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  1. Hello again Just a quick update today, fininshing off the interior of the wing and undercarriage bays. Here is the actuator for the undercarriage in place: and the oil tank in the front of the nacelle: I suddenly realised that the tops of the gouge flaps should be the same colour as the upper surface of the wings, so a coat of dark earth for them. Luckily I'd just taped them in place, rather than gluing them: The wings are all done and dusted now. They'll need the navigation/formation lights adding to the wing tips, but I'll do that once they've been glued together. More on that anon... I'm busy with the engines at the moment, and trying to get the exhausts sorted with a couple of options. Italeri have promised me that they're sending replacement ones, but Plan B and possibly a Plan C are in the pipeline in case they're short-cast like mine... Cheers Simon
  2. Simon

    Earl's Colne B-17's

    Have you had a look on the IWM's American Air Museum website? Try these: http://www.americanairmuseum.com/place/114 and http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/548 Simon
  3. Another quick update. Here is one of the wing fuel tanks I mentioned yesterday: And here it is in place with the inners painted black: This is what you can see from the underneath: I'm got a few bits to complete for the undercarriage and nacelle interior, then it's on to the engines. I've found out yesterday that the kit's exhausts have been 'short shot' around the 'porcupine' bits - not great news: If Italeri can't supply some better ones, I do have a potentially cunning plan, which may or may not work, using the Quickboost 72101 exhausts for the Hasegawa Beaufighter... More soon... Simon
  4. According to Wikipedia, invented by Arthur Gouge of Short Brothers in 1936. I did read somewhere that the B-52 has them, as well as being used on Short Brothers' own Sunderland and Stirling. Simon
  5. Ian It's easier to understand the gouge flap/wing section when you see the drawings. Simplified wing/undercarriage/flap cross-section diagram, also showing the motor/gearbox for the undercarriage (labelled A, B and C): Detail of the gouge flap and the roller tracks that it runs on as it's lowered: Wing interior construction, showing the curved rear section that the gouge flap sits in, as well as the inner wing bomb bays: And details of the flap itself: You can only see a small section of the wing interior and the flap through the undercarriage bay, so no need for a full width flap. There's a video on Youtube called "Speed Up On Stirlings" which has some excellent shots of Stirlings being built, and one section shows the gouge flap being installed into the wing. Simon
  6. It's the middle one, 72101, I reckon, which can possibly replace the rear part of the Italeri Stirling exhausts. I've ordered one, so we'll see how it fits (or not...). Simon
  7. Yes, I saw the ones for the Hasegawa Beaufighter (72101) and they look pretty similar. I think I could use the front section from the kit part, and graft on a new rear section from the QB set with a bit of fiddling. Worth a go, I reckon, and TBH I'm not sure if any replacements from Italeri might be moulded any better... Simon
  8. Good work Mike. As a fellow hater of unnecessary apostrophe's, much appreciated. Simon
  9. Back for another monthly update (!). Fuselage rear is all done as far as I can go for the moment, so on to the wings. Previous experience with the Italeri Stirling shows that the undercarriage bays are pretty sparse. I've invested in the Eduard Stirling exterior set for this build, but I'm giving the undercarriage wells some extra bits and bobs. I'm found some excellent photos in the Haynes Stirling manual, and so I've changed the details from my Stirling I build. Here's the front bulkhead, Eduard etched lattice and an additional front spar: I've cut the bottom off the bulkhead, and added it to the front of the U/C bay: The other (top) section of the bulkhead can slot in from above. I did find the Eduard lattice very fragile, and prone to being bent while other work went on, so I've reinforced it with some plastic strip: Note that I managed to glue the undercarriage location plate in upside-down, which caused much gnashing of teeth. Out it came, reluctantly, and I made a new one from plastic card. D'oh... Next up was the upper part of the front spar, which appears to be the same construction as the rear spar Italeri supply in the kit: Here is the top section of the front bulkhead in place temporarily: and an oil tank tried for size: Moving to the rear of the undercarriage bay, there is absolutely nothing there in the kit. From my various references the rear has a section that curves upwards from the rear spar, and where the large gouge flaps sit. The flaps themselves have a cut-out section. Here's my first go: I think perhaps that the rear spar should be further back than Italeri have designed it. Here is the final version, with additional bracing: and primed: and here's the section of the gouge flap in place: There's still plenty of stuff to go in there - I've done a fuel tank to fill the gap outboard of the lattice, plus there's all the gubbins on the front bulkhead. More soon...next month at this rate! Cheers Simon
  10. Hello everyone I'm struggling manfully (well, struggling anyway...) with the Italeri Stirling IV, and have just noticed that the exhausts have all been 'short shot' and are missing some of the 'porcupine' bits. I've asked Italeri for some replacements, but wondered if anyone made after-market ones? Here are the offending items: Cheers Simon
  11. Mike Try here: https://www.revell-service.de/en/service-form-revell/ Simon
  12. Chris They're usually pretty good if you e-mail them. It'll take a few days to get a reply, and it does depend if they've got the items in stock, mind. They'll e-mail you with a price if they do have the parts, and you can pay over the phone with a credit card. I recently ordered a complete sprue L from the RAF Fortress III, and it was £7.00 inc P+P, which I thought was pretty reasonable. They did send it out the same day as I paid over the phone, but that one never arrived. Once I chased it up, they sent another out straight away. Simon
  13. Sorry, my mistake in post #2. Greg is indeed in the USA...d'oh! Simon
  14. I'd second getting the aftermarket codes and serials - it'll save you time, if not money! Xtradecals do excellent sheets of RAF codes and serials. The tricky part is the nose-art. How many of the 52 Halifaxes actually have nose art? And do you have good quality photos of the nose art itself? This is the decal I got printed by Drawdecal for my R.A.F. Liberator: Simon
  15. Mac, Are you after lots of copies of one item, or single copies of a large item (if you see what I mean...?). I've used Draw Decal in Canada for one-off custom-made decals, and the service and prices were very good indeed. I supplied the artwork myself, however, made with Adobe Illustrator. Simon
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