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  1. Next door's greenhouse. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it has gone for a bit of a wander. It's definitely in the blowy side around these parts!
  2. Of all the acrylics that John tested, the Lifecolour Azure Blue was the closest. I reckon at the very least, it's a good place to start from.
  3. I thought the Lifecolour Azure Blue was pretty decent. Cheers, Mark.
  4. The latest tune from Ride.
  5. Another Besnard Lakes LP.
  6. A set of fingerpicks. My fingernails never seem to last long enough to get used to use them for picking guitar, and while I'm quite happy using the pad of my thumb and fingers for playing acoustic guitar, there simply isn't enough attack for playing electric in that style, and the picking pattern on the song I'm working on at the moment is way too complex to do with a plectrum. I'm reasonably good at string skipping, but this pattern is so damn random!
  7. I went to the RSPB reserve at Lakenheath Fen in early January, mainly for a nice walk, but ended up staying to watch the murmuration. Although the main gathering was some distance away, well over the far reaches of the reed beds, everything that joined the gathering flew directly overhead. It started with a few, small flocks of maybe 5-10 birds, but the size of these smaller flocks grew quickly. At some points, the horizon was literally filled with starlings. As they approached, they would part just in front of us, and the rejoin just the other side. The sound of hundreds, maybe thousands of wings beating simultaneously was incredible. There were an estimated 30,000-50,000 in total. An absolute privilege to watch, and quite moving too. Sadly, the numbers of starlings have declined rapidly in the UK over the past few years and are now "red-listed". On the way back, we watched the crows erupt from their staging area and fly on to their roost. There were maybe a couple of thousand in total, but the noise was intense!
  8. I believe that there may be some ties between Gloy and Compucolour. I'm sure that Ian Huntley had something to do with both, at least. I remember being quite excited when Compucolour came about, but I missed what happened when the acrimonious break up occurred. If anyone knows (and it's not too contentious for public consumption), I'd be grateful if you could maybe send me a PM. As to the paints themselves, they seemed to behave similarly. Both had very fine pigments, needed to be stirred, like, forever, and took a while to fully dry. I use Rustins Dryers with them nowadays. I understand that DBI continued production of Compucolour paints after both Compucolour and Compucolour 2 ceased production, and the paints were supplied in bigger, glass bottles instead of the tall, skinny tinlets. My first Gloy paints were bought from Ren Models in Cambridge, when they moved to Mill Road. I'm guessing this would have been around 1980/81. There was a large, circular, wire basket by the entrance that was absolutely full of heavily discounted Gloy Authentics, probably from when they were discontinued. I bought as many as I could afford, as a skint 14/15 year old. Many years went past before I acquired the next batch, which was from an American modeller I used to converse with, and he sent me all his old enamels, which included a good selection of Gloy and Compucolour paints. This was back when sending parcels abroad was fairly cheap. After that, I'd bid on whatever came up on eBay. Some colours remain elusive to this day! It is becoming much harder to get a bargain these days, as I suspect the frustration with Humbrol is driving up the prices of what I suppose one might call vintage enamels. Hmm, that has rather a hipster-esque ring to it! Cheers, Mark.
  9. @fightersweep I have seen the eBay auctions for the orange Gloy paints. I'm not entirely sure thay ever did RNLI orange as a specific colour. My limited references on Gloy only give ST/G/9 for an orange, but as that's one colour I don't have, I'm tempted. Not that I actually need much in the way of orange. Of course, should I ever decide to take up modelling figures of contemporary world leaders, I know where to go! I have a few full trade packs of Gloy paints: Sky, Purple, Metallic Red, LNER Apple Green, Pullman Cream and Pullman Umber spring to mind. I think the largest number of "repeats" I have are for Interior Green ANA 611 (16 off), Olive Drab ANA 613 (14 off), Medium Green ANA 612 (10 off), Sand/Desert Pink ANA 616 (15 off), RLM 73 (10 off), RLM 74 (10 off) and ST/M/56 Cerulean Blue (10 off). Every lot of paints I've bought seems to have a large number of these paints, save for the Cerulean Blue, which were all from that one, huge collection. I'm not sure how many of us collect Gloy, but I wonder whether those of us with "repeats" can help out each other with colours we don't have? Just a thought.... I quite like the Compucolour/DBI paints. I've been occasionally stocking up from a lady who sells them on eBay from time to time. The range she has isn't huge, but she has some useful colours I've not seen elsewhere, such as Deep Sky and PRU Mauve. Good prices, too. I had far fewer Humbrol paints than I imagined, but it has to be said, I haven't bought many of the newer production ones. As many others have pointed out, they are terribly inconsistent, and I'm still at a loss as to why some* manufacturers of enamel paints are struggling to make a decent product these days. If anyone has the technical details, I'd love to know! (* Colourcoats being a notable exception). Cheers, Mark.
  10. This thread got me thinking: I didn't just not know how many paints I had, I wasn't sure which ones I had either. I decided that I needed to know, so over the past week or so, I counted the lot, whilst recording how many of which examples I had. Naturally, with so many discontinued colours and ranges in amongst the stash, I just had to research those ranges. How else would I know which colours I didn't have? Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.... Anyway, I finished the task this very, well, it's morning now! This is what I have: Aeromaster Acrylics: 127 Aeromaster Enamels: 8 Aircraft Colours Acrylics: 3 (this was the short-lived range that came after Aeromaster finished. I believe they were made by Vallejo) Airfix: 52 Alclad II: 5 Citadel: 1 Coat D'Arms: 9 Colourcoats: 112 Compucolour/Compucolour II/DBI: 207 Gloy: 428 Hales/Pactra: 4 (I've had these since I was 14 years old, which means I bought them in 1980) Humbrol Acrylic: 3 Humbrol Authentic: 119 Humbrol Enamel: 311 Lifecolour: 41 (I just had to throw away maybe ten more that had dried up in the pot. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that I've lost around a hundred that went the same way. Not sure I'll be buying any more, despite loving how they spray) Mister Kit: 38 Polly Scale: 19. (These are great paints, but I'm not are they are readily available in the UK anymore) Precision Paints: 48 (some of the railway colours are in re-labelled Airfix tins, as they still have the numbers embossed on the lids!) Railmatch: 1 Revell Acrylics: 4 ( I like their acrylic aluminium for spraying) Revell Enamel: 8 (Do I remember correctly that they used to come in square bottles?) SNJ: 1 (probably unusable now, as I don't think they keep well.) Tamiya: 28 Testors/Modelmaster: 47 Vallejo: 5 Xtracolour: 38 Xtracrylix: 7 If I've done my sums correctly (and I probably haven't) that comes to 1,672 paints in total. There were a few surprises that came out of this. I didn't realise how close I was to having the entire range of Aeromaster paints. It's mainly the modern US colours that I'm missing. I had way more Gloy paints than I imagined. I have almost the whole Authentic Aircraft range, 36 of the 63 Standard colours, plus a handful of the Railway Authentics. Because I bought a few collections over the years, I ended up with a number of multiples. I'm not entirely sure I'll ever need ten tins of RLM 73! I was massively outbid on a few lots of old enamels on eBay this week, but there were only a small number of colours I am missing, so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. It does seem to be a thing now, though, collecting old paints! Cheers, Mark.
  11. I have an unfortunate, allergic reaction to the price of resin kits!
  12. Looking good, Mr P! If it's any consolation, I never fail to get gluey fingerprints on my models, usually due to the dreaded capillary action.
  13. I'm pretty sure that Steve Morris owns an AFV or two. One of my favourite drummers!
  14. I'm definitely interested in the Bellanca. Kits of the Golden Age are most welcome!
  15. Any man with aircraft grey green on his fingers is ok in my book!