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  1. Thanks a lot Werdna, I hadn't seen that thread in my search. I actually ended getting an electronic copy of SAM Aug 2017 edition which covers my time period. So from Paul Lucas' article in SAM, nothing is for sure but it appears that Spits delivered during Operation Salient were of a Dark Mediterranean Blue on top and a sky blue underside. So it sort of verifies my assumption that TSS over sprayed with DMB would give a uniform darker blue feel to the a/c. But I was off thinking it would have been done in Malta rather than Gibraltar. But the end result is the same. So the stars app
  2. Hi, all. I am building Beurling’s Mk Vc from Hobby Master. From what I could gather, both him and BR323 landed in Malta on June 9th, 1942 as part of Operation Salient. The kit’s instructions call for Desert Scheme over sprayed with Azure, which I am sure will give a lovely look, but it appears to contradict the deliveries chronology. My understanding is that after Operation Calendar: 1. Spits were to be delivered in Temperate Sea Scheme 2. 249 Sqn tended to repaint their Spits in a dark blue-grey shade (Malta Blue?) well into the Summer of 1942 according to testimonies.
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