rise to handling problems, hence (Wulfman refers) its nickname 'Mule'. It went on to be used and most widely known for its service in the Israeli AF as an available necessity. I should have mentioned it was finished overall in Xtracolour RLM 02 (lightened), details with Humbrol. Markings out of the box. The kit went together nicely, apart damaging the canopy, which I prised off and replaced with a vacform. Cheers M3. Comments welcome!
  2. I'll keep trying. Thanks.
  3. OK thanks! Logged in now. I am not sure why these images didn't upload. The others worked by pasting in the Flickr URLs, as the 'Insert images from URL' link didn't work on this site? And still doesn't?
  4. Hi, First post, second try. https://www.flickr.com/photos/16229799@N03/50290875288/in/album-72157676062816991 KP Avia S-199 - What you get in the box. Comparison with plans. Damaged kit canopy during spraying. Several attempts and replacements later it was mostly fixed! Out-of-the-box except for a trimmed prop and a few other details. The only problems were self-made! https://www.flickr.com/photos/162 Finished article bar a few paint touch ups, c/o iphone. https://www.flickr.com/photos/16229799@N03/50291696097/in/album-72157676062816991/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/16229799@N03/50290875288/in/album-72157676062816991/ Comments welcome. I had problems uploading the links/images. Hopefully you'll be able to see them.
  5. Hello Shar2, Thank you for a well detailed review and the v good images. Just a small point which I stand to be corrected on - the leading edge slats you describe as 'spring loaded' would be 'retracted' on the ground. I understood that the airflow pushed the slats closed in flight and were sprung loaded to automatically extend at low speed and therefore, would be often 'open' on the ground, unless pushed in when, for example, pushed in during ground handling. Although I havn't built a 109 (or much else) for years, it is one of the features I used to build into 109s after studying contemporary images. Look forward to your thoughts. Monkey 3
  6. Monkey3

    RAF Sabres

    John, Just had a quick scan of the above - if you haven't tried it - this may be useful : http://f-86.tripod.com/wings.html Regards, monkey 3
  7. Excellent models and a very effective way of photographing them. Could you tell what you used for the 'grass' ? - I have tried several and and thought there must be a better choice? Cheers, M3
  8. Hi, Excellent model and interesting subject. I wish to build the Valom FVII - the instructions show the wings as 'yellow' for the KLM version. Does anyone know if these were painted yellow or as your model ie varnished natural wood that appeared to be yellow. I do remember contemporary references to Albatross WW1 fighter fuselages being described as 'yellow' and the colour was unpainted varnished ply covering. Any offers??
  9. Hi, Excellent photos. On the subject of Mk Vs with Aboukir filters - I have always thought that Gleed's ac (coded) IRoG had a deeper than standard Vb oil tank panel and wonder if this was related to the Aboukir mods. Is it my imagination based on the few photos available - or was it a 'standard deviation' from the norm for Mk Vs? Anyone enlighten me on that? Regards , Monkey 3.
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