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  1. Love it, great build, colors and photography.
  2. I'd wish they corrected the wrong front profile of the canopy, it is much too narrow and too rounded on the top.
  3. They have brought out new tools like the 1/48 Nakajima Dave and the 1/72 Emily (and the F35) in recent years, they are just a bit slow with their pace.
  4. Sorry, delete this post please mods, thanks
  5. occa

    XP-47J Superbolt

    I think actually the Alliance kit was the XP-72 the conclusion of the experimental XP-47J. The latter was released in 1/72 by Sharkit.
  6. I thought it was vice versa ? Weren't the Swedish planes painted silver then ?
  7. Hi Magpie


    Sorry for the question, are you by any chance the one who tried to order my Special Hobby 1/72 CR.R.25 Italian Fighter on ebay two weeks ago ? The buyer had a similar Nick than you have here.

    Just curious, if that was you then please don't let ebay know we're conversing about it here lol.

    Anyways I very much appreciate your knowledge about colors and stuff !!


    Cheers !!
    Martin from Vienna

  8. That's a bit mysterious, the lighter color seems to have been the one that was repainted, one can see the original MS around the serials. Was the green they used lighter than DE ? Just my two cents, probably not important.
  9. Wow that's some proper modern day modelling. What awesome solution for the greenhouse, very fascinating. What CAD software are you using ? Edit: Oh I see it's SketchUp, the folding feature is very neat. Cheers Martin
  10. That's an amazing result form that old kit and the red spinner and the cowling flaps really add interest
  11. Very nice and clean build, also the shapes and proportions of the kit appear to be very convincing to my eyes.
  12. Very nice clip but it's not in color, it's just colorized and that in a poor way. All the personal are mostly in grey tones.
  13. Just got mine this week, our LHS has them from Germany of course: It's a superb kit as far I could see
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