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  1. I'm quite envious. Was the vacuum pump pricey? I have converted a tank from a painting sprayer into a pressure pot for my little one-offs.
  2. Consider them enjoyed! I know the Italeri kits are of prototypes but I still wish to add them to my collection. They seem pretty decent with your completed models!
  3. Thanks for sharing, some really nicely done models there. 🐵
  4. Rest assured Tony, they are well justified with either the work or the banter.
  5. Nice one, gotta love Goose Squadron. Did you happen to find out who piloted this aircraft? I've been interested in Goose since meeting the late Bob Gall's wife in 2010. Hello and cheers from chilly St Thomas.
  6. Again, you'll notice a feth-load of likes rolling in. That last shot really seals the deal. I hope your dinner companions like 1/72 scale?
  7. Excellent! I wish you could see how big my smile is.
  8. Well, I like them. The desert scheme being a favourite.
  9. You're very welcome Jan, Regarding free slots and Pavla. Is it within reasonable possibility to acquire F7F Tigercat moulds from said company to start your own line? We had touched upon it before and I am curious after reading about your ownership of Ex-Pavla subjects. The Kingfisher has me pretty excited. Cheers to all!
  10. Hi Jan, All great things to read about. It seems you are going to be and have been very busy! It's great that you still take the time to answer our questions and let us shoot ideas at you. Of course you can't please everyone all the time but economics must prevail and I believe you are in the best position to understand what is viable in the market. Even though you might read that some are let down by not having a kit released there is still many of us who are silently excited and happy to see news.
  11. Great job and I have bookmarked this for future reference. i would like to do that scheme as well.
  12. It looks really incredible! You did a great job weathering it, don't be too hard on yourself... the important thing is that you have it finished!
  13. Looks great Tony, thanks for the explanation! 😁
  14. I don't know much about this brand but I assume they are doing just fine with the new releases. I look forward to reading more about the Apache.