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  1. FOUR better - or worse!

    are pretty stupid. Yokels
  2. For what it's worth, I believe that the Jav's undersides were HSS. Don't ever trust colour photos to be accurate (and don't waste your life making more than general decisions from black and white).
  3. Right down to the wire... this may be akin to when Prince of Wales was sent out against Bismark, dockyard hands still aboard, wet paint 'n' all. Nowhere near as dramatic or important to the fate of the free world, of course. And somewhat warmer. With no ships. Ok, ignore that first paragraph. Decals. (Yes, the CFS title is wonky. It bugs me too, but we'll both have to just man up and get over it.) Once they're dry, I can give it a bath and throw a satin coat on, then mask up for and apply the antiglare panel on the nose. Somewhere in there I'll have to do a panel line wash I suppose, although I'm not keen on the 'fill every groove with mud and polish off' approach; moving parts and removable panels will be washed and I'll stop there I think. Also got the antennae to paint black, bits and bobs to do in silver and the undercart to stick on... will I make it? (Note to self: remove canopy masking before shooting final photos!)
  4. That's never stopped the rest of us... <---- selfie.
  5. West Coast Air Twin Otter

    For the record, Twin Otters have 3° of dihedral regardless of undercarriage fitted. The only visible external difference (apart from the obvious) is that the floaty bird gets finlets on the tailplanes. And looks a lot better. In the process of preplanning my Otter, I've made up a jig to help in getting that 3°, and also to prevent the 'oops, that strut's a bit short' issue that I've seen on finished builds in the past. I'll update my thread soon. (Sorry that the jig is too late to help you...)
  6. FOUR better - or worse!

    display, playeda tuna onna (Panto Italian accent there lads)
  7. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Make a start with Fujimi-san. They're a quality kit and despite what's said, I can't see the Airfix version being as 'nice'. It may have more working bits, but going by my new Airfix kits, they've got quite a way to go to catch up in the area of fine detail. I'm sure it'll be a nice kit, but they're not up to Japanese quality yet. Now I'll put my fireproof undies on and wait for the napalming! PS. I'm willing to be proven wrong, and I'll be putting my money down for a couple of the new Airfix F-4s unless they're total pants. But let's wait for the plastic before we get all defensive, eh?
  8. Dennis, for GB photos I use a simple all-mobile workflow- phone camera to Flickr app to in-Flickr editing to copying URL to BM. This despite me being a 'proper' photographer with a fair whack of digital gear. It's all about convenience. A tablet makes the job easier, but only because of the larger screen, the method is the same. You may already know this, but the trick to good mobile phone photos is to make sure that there's plenty of light. You'll need more than you think. Much much more - small sensors lose a lot of ability as the light decreases. Just keep snapping until you get what you need, and delete the rubbish. When you find a floaty plane, you're more than welcome to join up - we're not stopping until Jan 7th. Plently of time! (Says he, who always runs out of time.)
  9. FOUR better - or worse!

    there's 425 years until (this'll date you if you get it!)
  10. FOUR better - or worse!

    like a grinder's monkey
  11. Special Hobby AH-1G Cobra

    Nowt wrong wi' tha', lass. My vernacular is getting worse, sorry. In all seriousness, I'd be pretty chuffed (there I go again) to get a result like that. I like it, a lot.
  12. Another vac! This must be some sort of record for a non-'alternative materials' GB. Welcome along Mike, and with such a pretty girl too, one that epitomises the grace and beauty of the era.
  13. FOUR better - or worse!

    Send 'im to Coventry
  14. I'm ever so slowly making ever so slow progress on this. Work commitments kept me away for a while as mentioned above, and they were due to do more of the same until after the end of the GB; until I came home with a dose of pneumonia. After 5 days flat on my back, I managed to drag myself from my deathbed today and do stuff. Stripped the Gunze paint, which somehow managed to get a pile of dust/dirt/dinosaur poop (anything is possible around here) stuck in it while it dried and then cleaned things up and TRIED AGAIN. It looks better now. Decals tomorrow, I hope. Then on with the dangly bits and off with the masking. Must remember to so the satin coat BEFORE I spray the anti-glare panel on... Photos when it happens.
  15. FOUR better - or worse!

    but not bloomin' amazin'