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  1. Well, having taken a deep breath and gone several steps backwards, I'm back with another update. Here are the two kit intake ramps with the etched grilles from the Eduard 72686 undercarriage set: and in place and test-fitted with the port intake front: I'm really happy with them - I wish I'd known about them before I started trying to fit the resin intake ramps. Here they are painted up in Barley Grey and white: Of course they're missing the distinctive patterns of bleed holes, so I've tried to replicate them with a darker grey. Masking them up was fun and painted with Dark Gull Grey as per the cockpit interior: They need a slight touch-up but I'm happy with them, I think. They should have rounded corners, but my eyesight just ain't up to masking that shape that small! I've glued re-glued the fuselage halves back together, so some actual progress (or re-progress). More soon... Simon
  2. So, another update. And be warned - those of a nervous disposition should look away now... First up, I had a look at the fin and rudder. The kit's fin part with the RWR on the top was loose in the bag when i got the kit, and the pitot and the other tube slightly amaged. No problem, thinks I, i can use the older fin and the RWR from Quickboost. However, when i looked at the two fins, I noticed the panelling was different: This is the Quickboost part, a bit of an improvement on the kit part: I'd already removed the two blade aerials, and will use the Quickboost items instead. On to the rudder, and it's a bit short shot: An easy enough fix, though: Meanwhile, I got the inside of the two lower engine vents in and painted: And so, on to the two engine intakes, which as I'd mentioned earlier, were proving a right faff-on. I got everything in position, everything glued, clamped together, and still had some very nasty gaps and steps between the intakes and ramps, and also steps between the intakes and fuselage: Not a problem, thinks I, I'll just fill 'em in and sand 'em. No, it didn't work - I ended up starting to lose the detail on the resin intake ramps, which was the whole point of using them in the first place: The port intake ramp also seemed to tilt inwards at the top, and the starboard one outwards, meaning everything looked very odd when viewed from the front. I got to the stage where everything I did to fix and fettle was making everything worse, no matter what I tried. So, what to so...? So, I took a deep breath and wondered what might work - and came up with this: Everything came apart relatively easily (thanks to using Formula 560 glue for the resin bits) and no broken parts thanks to sparingly used Revell Contacta, which means the joins should clean up okay. I've got a spare set of resin intake ramps, and the option of using the kit parts with upper and lower grilles from the Eduard undercarriage etch set. I'll see what they look like, and I can start all over... Happy days...at least I know what might go wrong now. Simon
  3. Thanks for the replies John and Iain. Think I'll go for red for all the relevant bits. I did notice that the Phantom at Hendon seems to have one of the lower engine vent door interiors red, and other what appears to be yellow - primer maybe? Starboard door yellow: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mosh70/7739236570/ Port door red: https://www.flickr.com/photos/52287882@N05/11948884053/ Simon
  4. Hello I'm busy with the Airfix Phantom FGR.2, doing it as XV415 from 1986 in air defence grey and have a couple of questions: Would the interior faces of the airbrakes and the insides of the upper and lower engine vent doors be red or pink at that date? And was the inner edge of the wing dog tooth pink too? I'm sure I've seen a photo of one with a pink inner edge somewhere... Thanks Simon
  5. Back with a quick update. I had the Deveils' own job trying to get the Aerocraft intake ramps to fit, or rather get everything else to fit around them. The instructions state that "a few areas on the kit parts benefit from a little scraping and sanding to assist in obtaining a good overall fit" and they ain't wrong. Lots of test fitting with the fusleag halves, intakes, lower fuselage and intake ramps and trunking, lots of fettling, a fair amount of cussing and it's just about there. I think the best way could be to fit the ramps to the fuselage sides after cutting them from the casting blocks, then get everything else to fit around them. Not the way I did, it, but they're in. The big problem I had/have is getting the intake outers to fit round the ramps, and blend into the fuselage. An ongoing issue, it has to be said... Anyway, the intakes are in: I also found it was a good idea to fit the engine fans, (but not glued), so the intakes went in the right position relative to each other while the glue dried. After that was done, the fuselage halves were glued together, and the engine rear interior bit added, with the Eduard bits inserted and the lower fusleage held in place while everything set: I've removed the lip around the ends, as the resin exhausts fit flush. Next up was the spine, again which needed a fair bit of test fitting and and a severe talking to in order to get it in place: That's going to be left for a while, and prayers to the almighty and all-seeing Gods of Modelling perfomed in the hope it all stays lined up... So, while that sorts itself out, on to things under wings. As has been mentioned elsewhere, for some reason Airfix moulded the prominent seams on the drop tanks on both sides, and they should be just on the port side. So, and easy job to remove the ones on the starboard side, but first make sure you get the right half, or you may remove the wrong one...ahem. So, if you do that, you'll probably need to remove all four, which is a bit of a chore, then replace the two port ones. Like I did : The tank pylons are also missing the outer sway braces, so I've added some from plastic card: So, that done, I've had a look at the inner pylons, which need some chaff and flare dispensers adding to the rear for my Phantom. I've made these out of plastic card, and they should look okay when they're in place. Shorter ones are chaff to go on the inner face, longer ones are flares to go on the outer face: And finally for today, for some reason the outer wing panels are missing the prominent front formation lights on the wingtips. I've had a go at replicating them using a short length of 1mm plastic rod, round off at the front. Fortunately you get some spare outer wing panels in the kit to experiment on. Anyway, here's my attempt: Needs some blending in, and under a coat of primer they should look okay, I think. More soon... Simon
  6. Slight thread drift, but on Key Publishing's Forum news was posted that a 1/1 scale Wapiti apparently arrived in the UK from India in August for restoration to flight... https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/westland-wapiti-airframe-uk Simon
  7. Yes, it is of course Aerocraft... At least the link's right. @Gondor44 I started to use Formula 560 Canopy Glue for my etch bits a while ago - the drying time gives you a bit of leeway if you get the bits slightly out of place, unlike Super Glue. It's also easier to remove bits if they do end up a bit skew-whiff. And it doesn't stick your fingers together... Simon
  8. Another quick update. The Airfix Spares Dept have come up trumps, and the replacement parts arrived this morning. Lower wing. Behold its remarkable lack of bendy distortedness And a much straighter Part D20: Meanwhile, I've been cracking on with the cockpit and seats. Here's the cockpit tub with all the lovely Eduard etch in place: I think some extra detailing in the area between the pilot and navigator may be a good idea. For the two ejector seats, I've used Quickboost seats with the Eduard etch for the kit seats added. I'd bought a pair of Air Graphics AC-150 MB Mk. 7A seats, but I think they must be for the early R.A.F. Phantoms? Ejector seats not my specialist subject, unfortunately, but the QB ones look more like the ones in the later R.A.F. Phantoms I've seen photos of... (the slightly rough texture is due to my painting them, then thinking they might not be right, stripping them, then re-priming them even though the paint didn't all come off...it could do with another dip in the paint remover again ) These are the Quickboost seats, with etch bits added: They look busy enough, I think. I might do a test fit with the closed canopy on to make sure the two pull handles actually fit inside. I'm busy with the intakes at the moment, using the Aerograph intake ramps to replace the kit's ones. More soon Simon
  9. A couple of other parts have the 'Airfix Twist' going on. The outer wing panels on Sprue C are doing a passable impression of Boeing 787 wings. And the central spar, Part D20, is all over the place: Here's how much the lower wing/fuselage is affected... Wing panels level, rear end a couple of mm out, and I think you can see the front end out too: But with the rear end of the fuselage lying flat, the wings are a good 4mm off-level, the bits behind the intakes off by a couple of mm, but the front end of the fuselage is pretty much level: It's all over the shop really. I'm not even go to think about fixing that...who knows what else it may pull out of true At least I can get on with the cockpit... Simon
  10. Thanks for the link. There's a photo on Flickr which shows the overlap inside a bit better: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lrv890/37862014311/sizes/6k/ Simon
  11. A bit of thread hijack, but I'm busy getting ready to start the 1/72 Airfix FGR.2 in the 3-tone grey, and wondered about the interior of the intake outer surfaces (as opposed to the intake ramps). Would the white go right to the front edge of the inner lip of the intake outers? If you know what I mean - I think that make some sort of sense. Or does the camouflage grey extend into the inside of the intakes a bit? Thanks Simon
  12. Hello everyone I'm just getting started on my next build. To continue with a theme after the Airfix Blenheim and Beaufighter, Tamiya Mosquito and Airfix Mitchell (x 2 ), it's another R.A.F. twin, but a little more modern. I'm doing the new 1/72 Airfix Phantom FGR.2, and to keep the local connection, it shall of course be XV415, which has been the gate guardian at R.A.F. Boulmer up here in Northumberland since around 1993. I've been collecting images of it for a few years, and have photos of it in everything from the original dark green/dark grey/light aircraft grey livery with 228 OCU in 1972 to the three-tone grey livery with red tail it wears now. I've opted for the three greys livery, but when it was with 23 Sqn in the Falklands in 1986, coded B. Here's the obligatory box photo: And some extra bits and bobs: New intakes (with the upper and lower vents) and exhausts from Aerocraft, gun pod and seats from Air Graphics, etch from Eduard, fin top RWR and ILS aerials from Quickboost. I'll need some AIM-9L sidewinders, and maybe some replacement Sparrows (well, Skyflashes - does anyone make them in 1/72...?). I hate to start with a moan, but a quick look at the sprues and it's a case of 'Warp Factor 9, Mr. Sulu' for a couple of them: It's not a problem for the sprue with the smaller parts, but the lower one is Sprue C which has the lower wing/lower fuselage section (part C14), and it's not good. At all. I've done a 'quick and dirty' test fit, and the front part is somewhat awry: I'd be tempted just to glue it and clamp it til it's set, but I'm worried it will pull other parts off-skew too, as it's actually bent and twisted. E-mail to Airfix Spares Dept on its way... The later fin with the RWR on top has a small issue too, with the ILS aerials being short-shot: Luckily I think I can use the older fin and the Quickboost RWR and ILS bits - the ILS aerials on the kit part look a bit clunky anyway. So, onwards and upwards, and we'll see how this one goes... Simon
  13. I assume it was some sort of deflector for rain/ice. I've seen a few photos of FL*** serialled Mitchells with it fitted - FL-192 and FL-686 of 305 Sqn, FL-185 EV-R and FL-707 EV-Z of 180 Sqn, and this photo which I'm 99% sure sure is FL-210 EV-T: https://1000aircraftphotos.com/MilitaryProp/1530.htm There are a couple of photos of FL-176 Grumpy' which show it had been removed, so maybe it wasn't that effective? Simon
  14. Thank you for the kind words everyone, that's very kind. I started off intending to do FW199 EV-P, but as I got further into the build and more info came to light about the detail differences of the early/later Mitchell IIs, I thought 'what the heck' and I may as well do FL-210 EV-T as well as I'd done the work for both of them (some of it inadvertently, it must be said) and it sort of got a bit out of hand... I'm glad it did, as they're sufficiently different from each other and they do make a nice pair together. Simon
  15. I'm a member on there, and the Forum seems to have been offline for a couple of days (at least - I haven't been on a for a while). I'm getting the following error message: Content Encoding Error The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression. Means absolutely nothing to me, I'm afraid... Simon
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