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  1. Whoa that’s a young Garth from Wayne’s world!
  2. Forgive me! rapid is the place to look. they have several hundred options. you may only find latching push button switches that suit stomp box sized openings, like guitar pedals. regular toggles would probably be an easier option, or a tactile type. if there is room for a circuit you could make something simple but it depends on the actual application? you can do a bunch of stuff with 555 timers. a bit more info on the exact usage may assist.
  3. https://www.rapidonline.com/sci-r13-81-red-micro-push-button-switch-78-0090
  4. My kid didn’t care what the aircraft were that she was looking at! She wanted to play in the tunnel! (Of the tornado at Hendon) and on the swings outside......she was impressed by all of the things much as I was at her age........the buccaneer cockpit, that was really cool! I know it isn’t in the list but, it was my first buccaneer! without these “things” to see regardless of importance, the whole tower falls. I learn new things, impossible if you streamline too much! hendon is on my doorstep near enough about an hour away on a good day, it’s the museum of choice for me to pass my love of aviation down the line! (hopefully! She seems keen on air-peees and that is the spark we need for the future of all museums. it takes one a/c type to secure the passion, and that type just may be on the list? im gutted to hear they may be offing the trainer? 190. on my last photo Recce (before baby was mobile!) I moved past the 190 with a hope to getting back to it someday. I was not aware at the time just how significant it was! a unique airframe. there is plenty of space on the ceiling! hang em up like we did/do! Failing that..... Welcome to the BMAPS (britmodeller aviation protection society) grab your pitchforks people! surely lottery funding/grants could cover these establishments? My 2p well spent.
  5. @bootneck could it be release agent? ————————————- Long shot but Try targeted? washing with a brush dipped in thinner or ipa prior to paint. Though you most likely have! Failing that cyano but it’s a pain to treat/sand. i usually find cyano harder than the surrounding area but I’ve read about timing it just right.....so it hasn’t fully hardened. i never get it right. —————- Im not sure what ak solvent is? but, the brand I use is cellulose base. Zero/hiro (rapid evaporation) in any case, leave a drop or two on your pallette for a few (undisclosed time frame!) basically keep an eye on it until it congeals a bit..... (it will thicken up as the solvent evaporates, time depends on humidity/temp) then you’ve a more pasty product. its messy but efficient. i keep a near empty jar that has had the lid off for a while for just this purpose! Hope that lends itself to a happy new year!
  6. I use micro filler (airbrush ready) with a cocktail stick, if I’m targeting one area. Yes it will fill panel lines but it scrapes out easy enough. Again use the good end of said cocktail stick before it dries properly! (based on cellulose base paint) if it’s just a few holes I’d not even bother to dirt the airbrush.
  7. The airfix tail number is for the earlier machine. I noted it as an A-5 model. i wish I could say I remember where I found that out! As usual the web hunt went far and wide. 170346 is what I noted for the A-8 (I had to check the wip I did for the build) I don’t know much about fw190 myself but there are plenty of folks here that will point you towards proper sources. to be honest, I know the number is wrong but you really don’t notice it, and besides, that isn’t the worst error in the cabinet! I have an Israeli f-16 that has 008 on one side and 800 on the other!
  8. I built this kit ages ago, I really enjoyed. the werk nummer is wrong i didn't correct the access panel! I didn’t know about the wheels until I read your thread! but it still builds nice! Hey opus, your mottle is great! i tried again on a 262 and was happier but that what you have done looks the part! still haven’t built the typhoon, but I did buy two more typhoons in the standard boxing when they were reduced, the woman was literally placing the discount token back on the display shelf as I walked around the corner, I thought yep, I’ll take em both!
  9. Its taken me all week on and off, to read this thread. all I have to say is...... ......and i bet it has a fan in it.
  10. Thanks for your knowledge! i saw the demonstration model on WnW website and assumed it was a thing! ww1 isn’t my thing but that lanc ticks a few boxes! it seems a shame to simply cancel all of that effort, so I hope somebody sees potential in the kit and then brings it to fruition, I’ve no idea what’s involved at that level but I’m still curious...........
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