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  1. Thank you, yes they are indeed, I found them so much easier than photoetch & their quality of detail is superb. I’ll be using them a lot now I think.
  2. Thanks. I’m old enough to remember those uk spotters getting arrested for spying on their Greek airbases on their enthusiasts tour! Hope you weren’t one of those.
  3. Only as I said at the top, the Quinta 3D cockpit decals and the ProCal HAF markings. Everything else o.o.b
  4. Wow. In about 40y of modelling I've never seen anything that's blown me away like this. What an achievement. First photo I was confused and thought it was a photo of the real subject being modelled. Spectacular!
  5. Thank you very much. They do indeed, and thankfully all the included stores with the Tamiya kit are valid including the JDAMs which was a happy coincidence.
  6. My second build of this fantastic kit this time went for a sun-beaten HAF scheme as I’m a bit of a Greek-ophile anyway and I love the scheme. Paints AK Real Colour/ Extreme metal. Quinta Studios 3D decals for the cockpit and ProCal HAF markings for the exterior. Thanks for looking.
  7. I’ve got 000’s of hours flying those things, and I can tell you that’s a really fantastic job you’ve done. The purple looks spot on to me.
  8. When the 1st pic loaded I thought I was looking at a real P40. Really really nicely done.
  9. Absolutely love this - & I aspire to that kind of weathered finish on a grey sea jet.
  10. Hello Andy hope you’re keeping well and thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately imgur won’t let me link to the video I took of it in the dark, so I’ve added a few photos of her lit up like an Xmas tree at the end.
  11. Thanks for the nice words chaps it is appreciated. Billy, I did a video going through the magic scale modelling kit and what you get here: warning though they’re addictive, this is my 5th!
  12. Plus the Magic Scale Modelling Light & sound kit. AOA decals, Quickboost pilot & RIO, painted Mig Ammo light gull grey. Link to video at the bottom showing the light & sound of engine start etc. (I know the open canopy position isn’t right but I’m delicately balancing best I can before I commit to glueing - the only minus point for Tamiya in this kit!) thanks for looking. jump to 2:55 if you want to skip my rambling
  13. Thanks very much. No it’s not wood it’s a base of Tamiya buff then 2 shades of brown oils on top with a coarse brush
  14. Thank you. If you have any spare wall space, this kit comes with a very well designed wall mount.
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