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  1. Whose are all those 1/35 armour kits? They're not listed as new tools, so are they 'borrowing' someone else's toolings? Simon
  2. Thought I'd get in first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmXHLHVTjRc
  3. Simon

    P-47D wings?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, much appreciated! Simon
  4. Simon

    P-47D wings?

    Hello everyone Just a quick question: was the P-47D wing the same on both the earlier 'razorback' the later 'bubble' canopy variants of the P-47D? Ta! Simon
  5. Simon


    Pierre You could try the 267 Sqn O.R.B. (Operational Record Book), available to download for small fee from the National Archives website: http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_no=267&_sd=1940&_ed=1942&discoveryCustomSearch=true&_cr1=AIR+27&_col=200&_dt=SQ&_hb=tna The Form 540 (Summary of Events) MAY have a serial mentioned with your man if you're lucky...unfortunately the NA don't seem to have the Form 541 (Record of Events) which usually lists serials with pilot's flights on a day-to-day basis. The Appendices could have anything in them! You can view the images using the 'Preview image of this record' link, but they have a watermark over them. Regards Simon
  6. Hello His D.F.C. was reported in the Newcastle Journal, October 4th 1945: Darlington D.F.C. Flying Officer Ralph Vart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vart, of Kensington Gardens, Darlington, has been awarded the D.F.C. for outstanding leadership and courage. His D.F.C. was gazetted in the London Gazette of October 2nd 1945, page 4858. You can access the 258 Sqn ORB on the National Archives website: http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_no=258&_sd=1945&_ed=1945&discoveryCustomSearch=true&_cr1=AIR+27&_col=200&_dt=SQ&_hb=tna You can use the 'Preview an image of this record' link to see the actual ORB pages, although with a watermark. Luckily the Appendices also include Sortie Reports, which give aircraft letters, so cross-referencing the ORB Form 541 with the Appendices will give a serial and code letter. For example, in the Appendices page 768 of 784, May 12th 1945, he flew Thunderbolt 'N'. The Form 541 for May 1945 has KJ303 for him on this date - KJ303 is a P-47D-30-RE: http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1944_1.html Regards Simon
  7. Simon

    A quick R.A.F. Hudson I question...

    Just another quick update. I just came across this photo on the AWM website: https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C283278 Simon
  8. Simon

    A quick R.A.F. Hudson I question...

    Hello again. Just looking through my Coastal Command books (both of them...!), and there's a photo of a 206 Sqn Hudson dated June 1940 with the same black teardrop-shaped objects, but no mast/aerial thingy on top of the fuselage, on page 32 of Ian Carter's "Coastal Command 1939-1945 (Photos from the IWM)." Checking on the IWM Collections website, it's this one: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205064986 The aircraft behind appears not to have them. Both have an astrodome, which some Hudson Mk. I's don't seem to have. I also found this photo shows an aerial on the side of the nose in a similar-ish position: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205126709 Simon
  9. Simon

    A quick R.A.F. Hudson I question...

    Thanks for the replies. I did wonder about the one on the engine nacelle too, but hadn't spotted the one on top of the fuselage! Did the A.S.V. Hudsons carry an extra crew member, or did the W/Op do the radar too? Regards Simon
  10. Hello everyone I came across this photo on the IWM website of T9277 QX-W of 224 Sqn: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205190913 and this one of N7342 QX-Z from the same unit: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-royal-air-force-coastal-command-1939-1945-lockheed-hudson-mark-i-n7342-177475999.html What is the small black teardrop shaped object on the side of the nose? Is it to do with the A.S.V. radar fit, as mentioned in the I.W.M. Collection caption? Many thanks Simon
  11. Simon

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    Great show as usual - managed to pick up a few bargains, but I wish the air-conditioning had been turned on in the hall, it was a bit like a sauna in there. Car parking was a challenge too when I got there at 11.30! Simon
  12. Simon

    Academy B-24 Nose Wheel Weight?? Any suggestions?

    As Mike mentions, the real thing was a potential tail-sitter - the R.A.F. often used to prop an oil can or ammo box under the tail skid. http://www.rquirk.com/fail/li2kn752.jpg http://www.rquirk.com/fail/322mu/Image90.jpg Alternatively make a tripod stand: http://silverhawkauthor.com/images/site_graphics/Aircraft/Aircraft---Canada/Consolidated-B-24-Liberator--RCAF-Photo.jpg Simon
  13. Simon

    Hurricane MkIIb, Z5348, Mersa Matruth, Egypt 1942

    Is that a camera fairing under the rear fusleage in the first photo? Simon
  14. Yes, a fair point. I mentoned in the W.i.P. that I wasn't sure it would be allowed - I'd guess they'd usually use a smaller diesel roller, like these. Looks like theirs was u/s that day, so they borrowed someone else's... Cheers Simon
  15. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I think that's me and Airfix Lancasters done for the time being. It's a good kit, but some of the detail is a little disappointing - IM(v)HO. I already have my next two or three (or four, and possibly five) builds lined up, so back to the workbench for me - I'm thinking 1/72 Airfix Blenheim IV... Cheers Simon