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  1. Yes that's the best and most interesting for me too
  2. Dear Jerzy, I just wrote you back, it's an 1/72 Ardpol kit I am after, yes I know it is highly unlikely ... Cheers, martin
  3. As usual you build another interesting obscure type, simply love your result :) ' Btw Jerzy, can you write me an email ? I've lost your email address. I have a question if you maybe can locate a source for a kit from a Polish manufacturer I am after. Cheers, Martin
  4. From the big H site: We have received another delivery of the Airfix 1:72nd Bristol Beaufort AX04021 and we now have enough to satfisfy ALL Backorders, both retail and trade, and we have spare stock for new sales!
  5. That's looking fantastic already. Btw Patrik have you meanwhile finished the Swedish AZ Hawker Hart ? I was looking out for that but might have missed it. Regards, Martin
  6. 'We are also preparing resin sets for 1/72 Hurricane (Arma Hobby), including conversions to PR Hurricane. In April' ^^^Super !!!
  7. 'Due soon: Airfix AX04021 1:72 Bristol Beaufort' https://www.hannants.co.uk/
  8. Finally we see one of these built !!!! Tho sorry about your bad luck. And I am totally with @JWM I really hope A-Model will release the earlier version with the asymmetric canopy too, best with a different engins also.
  9. The straight top and bottom views are equal to projections on a flat surface. If someone knows the dimensions it certainly can be checked there. For my eye at least they appear to be too conical, that makes them too slim at the front ...
  10. Got my kit today directly from the Ukraine, these are excellently flawless and highly detailed moldings. Simply love this kit.
  11. It was worth the effort, what a flawless, fantastic and convincing result !!!
  12. And again nothing in 1/39.537852 scale ... Now seriously, obviously they gave up 1/72, yeah we know, 1/48 and bigger scale kits offer more profit. Maybe next year will look better for us 1/72 buffs.
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