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  1. Any advert which features a winsome, acoustic cover version of a classic song, where every last ounce of emotion has been drained from it. It's been done to death, yet it's obviously de rigeur at the ad agencies. Have an original thought, for crying out loud!
  2. New Theme

    I probably ought to mention that the forum is taking up to a minute to load on my iPad, though it's fine on my computer.
  3. Superb photos! Shuttleworth is my favourite aviation museum by some margin. Cheers, Mark.
  4. New Theme

    I think what I'm seeing when using my iPad is that the page doesn't size correctly. It loads too wide, which is why I'm able to slide the page from side to side. Hopefully that makes a little more sense! Cheers, Mark.
  5. New Theme

    Looks very swish! I've noticed a couple of minor things when viewing on my iPad- firstly the forum loads considerably slower and secondly, once it loads, the page doesn't "latch" and floats from left to right when scrolling until I manually locate it (using finger and thumb with a pinching gesture). Loading more posts causes the page to unlatch again. Being a total dunce when it comes to code, I haven't the faintest idea if I'm describing the issues using anything like the correct terminology, but hopefully it makes sense! Cheers, Mark.
  6. Sadly, mine would appear to have been designed by Starfix!
  7. I once did a bit of DIY "surgery" to remove a saliva duct stone. I didn't actually know what it was at the time, but I had a persistent irritation at the upper back of my mouth which had been driving me crazy over the weekend. Once I had got back to work, I used the plethora of powerful lights and magnifying optics to have a good look and discovered something small and dark which seemed to be stuck to the back of my mouth. Using some transferred modelling skills, I fashioned a tool to prod at it, and although it was right on the verge of triggering my gag reflex, I was able to ascertain that the thing at the back of my mouth was hard. I could actually hear it when I tapped it with the tool! I modified the tool a bit more, so the end was more curved and eventually managed to hook behind it and coax it out. There was no pain, but immediate relief from the irritation. I dissected the stone afterwards, although with some difficulty. Those things are rock hard! Anyway, that was the day I learnt that we don't just have saliva ducts under our tongues. Cheers, Mark.
  8. A Spitfire and Hurricane in formation, I suspect from the BBMF..
  9. I'd buy all of that list, and I'm a fussy blighter! Cheers, Mark.
  10. Hurricane P3717 was over my house again, this time doing aerobatics. I have to say, it has probably the sweetest sounding Merlin I've ever heard!
  11. I just noticed that a post on the Revell 1/72 F4U-4 thread is atributed to me, when it definitely wasn't. I guess everything hasn't settled down yet. Cheers, Mark.
  12. They were heading in your direction, so most likely the same ones. They often return along the same route an hour or two later. Cheers, Mark.
  13. Looks amazing! Definitely a contest winner!
  14. A Hurricane earlier on this evening and just now a pair of Apaches. We've been getting lots of Apaches over our way recently.
  15. Bonkers, but you have my utmost respect! Cheers, Mark.