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  1. News: Model collect replied to a message I sent through normal email and informed me that the B-2 would be released sometime in June.
  2. Any news on this product being released? I facebooked them and no reply.
  3. That explains so much. Nice work so far!
  4. I am seeing this listed for preorder with a release date of April in most places. Has anyone any different information?
  5. Very nice Foxbat, I would love to do one in this scheme with the antiradar missiles. For now I have ICM's "PD" and will complete that oob. If another manufacturer comes out with a few different versions in 1/72 then I will have to add this camo to my collection.
  6. Shoot! If I would have known about this scheme i would have held onto my hobbycraft version! Very nice work, it is surprisingly gorgeous in this camo!
  7. I mean online, I barely see the real one...
  8. I have one preordered from HLJ with a "March" release date if that helps?
  9. It is a great looking model. Some setting solution might help if you hadn't already tried that a few times? It sometimes takes me more than a few applications.
  10. I wish there was a "Love" button Stew! Really tight work there!
  11. Those decals for the phoenix missiles are a great idea Tony, and the pilots look just great. I know you (by now) tend to push the envelope a bit with production vs details, but I think you are managing to do both very well.
  12. I'm quite envious. Was the vacuum pump pricey? I have converted a tank from a painting sprayer into a pressure pot for my little one-offs.
  13. Consider them enjoyed! I know the Italeri kits are of prototypes but I still wish to add them to my collection. They seem pretty decent with your completed models!
  14. Thanks for sharing, some really nicely done models there. 🐵
  15. Rest assured Tony, they are well justified with either the work or the banter.