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  1. @Rob de Bie, we crossed posts. I hope you now remember where you have seen the illustrations before! In the AJ Press Monograph the drawings (no further distinction) are attributed to Valery Pankov and Vadim Ponomariev, who are listed as authors on the cover. Colour illustrations (cover and profiles) are by Jaroslaw Wróbel, if that helps.
  2. Checking my other books on Su-15 for confirmation of that fact I came to the AJ Press' Aircraft Monograph 1 (note that the cover I post below says 14 but that is the original Polish version) from 1994 that has Red 17 as a -15TM on the cover, and to my surprise, when I looked inside I found all the pictures, drawings and plans included in the Russian booklet, even the same colour profiles; I then remembered I noted that in the past but have forgotten about it, sorry. Given the better printing quality and the fact that the text is in English I think this one makes the Russian edition redundant, @Rob de Bie. Regarding the type flown by Maj. Ossipovich on the interception of KE007, Yefim Gordon on his 2004's book "Sukhoi Interceptors" gives it as a TM. The other works I was able to consult (and understand...) mentions "Su-15" but without indication if they are using it as a general name or referring to the Su-15 sans suffix specifically. @cherisy, do you have newer or more precise information about this?
  3. WARNING!!! PICTURE-HEAVY POST AHEAD!!! Hello, @Rob de Bie. I do have that booklet; it's 48 pages in length including the (very) soft covers, print is newspaper-quality but there a lot of details drawings, 1/72 plans and plenty of general and details pictures. Text is fully in Russian and due to my total lack of skills in said language and can't give you the information you asked for; what I can do is share some pictures of it and hope that a Russian-speaking BMer can help you further. Disclaimer: the pictures below are only for the purpose of reviewing the book in question and are not of enough quality for any other purpose.
  4. 0.5 mm in diameter in 1/72 translates to 36 mm in 1/1; the sliding portion of the yokes looks to me way beefier than that in the picture above. Same with the length, I see perhaps 150-200 mm there, that would be 2-3 mm more or less in 1/72.
  5. 100% what Michael @Toryu said. @Evil_Toast_RSA, sorry if you already knew this, but It may be worth mentioning that during WWII Japan (as well as many other countries) had two separate Air Forces, one for the Army and one for the Navy, that used separate paint standards until almost the end.
  6. But the source for those profiles is not determined AFAIK. For the Ki-84 of 57 Shimbutai the only known source is some period pictures from a newspaper IIRC, so the colour assigned is just one of many possibilities. Personally, I'd bet on #7 a.k.a "Ohryoku nana-go shoku" olive drab, which can look very brown given the right circumstances.
  7. He's a member here, so you can try this route: @Bangseat.
  8. Ordering right from Arma Hobby the KI-84 costs me a bit less than 19 Euro, the most expensive kit being the P-51 at 20.53, vs. 21.50 for the 190D-9 from IBG. So prices vary a lot depending where you order from. I have to mail order everything so shipping costs are no longer a factor, they are more or less the same per kit if I buy smart (something I must do if I want value for my money).
  9. Thank you very much, @MarkoZG, for bothering to provide a very informative answer. I will pay closer attention now and look into the resources you mentioned (I think I did in the past, long time ago, so I will have to brush my knowledge). As it should be, the final decision will be mine, but I feel better armed now to reach it.
  10. AZ Models, Special Hobby, Smer, and I may be missing a few others. Have a look here, you can see sprue pics and all: https://www.super-hobby.com/catalog/Scale-models-100001.html?search_keywords=fulmar&search_attr_1[1:72]=t
  11. If you're talking about Sword's Ki-84 kits, they are no longer available and haven't been for years, so really not players in the 1/72 Ki-84 game. Besides, read @KRK4m's opinion above, having built them. I, for once, would like to know what your issues with Junpei Temma plans' are. He is very open about his methods; your informed critique would be welcomed to help the rest of us (or at least me) to make a better informed decision if they should be trusted or not. So far I only read about your low opinion of them, but if there is a why somewhere I missed it.
  12. 1987. I now that Gardel said that 20 years are nothing, but still...
  13. It works, but you have to trim the code Flickr gives you. You get this: <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/fukuryu/51336488882/in/dateposted-public/" title="MINA7230B"><img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51336488882_eee7c1eee4.jpg" width="480" height="300" alt="MINA7230B"></a><script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script> Copy the highlighted part on the code above (the "real" image URL) and paste it on the "Insert image from URL" box and it works. Like this: Hope this helps. I am quite sure I learned this from this very thread, or a similar one. P.S.: Love your cat's picture!
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