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  1. The Fine Molds kits are sadly a bit out of my reach price-wise, but if it leads to the Hasegawa C/Ds being offloaded on eBay, I won't be too disappointed.
  2. I stumbled across a Zvezda C-130H on eBay for thirty quid, posted and decided it was well worth the punt. Seems like a lot of plastic for the money.
  3. A 0.3mm (Tan) nozzle for my Aztek airbrush. It’s not often they pop up on eBay these days and what with the discontinuation and all, I think it’s prudent to make sure I have enough to keep going.
  4. Has there ever been a cheerier song about child abandonment? I don't think so!
  5. Nothing's changed my mind about the price, unfortunately. Thirty quid is about as far as I go and it's what I paid (last year) for the solitary Hasegawa F-111F in my stash. I guess I'll just have to be patient.
  6. Very much this! I haven't found a better filler for areas that need to be rescribed. The only downside is that it takes a while to cure, but I'd rather be patient than have ragged panel lines. These days I use 3M vinyl tape (the 3mm wide blue one) to use as a guide when scribing. It goes round curves much better, though you do have to be gentle with the scribing tool.
  7. Low is my favourite Bowie album. I think that the decision to work with Eno was inspired. I often wonder what the meeting at RCA board room must have been like when they listened to Low for the first time, what with it opening with an instrumental and the uncommercial nature of the record. Even Sound And Vision, arguably the most accessible song on the album, takes quite some time before any singing starts. Like many people, it was the likes of Hunky Dory, Ziggy and Space Oddity that got me into Bowie, but I clearly remember hearing Warszawa on side three on the Stage li
  8. The new Celestial Bodies EP by Cambridge band Lemondaze. Proper, old-fashioned shoegaze/dreampop with more than a nod to Slowdive. If they had been around in the early 90s, chances are my old band would have shared gigs with them.
  9. My Eduard Royal Class Avias arrived today. Oh dear! Four beautifully moulded kits, etched frets, masks, a book and three decal sheets (one of them mahoosive). Why “ oh dear”? There’s 31 decal options and it’s going to be too hard to choose just four out of those, which means my “ I’ll get that and then I’ll never have to worry about B.534s again” plan has fallen at the first hurdle. I do have one of the old KP kits which I can use the decals on, but I can see me getting a fair few more. And I paid less than sixteen quid for it all in. Gateway drugs, that’s what it is!
  10. I think you’re right. I saw one on a nearby tree on my walk today. They’re quite common in my neck of the woods these days, along with red kites. I never get tired of seeing them.
  11. Went for a lovely walk around the village today and saw some nice things in the air. First was a P-51D in 4th FG markings, followed by a Miles Magister and DH Chipmunk practicing formations. Later I saw a Cessna 140. The natural world didn’t let us down either with butterflies (brimstone, green-veined white, small white, holly blue, peacock and more orange-tips than you could shake a stick at), birds (buzzards, red kites, song thrush, mistake thrush, long-tailed and blue tits, swift, swallow, yellow and pied wagtails, whitethoat, lots of blackcaps (two of which were having an epic
  12. Waking up to find a message offering a substantial discount on the KP MiG-23UM I was following on eBay, rushing over to buy it, only to find someone had beaten me to the punch. Bah! Those MiG-23s are hard to find, especially at a decent price.
  13. I remember a time when the Academy kits were relatively cheap. I bought five (one D, an H, two Js and an M) but now wish I'd bought a whole lot more. I'd definitely be up for an Airfix Lib or two.
  14. lasermonkey


    I've sold a fair few kits on eBay with no problems at all at my end. I tend to describe things accurately and, if anything, err on the side of caution. I've bought way too many things that weren't as described and don't want to inflict that on anyone else. I also price things realistically. I look at what things have sold for and then start at the lower end. If people want to bid more than that, it's on them! I haven't sold anything on eBay for a while though, and probably won't until both the Covid situation has settled down and there's enough feedback from sellers that the new sy
  15. Honestly? It fitted perfectly. I remember reading that there were fit issues with the kit, but the only area where I wasn’t impressed was the area around the bomb bay, as the wing-fuselage fit wasn’t great there. Much of that was due to the part of the lower fuselage moulded onto the wing assembly which had very poorly defined right angles, something Airfix are serial offenders of. But yeah, the cockpit fitted very well indeed, as did the nose section onto the main fuselage. It’s obviously variable from kit to kit, yet another thing that Airfix kits suffer from (see my thread on th
  16. I can’t say I had heard of the type before, but it’s a very attractive aeroplane. Think I might have to get one!
  17. PXR5 and Quark, Strangeness And Charm by Hawkwind. Now, Hawkwind often get dismissed as "prog" by many, but these two albums were from the mid-late 70s, so were in their New Wave phase. Kinda ironic in some ways, as Hawkwind were one of John Lydon's favourite bands and I think it's now taken as read that he modelled himself somewhat on Bob Calvert. And the early-mid 70s albums had far more in common with the Krautrock bands of the time, Faust in particular. I still maintain that the Space Ritual tour (and live albums) was prototypical rave music. Despite being a Post-Punker at heart, my Time M
  18. That’s what I’m doing with my Vc, which I’ll be doing as AB167/MT@R from No. 122 Sqn.
  19. Just scored a copy of the On Target Canberra (bomber canopy) book, which I've been after for a while now.
  20. The one advantage we may have in the UK is that Aldi or Lidl could be knocking them out at a fiver around future Christmases. For a "colours and markings" guy such as myself, it would be too good an opportunity to pass up. And I'd like to retract my gripe about the other Vc, having got my hands on one. Soz!
  21. lasermonkey

    Cats and Dogs

    I was attacked by a dog when I was five or six. It made off with a chunk of my knee. I've been bitten by two other dogs which apparently were "only being friendly" and had countless others go for me. I now have, at best, a deep distrust of them. Whenever I go for a walk in the countryside, If I see a dog, my heart sinks. I just wish more owners would realise that not everyone likes dogs and that you are actually required to keep them under control. To those owners that do, thank you. You won't realise how much it is appreciated, but it is. My next door neighbours have just got a do
  22. As far as I know, I have only built the one British-moulded, recent Airfix kit, hitch was a Blenheim IV. The plastic was much nicer than the soft yet brittle stuff that’s used on the Indian-moulded kits. I found that the fit was pretty good overall and that the detail was sharper. It’s just a single kit though, so not much of a data set!
  23. lasermonkey

    Cats and Dogs

    I’m a cat person* and yeah, very much an introvert, creative/arty type who would much rather be immersed in nature than in a crowded room. I have very few friends and I’m fine with that. * and not a fan of dogs at all. If I never saw another dog, it would be too soon.
  24. Expanding on my previous post, if the number of effects pedals seems excessive, that’s probably because it is! Seriously though, I build them for something that approximates a living, so many are prototypes, quite a few are pedals that I bought broken off eBay and then repaired (or, as has happened too often, advertised as working but arrived borked), ones I got cheap or were just pedals I fancied owning. I also intend to build every single iteration of the EHX Big Muff fuzz pedal, which will probably result in 50+ pedals alone! I’m particularly into phase shifters (or phasers) and
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