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  1. @Graham Boak @Geoffrey Sinclair Thank you for your feed back. It is indeed difficult and the lines are indeed somewhat blurred. From what I have seen from the Mk.24 pictures in my collection many of the VN series Spitfires have the later style landing gear doors but there are some expections such as VN311. Interestingly, most pictures of Mk 24 with early style landing gear doors are from around 1947 to 1949 whereas most of the photos from 1950 onwards show the Seafire 47 style landing gear doors. I guess I am right with the presumption that a number of these machines were retrofitted with those landing gear doors during maintainance that simply were available from the supply lines in the 1950s. In the end I just have to check carefully any reference photos before starting my 1/72 scale Spitfire Mk 24 project.
  2. 112 Squadron


    The early Mk IX had initially short carburettor intakes. Those machines such as MH434 that survived long enough to participate in the D-Day Invasion were later modified. You can find some references here: http://spitfiresite.com/2010/04/spitfire-mk-ix-xi-and-xvi-variants-much-varied.html/2
  3. You may try to browse these databases for suitable photos: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/f4u-corsair/ https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/f4u/
  4. 112 Squadron


    MH434 was build as an LF MK IX: http://www.airhistory.org.uk/spitfire/p063.html
  5. Spitfire Mk 24 landing gear doors As far as I know the landing gear doors of the Mk 24 were similar to the ones of the Mk 22. However, some machines had landing gear doors that were similar to those of the Seafire 47. It can be seen on some photographs. This raises a number of questions: Were the last Mk 24s delivered with the Mk 47 style Seafire landing gear doors or was this the result of later modifications due to the fact that no other spare parts were available? Provided that the Spitfires were delivered from Supermarine in that configuration are there any records about which aircraft had the Mk 47 landing gear doors? My educated guess is that those 27 of the 81 Spitfire Mk 24 which were still in the PK letter series and were initially modified from Mk 22 probably still had the old landing gear doors. But how many of the remaining Mk 24 with VN letter codes had the Seafire style landing gear doors? Maybe one of the experts here knows the answer.
  6. Tony you really created some Mossie masterpieces! Your WIP thread was very interesting to follow and I have learned a lot from it.
  7. It can be found on a sheet from DK Decals: http://www.dkdecals.cz/spitIX_aces_navod1.jpg However, this decal sheet is out of stock. MH 434 was also included as decal option in a limited edition boxing of Eduard: https://exito.site/en_GB/p/EDUARD-2120-172-Spitfire-Mk.IX-Triple-Combo-Limited-Edition-Nasi-se-vraceji/39248
  8. From what I can see in the preview this kit looks excellent. I am really looking forward to acquire this for my stash and I am certain I will buy more of those SBD if Flyhawk is going to release the SBD 2/4/5/6 and the A-24 versions as well.
  9. The reissue of the 1/72 scale Hellcat is indeed good news. I am looking forward to the re-release of Eduards 1/72 Spitfires.
  10. @72modeler @FinnAndersen Thank you for your helpful comments. As far as I know all of the MK XIV prototypes were actually MK VIII airframes. So the rudder I have to use is a board chord rudder. Would it be correct to source a spare board chord rudder from an Eduard Spitfire kit for the construction of JF321 or do I have to stick with the rudder of a standard MK XIV and just modify the fin?
  11. One of the prototype Spitfire Mk XIVs, JF 321, was equipped with a contra-prop and had a larger vertical fin. Since I am planning to model this aircraft I would like to ask if anyone of the experts here in the forum can help me to find the right measurements for the fin of this particular prototype in 1/72: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/spitfire2/spitfire-mk-xiv-prototype-jf321/
  12. A Polish manufacturer Choroszy Modelbud has produced an interesting series of resin Aviatik D.1 in 1/72: https://modelbud.pl/en_US/c/Models/56/4 Apart from that I only know the somewhat older release from Eastern Express: https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/eastern-express-72165-fighter-aviatik-berg-di--1023934
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