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  1. or perhaps it's love
  2. As much as I like the subject matter (also Brabazon, Princess etc), I can't help thinking that they would've had a MUCH bigger market potential in 1/144.
  3. lifting the missus' mood (Ooh err Matron)
  4. why not, let's try (I thought that the time flies gag was by one of the Marx brothers.) Edit.Hmm...;_fruit_flies_like_a_banana
  5. When it all gets too hard to see, buy Lego.
  6. So you got it for about $6 Au? Cheap as bro!
  7. Nice Mk 22 (I do rather like Griffon Spitfires). I'm not so keen on the cat.
  8. Noice. That rotary tool bit looks fairly serious.
  9. of May named June (Of the May, I know. Call it artistic license.)
  10. Fnarr fnarr. There, I saved you the effort. (What is the world coming to...) Thanks for sharing that with the masses, it'll save me the effort. Now, if you can warm it up and stick a thermometer in it, we can all find out what temperature the water is. I can't use mine right now, the power went out last night. Ironically, that was well after the cyclone had passed on to other pastures. Still out, no idea when it'll be back. Also. I wonder what this little international buying spree will do to the share price. Should I buy now? @jean I must apologise for not checking the link you shared. When I checked the link I posted before I posted it, it led to the device I wanted. Somewhere in the vagaries of the interwebz, Woolworths rerouted things and tried to sell you something you didn't want. (Surprise surprise!) Your confusion is understandable, and again, my apologies. @Jaffajake Good idea mate. Just... Don't.Get.Caught. It may end badly. @TonyTiger66 Wasn't there a Spitfire being built hereabouts? I'll pull my head in and let you get on with it.
  11. That's the one I meant. Thanks Ced.
  12. and full of whisky
  13. That looks simple enough that even I'll be able to do it! It would be so nice if Paragon's stuff was made available again. Looking good Mick.
  14. , put on the shelf, residing
  15. from a knackered Marina