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  1. A quick update, and some progress on the cockpit, with the Eduard etch stuff now all applied, and painted up: All going well so far, and maybe looking a bit too clean at the moment, but progressing nicely... More soon Simon
  2. Well, they certainly didn't waste anything on packaging... I'm just grateful the Airfix boxes are much more substantial than the Revell ones
  3. So, first progress report, and starting with the cockpit and nose interiors. Firstly, I referred to this thread for information about colours used on Mitchell interiors: and this thread on the ARC Forum. Cockpit is Bronze Green #9 and the Bomb Aimer and W/Op area Interior Green/Tinted Zinc Chromate. For Bronze Green #9 it recommends RLM70, and for Interior Green/Tinted Zinc Chromate it recommends FS 34151. So, here are the two fuselage halves: and with the etch bits from the Eduard set: The instrument panel wit
  4. Hello everyone Another build about to start, and yet another R.A.F. twin. After an Airfix Blenheim and Beaufighter and a Tamiya Mosquito, I'm doing on the recent Airfix Mitchell II as a 180 Squadron aircraft from August 1944. It will be either FL210 EV-T of FW199 EV-P - I haven't quite made my mind up yet. Both these Mitchells were flown by Edward 'Ted' Burn D.F.M., from Alnwick in Northumberland, so another local connection. He was involved in the following two incidents in these Mitchells: On August 6th 1944 he was flying FW199, and from the 180 Sqn ORB Fo
  5. Just to add to the mix a bit, in this book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Royal-Air-Force-World-Colour/dp/1854092898 there's a photo of EV-P on page 48. It's not the greatest reproduction, but it's in colour. It's taken at the same time and place as the Getty image, but it's taken from a slightly different angle and so not the exact same photo. It's credited to the R.A.F. Museum, and captioned as Melsbroek, January 1945, and the aircraft is "being taken apart by a Repair and Salvage Unit for use as spares." The paintwork looks pretty new, and actually looks quite green, as o
  6. As I mentioned earlier, it did reappear in the ORB in early November. I e-mailed Getty Images to see if there's any further info to confirm the date and place. If it's taken on December 14th and if it's at Melsbroek, the ORB Form 540 for that date states 'no flying owing to bad weather'... I've also requested the Form 78 for FW199 from the R.A.F. Museum, but the wait might be quite long. I do have a plan B, and that's FL210 EV-T, which I think I have a photo of too... Simon
  7. Interesting replies, thanks everyone. On some photos they look quite well-defined, and other they look quite ragged. I did wonder if the photo is of the Mitchell being re-assembled, rather than dismantled. It looks in pretty good nick. Maybe at whatever Maintenance Unit it was sent to? FW199 reappears in the 180 Sqn ORB in early November, so maybe the date is wrong on the photo caption? Simon
  8. Yes, a slight case of 'mis-captioning'...! If it is indeed FW199, it was damaged by flak on August 6th 1944, force-landed at Airfield B.7, and was category B/Ac (i.e. not repairable on site or by the Unit).
  9. Hello everyone I'm about to embark on the Airfix 1/72 Mitchell II, and have a question. I'm doing it as FW199 EV-P of 180 Sqn, from early August 1944. I've come across a photo which I understand to be this particular Mitchell, a copy of which can be found here: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/mitchell-of-180-squadron-being-repaired-in-the-background-news-photo/3380008?adppopup=true Of note is what appears to be an FN64 turret under the rear fuselage, instead of the usual Bendix turret. I understand several of 180 Squadron's Mitche
  10. It's doing it again today - I got two alerts for this post at 12.45 and 13.05 (EDIT - and at 13.25): No big deal, but thought you'd like to know Mike. Simon
  11. He is indeed. I think they are due for release any time soon, in 1/72 and 1/48 I think. They'll certainly be easier (and more accurate!) than scratch-building them. Simon
  12. Hello everyone I've been busy with this for a few months now (where DOES the time go...?!), and finally it's done and dusted. The work in progress can be found here. A little background, then on with the piccies: It's Tamiya's Mosquito VI as RS504 DM-Z of 248 Squadron, and another aircraft with a local connection to the North East of England. RS504 became a quite famous Mossie in May 1945, when flown by F/Lt Gerald Yeates, with his Navigator being Thomas Cecil Scott, who hailed from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. From the 248 Sqn ORB: May 4th 1945 ORB
  13. Mike I had another two identical alerts last night to this post, at 18.45 and 19.10: Simon
  14. Stephen, and Mike I've had them too. Like you, I follow the Rumourmonger section. The notifications were all identical, and came at the same times as yours. Nothing since then. Here's a screenshot of the alert: Simon
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