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  1. Excellent job, Dennis, very inspiring! Can't wait for the next installment in the series.
  2. First top scorer. When it went out of service on the second day of the Yom Kippur war No 58 caught it up, also reaching 13 kills. I will have to look it up to be 100% sure, but I am convinced the Egyptian (and Syrian?) roundels didn't survive the selling of No 59 to Argentina. In fact, pictures of it after being repaired show the kill markings in a different configuration. I think the markings in the kit depict the aircraft in the configuration shown by @MiG-Mech's picture above, upon returning to Israel in 2003 probably. Regarding "107", now I am on the fence, since th
  3. Well, I love Eduard products, but I won't be changing my usual for theirs anytime soon...
  4. In the same vein as dov's post, and trying to keep the comparisons meaningful as he does, I don't see much difference between Kaiten and Neger pilots.
  5. Hasegawa's B-24D and J are US$ 43 right now in HLJ. I know that shipping from abroad will increase that price by a considerable margin once the kit is in your hands, but since there are no hobby shops in my country I am used to that. My particular situation has indeed coloured my views, but 43 for me is pretty cheap, considered the US$ 103 that the Eduard's (if you can find any of them) costs at the bare minimum, albeit with a nice selection of goodies inside the boxes.
  6. Lovely. Very StarWars-like. Put a low, racing-style canopy there and an R2 unit behind it and you have the main fighter for the next movie in the franchise. I particularly like those gorgeous landing skis; who needs wheels?
  7. Not really. Plenty of pilots returned when they couldn't find the assigned target or a suitable alternative, among them, Sakai Saburo. A lot were trained but weren't assigned a mission before the war's end. And, contrary to the "first wave", so to speak, that were highly enthusiastic volunteers, later and mainly in the IJAAF they were "convinced to volunteer" so not everybody was eager to die. I even remember a report of the pilot of a diving plane trying to abandon the aircraft and finally getting back into the cockpit, resigned to die, when he couldn't jump.
  8. There was a special boxing by Hasegawa of its ex-Mania B5N2 with a resin 800kg bomb. I may even have it! (Stranger things have happened when going through my stash). Good save on the wings, but just in case: for removing enamels, I submerge the part (or even entire models) in sodium hypochlorite , a.k.a. bleach. A gentle scrub after a few hours with a soft toothbrush (preferible an older, discarded one... don't reach for the one on your bathroom if you'd like to keep it for is intended use, unless you want your teeth really white), rinse well, let it dry and is ready to be painted
  9. Aircraft "107"of the 117 Squadron (the First Jet Squadron) has the insignia of 101 Squadron (the First Fighter Squadron) on its tail. I hope is just a mistake in the illustration and the correct insignia is included in the decal sheet, and secondary but nice to have, the illustration ammended.
  10. Now that I read your question carefully, I have a friend named Eduardo, and in fact I did see his latest model (a diorama, in fact). Now, how did you get to see it...?
  11. This may also help to sort out details: https://j-aircraft.com/research/bill_sanborn/phmod21.pdf
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