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  1. Actually, there's evidence that both Sky Blues were used, or at least colours very much like them. If you check Paul Lucas's The Battle For Britain book, you can see some photographs which show the BS1 Sky Blue (or something very much like it) quite clearly on some aircraft parts, notably a 222 Sqn Spitfire. Isn't No 1 Sky Blue in the Colourcoats lineup? I'm sure I have a tin of it!
  2. The Chipmunk that recently did some aerobatics over a nearby field came back for another go on Friday. It was only there for five minutes before rain put paid to that.
  3. Please, cut to the chase. What is it exactly you want from me? Actually, I don't care. It's old and it's boring. Moving on.
  4. And I bet if you had people getting at you constantly over something that matters to you, you'd lose your "sense of humour" too.
  5. Yet another omnivore who thinks that vegetarians have to justify their beliefs. News flash: we don't. People draw their own lines regarding where they stand on various issues. Although I've been a vegetarian since 1986, veganism is a step too far for me. I won't ridicule them, make them justify themselves or try to trip them up though. What would be gained from that? It's pointless and none of my damn business. Not once have I castigated someone for eating meat (and I never would), yet I've lost count of the amount of times that, once they've found out that I don't eat meat, it's been a problem for someone, and I've had to endure another evening of "hilarious" jokes (just so you know, I've heard them all before) and interrogation. It gets old, I can tell you. In case you wondered why I may appear to be a bit tetchy on the subject, it's because it's constant, and it's extremely irritating. I had to go through exactly the same thing on a different forum yesterday, although on that forum there were a lot of non-veggies that thought it was out of order too. You don't have to agree with me, but you don't have to be unpleasant about it either.
  6. Trivial for you maybe, but for some people, especially those who don't want to be involved with or support industries involved with animal slaughter, it's far from trivial. But yeah, people who care about different things from you are fools.
  7. Oh great, here we go again. Nothing makes a veggie's day quite like yet another omnivore having a dig.
  8. This year has been utterly brutal.
  9. Just realised- I've bought just the one kit this year; an Avis 1.72 DH60 floatplane!
  10. I'm pretty sure a Mustang flew over earlier. It was quite low and going like the clappers! By the time I got to the window, it was just a distant, tail-on view. It was heading east, towards Cambridge.
  11. Or any Farley Fruitbat, come to think of it!
  12. If there's a damper squib, I've yet to see it.
  13. All the mid-period Cocteau Twins EPs: Tiny Dynamine; Echoes In A Shallow Bay; Love's Easy Tears and Iceblink Luck. I couldn't begin to explain how much that band means to me.
  14. With those ultra thin decals, I wonder if it's worth going over them with a coat of Microscale Liquid Decal Film.
  15. I'd go with Colourcoats. I don't recall seeing a Humbrol colour that looks close to RAAF Sky Blue, certainly not No. 23. RAAF/MAP Sky Blue is very pale.