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  1. And to stretch Chris' idea a little further, what about the submarine- towed gyrocopters that the Germans used in WW2? Or the Sopwith Pups flown from platforms on battleship turrets (HMS's Barham and Tiger, and probably others) or indeed spotting aircraft on battleship catapaults generally (which then opens the way for hericlopters on frigates, I know...)? There's also aircraft flown from towed lighters in the early experimental days, as well. None of them were technically 'aircraft carriers', but they carried and operated aircraft... (There's also civvy ships with helos on them, but I won't mention those...) I know, 'there's always one, isn't there'. It had to be someone, so let it be me. I'm no longer doing GBs, so I'm not going to grump whatever the outcome; just chucking ideas around and generally being a pain in the fundament.
  2. I've just caught up on the comments left by my roller derby girls on the photo albums that I've posted on Farcebook over the week. It's quite an education... Apart from that, lots of Alistair MacLean. I'm just in a mood for his writing atm.
  3. It might be easier to strip the plating off and repaint with one of the metal effect paints on the market. I'll leave it to others to make recommendations, I've only used a couple of the many brands.
  4. disappear without a trace
  5. I have a nice secure plain language spreadsheet that I keep all my login stuff on. I keep it in my Dropbox account so that I can access it anywhere. It's a good plan, except for that one time where I had a new phone, was away from home, and couldn't for the life of me recall what my Dropbox password was... If someone wants to access my Really Right Stuff or Wimberley accounts and order a pile of things for themselves, they're welcome. There's no money on the credit card, and the details aren't on those websites anyway
  6. Oh, my aching eyes. I've tried WW2 khaki, and failed miserably. This is... above and beyond. Well done.
  7. cached, and cash only (yes, cached. It's not a spelling error)
  8. send them to me
  9. I'll see that, and raise you this'un... "The Missus has gone on a Carribean holiday." "Nice. Jamaica?" "Oh no, it was her own decision."
  10. Could you just email Bovington and ask for a definitive answer?
  11. I'm not from Vancouver (which is a place I quite liked actually, eh, whatevs), I'm not even from Canada (sorry) but hello anyway from the Great Southern Land. There's a few good people here; you'll find though that most of us are mental.
  12. (out of their gourd...)
  13. And don't forget the mandatory tape on the headlights!
  14. an extremely inappropriate place
  15. Rolling scalpels isn't my problem, dropping them is. Anyone got a cure for terminal stupidity?