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  1. What have you purchased 9

    After popping into the local Aldi and finding it bereft of Airfix starter sets (I'd hoped to get a JP and it looked like they'd not received any kits whatsoever) I got home to find that I'd won a copy of the Spitfire Combat Colours monograph for £1.49 plus postage. So, a result I'm happy with.
  2. Airfix 2018

    I can only speak for myself, but over the past few years the prices have increased several times to the point where many of the kits are simply beyond my very meagre budget. I think I have bought a single Airfix kit this year, which was a Swift that I got brand-new for £11 posted in a flash sale. While I am genuinely very pleased for those who will be getting what looks to be an amazing Wellington next year, at thirty one quid, I won't be one of them.
  3. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Really sad to hear of Dick's passing. I'd never have been able to model half the subjects in my collection without his superb decals. Modeldecal is one of very few companies from the golden era whose products have stood the test of time. Blue skies, Mr Ward.
  4. PK-7 Westland Lysander

    The Matchbox Lizzie is one of my favourite kits of all time. It's always good to see another get built. I'm in!
  5. What have you purchased 9

    A Revell 1/72 Hunter F.6 for £9 plus postage off eBay. That's this month's modelling budget spent!
  6. What have you purchased 9

    Just had a look at my stash list- the newly acquired Eduard IX brings my 1/72 Spitfire collection to 147. I'm quite keen to get my sticky paws on it, if just to see what all the fuss is about.
  7. What have you purchased 9

    Looks like I've won an Eduard 1/72 Spitfire IX Profipack on eBay. Less than a tenner (£9.09 actually) including postage. Despite having over 130 Spitfires in the stash, this will be the first Eduard, not including the three ex-Aeroteam Mk 21s.
  8. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Two more Apaches, this time at 250ft and 200ft respectively, jinking and heading west. I wonder how low they'll be tomorrow?
  9. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A P-51D, just now, heading in a Duxfordy kind of direction. Really tanking it, too!
  10. De Havilland registration letters, interwar.

    Ive had a lot of success with using sunlight to bleach yellowed decals. Recently I tried it with an ancient set of KP decals which were awfully yellow and it works very well indeed. Has to be worth a try!
  11. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Big Television fan here! Despite being a player myself, there are very few "lead guitarists" who I can listen to. Verlaine and Lloyd 's solos always have me spellbound, not to mention the interplay between the two guitars. I'd love to be able to play half as well! I went to see the (then) newly-reformed Television at the Forum (the old Town And Country Club in Kentish Town) back in the 90s. Whilst I was waiting at the bar, I half recognised the tall gentleman with long, flowing locks who was standing next to me. It took a moment to twig that it was Robert Plant. Once the penny had dropped, I wasn't surprised, as I knew he was a fan of Verlaine's solo output.
  12. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    An Apache flew over low yesterday, maybe 400ft at most. Regular visitors round our way these days.
  13. Humbrol

    No.183 is FS 16440. If you don't mind a satin finish you can always use No.129 (FS 26440 Light Gull Grey) instead. Cheers, Mark.
  14. De Havilland registration letters, interwar.

    Ah, this year's Gathering Of Moths. I may well have been standing next to you when you took that photo!