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  1. Well, after four months, I got a copy of the Form 78 movement card courtesy of the RAF Museum, to whom I'm very grateful indeed. I think it reads as follows (not 100% clear, but I reckon it's right): 6 M.U. - 15.12.41 77 Sqn - 5.5.42 Cat. E - 26.7.42 [the day after the Arado encounter, and clearly not Cat. E] R.O.S. Cat. AC - 26.7.42 [Repaired on Site] 77 Sqn - 12.9.42 44 Sqn - 30.3.43 44 M.U. - 4.4.43 A. Whit. R.O.S. 8.5.43 44 [?] M.U. - 27.6.43 So no visits to an M.U. while at 77 Squadron. Simon
  2. The Facebook link has images of the model and it states 1/700, code FH1116, HMS Illustrious, 1940. Looks very nice indeed! Also a 1/700 HMS Invincible from 1914, code FH1311. Simon
  3. Thanks for the pionters to Aviaeology. Interestingly their eBay store has the decal instructions available as pdf files for a couple of quid or so. Great if you need the references but don't need the decals. Simon
  4. That makes perfect sense, thank you for posting. Cheers Simon
  5. Hello I'm nearing the end of my Airfix Beaufighter build as KW280 MB-M of 236 Sqn, and I was just re-checking a few reference photos and I noticed that the fronts of the prop hub bosses seem to be a different colour to the rest of the prop hubs: IWM photos: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205127048 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205126586 Asisbiz photo: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Beaufighter/CF-late/pages/Beaufighter-MkX-RAF-236Sqn-MBT-NT950-North-Coates-June-1944-02.html Are the front parts of the pr
  6. Thanks again Ross. I've asked the RAF Museum about the possibility of getting hold of the Form 78 (as you say, could be a LONG wait...). Meanwhile I've another Whitley candidate to consider, Whitley VII Z6966 WL-F of 612 Sqn at Reykjavik in February 1942. Regards Simon
  7. Thanks for the reply Ross, and the link to your site. I'd come aross the photo of the 51 Sqn Whitley being repainted. Is the IWM caption is wrong and it is at Chivenor? Regards Simon
  8. Another update, with some more bits and bobs being finished and added: Engine cowlings are all done and dusted, with the Quickboost exhausts added: For some reason they don't have the tube at the rear for the cabin heating system, so I cut the ones off the kit's parts and added them: These were added to the wings, and I test-fitted the props: Which sit too far back, and actually rub against the cowlings. I think it's due to using the much thinner Eduard etch to replace the Airfix parts. Nothing that a small shim won't s
  9. Hi Jerry There's not much mentioned about the redeployment in the May 1942 ORB Form 540: May 1942 No operations were carried out during May. On 6th and 7th May the Squadron moved by air, road and rail from R.A.G. [sic] Station, LEEMING, to R.A.F. Station, CHIVENOR, Barnstaple, the rear party following on 8th. From 13th May to the end of the month an intensive programme of training for the new type of work on which the Squadron was to be employed was carried out (copy of programme attached*). The Squadron completed its first operational sortie with Coastal
  10. Interesting Graham, thank you. I see Xtradecal have 77 Sqn Whitley GR.VII Z6968 KN-A on their X72231 sheet, in TSS scheme, dated 'late 1941' but the Air Britain Whitley File has Z6968 as just serving with 612 Sqn. Hmmm... Z6968 is one of the options in the Fly kit as WL-J, and there's a photo of it here: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205207859 Simon
  11. Hello everyone I'm just contemplating a future build, and want to do a Whitley of 77 Squadron in the period in which the Squadron was seconded to Coastal Command in 1942. From the 77 Sqn ORB it moved to Chivenor from Leeming in early May. No Ops were flown in May and the first Coastal Command sortie was on June 1st. I just wanted to double-check if the Whitleys would have been repainted in the Temperate Sea Scheme EDSG/DSG/White colours? I'm looking to do Whitley V Z9462 KN-Y, which had an encounter with an Arado 196 on July 25th 1942. Many thanks
  12. Simon

    Airfix 2021...

    Perhaps a Blenheim IV in 1/48, or Blenheim V in 1/72...? Simon
  13. Another quickie update... I've added the main undercarriage and doors, and started on a bit of weathering: Kindly interrupted by next door's cat Myrtle. She seems to like to use our house as her day house and me as her personal cat seat, often at somewhat inconvenient times: I thought I'd cracked the issue with the 24" red code letters. Hannants had some 24" red codes by Almark, reduced to 50p per sheet, which I thought was too good to be true....which of course it was, when these arrived: Seems the se
  14. I'm glad you mentioned the exhausts. I just checked the exhausts I've got, and I realised I've got the wrong ones (QB 72101) which I think are for the Hasegawa Beaufighter. Oh well, proper ones ordered now... Simon
  15. Back with another quick update. First up I added the black stripes to the wings and fuselage. Marked up with pencil, then quite diluted black added in thin coats: Then I masked off the stripes so I could add the Sky to the undersides and EDSG to the uppers: The Extra Dark Sea Grey uppers on Coastal Command Beaufighters seem to suffer from weathering very badly, so they were sprayed with a base of Dark Sea Grey, then oversprays of EDSG: Masks off: and kit decals on
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