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  1. Hello Nick! The most realistic water and wake effect I've ever seen, really impressing. A superb build. Regards Andreas
  2. Hello Guy! Wow! I've only seen your marvelous ship models so far Another impressive build! Lovely details! Regards Andreas
  3. Hi Guy, but in 1/700 you have to consider that the Perspex maybe too thick, compared with the model. I did cancel this thought as the models I would add this feature are wrong under the waterline! Regards Andreas
  4. Hello Guy, I had the same idea! You have to consider if there is even a small discrepancy between the plans and your Tamiya model you will face a lot of problems fixing the perspex. My solution is to cut off the hull at the waterline and then glue the two pieces at the perspex. If the perspex is not very thick ca. 4mm it would be practically invisible. The lower part (below the water line) could also be sanded down. To mark the position just drill small holes at the bow and aft. If you are not satisfied you still have the waterline model.
  5. Hello, I did mix clear paint 60% and red and yellow 40% It is my absolute favorite rally car!
  6. I did not refer to the real FIAT TC engine, but to the motor as designed in the model - it looks really worse!
  7. I just tested the donation button, it works and a small donation was made (due to the corona Shutdown my income is very small now) But I really enjoy the membership here! Regards Andreas
  8. Hello Guy what a spectacular build! The Seafox on the catapult is a little gem. You motivated me to continue with my ships on the bench. Thanks!" I have been eagerly awaiting your construction at KM Scharnhorst, one of my favorites. The 1/350 scale ships from Dragon have waterline, some Trumpeter not - I think that it would not be a great problem for you to cut off the hull. But in this scale there are many models with several flaws. I would suggest to try HMS Dreadnought from Trumpeter - there are a lot of PE and wood decks available. Regards Andreas
  9. Hello Guy, the Seafox looks perfect. The other rigging would be nearly invisible. The lens of the camera surpasses human eyes! If details are only visible in macro, in reality, however, they are real 1/700 models, otherwise Photoshop could be used . You are very close to this border area! Thanks Andreas
  10. Hello Guy, i think it is perfect, else the rigging would be nearly invisible. The the camera lens surpasses our eyes! That is the real challenge in 1/700 scale. Regards Andreas
  11. Hi, it depends very much of the type of camo applied, the more camouflage on the superstructure, the more difficult the painting and the details become less visible. Regards Andreas
  12. Hello Guy, I don't prefer camo because it somehow hides the details and lines of the ship. Regards Andreas
  13. Hello Guy! This is an absolute masterpiece! With the speed at which it was built, your day must have 36 hours! It is difficult to see in the photos how tiny all these exactly built parts really are. I think 1/700 ship models are the biggest challenge in model building. Regards Andreas
  14. Hello Terry, I have build only one Iron Shipwright 1/350 scale ship the German destroyer type 1934a. This is the only kit in this scale available. 1.) the hull was warped 2. ) all weapons where out of scale and incorrect. 3.) the resin had a lot of bubbles. The problem is that all these kits where designed decades ago, today's models are much better both in terms of details and accuracy and cheaper! You can reed some reviews at http://www.modelwarships.com/reviews.html If you build one, you will have to scratch-build a lot of parts. Regards Andreas
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