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  1. Awesome paint job at that scale! I know it’s a bit late but just in the interest of historical accuracy, you seemed to have hit the exception. The 12th Panzer started tank numbering at 5 instead of the usual 1, ie what was normally 241, 242, 243,… was instead 245, 246, 247… with the Hitlerjugend. I just caught that on time myself as I was trying to figure out an alternate number for my Zvezda Panzer IV.H kit using the 5-3-6 numbers provided. 536 and 635 are well photographed tanks but I like to built versions that have not attained star status. So I was initially aiming for 953, reversing the 6, but the number of tanks (17)in the company wasn’t adding up to that serial number (assuming 5 tanks per platoon) until I stumbled on a blog that mentioned the tank number twist in the 12th. So by now going to 935, it adds up! Cheers
  2. I am working on a series of Beurling’s Malta spits and searched quite a bit about colour schemes... I tend to side with Paul Lucas on most stuff. There are two pictures of BR128, a Bowery delivery, floating around—one is actually BR12x but the same scene from another angle shows the full serial–and on these the plane was visibly roughly overpainted. Overspray marks show on the roundel for both light and dark colours. And when one looks at other planes in the background, BR128 definitely appears to have been sprayed in a much darker colour than the surrounding spits dark shade. I think this points towards Dana Bell’s suggestion that a dark blue colour was tested while the lighter colour oils have been the non-specular blue. Presumably both these would have been available as aircraft grade paint. These pics would definitely line up with that theory.
  3. Thanks a lot Werdna, I hadn't seen that thread in my search. I actually ended getting an electronic copy of SAM Aug 2017 edition which covers my time period. So from Paul Lucas' article in SAM, nothing is for sure but it appears that Spits delivered during Operation Salient were of a Dark Mediterranean Blue on top and a sky blue underside. So it sort of verifies my assumption that TSS over sprayed with DMB would give a uniform darker blue feel to the a/c. But I was off thinking it would have been done in Malta rather than Gibraltar. But the end result is the same. So the stars appear fairly lined up now. Cheers
  4. Hi, all. I am building Beurling’s Mk Vc from Hobby Master. From what I could gather, both him and BR323 landed in Malta on June 9th, 1942 as part of Operation Salient. The kit’s instructions call for Desert Scheme over sprayed with Azure, which I am sure will give a lovely look, but it appears to contradict the deliveries chronology. My understanding is that after Operation Calendar: 1. Spits were to be delivered in Temperate Sea Scheme 2. 249 Sqn tended to repaint their Spits in a dark blue-grey shade (Malta Blue?) well into the Summer of 1942 according to testimonies. 3. Nothing is for sure when it comes to 1942 Malta. Now, the only known color picture at the time, BR112 of 249 Sqn, can be deceptive as the X appears yellow while former 249 Sqn crew in Malta said code were not yellow but light greyish white. This plane was initially in Desert Scheme according to the delivery date. So, it would have been repainted/over sprayed à la 249S fashion. That said, I have never came across any indication whether or not Spits delivered in TSS were also given a coat of “Malta Blue” by 249 Sqn? Would it be safe to assume so? And I would think that Malta Blue sprayed over TSS appeared darker than sprayed over blue-grey Desert Scheme thus the different tonality of Spits line ups on B&W photos? I have also read somewhere that the camo’s “green areas” were painted over in blue/grey. Would this be referring to Dark Slate Grey in TSS which can look greenish next to EDSG? So this would create a Blue-grey and \Malta blue disruptive camouflage? Thanks Eric
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