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  1. lasermonkey

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    One of those tiny, Jaffa Cake-sized Chromecast thingumyjigs. While it seems like sacrilege, hooking it up to a proper, grown up HiFi, it sounds way better than you could expect for thirty quid.
  2. lasermonkey

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    @Airgunner it's rare that I don't get at least one Apache fly over, going roughly east-west or vice-versa. After wondering where they were coming from, I decided to track one on ADS-B and they're coming from Wattisham and going to Middle Wallop. My village just happens to be right on the flightpath. Very occasionally I'll get a Chinook or a Lynx or more often, a civil helicopter.
  3. lasermonkey

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Had a couple of Apaches go over yesterday afternoon, so nothing out of the ordinary.
  4. Apart from the bad joke*, I don't think so! *check today's advent calendar.
  5. lasermonkey

    Airbrushing Alclad

    I've just (literally just!) started using Alclad and while I'm by no means an expert, obviously, I can pass on what I've found so far. The first thing is a good, smooth, primed surface. Alclad is an incredibly unforgiving finish due to its thinness. Every seam will need to be taken care of and things that you might pass off as "it'll do" on a normal paint job won't here. On the Airfix Lightning I have just sprayed I wish I had primed and rubbed down the fuselage and wings separately, before joining them together, as there's a few, hard to reach areas that don't look quite as good as they could have. This brings me to getting the primed surface smooth. You'll probably need some Micromesh fine abrasive to get the primed surface smooth enough. I found that I had to do the prime/rub down sequence a few times before I was certain it was good enough but as the Alclad primer dries pretty quickly, it doesn't take as long as you might expect. I have to say, the Alclad primer has been a bit of a revelation for me and I'm now using it on everything. I suspect that you could use a heavily-thinned Mr Surfacer 1000 as an alternative, as I've achieved very smooth surfaces using that. I sprayed the Alclad primer/microfiller at around 12 psi and didn't thin it at all. Just give it a damn good shake first! I used cellulose thinners to clean out the airbrush afterwards. As for the Alclad metal finishes themselves, so far I've used three different aluminium shades, steel, pale burnt metal and jet exhaust. The underlying primer colour will most certainly affect the appearance of the Alclad metal coat and I found that especially useful around the burner cans on the Lightning, using a black undercoat. I also used the black undercoat for the nose ring and this really made it stand out. You can of course mix the various primers together to create different shades for various panels. I sprayed the metal finishes at 12 psi, using a shallow angle. Get in pretty close and mist the first coat on, overlapping the previous coat slightly. Don't put it on too wet. It'll dry enough to go over again quickly. Alclad recommend two coats but, possibly down to inexperience, I found that I had to apply more. You won't need to thin the Alclad, as it's very thin to start with. I found that I could mask over it after 30 minutes or so using "de-tacked" Tamiya tape without anything being lifted off at all. though for major areas, I decided to leave it overnight. I've seen video demonstrations where you can definitely see where the masking tape has been removed and I wonder whether this is due to not waiting long enough. Certainly, I haven't seen this at all. Just be patient! Masking off various panels can break up the uniformity of the overall appearance. On my Lightning I used just two shades for the overall airframe (in my case, shades A and B- these are the old Alclad designations, BTW) and the effect was subtle, often only showing when the model was tilted to catch the light. I found it very effective. It's probably best to look at photos of the original subject to get a good idea of the kind of contrast you need to aim for. In my case, photographs of Lightnings showed a whole range of contrasting panels! Clean out the airbrush with cellulose thinners and make sure you are thorough. Make sure you have some fume extraction and wear a mask. It's pretty stinky stuff! Hopefully a few others will share their experiences. Good luck! Mark.
  6. You know what? I reckon I can live with that instrument panel. Once it's installed and painted, I very much doubt I'd be able to see much of it and anyway, I really don't get on with etched brass. If I were to do anything at all, I'd scratch it with plastic card.
  7. lasermonkey

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Another Airfix Nimrod, thirty quid, posted, on eBay. The guy had three up for sale. There was one left last time I looked. I decided that I just had to have both the LAG/white and Hemp/LAG schemes.
  8. lasermonkey

    RAF colours

    Absolutely this!
  9. lasermonkey

    Fundekals MkI Spitfire decals.

    That's a nice selection and has some, as far as I know, previously unreleased examples. I'm particularly pleased with the No. 64 Sqn examples, and that they seem to have the proportions of squadron code vs individual a/c letter correct. The one thing I would point out is that the famous Pathé newsreel taken at Kenley indicates that the fuselage roundels and tail flashes on SH*Q (and at least one other) would appear to be painted on very roughly, with the blue being considerably lighter than the other aircraft in the squadron. I'd have liked to see that option included on the sheet, especially as those items would probably not be readily available elsewhere. Oh, and it would be very welcome in 1/72 as well! Cheers, Mark.
  10. lasermonkey

    Airfix Advent Calender - it’s back for 2018

    The Whitleys were also on eBay. Interestingly, these bargain Whitleys weren't being sold by the usual model retailers, as far as I could tell. I bought mine from a random, bargain outlet on eBay for £16.29 posted. I know for sure that there's at least one online shop owner on here for which this was the last straw as far as stocking Airfix is concerned. As for the starter sets, well, Airfix's price is £9.99, so I'd say that the Aldi and Lidl price of £4.99 is a significant discount and I don't see any model shops who are able to compete with those prices. Regarding the no-show of the FGR.2. IIRC the weather was exactly the reason that the FG.1 was delayed a couple of years ago and the MD had stated that they weren't going to get caught out again. If that's happened twice, the plan isn't working. Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain. In fact, my model purchasing depends on it. It's just that I see a disparity between what the CEO is saying and what's happening. Maybe there's a connection between those bargains and the absent FGR.2? We do know that the run up to Christmas is very important for Hornby, after all.
  11. lasermonkey

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Just found out I've won a Hasegawa RF-101 on eBay for a reasonable price. All I need now is the Airwaves A/C replacement nose and some 81st TFW decals to go with it! Cheers, Mark.
  12. lasermonkey

    Airfix Advent Calender - it’s back for 2018

    Wasn't that one of the major issues they were supposed to be sorting out? I seem to remember exactly the same thing happening with the FG.1. What with them shouting about how they weren't going to do heavy discounts any more and then doing it anyway (cheap Whitleys, discounted starter sets in Aldi and Lidl) I do wonder if they've learnt anything at all. I'm glad I'm not a shareholder!
  13. lasermonkey

    Air Anglia DC-3

    Thank you so much! I've spent years pondering the question and now I have a good place to start. I've always wanted to do a model of that (or one of those) DC-3(s). Cheers, Mark.
  14. lasermonkey

    Air Anglia DC-3

    Apologies for the thread hijack, but a tenuously related question: I grew up in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and during the early-mid 1980s, a DC-3 would fly over every evening at around 9pm. You could pretty much set your watch by it and I'd always listen out for the distinctive drone. I'd always wondered who the operator might have been but, as you might imagine, searches on Google haven't thrown anything up. I know it's a long shot, but any suggestions as to who the operator might have been would be gratefully received. Cheers, Mark.
  15. lasermonkey

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Gutted to hear that Pete Shelley has died. Hearing the Buzzcocks on the radio in '78, aged 12, was a pivotal moment, the "ground zero" of my love of music. I loved the Buzzcocks, but also his solo work. He was way more influential than most people will ever know, with the Human League basically nicking his sound (and the producer) from his Homosapien album for Dare. The first gig I ever took Mrs Lasermonkey to was a Pete Shelley concert at the Electric Ballroom, May '86. Sleep well, Pete.