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  1. I've seen that done before and it does look very nice! I've got a corsair calling to me at the moment, so I might use this tactic with that
  2. If I'm being honest, this was mainly a space saving choice on my part! Really need to put some shelves up...
  3. That is very pretty, always liked the old Saudi scheme!
  4. Be gentle with me it's my first time.... Here for your viewing pleasure is my Airfix Sea Fury!! I've always loved Sea Furies so when Airfix brought this kit out, I had to have it. It's kind of languished for a little while, while life got in the way! My Sea Fury is finished OOB with the addition of the Barracuda cowling correction. Painted with a mix of Humbrol for the sky, and Vallejo for pretty much everything else!! 20200530_204105 by Chris Bryant, on Flickr 20200530_204027 by Chris Bryant, on Flickr 20200530_204007 by Chris Bryant, on Flickr Any and all feedback appreciated!!
  5. A lovely corsair! There's been a fair few on here recently, made me rush out and add a tamiya one to my stash!
  6. Ah brilliant! Glad I'm not the only one! I've bought some vallejo thinner, so I'll give that a go. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi guys! I've recently joined the airbrush club! But I do have an awful lot of hataka blue line and vallejo model color paints, and I figure rather than replacing them I'd use them! Just wondering if anyone has experience using these paints in an airbrush and how they thinned them for use? Thanks guys!
  8. I used hataka blue line silver for my meteor, came out beautifully! They sell it as a match for High Speed Silver
  9. I'm not sure I'm talented to enough to join! But I shall enjoy your finished articles!
  10. Looks good! I'm thinking about getting myself a tamiya corsair, so will be following this thread!
  11. Definitely worth a look in. Aside from the aforementioned nose cone issue, it's a lovely kit, just needs a little bit of work here and there!
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