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  1. Excellent build. You did a great paint job. It´s nice to see a Belgian Hurricane.
  2. This is an excellent Warhawk. The cockpit is nicely detailed and the weathering you have applied looks perfect. Your P-40 collection is really impressive.
  3. It was a crazy prize before and now it got even more weird. Have you ever searched for the 1993 edition where you find all the Pfeilfieger drawings that I mentioned in the post above? There is virtually no significant difference apart from the cover and some minor corrections between these two editions. As far as I know only some color plates of the first edition where not included since it turned out that they were inaccurate. I saw the first edition at a more reasonable but still quite expensive price on amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Austro-Hungarian-Army-Aircraft-W
  4. It is nice to see your project completed after you invested quite a lot of effort to research that individual Seafire. You really created a masterpiece Russ. I also like the flight deck display.
  5. Your Spitfires are superb! I love each of your builds. I also read your WIP threads where I really learned a lot about the late Mark Griffon Spitfires.
  6. It looks impressve! In my view, the Academy kit is the best Crusader available in 1/72 scale. I like the way you did the canopy and the cockpit section.
  7. An impressive model of a jet that only had a quite brief history in USN service. I like your choice of markings since VF-31 has a long history and is still an active squadron flying the Super Hornet.
  8. A beautiful Mustang. I like the way how skillfully you applied the exhaust stains.
  9. What a beautiful collection of Mustangs!
  10. They look perfect. You assembled an outstanding collection!
  11. Nice to see such an outstanding Skyhawk. Using a different set of decals was indeed the right choice since those that are in the box are really disappointing.
  12. This Mustang looks perfect Tony. I like the way you did the exhaust stains.
  13. Thank you, @noelh. I wasn´t aware of your publication. But I am quite sure now your book will receive at least one more review on Amazon in the short run, Tony.
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