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  1. In my view, the creator of the box art took some fair amount of artistic license in case he really tried to depict an aerial view of Venice. The Spitfire featured on the box cover is an aircraft of the 14th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron which was based at Mount Farm in the UK just like the other two decal options that are included in that box. The Adriatic coastline would be a bit far off for a regular sortie. My educated guess is that he rather had tried to depict Bournemouth and the Isle of Wright.
  2. Indeed I am really wondering why Special Hobby is not completing its new-tool P-40 line by adding both a P-40F and a P-40L. Since the sprue for the fuselage is completely separate from the other parts all effort that they would have to make is producing each a new P-40F and P-40L fuselage that fits together with the rest of the parts of the previous releases to create some nice new kits. My guess is that Special Hobby will probably do that anyway as soon as they have sold off all their old-tool P-40 F/L kits which are still available on their website.
  3. An amazing pair of Mustangs! You did a great job. I like the choice of markings you selected.
  4. It is amazing to see your ever growing P-40 collection. Your father is doing an excellent job. I am also well aware how much time and effort you are investing in researching each individual plane and its markings. I am really looking forward to seeing the next models from your line. Best Regards, Martin
  5. A perfect build from a kit that has some issues and obviously suffers from overengineering. I like how you added the rocket stubs that were omitted by Revell for inexplicable reasons. You achieved an excellent result.
  6. You made a superb model. This Spitfire looks excellent with its red wing tips. I also like the markings you choose.
  7. You did an excellent job in spite of all the difficult issues this kit features. All the Italeri Spitfire kits in 1/72 scale suffer from serious overengineering. Of course, at the time they were released in the early 1990s they were a better alternative to build a Spitfire in 1/72 scale than other kits that were available back then. In my view, the Italeri Vb has less issues than the IX or the VII. If you choose to do a clipped wing version you even have less hassle with the Italeri Spitfire kits. So you really deserve credit for going the extra mile to attach the wingtips. The fuselage is also quite complicated to assemble and you certainly made the right choice to leave the cockpit open since the closed option is difficult to complete and requires even more effort to get a decent result. A viable option to get around the issues with the prop blades is to source a spare one from a KP kit which has three different propellers in the box. Fighting against all these odds you made a beautiful Spitfire.
  8. That is correct. There is a Tropical version from Trumpeter: http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=2069&l=en
  9. Maybe you could use a Trumpeter1/24 Mk Vb kit as a source for some of the parts you have listed.
  10. A nice collection! You did a great job since it is really hard to choose a favorite out of these pristine builts.
  11. This is a very nice collection. I love how you bring these classic kits to life.
  12. This is a superb T-bolt. You did an outstanding job. I can only agree 100% with your statement. The Academy decals that come with the box are really awful and were even worse when these kits first appeared on the European market back in the early 90s. Nevertheless, there are so many good aftermarket sheets available such as this excellent choice you selected for your model.
  13. This is a real beauty! You did a fantastic job with the rigging.
  14. Now that is indeed an interesting project. I am going to watch your progress closely and maybe I will finally be motivated to start the Fujimi 1/72 F7U-3P which I have got in my stash for some 30 years now!
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