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  1. named Kraken, which doesn't
  2. unless you've paid extra (I spent many unhappy hours repairing the dratted things in the 90s. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...)
  3. made by GMH in (the Camira was GMH's version of the GM J-car, their mid-size global platform of the 80s. Yes, a joke that has to be explained isn't a joke, but someone, somewhere, will get it. Possibly.)
  4. sold at Christmas time (is it too early to say "Bah, Humbug"?)
  5. You may already know this, but there's quite a number of photos of this postwar A7V development online, as well as a lot of chat/speculation in various forums. Also, from what I read, the hull form isn't the same as the A7V, which may be one of the reasons that you're having problems with getting it to look right - it won't look like an A7V because it doesn't quite look like an A7V! Ignore me if you already know this.
  6. Umm... try 1963, which gives it an excuse for being not exactly up to spec.
  7. While not exactly answering what you're asking, try Tamiya's 1/12 motorbikes. Use the Tamiya sprays for the big and glossy areas, build from the box. Lovely kits, large scale yet small models, interesting selection and the older kits are not all that expensive. And they're something that ordinary people feel comfortable with.
  8. Taste... it's a funny thing, isn't it? While the colour isn't my favourite, I don't object to it, but I do rather intensely dislike those wheels. Top job, that man!
  9. into the harbour waters (you lot are weird, but have good taste in books etc)
  10. Greta Garbo's Home for
  11. , soon be right behind
  12. smuggler to the daddy (what else was going to be said, eh?)
  13. the boy couldn't carry (what song?)
  14. Airfix did one a decade ago. I don't believe that it sold particularly well...
  15. Under the skin, trucks are generally fairly boring - engine and gearbox are usually the same (boring) colour, as they're assembled and then sprayed (including all the accesories such as injector pumps), diffs are black, air and fluid lines are sprayed at the same time as the chassis, and chassis rails are generally red or black or (rarely) in a customer specified fleet colour. Sometimes, literally everything's the same colour from the factory. Have a look at some generic factory spec truck photos to get the flavour. Things like air compressors and alternators, and exhaust manifolds will be different, but generally only black, bare metal or cast metal. Show trucks are different of course, but even a customised highway truck is usually drab underneath.
  16. who's usually below average
  17. as a chocolate saucepan
  18. From what I recall reading in various books and articles over the years (probably plagiarised from the same source, and no promise as to its accuracy) the tyres were painted white to protect them from UV, especially in the desert, as replacement wasn't always an easy option due to the low availability of rubber to the Germans. Edit: in fact, on closer examination, the caption for the lower photo states exactly that.
  19. <cough> starter's. I'll get me coat....
  20. of the emergency parachute
  21. until the airbrush clogs
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