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  1. The wing of the Academy B Mustang is a weird mix,. The angle of the kink on the leading edge is about right but as the root starts too far ahead on the fuselage sides it makes the wing too broad seen from above.
  2. Wonder what kit that will be, Italeri hasn't made one in 1/72 themselves
  3. Dora's 3D renders generally look incredible, hope they'll do this in 1/72 too.
  4. The proportions of the windshield windows are a bit off and the whole windshield assembly appears to be too broad. Hope they will correct this
  5. You can start looking forward to one more 1/72 P-40 ... https://www.specialhobby.info/2021/01/news-from-special-hobby-012021.html Likely it will be an M ....
  6. Yes we need all of them in 1/72 too, pretty please !!
  7. You all haven't seen the box arts of war figures, there are often dead bodies lying around on them and lots of blood (recently released Gladiator figures for example). Personally I find those more unsuited for kids than a bare breast than can hardly be made out and has no details at all. Just my 0.02$, no offense meant.
  8. Oh this is precision modelling how I like it best.
  9. From color fotos I conclude the foliage green was lighter and fresher than often depicted. http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/albums/Beaufighter-A8-93/DAP_Beaufighter.jpg http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/albums/Beaufighter-A8-93/A8_93_007.jpg
  10. Don't forget the ventral dustbin turret ...
  11. OK didn't know that the Academy Tempest has obvious faults, I always thought only their Typhoon had nose problems. Anyways, the more errors the other kits have the more this kit is welcomed.
  12. You can bet that Airfix will release the PR version at some time, why would they miss that opportunity, it doesn't need many alternative parts. If SH and or AZ/KP release it too it will be a waste of efforts IMO.
  13. Is this a camera port what I see there ? Anyways the details look very good
  14. I think they held it back cause they learned Airfix would do it. But not before you build a load of them
  15. But then they maybe have the earlier rear gun station and even the un-staggered waste guns option ? Can't recall if the Hase has the staggered version or not .... the Airfix kit so far released were the late Gs if I understood that correctly.
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