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  1. Superb! I normally break most of any aires set just detaching it from its casting blocks, so big respect for the invasive surgery you had to do on the kit.
  2. Thanks guys. I know the resin ones are expensive but I want to try and do this bird some justice and my figure skills are basic let alone creating Frankenstein ones!
  3. Very very nice! Gives the £££ Tamiya bird a run for the money. May I ask how you did the oil streaking underneath as it looks very convincing, thank you
  4. That's my favourite scheme for this bird right there. Your cockpit detailing is first class, looks real
  5. Love the creativity behind this, really brings it to life
  6. I'm a big fan of this aircraft and yours is very very nice great job
  7. Absolutely gorgeous finish is fantastic and all the better for being in flight. Did you make the stand yourself? I'm not used to seeing amraams on aggressors, is this a thing? Certainly makes the model more interesting
  8. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Now ideally I'd like a whole crew including some gunners and a bombadier, but at least now she'll have a pilot
  9. Hello apologies if there is a better section for this, but having recently completed my motorised and sound enabled 1/32 B-25 Mitchell, I'm getting my ducks in a row for the logical next step which will be the HK 1/32 B-17, for which I'll be using similar electronics when released. I'm painfully aware how strange the B-25 looks with no one on board and I'm not having any luck finding any after market crews. I was wondering if anyone knew of any obscure specialist niche makers anywhere that do any? I know we haven't had bombers in this scale for that long but it is a bit of an omission? Thanks for any pointers.
  10. Haha unfortunately canna afford it yet either!
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments. Re the above, wait till the wife finds out about the same scale B-17 I have designs on once MSM have released their motor light & sound conversion
  12. I know, I searched everywhere for appropriate scale crew and drew a blank
  13. Hi Colin, you can get them here: https://www.magicscalemodeling.com/shop/B-25-Mitchel-1-32-Motors-Sound-%26-Lights-set-Taxiway-p80581278 The owner Richard is super helpful as well.
  14. Firstly I am aware thus is the equivalent of the Marie Celeste but I just could not find any 1/32 USAF seated bomber crews. Plenty on their feet but none sat down! This is the HK models giant B-25J Mitchell with the Magic Scale Modelling light & sound kit. Painted with mostly Alclad airframe aluminium. Extras Eduard brassin wheels, metal legs, quick boost rear guns. Built for the fun factor rather than going for a technically perfect build and finish but I’m happy with how it turned out. I have 2 videos, one in the sunlight showing off the sparkle and one in low light showing the internal and external lighting. Thus is the 2nd of these motorised conversions I’ve done and it has to be said that discovering them has given my modelling a shot in the arm bringing them to life. I hope some of you enjoy it. Please turn your sound on when watching. Thank you for looking!
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