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  1. I guess the background should be a red-orange flame-ish color to represent hell, I certain the Germans thought the same way.
  2. The Hase kit is the K1 with the inline engine, this thread is about the missing K2 with the radial engine. A decade or two ago there was a very decent and accurate conversion from Gartex tho. I have that one in my stashes somewhere.
  3. Re the color still Troy posted: There's a broad yellow stripe on the lower cowling side as well. And the undersides appear as if in azure blue, might just not been perfectly painted over everywhere onto the previous color there
  4. She looks gorgeous in these colors and markings, simply fantastic !!!
  5. occa

    Airfix 2020

    My most urgent guesses for the next WWII 1/72 new tools (must not necessarily be this year): - Lincoln (there are hints the Telford announcement will be of a big and British and from (19)45 subject) - Two stage Mossie - Ju 88A1 - Battle (cause they simply cannot ignore this forever) My personal wishes: - York - Lancastrian - Mustang A/B/C - Harvard - Hudson - Lodestar In any case I hope Airfix eye all major versions.
  6. It looks like it will soon get rid of the prop but otherwise it's looking very good
  7. It looks simply fantastic, tho shouldn't all leading edges of the moving surfaces be slightly rounded ? No biggie tho, the overall appearance of the details is outstanding.
  8. Nice build and the kit is rarely seen finished, tho if you compare the engine front ring with the stars I hardly think the rings were red in that foto. What you see as appearing lighter is only the sheen from the reflection of the sun.
  9. I really like this announcement, I only hope the kits will be 110 % accurate in details, shape and proportions,
  10. These versions would be very welcome, I hope they will be possible from the new moulds (Thanks @Fridrih for clearing that up above ^^)
  11. 1/72nd - Polikarpov U-2/Po-2 (100% new moulds) Their recent one from a few years ago was already new mould, wonder why they would retool it again ?
  12. Yeah what is left to say after all your previous supermodels, it's simply stunning again. Also you know to make photos, many leave out angles that show the plane like a person would see it while walking around it, those are the most pleasing IMO.
  13. occa

    Airfix 2020

    ^^ I'd also wish they would do variants like the B-17 early G with the un-staggered waist positions, and while we're just at it the F and E variants, and the C, and D. We are allowed to dream aren't we ?
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