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  1. I want to thank you for all the information get from you here! About tankers, ship equipment, 3 D design (Fusion 360) all things that interest me a lot. Regards Andreas
  2. Hello, shapeways is offering bulk-printing, maybe they give you a considerable quote. One advantage of shapeways is, that you don´t need a cage, only a sprue where the items are connected! Use Versatile Plastic which is available in different colours. https://business.shapeways.com/partnership?exp_variant=BulkPricingBanner#get-in-touch Regards Andreas
  3. Hello, to scale down the shapeways items is not possible - it has to be redesigned for the smaller scale. Regards Andreas
  4. Hello, I am using Shapeways ti print my designs. The quality is very good as i am printing parts for ship models mostly 1:400 scale. These parts are so small that I can´t scratchbuild them. The main disadvantage is the time it takes for the parts to be printed and shipped. That means I need a relatively long time to gain experience. The price is of course not exactly low either. However, with a suitable design, the parts can be packed tightly together. Another advantage is that the parts printed by Shapeways only have to be held at one point on the sprue, similar to the Stiren
  5. Hello John, a really impressive work for me, i can't finish 3 small parts that look the same! That is the reason why I use 3D printing for such parts with shapeways.
  6. I have designed these 2 useful parts with tinkercad and they are available by download. You can adapt them to your needs with tinkercad Designed for 1/400 or 1/350 scale and yet printed by shapeways. Air Vent https://www.tinkercad.com/things/gvcJ7Sp3ruL-airvent350 Anchor Winch https://www.tinkercad.com/things/6eJ7Cak5Lfq-winde
  7. Hello Jürgen, it is really very impressive build, fascinating details! The vintage truck of the year 2017!
  8. Hello,


    there is a new genre 3D Print/Design, where I copied Your content. All members which are interested in 3D would like to share Your experiences! 

    Congratulations for the most liked content!:clap2:

  9. Just made another small contribution to my favorite modelling page!
  10. Hi Schwarzbrot, A very good idea! Through the link, the others become aware of the new topic and then post themselves. I think 3D Print will revolutionary the Modelling. I am only familiar with the marine topics, but could search there! But my english is not very good. Thanks for your contribution, Britmodeller is really the best forum
  11. here you find a very interesting topic: from Iceman 29
  12. You can also get 3D designs at the tinkercad catalog and download the model for further use. Here a link to one example: www.tinkercad.com/things/lUspDxMRQJq-boat Regards Andreas
  13. That is really a good idea! I started 3D printing with shapeways and the development of the designed parts is very expensive. I needed for my first good part 3 attempts! (orders)! I designed it with tinkercad. Learning by doing without a own printer is also very slow (waiting for the print and shipment) exhaust for MAN F90 truck for italeri 1/24 kit. shapeways render. I have searched for years for this part in the internet! But the real advantage is the possibility to print many small parts that you can never get scratchbuild right away!
  14. Hello Guy, I made a flag in 1/350 with a download of an image of a decal that was printed on cigarette paper with a laser printer. then cut it out and glue the 2 sides together with white glue the rope in the middle. As long as the glue has not dried, you can shape the flag. Regards Andreas
  15. You are right! There are only a few interesting subjects from the main manufacturers like the MN Oiler "La Seine" which is very good model in 1/400 scale and the Hasegawa Soya and Hikawa Maru in 1/350. There is also a tanker from Revell and a cargo ship, but they were made 60 years ago, and are more toys then models. Regards Andreas
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