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  1. for actual musical talent
  2. the **NEW** pop **SENSATION!**
  3. That... is amazing. The lengths that people will go to to effect a scam is... wow. On the upside, it's easy to upgrade the storage capacity.
  4. Re filters - back in the day, they'd filter petrol through a chamois leather to get rid of the greeblies. IPA is more dense than petrol, but I'd image that it'd work at least as well. I could be wrong.
  5. That's a paint issue, not an airbrush issue. Something is causing the paint to be repelled from the surface. I'm not familiar with Vallejo, but given that it's a (very) water based acrylic, I'd say that almost anything could affect its ability to stick. Try a test on a bit of scrap and see if it still does it. Another thought - you may have applied it a bit too heavily. From my limited use of the MIG Ammo paints (essentially the same thing), you really need to apply very light coats to avoid runs and puddling. Very light coats, and several of them.
  6. anything about extreme plumbing (It's a new sport. Honest!)
  7. Very nice. A suggestion for the chap jumping from the tray (he's late, BTW, all his mates are already in action. Was he having a snooze? ) would be to drill through his hand and the tray side, and insert a brass pin (and if needed, another through the left knee - careful positioning and paintwork would hide that one). It's just a flesh wound! No-one in their right mind is going to leap from a vehicle onto a box or stack of whatever - one of the biggest inbuilt fears that we have is falling, and human beings are very good at instinctive self-preservation - making sure of our footing is one thing that we do without thought, even in stressful situations. I'd even go so far as to say that he's in danger of twisting or breaking an ankle on that gutter edge... And a nit, if I may. Your boys need safety glasses or goggles. Standard equipment for most modern militaries, and an absolute must have for small forces operating remotely, the last thing they need is a debilitating eye injury that could've been prevented so easily.
  8. That photo that you're using as a reference is wildly inaccurate. It reminds me of some images printed in cheap books in the 80s, those ones that were aimed at 'enthusiasts', but weren't well produced. Look at the bright, glowing greens in the fields and the almost fluorescent red of the roundel. Don't believe everything that you see online, and be very, very suspicious of any colour image reproduced anywhere, print or digital, unless you are absolutely certain of how it's been reproduced at every stage of its life (which you cannot be, unless you took the photo and have a working knowledge of colour management.) As for the colour of your chosen paint, I've never seen any serious criticism of Xtracrylix PRU Blue. For the record, and I quote from someone who has a better idea of the truth than me, PRU Blue is a deep toned blue-grey with a subtle greenish cast.
  9. like Vegemite should be (yeah, yeah, you guys will be rude about this, I know...)
  10. for off-season TV programming
  11. The problem is that there's no such thing as "plain storage". Anything digital that you want to keep NEEDS to be part of a backup strategy, or else you may as well not bother at all. Digital devices fail in ways that books, film, records and even magnetic tape can not. One copy of those old technologies is, with a little care, usually sufficient for most purposes (more is good, obviously, but who ever does that?) Digital needs to be cosseted, or else you'll lose it. Do your due diligence and research HDD reliability rates, Hitachi used to be well thought of, but nothing stands still. There's a lot of resources online about all that sort of thing. If you can, buy your drives from different retailers, so that you minimise the risk of buying a couple from a batch with production issues (rare, but it can happen - there's Monday mornings and Friday afternoons all over the world.) And then, have fun waiting for everything to copy over...
  12. Allow me to be the first to say "Well done Mrs P!", and to send my best wishes to you both. Mads looks a bonny lass, may she bring you both great joy. (re "Mads". I'm an Aussie, abbreviations are what we do. )
  13. in barker's nests, steaming
  14. SSDs are not recommended as long term/critical storage, they're much too prone to damage by random radiation and failure without warning. Magnetic drives are still the best option that we have for long term data storage. 3 copies, one off-site, cycled through regular backups as data changes, with full backups of all 3 whenever major changes happen. (That's how (in theory...) I manage my photography, for what reason I know not.) Failing that, a paid cloud storage set up with a company that you trust to protect your data from loss and that won't sell your details to random (good luck with that...). Whichever option you choose, there will always be a need for some manual intervention by you, from the initial backup, to intermediate refreshes to migrating data to new devices when the time comes. Let's not even talk about file formats... I Installed Samsung SSDs (a 1.5tb and 2tb) into my laptop, for the low power consumption and their inherent impact resistance. They're excellent, but I won't rely on them for long term storage. As for fake memory cards (and SSDs are just memory cards writ large) this may be an interesting read. While a bit old, I do not imagine that the situation has changed for the better. https://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?page_id=1022 Read the article and also have a browse through the comments.
  15. and all completely imaginary
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