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  1. In the renders the DH spinner actually is slightly pointy at the tip but maybe just not enough ?
  2. Simply fantastic and it's even in 1/72 !!!!
  3. What's the huge three engined biplane at the center left in the pic ?
  4. It looks fantastic not least to the retracted undercarriage. J/K Now seriously, it looks totally awesome yet already
  5. Looks like a thin layer of white (distemper ?) was applied in a disruptive pattern over the existing camo so the dark green still shows through on those portions, at least on the fuselage and the ski covers. If you look closer you can see the continuation of the dark camo grid on the over-painted areas
  6. At least the EF126 with the single pulso engine was actually briefly tested in the SU after the war.
  7. I hope they are the first to stop with the nonsense of an asymmetrical cowl which was actually perfectly round but with a rectangular indention for the carburetor intake seen from the front instead of being flatted out on the top. I dunno who so far introduced that error but everyone who made a model of this AC willingly included that assumption.
  8. Yes ! Edit: Jan just said obviously the Dewotoine are from new moulds, I take it tho the Pavla kit was taken as a guide and then corrected and improved.. http://www.pavlamodels.cz/katalogy/detail.php?k=akk&c=72065
  9. I could be wrong but I think they are based on the Pavla kit
  10. The kit consists of 2 big sprues, 2 slightly smaller ones and a fifth small one and another sprue for the transparencies, plus an etched frame and extensive decal sheets. The AC has a wingspan of almost 20 cm in 1/72 so it's quite big even. Also the parts are delicate and sharp and it results in a highly accurate model as far I saw. I m happy we finally have an up to today's standards kit of this important type It is well worth the cash.
  11. Oops sorry my mistake. actually it is the Martin M-130 that I have to sell. And the Sikorsky S-42 if anyone is interested Cheers Martin
  12. Hi DTB J-W meant me, I only have the Martin 142 to sell but I think we could make a deal with around 85€ in total for that one means postage to down under included. To be realistic I'll never get to building it anyways, let me know if you are interested. Cheers Martin
  13. I can only second the praises, the model looks so interesting with all the paint bits and details. It's really fantastic, one of the builds I hardly can stop looking at
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