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  1. What music are you playing? Pt III

    This beautiful song by Television. I just love the way the guitars intertwine. I've always been a sucker for that. One of very few bands where I look forward to the guitar solo, as I usually find them interminably dull.
  2. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    The Apaches look like they're back. I heard them fly over yesterday and saw one today at around 4pm, heading back to base. Where base actually is, I'm not sure!
  3. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Just bid successfully on an Esci 1/72 RF-4C/E. I'm quite fond of the Esci Phantoms. I think this one id probably my twelfth. Not perfect, but go together pretty well and if you're patient enough, you can get them for a reasonable price. I paid £13, including postage, which has taken care of this month's modelling budget! I should probably stop buying square nose RF-4s and concentrate on trying to locate some more round nose variants, as I only have the one, being a Hasegawa RF-4C that I bought a few years ago for about the same price. Bit of a fluke, that!
  4. Pet hates.

    40 mph, or Standard Wuss Speed as the Mrs and I call it. You can almost guarantee that once they've reached a 30mph zone, they'll carry on at 40. One might imagine that their car is only capable of operating at the one speed.
  5. What music are you playing? Pt III

    R.I.P. Fast Eddie. That's the entire classic Motorhead lineup gone now. I bought this on blue vinyl when it came out in 1979, aged 13. It was always a thrill seeing a band I liked on TOTP. It always seemed somewhat subversive, like somehow it had sneaked under the radar.
  6. Airfix b26?

    Go on, then! What's the tree in question?
  7. RLM 72/73

    Sovereign Colourcoats will have exactly what you need!
  8. What have you purchased / been gifted

    A bottle of Green Jem superglue. 20g for £1.99, posted. Of all the various cyano glues I've tried, the Green Jem (that's how they spell it!) is by far my favourite.
  9. Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    Thanks Neil. I do feel like I have turned something of a corner. Getting a bit of modelling done, silly as it sounds, has brought some much needed joy. I've tried a new technique, for me anyway. I saw Jamie from Sovereign Hobbies' video where he undercoated the whole model black, and then laid down the colours on top, getting a very effective finish in the process. I was a little concerned that a pale grey such as 36622 would be tricky to do over black, but I'm very happy with the first attempt. I'll mask that (and the nosecone on the F-4D) later on this evening if possible, and maybe lay down a few more coats. I just need to stay focussed! Cheers, Mark.
  10. Rustins Fire

    I saw the headlines yesterday morning, but never did find out who the manufacturer was. I had a bad feeling that it may have involved Humbrol though. I'm guessing there will be a certain sense of déjà vu at Humbrol HQ.
  11. Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    I'd like to finish something. Early last year, we decided to put the house on the market, and that involved putting away everything I was working on and tidying up the garden workshop so it was at least half-presentable for any potential viewers. In March, we discovered that my Mum had lung cancer, and that she had "maybe a few months" left. As my wife's parents are also very poorly, we decided to stay put and be there if our parents needed us. It ended up being a very tough year. I did start a few more kits, but found it difficult to concentrate for much of the time, although one kit in particular did inspire me, that kit being the AMK 1/72 Kfir C2/C7, my nomination for kit of the year 2017. Lots to keep me interested, fun to build for the most part and great value for money. I lost my Mum in November and took it much harder than I expected. A much-needed Christmas getaway ended up with both the Mrs and I coming down with full-blown flu, which I am only just recovering from. I did my first bit of modelling in ages yesterday and enjoyed it very much. I'm now in the process of spraying the light grey undersides on the Kfir and will be doing the same to a Fujimi F-4D (which will be done as a 48th FW machine in the 34079/34102/24201/36622 scheme) once I've masked the nose. If I can stay on course and get those properly finished, I'll feel like I have reached a milestone. Otherwise, I have an Airfix Canberra PR.9 which has been primed, although I can just make out a couple of seams. While it's tempting to think "sod it", I'd like to do the kit some justice. I may even splurge on the aftermarket wheels, as I've been having the Devil's own job trying to paint them well enough, there being very poor definition between the tyres and the hubs. There's also a Trumpeter Wyvern which is also at the priming stage, though I think that's probably ok for painting, a Hasegawa RF-4C which is halfway through being primed (the Mr Surfacer coat has been done, I just need to do the black undercoat). This will be a 10th TRW machine in the overall SEA scheme. Getting these three finished as well would be the icing on the cake. In addition to that, there's the Airfix Gnat which I bought in December and is mostly together (I found it went together very quickly and was a lot of fun, despite everything that was going on at the time) and an Academy F-15D which I started ages ago and has fought me every step of the way. I'm struggling to think of a kit that fitted so badly! Wrestling this one into submission would feel like quite an achievement, so it's on my "hopefully" list for this year. I think that Caracal are supposed to be doing some 48th FW F-15 decals this year, including a D model, which so far, had been very elusive, decal-wise. Finally, I'm part-way through an Italeri F-5E, which I shall be doing as a 527th machine, thanks to the kindness of @Vicarage Vee of this parish, who generously sent me the Alconbury option from a Microscale sheet. I'd like to finish that one and share the pics as a way of saying thanks. So yes, getting something finished would go some way to getting that damn monkey off my back! Cheers, Mark.
  12. Airfix b26?

    That box art is a bit good! I have a few of these in the stash, although mostly with the far less inspired decal choices from the late 90s. It's a good kit and builds well. I found that cutting off the locating tabs for the wings made for a far more accurate fit. There's plenty of plastic there for a good butt-joint (no laughing at the back!). Given how much I like the B-26, the Airfix kit and those markings, I foresee sticking my hand in my pocket for one of these.
  13. Sorry, but no. Nineteen quid for a 1/72 Me 262 is insane! If Eduard can do a really good Spitfire or Fw 190 for around a tenner, and Avant Garde a stunning Kfir for eleven quid, one has to wonder why Airfix, a company that mostly relies on impulse/pocket money sales, can't or won't compete. Chucking an extra set of stickers into a series 1 kit and bumping the price by three quid is, at best, a cynical marketing ploy. Want more people to buy your kits? I know, keep whacking the prices up. That'll work! People are quick to point out that Airfix aren't a charity. By the same token, neither am I. I don't have the luxury of being able to splurge on what to me are overpriced kits just because I want the company to survive. As for the likes of Italeri, well, I haven't bought a brand-new Italeri kit in over a decade. I bought just two Airfix kits last year, and both of those were in sales. To be honest, Revell are getting just as bad. Asking twenty quid for the re-popped Hunter is just daft. They'll sell precisely none to me at that price. Oh well, I guess my money will be staying firmly in my wallet this year.
  14. Nineteen quid for a 1'72 Me 262? I despair, I really do.
  15. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Apart from the flu which both the Mrs and I had over Christmas and the new year (and I'm *still* dealing with), after getting outbid on two Fujimi RF-4s (a C and an E) I had to console myself with a Revell RF-4E for £9.90, including postage. I'll have to dig through the spares box to turn it into a C. Probably not as good a kit as the Fujimi, shape wise, but beggars can't be choosers.