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  1. Thank you very much Pascal! The Shell Welder is really a big challenge, I rescued this kit from the "shelf of doom" Got the PE Set from Atlantic Models, and working on the details in 3D. I may let print your 2 propellers for the Nomadic in brass by shapeways if you want. I get pretty good prices from them. My address: Andreas Rucdeschel Quaglio Str,16 81543 Munich Germany. I am always impressed by your 3D details! Regards Andreas
  2. Hello Pascal, I have this problem, and since I get along very well with Tinkercad, I cannot make this first important stage. I would like to use your propeller from the T2 Tanker for my Shell Welder and print it with Shapeways. The propeller is one of those parts that Tinkercad can't do well!
  3. Very nice, specially the decent weathering! Only the towing cable looks a little bit overscale.
  4. Hello John, I ve been following your fantastic build. I am very impressed by the little scratch-build details, which have succeeded so cleanly! Thanks for sharing. Regards Andreas
  5. Hello Pascal! i am very impressed by your Fusion 360 skills! I am still working with Tinkercad, it works well for 1:400/350 scale, but it is time to dive in to Fusion 360! Thanks for sharing! Regards Andreas
  6. These neatly constructed microscopic details always astonish me! Really admirable work Stay Safe Andreas
  7. You can use painted decals instead masking cockpits and for adding small details. There is a simple method avoiding all the trouble with masking cockpits! As I found a lot of problems masking cockpits i tried another approach: All you need is a transparent decal sheet, the "magic" Klear/Future. You paint or airbrush a small sheet of transparent decal - best with acrylic colors. Be careful if you use a paintbrush and enamel colors - it may dissolve the surface of the decal! The Layer of paint should not be too thick - else the decal gets to stiff. A
  8. WOW! the painting is just exceptional , my eyes and my hands are not enough for such microscopic brush strokes!
  9. Hello Iceman, do you have a color printer? If, search in the web for the right flag ( best wavy design ).Then print it (mirrored from both sides) on a cigarette paper. When you glue both sides together you can form it as desired. Regards Andreas
  10. I want to thank you for all the information get from you here! About tankers, ship equipment, 3 D design (Fusion 360) all things that interest me a lot. Regards Andreas
  11. Hello, shapeways is offering bulk-printing, maybe they give you a considerable quote. One advantage of shapeways is, that you don´t need a cage, only a sprue where the items are connected! Use Versatile Plastic which is available in different colours. https://business.shapeways.com/partnership?exp_variant=BulkPricingBanner#get-in-touch Regards Andreas
  12. Hello, to scale down the shapeways items is not possible - it has to be redesigned for the smaller scale. Regards Andreas
  13. Hello, I am using Shapeways ti print my designs. The quality is very good as i am printing parts for ship models mostly 1:400 scale. These parts are so small that I can´t scratchbuild them. The main disadvantage is the time it takes for the parts to be printed and shipped. That means I need a relatively long time to gain experience. The price is of course not exactly low either. However, with a suitable design, the parts can be packed tightly together. Another advantage is that the parts printed by Shapeways only have to be held at one point on the sprue, similar to the Stiren
  14. Hello John, a really impressive work for me, i can't finish 3 small parts that look the same! That is the reason why I use 3D printing for such parts with shapeways.
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