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  1. A couple of playlists while I was laying out some phaser effect circuits, one by Roger Eno and another of rarities and remixes by Boards Of Canada.
  2. I was wondering that if eBay can set up a VAT collecting service on checkout, why PayPal can’t do that for their customers*? *ie sellers and companies that use PayPal as an option.
  3. As an alternative to Tamiya Extra Thin, I would thoroughly recommend Gunze’s Mr Cement SP. it’s as thin as the Tamiya stuff, but I find that it melts the plastic far quicker, therefore having greater “grab” and I have found that the resulting joints are far stronger. The only downside is the smell. Boy, it’s nasty!
  4. Mine is of three of my favourite guitars, all Fender Jazzmasters. I’ve had a lot of guitars throughout the years, but the Jazzmaster feels like home. I think the shape is right up there, alongside the Spitfire, amongst the most beautiful things crafted by humankind. Being fairly tall (6’ 2”) the body shape and scale length are perfect, putting everything right where I need them. The neck feels lovely, the tremolo works exactly how I think a tremolo should and the pickups awesome. There’s something about dark sounding single coils that I love. The blue guitar is quite sp
  5. A spanking new iPad, courtesy of my lovely mrs. It was a complete surprise and very welcome. Now I can use the internet properly again!
  6. That's one I don't have yet, but really want. I have an EHX Polyphase clone underway at the moment. The other EHX phaser (clone) I have is a modified early version Small Stone. I modified it so that the resonance is adjustable in "colour" mode. As standard, the resonance is set just under self-oscillation, which sounds quite "peaky" and extreme in some ways. My favourite setting is around 10-20%. It's just so musical, especially when set to a slow, trippy sweep. As to the other phasers, there's an Arion SPH-1, Boss PH-2, Carlsbro Phase 2, Chord PH-50 (I bought that and a Chord chor
  7. I've not built or even seen the Revell kit, but, possible issue with the tail turret notwithstanding, the Airfix kit is very good indeed. I have found the fit to be generally excellent, though it does pay to dry fit first to get a feel of how things are supposed to go together. Tolerances are on the tight side, so be sure to remove paint from any mating surfaces. The only parts I have encountered so far that have needed any notable adjustment were in the wheel wells, highlighted by the aforementioned dry fitting. The fuselage and interior assemblies fitted beautifully. Although I h
  8. @luis pachecoI've been eyeing up that DP Casper decal sheet. The subjects look very interesting and are quite different from my usual fare. In other news, I bought a decal sheet (Modeldecal No. 36, the original one) with RAF black serial numbers and letters. I also bought another guitar pedal circuit board, this time for a clone of the long-discontinued Lovetone Doppelgänger phaser/vibrato. I'm a sucker for phasers (I currently have 21!) and the Doppelgänger has dual LFOs and lots of knobs to tweak (settle down at the back!).
  9. That would have been heaven for me as a schoolboy!
  10. I would heartily recommend Stephen Bungay's The Most Dangerous Enemy if you have even the slightest interest in the Battle Of Britain. Being an analyst, he makes use of combat data in a way I haven't seen by anyone else. The breakdown of the combats make for very interesting reading! Regarding the '109's ammunition, remember that the cannons only had 60 rounds per gun, so the majority of that 40 seconds would be for just two 7.62mm guns. The eight Brownings on the RAF aircraft used a very effective type of ammunition. Although referred to as de Wilde, it was secret at the time an
  11. The Eduard MiG-21s are great kits. I've built two so far, and thoroughly enjoyed both. You certainly get a lot for your money.
  12. lasermonkey

    ICM kits

    I have built a couple of the more recent ICM kits, these being the Dornier 215B-4 and MiG-25RBT, both in 1/72 and both the later re-tools. I was greatly impressed with both. Detail and finesse were up there with the best of them. If I had one observation, it would be their approach of "why use one part when you could use ten?" Some assemblies are far more complicated than they need to be, though to be fair, the fit has always been surprisingly good. I was originally going to build their old tool Do 215 for a groupbuild and although well detailed, it looked like it would be a nightm
  13. I've been using 3M vinyl masking tape (the 3mm one) as a guide when scribing curved surfaces. It's not perfect, but if you're careful, it does work.
  14. A Trumpeter 1/72 Su-15 Flagon A for quite a reasonable price. I've fancied having a go at one of these for a while. Its brutish looks make the MiG-21 look dainty in comparison.
  15. A PCB (printed circuit board) for a Boss CS-2 Compressor Sustainer pedal clone. I had an actual CS-2 back in the day (probably bought it in 1984) and really liked it, though I ended up part-exing it for a Boss BE-5b multi-fx unit for my Mrs, who was playing bass at the time and wanted a simpler setup than several individual pedals. Although I have several compressor pedals, I remember the CS-2 as being nicer, or at least different to the ones I have. I still need to finish off the pedal circuit based on the SSL mixbus compressor. I built myself a rackmounted one years ago and that
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