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  1. I'm glad you mentioned the exhausts. I just checked the exhausts I've got, and I realised I've got the wrong ones (QB 72101) which I think are for the Hasegawa Beaufighter. Oh well, proper ones ordered now... Simon
  2. Back with another quick update. First up I added the black stripes to the wings and fuselage. Marked up with pencil, then quite diluted black added in thin coats: Then I masked off the stripes so I could add the Sky to the undersides and EDSG to the uppers: The Extra Dark Sea Grey uppers on Coastal Command Beaufighters seem to suffer from weathering very badly, so they were sprayed with a base of Dark Sea Grey, then oversprays of EDSG: Masks off: and kit decals on: I didn't realise how many stencils there are on a Beau! These decals are really well printed, and bedded down really well. Unlike the codes from the 'old Airfix' Beaufighter (kit number A02003), which I got from Ebay for a couple of quid. Out of register, and oddly-coloured red and with a halftone screen on the red: and they wouldn't bed down at all: So they came straight off, and I'm looking at Plan B and possibly Plan C. Plan B is to try and get some codes from the Hasegawa D-Day Beaufighter/Spitfire kit, which had the MB-T codes, and Plan C is Almark's AKA06B, but I think they're even older than the 'old Airfix' decals...! On to some more weathering now, and hopefully getting the codes sorted. Simon
  3. Back again to the Beau, after having spent so much time wrestling the Airfix 1/72 Blenheim IV into some sort of shape. All main parts together, minor bit of filling and a coat of primer on. I'd bought the Quickboost Beaufighter intakes set, so I've added the wing leading edge ones. The holes need some major enlarging: Before: and after: I did have a slight issue with the Quickboost intakes. I assume the vents are supposed to be aligned with the wing leading edge? This one does: but this one don't Annoying, but not the end of the world. Next up I thought I'd do the D-Day stripes on the wings and fuselage. I'd marked them out in pencil before I added the wing intakes: Then added a bit of pre-shading in dark grey: and then put on a base coat of white after adding the intakes: The 'closed' undercarriage doors were useful for temporarily masking the wheel bays. I'll do the black stripes next, then can get on to the Sky and EDSG camo... More soon Simon
  4. So, last update... I've added the cable cutters to the wing leading edges - two inboard of the engines, and three outbaord. Extremely fiddly as they're about 0.5 mm wide... And finally the replacment props were added: Pretty much all done and dusted. I've also done a specially-made base for it to sit on: And here it is in all its glory: More pics in the RFI section here: Cheers Simon
  5. Hello everyone It's been a two year build, off and on (mostly off), but at last I've finished my Airfix Blenheim. I started it in April 2018, got distracted, returned in March 2019, got completely fed up with it, then finally steeled myself into completing it this April. It's been a frustrating exercise, partly down to the way Airfix designed it, partly down to me not thinking it through properly or understanding fully what needed doing to overcome the kit's idiosyncrasies, and partly through Blenheims of 226 Sqn being a bit of an enigma, reference-wise, but hopefully worth it. W.i.P. thread here: Anyway, it's all done. The back story to begin with: Blenheim IV Z7271 MQ-K of 226 Squadron as flown by Sgt. Jack Onions D.F.M. and Bar, from Middlesbrough, who won his Bar for his actions on on July 19th 1941. From the ORB Form 541: Wattisham July 19th 1941 Blenheim IV Z7271 K Up: 13.30 Down: 17.56 to 18.10 Sgt. John Onions - Pilot F/Sgt Philip Warmington - Observer F/Sgt J F L Morton – A/G Convoy N.W. of NORDERNEY, 7 M/v’s escorted by flak ships were bombed at 15.32. Vessel of 8000 tons, grey, unladen, bombed and machine gunned, hits scored. Large column of white smoke seen. Aircraft hit by cannon shells, through nose and starboard wing trailing edge. A.G. wounded in foot. Hydraulics U/S. pilot made belly landing. 4 x 250 lb bombs, 480 rounds rear gun. And the pics. Aftermarket props, intakes, wheels and Eduard etch for the interior and exterior, new turret interior plus a base done in Photoshop: I'm pretty happy with the way it came out (eventually!), and I reckon that if/when Airfix bring out a 1/48 version of their Blenheim IV it'll be a cracker. Now, time to crack on with the Airfix Beau... Cheers Simon
  6. Back with another quick update. Just finishing off odds and ends, with the finishing line hopefully in sight. Fuselage codes and serials are now on, and the upper turret added: I've also made the little wedge shaped things on the wing roots - either deflectors for balloon cables or aerodynamic wing root anti-stall devices, depending on where you read: And the under-nose turret is now finished: The fit of it under the nose is compromised a bit by the fact that the escape hatch is depicted slightly indented on the kit, so I thought I'd make a flush-fitting panel for it to sit on: and painted: and finally with the turret installed: Just a few small bits to add, plus the props, and she'll be ready to go... More soon Simon
  7. There are two cowlings and engines supplied in the kit. Sprue shots and instructions here: https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Curtiss-P-36A.html As to their accuracy... Simon
  8. A couple of observations/comments about the Blenheim/Beaufort blister gun. AP 1659B records that the metal panel on the front of the blister, recorded in Airframe Album No.5 as being a reinforcement patch is actually a removeable panel to enable gun cleaning rods to be used without removing the gun from the mounting. This image shows the complete unit, which, as Selwyn says, is "designed to replace the emergency escape hatch below the bomb aimer's station. Quick release catches eneable the turret to be jettisoned for the crew's exit by parachute." And from above: Here's the ammunition box stowage position: AP1959B also states that it's fitted with "a removeable wooden cover, hinged in the centre, serves as a floor when the turret is not in use." Here's the cover, looking aft, starboard edge on the left: So I'll be doing mine with the wooden cover in lowered postion... Hope these are useful. Simon
  9. They do have* bomb door stays - rods that hold the doors open while being loaded. They're normally stored inside the bomb bay, according to AP 1530B. See this post: *(or are supposed to, thanks for reminding me) There's a video on this post from the same thread showing the bombs dropping out of the bomb bay doors, at about 2 minutes and 9 seconds in: They don't stay open long! Simon
  10. Thanks Erwijn - it does seem to be a 'how not to do it' build at times... Anyway, an update! As always, it's been a bit 'one step forward, two steps back...' After the CMK bombs debacle, I've managed to make something hopefully a bit more to size from the 500lb bombs from the Italeri Stirling, with the middle part cut out. Here are my 'new' 250lb bombs in the bay: And I've made the changes to the turret, converting it to a twin .303 Browning version. Ammo boxes added: and a couple of Brownings scratch-built (armour plate is the wrong way round, now fixed): and the turret done (again...) It now seems that at least some 226 Sqn Blenheims had the perspex 'chin' turret in July 1941 - there's a photo of one of them returning from an Op on July 16th, showing the perspex fairing. It also has the two wedges welded on the wing root. Airframe Album No.5 says they're to deflect balloon cables onto the cable-cutters (need to add them too), while Profile No. 118 says that they are 'anti-root stall' devices. Anyway, it's got 'em, so two more things to add to the 'to-do' list... Obviously the chin turret poses a problem, as it should really have an aperture in the escape hatch, and an ammo box in the nose. I'm not going to take a saw to the nose now, so I thought I'd try a bit of optical illusion. First up, the base supplied in the kit needs some work, so out comes the middle section. It also needs a bracket for the gun mount, plus a new gun - the kit one isn't great. So here's the base with added mount, fairing and gun: So, rather than try to hack a hole in the hatch, I thought I'd see if I could create an illusion that there was hole. So I had a little experiment with a strip of masking tape and a black pen: And the base tried in place: Might get away with that... Maybe dark grey instead. Obviously from the inside it won't work at all, but I'm not doing any de-constructing now. I must say I'm actually looking forward to building another Airfix Blenheim, but it'll have to be the 1/48 Mk.IV, if and when that sees the light of day. It'll be an absolute doddle after this... More soon. Simon
  11. No, they're still not sending stuff out, and don't have a return date as yet. Simon
  12. Yes, or should that be 'oui' http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=104632 https://thejivebombers.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/webp-net-resizeimage-311.jpg https://thejivebombers.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/webp.net-resizeimage-3.jpg
  13. Is the Airfix spares department is still closed (well, not sending anything out)? I was going to post a request on the Wanted section here, but I'm forging on with the 'cut-down' Italeri ones for the time being, and see how they go. Cheers Simon
  14. Oh, and the turret should be a twin 303 Browning version. All I need now is to find it really should be in the TSS scheme of Extar Dark Sea Gray/Dark Slate Grey and I'll have a full house... Might have to think of another serial to pick...or get another Blenheim kit and start over again Simon
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