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  1. I'm totally stuck in awe again !! Simply incredible
  2. Check the high gloss red spinners, that can't be roundel red there
  3. Phantasic model !! I just like pink Spitfires so much. I've read somewhere (I think it was in the 'Eyes for the Phoenix', Allied Aerial Photo-Reconnaissance Operations South-East Asia 1941-1945 from Geoffrey J Thomas) that pink was mixed from white and some low amount wartime roundel red. It explains that it is not solely pink but more a very light greyish pink-peach hue. (The wartime roundel red has a slight yellowish-greyish hue). These are my own observations, as usual others will disagree, no problem.
  4. On a side to me those^^ camouflage colors look the most accurate I have seen so far
  5. Super build and even more the paint job which is the more difficult part. But why did you say 'not very accurate' what's wrong with it, i must admit I've never checked closer, it only seems the cowling has the tapering curve not correct when seen from the side
  6. Excellent build not only if you consider they are not the easiest build And for my eye at least it shows HPM's is the more accurate kit indeed which I always knew from comparing the parts
  7. Immaculate finish and very nice set up with her figure
  8. Airfix is missing the fact that the cowl is bulged when seen in plan view, that's the only significant error
  9. Sure, drop me a note in time I think you have my email anyways, or PM me here
  10. Awesome convincing result, bravo bravissimo. The scheme alone makes it an eye catcher not to speak of the size, you mastered another difficult kit Now only could you return the kit to me ? I need something that can present as being built, no will know it wasn't me haha
  11. I just caught up to the schemes provided, so they are all post war ?
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