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  1. AFAIK, Avalon Decals is owned by @Jan Polc, who is a member here. Any question about his products can be directed to him.
  2. In 1/72 you also have the Brengun kits, in six boxings covering everything from the early 12-guns to the latest bubble top with 4-blade propellers, including the desert trials machines and even captured ones.
  3. I think that a possible explanation (I don't know much about Uruguayan aviation, I insist) is because the Uruguayan flag itself is represented wrong in that article; the bars are light blue when they should be dark blue: Unbelievably, the colour confusion is common even in the country itself! My theory is because football is a big thing here (first ever World Cup was played here and won by Uruguay, etc.) and the national team is known as "La Celeleste" ("The Sky Blue One") after the team uniform colour, that has creeped into making everybody think that our flags use that colour. But they don't. Regarding the rendering of different colours according to film and filter use, I agree with you that is also a possible explanation, but unfortunately I don't think much information can be really gathered that way without an historical reference, that may exist, but I am not aware of.
  4. I am not an expert on Uruguayan aviation of any age, but the colours of the insignia for the Uruguayan version seem wrong; the insignia is based in the Artigas flag (one of our three official flags) and it should be dark blue, not light sky blue (which seems right for the Argentinian flag): Unless there is an historical exception I am not aware of, buyer's beware.
  5. Airfix starter sets are just standard kits boxed with paints, brushes and glue so a newcomer won't need basically anything that is not already in every household, like some kind of razor thing to cut the pieces off the sprue and warm water for the decals. They aren't any easier (or difficult, for that matter) than their "not starter" versions; is exactly the same plastic. The exception is the new Spitfire Mk.Vc that Troy mentioned, which is a true starter kit having fewer parts and simplified construction. I don't have any starter set myself; the extras add to the price while not providing anything useful for me.
  6. So true! Even today trying to make sense of Shahaks tail numbers based on graphical evidence is an exercise in frustration.
  7. How things have turned over the years; the 117 started as the highest tech squadron in the IDFAF with Meteor F.8 in 1953 while the 116 was an OTU with hand-me-down P-51 from the 101 three years later. Now 116 (together with 140) are at the top and 117 becomes the OTU (kind of...).
  8. Too recent. Give some time and I bet Isradecal will release them. Good to see the "First Jet" Squadron up and running again. Not a fan of the "3D" style of insignia, but there is a decal for an F-16 by Armycast (bottom one):
  9. Let's agree to disagree on that, John. I still support your "Make a 1/72 Yak-9!" campaign fully!
  10. There is also Helion's Latin America@War for inspiration. Easier to get at least, although I can't vouch for the content (I don't have any).
  11. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all of that, so the following is JUST MY OPINION, yours may vary, etc., but... Wow, that thing is UGLY! (There, I said it, I feel better now...)
  12. Thank you very much, Armando. Lots of interesting subjects that I will be getting in time; regarding the hinomaru sheet, what would be the purpose of the different sizes of Mikasa (and standard Japansese flags, for that matter)? Naval modellers, perhaps?
  13. Is there a goldfish in the astrodome or I'm hallucinating???
  14. Sorry, CC, I understand what you mean, but is not named ameiro ("caramel colour"), that was just a way of describing how the paint varied from the standard J3 in a 1942 publication known as Kugisho 0266 (very looong name, the abreviation is fine for this purpose). In @Nick Millman's translation: "The paint color currently in use for the Type 0 KanSen is J3 (Haiiro ash or gray colour) leaning slightly toward amber colour (Ameiro - caramel or candy colour)." I hope this helps to understand the matter better; that's my only intention. Is also my understanding that Colourcoat's renditions of amber J3 variants (Mitsubishi and Nakajima) have been created with Nick's input, so I trust them implicitly, even if I can't use them myself for now. Enamels, mail order, you get the gist...
  15. Hello and welcome, @flyinghorse. This book may help you (don't have it so I am not endorsing, just sharing information): https://www.helion.co.uk/military-history-books/the-armed-forces-of-north-korea-on-the-path-of-songun.php?sid=ca80bdd3ecd83e3db622d4e9a439506f BTW, the links in your original post didn't come through.
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