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  1. Nice figures, but £26.65 delivery is a bit eye-watering... Plus £8.62 tax, so it goes from £16.44 to £51.71. Simon
  2. Depending on what you're looking for, you could try the RAF Commands Forum as well: http://www.rafcommands.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?1-General-Category Simon
  3. Hello again I'm back for what will hopefully be the last update before the Phantom is done and dusted. Still issues to sort out, but it's been one of those builds... I had a heck of a problem getting the cockpit glazing to fit. The cockpit aperture seemed to be a bit too narrow, so after a lot of scraping, sanding and general faffing on I got it to sit just about right. The cockpit glazing was masked and painted, and then severely clamped in place: I put Blue Tack under the clamps to prevent any damage to the transparencies, but got some minor chips on the paint. I did this about four times until it finally settled in place. So the canopy was remasked an touched up: The joint isn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy it's actually on! I used a piece of tape to replace the Eduard mask for the starboard middle frame - dunno where they got the odd shape they had? So, on to all the fiddly bits. Here's the front undercarriage in place: The Eduard etch works really well, but I replaced the blade aerial on the front door with a slightly bigger one made from plastic card. The wheels are from Eduard too. The mainwheels and doors have also been added: And then finally for the undersides all the ordnance - Skyflashes, Sidewinders and the gun pod. Missiles are Eduard and the gun pod from Air-Graphics Models: And lastly, I added a rear view mirror for the rear seater, as well as a scratch-build periscope: I've also added an angle of attack sensor (that's what it is, isn't it?) on the port side of the nose: I assume R.A.F. Phantoms just had them on the port side? So the Phantom's just about all done. I'm just finishing off the weathering, and I've done a base of AM2 matting in Photoshop for it to sit on: I'll get the finishing touches done, then post it in R.F.I. soon... Simon
  4. Great pics, thanks for the link. I think a slice off the top to make it parallel with the bottom should be okay.
  5. So, nearly a couple of months later...and the replacement part arrived last week. I've been away from my work bench, so only managed to check it today, and it's straight, which is nice! Just as well, as i'd tried to 'gently presuade' the warped canopy into shape. It was all going fine, and nearly there, when I heard the inevitable crack... Oddly enough the replacement has a very fine scratch along the length, in exactly the same place as the warped one. Mould issue, I'd think, but it's not too visible. Anyway, I had a bit of a time trying to get the canopy to sit tight, with some fairly serious fettling of the fuselage cockpit sides, the cockpit coaming and the canopy itself. It sits just about right, but will need to be held (carefully!) in place when gluing. I've also masked the canopy with the Eduard mask set, and have a question about the small window between the pilot and navigator. This is the Eduard mask in place: That's not right, is it? Looks nowt like this one: https://www.canstockphoto.com/f4-canopy-0166154.html Anyway, progress at last! Simon
  6. I wouldn't hold your breath about getting a replacement from Airfix. I'm still waiting for a replacement canopy for my 1/72 Phantom that I requested on November 18th last year...
  7. A quick update: absolutely nothing to report. Still waiting for my replacement canopy, which apparently was posted out to me on November 25th on a Royal Mail 48 hours delivery. I've just e-mailed them for the sixth time chasing this up, so I may be toddling off to the 'Wanted' section on here ere long... Simon
  8. Having had several similar issues with my Airfix Phantom FGR2, I can sympathise. Airfix quality control strikes again... As Scott suggested, get an e-mail off to the Spares Department - they'll need proof of purchase and the code on the sticker on the back of the box. Simon
  9. Alan Sprue G has the extended nosewheel: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Airfix/Airfix_MDD_Phantom_FG1_72/Air_A06019_Phantom_FG1.html (second row of sprue photos, third from left). All Phantoms have the tailhook, even the R.A.F. ones - it's on the row under that, extreme right hand photo. Obviously you'd need some RN decs, though... Simon
  10. Thanks - it did nearly get the better of me at times. I've struggled with a few of the 'new' Airfix kits. Not sure if it's me, or that slightly odd plastic they seem to use which seems to defy sanding! I'm currently working my way through their Phantom FGR.2, and it's not been a 'shake and bake' by any means, although quite a lot of it was down to me... Simon
  11. Glad to hear it's not just me! The weird thin steps on some of the edges really mess up the fit of quite a few parts. I had the same problem with the two Airfix Mitchells I did before the Phantom. I guess it's a moulding issue, as opposed to an issue with the mould itself? I'm still trying to get a replacement canopy from them. I gave them the kit code for the FGR.2 box (A06017), as well as the original FG.1 kit (A06016), and they have no spares for either. So I gave them the code for the current FG.1 boxing (A06019) which they apparently have in stock so we'll see if they come up trumps...after all don't they all have the same clear parts?
  12. Thank you for all the kind words everyone - very much appreciated. I'm still awaiting news of a replacement canopy from the Airfix Spares Dept, but I've been cracking on with some of the odds and ends. I made the executive decison to have the Phantom with 'everything down' so slats, flaps, ailerons, airbrakes and auxiliary doors which I think may not be 100% accurate, but I thought I'd just go for it. First up, I've made some actuators for the lower auxiliary engine doors, which have also had their Eduard etch bits added: And in place: I've made some actuators for the airbrakes as well, which Airfix didn't supply: So here's all the lower bits in place, all open and/or lowered: Wing tanks test fitted to make sure the mainwheel doors don't foul them: I've done a bit more weathering to the undersides as well. Meanwhile, I've added the fin aerials from the Quickboost RWR set, which are a vast improvemnt of the rather clunky (and short-shot) bits that were originally there: I've also taken the opportunity to do the missile load for XV415 which is the usual R.A.F. Phantom load from that period of four Skyflashes and four Sidewinders, using Eduard's Brassin AIM-7E set for the Skyflashes and their AIM-9L set: They're quite fiddly, and the Eduard decals take about three seconds to loosen from the backing paper, so beware! I've got the gun pod too, and that's just about ready. I've also done some weathering to the uppersurfaces, which I'm pretty happy with. It's a fine line between not enough and too much... As with the undersides, it's done with watercolour brush pens of various greys, which can be blended or removed with a slightly damp cloth or brush as required, then sealed with a coat of varnish. So, I think all the various bits and bobs are pretty much ready, I'm just waiting for a canopy that actually fits...which would be nice. More soon... Simon
  13. Easy to check - if the sprues aren't straight, be afraid... The ones on mine had very noticeable warpage going on: I was quite surprised that the clear sprue was also a bit curved as well... Good luck with your Phantom @TallBlondJohn Simon
  14. Hello again Back with another update, and another moan about Airfix quality control... First up, all the decals are now on. Took several days of application! Note that XV415 had the dual language rescue stencils in English and German. The decals went down really well, and I used Daco decal setting solotion which really does the trick. I only lost about three stencils, which isn't too bad...! I've started doing some of the weathering and general grubbifying - here's the undersides: And the Eduard bits added to the nosewheel bay: I've also added some chaff and flare dispensers to the rears of the Sidewinder pylons: I'd already done the stencils before I remembered to add them though... And so, I thought I'd check the fit of the canopy - I'm going to use the 'closed' version. And...it's not good. Starboard side - okay-ish, needs some fine tuning to fit: Port side - not okay-ish, with a large gap at the rear end: I laid the canopy on a flat surface, and it seems to be warped. Here's a photo showing that when the two rear edges and the front right [edit - front left] sit flat on the mat, and the front right sits off the surface: And when the two front sides lie flat, the rear left hand sits up: I checked the clear sprue, and it does seem a bit out of square so the canopy does seem to be twisted. So, off to the Airfix Spares Department once again we go... More soon Simon
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