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  1. Sometimes I really get the suspicion that some are still dreaming sHitler had won that damn war ...
  2. From their latest email newsletter: Unfortunately, we must revise our release plans. The 1/72 model of the aircraft planned for June will not be ready until July. Therefore, we are postponing its release to the beginning of September. We decided not to launch the model during the holidays. Yes
  3. Hi Hi Giorgio, Sorry for being OT but I wanted to write you a PM but it says you cannot receive messages, could it be you still have my email address from the purchase of AML Fiat G.50s ? Cheers Martin
  4. Simply superb !!! Aaand the Airfix kit looks right from all angles, so satisfying to look at
  5. We are working on another 1/72 novelty that may come instead of Hurricane (<-- from the text I take it they mean their 1/48 kit) in June ^^ taken from their Newsletter ^^
  6. The photo where JWM posted the link to reveals nice details about the lower nose to wing transition This kind of putting the fuselage above the center wing section is common to most Northrop designs from that period.
  7. We still don't have enough scales, it's a pity. (<sarcasm) I just understand why they introduce another scale foe air related subjects, they could just have done it in 1/18 where at least a few kits already exist.
  8. Michael I think if in the kits you have (FP2 and FP 17) have exactly the same content then someone fooled you when they sold it to you, the kits respectively the parts especially the wing should be markedly different. Cheers Martin
  9. I was just pointing to that both review links you gave above were dealing with the old kits. FP17 and FP22 are the newer tools, these kits also abandoned using the Hasegawa wing and so have a new wing. Tho not interested in engaging in a battle about this lol, cheers.
  10. These articles are both of the old issue, you can see it from the B/W boxart
  11. Very unusual to see a vampire in overall blue, and beautifully built also !!!
  12. You must mean the old one which was based on the Hasegawa Ki-61 wing with a short run fuselage added. They have new-tooled the kit long ago and these kits are very good.
  13. The vac canopy really pays off, normally the rough canopy frames on this kit are very difficult to handle and spoil the looks. Super result !!
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