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  1. Fantastic finish! A real B-25.
  2. Fantastic - I am also a fan of the white window sealant. Nice.
  3. Thanks all for the comments. The metal effect was with Alclad gloss black base over a well sanded, puttied, cleaned surface, which to which I had added the rivet lines. The base was airbrushed on essentially panel-by-panel so the base coat somewhat followed the profile of the panels. The metallic coat was then Alclad II airframe aluminium (ALC 119). A very diluted wash of Vallejo model wash (brown and black) was brushed over the model, and finally some subtle weathering around the engine and wing root with pastel chalks was brushed on. I am glad I could contribute to this great site! CF
  4. Good evening. Here is my take on the beautiful C-47 sky train, specifically the "Camel Caravan to Berlin", a good story and based in Neubiberg, a stones throw away from where I live. The kit is Revell, 1/48, with various mods and a few table spoons of putty. Enjoy and thanks for looking. CF
  5. This is great, thank you. So the mild panel line thinner did not attack Alcoa’s? Or did you varnish first? thanks again Tim!
  6. Dear All, I have one various recently models attempted to master Alclad II metallic paints, after I was very generously gifted some bottles. I would like to pose some questions to the skilled and experienced BM community: - Q1: when applying decals, weathering, etc after air brushing with Alclad II (Aluminium, for example), what gloss coat works best? I thought I saw online that someone had used Mr color gx100 super clear III, nut when I tried that on a small patch of Alclad, it ate into the metallic finish and made a mess (the Alclad had dried for over a week). I presume that is not the correct gloss coat! Is the glass coat from Alclad the only one to use or does someone have experience with other brands of clear coat over Alclad? - Q2: My fav. panel line medium is oils and turps. I am afraid this will eat into the Alclad. Does anyone have experience with panel line washes over Alclad metallic paints? I have tried Vallejo model washes, but found it difficult to clean up afterwards (this may be due to lack of a sufficient gloss coat). - Q3: Decals directly on Alclad? Does this work ok, or is a gloss coat highly recommended prior to decals? I would very much appreciate any comments and experience people have! Thanks in advance and enjoy the heat wave! CF
  7. herzlichen glückwunsch! Excellent model and well worth the prize! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Yes indeed a plexiglass sheet (as thin as I could buy, then shaped and slightly engraved using fine sand paper with the disk on the dremel.
  9. Thank you all for the comments and for enjoying the photos. The inspiration for the diorama came from the painting "too close for comfort" from the (US) National Air and Space Museum: https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/too-close-comfort
  10. Toryu, very well spotted, indeed less the turtle back than the straw and the camels back (mine..)...throughout the build I was focusing on many other mods: the bomb bay doors were not intended to be mounted in the closed position, replacing the yagi antennae, modification of a US pilot figure to use as the gunner, adding the machine gun rotation, magazines, ammo belts, and all the time studying the photos with a niggling "to do" to myself to have a closer look at the rear canopy. Sure enough with the gunner being the last to be placed in the model it all became very clear what the folding back canopy was all about! I take my hat off to those model builders who can, at that late stage of a build, reach for the hacksaw and make such a mod, for me it was too late! Well spotted. Here is a photo I was referencing, the "turtle back" clearly folder down.
  11. Some photos of my Helldiver diorama, pulling out of a dive, under fire, hydraulics lagging, fleeing for cover and altitude. This is the beautiful Revell 1:48 kit which I enjoyed very much. I left off the gunners (admittedly very sensible) armour plate in order to give more of a gung-ho feeling to the scene. Thanks for looking! CF
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