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  1. Oh dear... I have one of these in the deep stash. For some reason I've never started it - now I know why. I'll wander in from time to time and see if you're still sane. Excellent progress so far!
  2. Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

    It's easier to just shell out the $3.99 a month, writing web code is well beyond my meagre programming skills or interests! It actually wasn't hard to find- the announcement page had a link to the blog, which linked to the forum, which linked to the FAQ. A moment's thought would've taken me straight to the FAQ. But I'm slow. I used to have a SmugMug account for my serious photography, they're pretty good to deal with, so if push comes to shove they'll most likely be my preferred destination. However, no one's gonna miss my poor modelling if the photos never get put back, so I most likely wouldn't bother relinking things. To quote an old Greek - there is nothing so constant as change. We need to get used to that concept.
  3. Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

    A very small amount of digging found this - http://blog.flickr.net/en/2018/04/20/together-smugmug-flickr-faq/ and also THIS - https://www.smugmug.com/together/faq (scroll down to 'Will Flickr continue to offer a free version' - short answer is YES, they will, but all things can change and this may at some point) which is great news, because my ISP gives me a mega-generous 50mb of free personal webspace.
  4. Dirty Canopies

    If that cleaner contains ammonia, it'll happily strip many acrylic paints, so use with caution. My solution to dirty canopies is to simply never finish the model, which keeps the whole shebang in the box and hence dust free!
  5. Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    One of these hies close to mine abode, so I'll follow along with interest. Of course, I'll have to get that blessed interior set separately, and pay the extra postage for it too... Do you have a plan (cunning or otherwise) to deal with the apparently misshapen engine nacelles? The version in warpaint is nowhere near as pretty as the silver civvy version. Mine will be silver.
  6. FOUR whom the toll bells

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  7. FOUR whom the toll bells

    about proper gourmet cuisine
  8. Alaska

    Welcome to the madhouse Craig. As you've found already, there's some talented modellers here, the best bit is that they'll happily share their knowledge and skills, and also their failures, which helps us all. Enjoy!
  9. FOUR whom the toll bells

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  10. FOUR whom the toll bells

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  11. FOUR whom the toll bells

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  12. From Failure to Failure

    I'm going to assume that you've spent time talking to neighbours/distant relatives/strange chaps that you met at modelmaking conventions who have served in parts foreign and described this scent to you. Mebbe you read it in a book. Because surely you've never even been to France? (Or should I have ignored the and forbore to mention the issue. Hmm.) I am still chuckling/worried about the 'broke out of his bedroom' part. Stalag Luft P, perhaps?
  13. Looking good so far. Sorry, I have no useful input on the headlight covers at all, except to wish you all the best with them!
  14. FOUR whom the toll bells

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  15. FOUR whom the toll bells

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