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  1. I've never had a quality issue with them, in fact I am surprised to see so much negativity concerning their standards.
  2. Their mechanical casts are really awesome. I have a few add on kits for existing models from well known sci-fi manufacturers like Bandai and Hasegawa. I purchase all over to get what I want, I have no compunctions about buying from someone who is essentially keeping up with demand. I wish I could draw a direct comparison to the historical modelling genre, but I will have to use re-pops of auto parts and aftermarket accessories as an example.
  3. Macross: help & advice appreciated

    I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread, being the biggest MACROSS fan I know. I have made every effort to collect every kit available in 1/72, from the mostly unknown garage kits out of Japan to the more accessible VF-1 kits of fighter, gerwalk, and battroid from Hasegawa. I have managed to collect the WAVE destroids kits, which are pretty, and the old WAVE vinyl kits which require some hobby experience. I have even gone as far as to collect the Yamato 1/72 VF-19 in diecast as there was no kit of it available (until very recently) in battroid mode (robot). My goal was to have at least one fighter and one battroid of identical markings in each type. The Bandai kits you speak of can be had for very little if you stumble upon them at the right time, but they seem to now be going for collector prices. You can find some decent pricing on eBay if you dare, B.I.N. prices seem to be reasonable for the Hasegawa kits of common molds. I actually own a rare resin YF-21 battroid kit that I would be willing to part with if you are interested, just PM me.
  4. Wow, tucked away in the turtle shell I call "parenting", I missed this one completely. I wonder is there a marking option for the mars that has old WW2 style stars'n'bars without the red bars?
  5. Hey fellas, I'm sure there are a few of you who would benefit from this news, and it may not be news to some. I have come across a site that has rare kits hat are reproduced from wonderfest etc where quantities are extremely limited and finding them can be impossible. I have ordered from this site before, and I assure you the casting is of top quality. The rare VF-19 battroid from the Macross+ anime had a few variations across the gross series. One was the racing type that I found here in 1/72! http://www.e2046.com/p/22702/ I preordered a couple, and I thought I would share my discovery with anyone here who happens to be as crazy about these models as I am.
  6. Nice one, this kit from Hase' was always one I'd stare at on the store shelf as a kid, along with the Fujimi '53 and Seakings. It's great to finally be able to fulfill my childhood wants by combing through eBay for deals, but then they sit in a box in the basement as my childhood time as been gone quite a while! Thanks for posting, and allowing me to see the finished product I'll never get to...
  7. I think the latest and greatest is September... which puts me at a year since I pre-ordered. I guess these things happen sometimes.
  8. Thanks! Any chance you could forward me that email if I send you a PM with my email addy?
  9. Seems it's been awhile since this thread has been visited, so I will revive the topic by asking: Has anyone heard any release news yet?
  10. So, did any of you guys get your modelcollect B-2 Spirit yet??? I think the last time I went looking and asking they told me June! 


    I hope you are all well.


    Cheers from the new castle.

  11. News: Model collect replied to a message I sent through normal email and informed me that the B-2 would be released sometime in June.
  12. Any news on this product being released? I facebooked them and no reply.
  13. 1/72 Airfix Pucara

    That explains so much. Nice work so far!
  14. I am seeing this listed for preorder with a release date of April in most places. Has anyone any different information?