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  1. Thanks gingerbob. I can't imagine perspex (or clear plastic) would be all that durable? Regards Simon
  2. Hello everyone As per the title, what are the perspex covers on the outer cannon stubs on this Spitfire XIV RB140: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205126585 https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Spitfire/Late/pages/Spitfire-XIVe-RAF-RB140-1943-web-01.html Are they covers for gun cameras? I've also seen them on RB142, RB146 and RB167. RB146: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/spitfire2/spitfire-mk-xiv-rb146/ And what's the thing on the fin of RB146? Thanks Simon
  3. Just an observation, but the spinners on the top black and white photo appear to be a different colour to the yellow undersides (more like the red on the tail flash, perhaps?). They also seem to be a different shape to the ones in the colour photo. They appear to be more pointed and wider a the base, unless it's just the angle. The ones in the colour photo are more 'Dornier D-217' shaped...? Of course I may be imagining all this... Simon
  4. Simon

    Hurricane Mk IIc

    Aeroplane Magazine of April 2015 had a five page article about 1697 (ADLS) Flight. It has a few photos, plus a list of Hurricanes used by them, including with and without the D-Day stripes. Regards Simon
  5. Great photo Hornet133, thanks for posting it. And thanks Claudio for the gen about 'K'. Simon
  6. Graham Here's the Martlet image the text in the profile of Z4177 refers to: And here too: http://www.clavework-graphics.co.uk/aircraft/grumman_f4f/f4f_gb_002.html Simon
  7. There are some photos another 803 Sqn Hurricane, Z4024 K, linked on this thread: It too has the single code letter, but has a coloured spinner (or is it just a stripe?) and has a Vokes filter. The code letter doesn't seem to be blue, and I can't see any Royal Navy titles. Links: http://images.britishpathe.com/?id=60382&num=140&size=still http://images.britishpathe.com/?id=60382&num=147&size=still http://images.britishpathe.com/?id=60382&num=134&size=still Sturtivant has: Z4024 - Hurrica
  8. Onwards and upwards... Decs are now on. The kit decals are really good. I was worried about the 'Keep Off' markings on the wing uppers over the radiators, as there are a few bumps and lots of rivets, but they went down really well: I did trim them out round the large bumps, and then liberally coated them Daco Products' 'strong' decal solution, which bedded them down really well. From the two photos I've managed to find of RS504, it seems to have had new codes applied, and the area beneath them repainted, so I applied a 'fresh' area of EDSG:
  9. Many thanks for that Graham. It certainly seems an odd combination of markings, with the large outsized serial, and the use of blue for it, the code letter and ROYAL NAVY lettering. The profile certainly has an 'old school' feel - it's an actual proper painting, rather than a computer-generated illustration. Simon
  10. Hello all I've a couple of questions about this Hurricane, if anyone can help at all. Ray Sturtivant had the following in his FAA Aircraft 1939-1945: Z4177 - Hurricane I/Trop - 803 Sqn Sidi Haneish ('Q') 8.41; bomber escort to Sidi Rezegh, probably shot down Bf109 1535, then damaged Bf109 which was attacking a Tomahawk at 7,000 ft. 1640 23.11.41 (S/L AR Astin); BF109f probable and BF109e damaged in general engagement at 7,000 ft. 10m S of Duda 0915 1.12.41 (S/L PN Charlton); EF, FL wheels-up 12m W of Mersa Matruh, Cat. R 4.2.42 (S/L GR Henderson OK); EF, FL
  11. 1/72 scale? This one? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72158?result-token=6XEAA
  12. Hello again, time for a long-overdue update... I've had a few minor issues to sort out, one of which was down to my own stupidity (), and other which took a while to sort out. () Firstly, in my infinited wisdom, I thought it would be a good idea to paint the various main elements separately, before gluing the lot together. The fit of the Tamiya kit is so good, I thought I'd get away with it. So, engines, wings and tail planes pre-shaded and sky'd: And spot the (non) deliberate mistake - I seem to have two starboard horizontal tails. I'd even ma
  13. I've had three alerts for this thread at 12.17, 12.33 and 12.50 as I subscribe to The rumourmonger section - what's going on there...? Simon
  14. Amen to that. Wonder how this will impact on sales of the Airfix Beaufort...will people want to wait for the ICM kit?
  15. A quick update. First off, I'd like to wish everyone a (slightly belated) Happy New Year. Let's hope 2021 can do a better job that its predecessor... So, on to the progress report: I've done the replacement bulkheads for the undercarriage bays, both front and rear. and added a couple of small bits and bobs: I've also added some cabling to the UC bay roofs as well, just to make it a bit less plain: And here's the engine nacelle and wing together: There are a few
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