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  1. Capital Model Supplies cashed ten quid cheque of mine when they ceased trading, which was quite a lot of money for a fifteen year old. I remember getting a letter from the administrator, but nothing else. That was three week's paper round money! I'm not bitter!
  2. From (relatively) recent history, it would have to be MR & ME World Of Models, which was located in Kempston (shudder). I worked nearby at the time, and would pop in at least once a week to chat with them and buy things. They were always ready for a good chin-wag. I was pretty gutted when it shut down. Ah, the days when I had spare cash! Going further back in time, Gasgoines was a great model shop. Located in Tavistock Street, Bedford, half of it was a hardware shop, with the other half being crammed floor-to-ceiling with kits. Again, I found them to be helpful and willing to chat, even though I was a spotty teenager at the time. I distinctly remember walking away from there with a Revell 1/72 Ginga and being chuffed to bits. I was probably sixteen at the time.
  3. Airfix. Not only do they represent the largest part of my stash, for the most part, they make kits of subjects I'm interested in, whilst getting the price vs accuracy ratio just right, IMHO. Yes, they slip up from time to time, but so do all of the major players. Yeah, I'd be gutted if they folded.
  4. Sadly, I don't have any closeups, and won't have for some time, as all my built kits are carefully boxed up, ready for moving house. My favourites would probably be two of the original Airfix Mk Is in 1/72. I've built or am someway through building thirty eight of them. The ones I like best so far are two that I managed to finish, namely X4036/AZ*D (which was built as a tribute to Bob Doe) and K9964/SH*W. They're both somewhere in amongst this little lot, which is what I had on the go at the time. I'v started more Spitfires since then, but unsurprisingly, haven't finished any! Here's a few more that were added after the top pic was taken, along with a cheeky Hurricane. For some reason, the Dark Earth looks redder than it actually is. These are mostly the newer Airfix Mk I, if I remember correctly. Cheers, Mark.
  5. Whether it was intentionally humorous or not, I laughed all the way through that!
  6. +1 on the Gladiator. Second choice would be the DH82 Tiger Moth.
  7. During a late-night modelling stint, I placed a jewellers' loupe against my right eye. Well, that's what I *thought* I was picking up. Turns out it was the lid from a tub of Lifecolour acrylic white paint, and the unexpected gooey feeling was the paint covering my eyelids.
  8. For some reason, I think that Rugrat and/or AIM may have done the Andover/748. This is just from memory, mind, and not a necessarily reliable one at that!
  9. I *think* that Dujin may have done this one. I'm also pretty certain I bid on one on eBay a few years ago, unsuccessfully, I might add. I agree with you- it's a very attractive aeroplane.
  10. A couple more decal sheets: the Xtradecal sheet for Gladiators (72-183) and the S+M sheet for post-war, piston-engined trainers (72-005). Twenty three quid's worth of decals for £8.50, posted. result!
  11. Just thought of another one, which happens to be a favourite of mine: the Southern Martlet. I'm pretty sure this has never been kitted before in any scale.
  12. I have the Dujin kit of the Desoutter I and the Dekno Miles Falcon, both bought because of my love of all things Shuttleworth. With that in mind, I'd love a kit of the Parnall Elf and Blackburn B2, both elegant aeroplanes.
  13. Five to six kits ago. Hmmm, I think I probably have over a hundred in varying states of incompletion! So easily distracted!
  14. We've sold a lot of stuff on Discogs over the past year. Because we are planing to relocate, we decided that the records we had outgrown (for lack of a better word) should be sold on. What amazed us was what was valuable: mostly 90s indie/alternative and IDM. Thinking about it, this was right at the end of vinyl's popularity. Everyone was buying CDs, so very few were LPs pressed in comparison. Imagine our surprise when we sold a copy of Tom Petty's Greatest Hits for well over a ton! Condition is everything though, and you'll have to be prepared to examine every record closely and use the Discogs grading guide. We ended up putting a fair few hours going through the two hundred or so records we listed, but to be fair, we've made a considerable amount of money out of them, which has contributed nicely to the house buying kitty. I'd grab a slack handful of the records, go through Discogs and get a feeler for what the prices are. You may well find that it's just not worth the effort, as generally speaking, it's hard to find stuff in top condition that the record collectors want. Good luck!
  15. My first Airfix kit was the 1/144 BAC 1-11, which I was given, along with a Revell 1/72 P-51D, when I was around 4 or 5. That would have been 1970/71.