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  1. Hasegawa's Ki-15-I is an ex-Mania mould, no the very nice LS one, which is still available under the Microace brand and still cheap as dirt. They mould all the variants to boot.
  2. I've read it described as "winged leopard" also; still no pictorial proof of that particular bat (there were bat insignia but they were different and well documented).
  3. Given in the same spirit as yours. For specific questions, I'm at your disposal.
  4. I've never seen photographic evidence of a bat decoration on Egyptian's MiG-15 or -17 (I am not saying it doesn't exist, just I haven't seen it), but my theory is that the sphinx in the pic below (scanned at low resolution and cropped from Osprey's "Arab-Israeli Wars 1947-1982") has been somehow confused for a bat and the mistake repeated ad nauseam. I'd be glad to be proven wrong!
  5. Not much into special schemes (or Rafale), but I like the 75th Anniversary one:
  6. https://www.europeanairshows.co.uk/news/80-years-normandie-niemen-rafale
  7. This is the pic @captnwoxof was referencing above: HTH.
  8. I lost access a while ago and haven't been able to recover it, and I tried everything. I eventually gave up.
  9. No good pics yet but look at this article by Ryan Toews in J-Aircraft: https://j-aircraft.com/research/ryan/a6m2_and_a6m3_secondary_markings.htm, particularly the "No Step/No Push/Step Here Markings" section and illustration nearby. According to the article that marking is Mitsubishi-specific (so correct for a Pearl Harbour aircraft) but the position is wrong in the Revell instructions.
  10. Na Su O - "No Push" but not sure the katakana order is right (my understanding is it should be "O Su Na" but the little Japanese I learned is already extremely rusty). In any case it should be on top of the wing by the trailing edge inside the rectangles that mark the position of the flaps. Pic to follow as soon as I can find a clear enough one.
  11. I think (I may be wrong, though) that Witty Wings are pre-assembled models.
  12. Given @GrzeM's interests recently, I'd venture a Sea Hurricane. But I'd love it to be a IID!
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