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  1. I ABSOLUTELY Love it. You have nailed the dusty Pacific look, and I've always loved this ugly brute of an aircraft. I didn't even know it was available in 1/32 and thanks to you I now have to have it! Would you recommend the kit?
  2. Love the weathering, gives it a real HDR look. Fantastic job
  3. Fantastic I absolutely love the weathering especially the faded paintwork. Winner!
  4. I restarted over 10y ago and if I built that now I’d be feeling very happy! Superb standard, your weathering is spot on. Looking forward to your next builds
  5. I can actually feel the wash from those rotors looking at that. You've nailed the scale idle speed and the rotor droop, I love it!
  6. Charles, that is some inspirational work there, I particularly love the Bear being intercepted, the Russian rt made my neck hairs stand on end! Love this kind of stuff
  7. Here some of the fame I got for the 617 diorama.  


    FSIMG_0929 (2)IMG_0501 (2)IMG_2804IMG_0220 (2)



    I use Doyusha motors that you can get from Hobby Link Japan for $11, an MP3 player for $8, and a micro chip for sound effects taken off the internet; put in a battery box, voila!  Your done.




    Cheers, Chuck

  8. Work of art, and utterly photorealistic especially with that base! Very well done
  9. Not everyone's cup of tea but I do like my toys and so when I started building this I thought I'd try livening it up when I stumbled upon the Magic Scale Modelling site, specifically this kit: https://www.magicscalemodeling.com/shop/DH-98-Mosquito-Motors-%26-Lights-set-1-32-%26-1-24-p81830358 6 months elapsed, and I had a lot of help along the way from Richard at Magic Scale Modelling, a lot of it down to my incompetence, and along the way he sent me the prototype of the new control board with the twin sound speakers, and I'm informed this is the first build using it. In hindsight I should have practiced this on an easier kit like the Revell one first, and realising the vandalism and fettling I needed to do on those beautiful Tamiya engines made me want to cry. I made lots of mistakes along the way which meant that a few aspects of the kit itself haven't been fully done justice! One key example is I ended up with the belly doors closed in order to accommodate the control board, but in retrospect doing it again I'd find room in the rear fuse... but then again it's ready for takeoff isn't it, so the doors would be closed anyway! I'm not happy with the fir of the cowl panels and the props aren't quite true either but by and large I'm happy with it. I've linked the videos to my Youtube page as I can't seem to share videos from Flickr. (I know i need to tidy up those wires but I'm waiting for some extensions to hide them underneath my eventual wooden base). I hope you like it.
  10. that's a very impressive build of this ancient kit, must have taken some skill to get it looking that good. I really like it.
  11. I'm still bearing the scars from my attempt at this kit several years ago, but even if I didn't know what a dog it was to assemble, I'd look at this and say "brilliant", but the fact I know full well what an achievement it is to get it looking this good just makes it more amazing. Even the landing gear looks right, which i.m.o was the weakest part of the kit next to the appalling wing fillet design and impossible to fit cowling covers. Well done!
  12. Thank you Davide - and your english is excellent!
  13. Thanks for the feedback Davide... so to confirm, on an aircraft they put your national flag on backwards?? What is the reason for this do you know?
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