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  1. A Trumpeter 1/72 Tu-16 off eBay. I got it for under £25 posted, which ain’t bad.
  2. A pair of Zvezda 1/72 MiG-27s off eBay for less than you’d probably expect to pay for a single kit. Well happy!
  3. A DH.88 Comet and Westland Wasp within maybe 20 minutes of each other. Not a bad combo!
  4. I found that Alteco’s Epo Putty is soft and malleable. It’s mainly sold by aquarium supply companies, it would seem. I bought some to use to make some very lo- tech resin castings. It comes in much the same way Milliput does and is mixed the same way. I found it much easier to push into my rudimentary moulds due to it being softer. Once dry, it’s much more like a polyurethane resin than it is like Milliput, but I’ve also used it for the same purposes and it worked well for me. It’s more expensive though.
  5. Sadly, I don’t have a powerful enough lens for anything but reasonably close work. I can’t see that changing any time soon, as the prices are just too prohibitive for me.
  6. The lot of the kits arrived today (that’s the B-66, Hunter and F-104). Chucked in were three partly used but useful nonetheless decal sheets, a Rareplanes Fulmar and a Merlin MB.2. Those were nice surprises. Yes, the Merlin kit is probably going to be a challenge, but I’ve always wanted an MB.2
  7. We've had a few nice days in a row, which resulted in a couple of nice walks around the local countryside. While Bedfordshire's wildlife is on the lean side (few trees and meaningful wild spaces), we did see some butterflies (peacock, comma, brimstone, small white and small tortoiseshell) and a good show from the local raptors. Yesterday we had four red kites wheeling low overhead, calling to each other, watched carefully by a pair of buzzards. The day before we had the two pairs of kites, the buzzards and a sparrowhawk all within view at the same time.
  8. I seem to have bought a couple of ModelSvit 1/72 kits off eBay- an Su-17M and a YE-152A. They were sold as a lot and no one bid against me. I love it when that happens!
  9. I wonder whether leaving them on a radiator to warm up might work?
  10. Yesterday I saw a buy it now lot on eBay which consisted of an Italeri B-66, a Revell Hunter FGA.9 and a Revell F-104G (all 1/72) for £25 plus postage. I clicked the "watch" button, as I thought it seemed like a reasonable price and might be tempted later. Anyway, this evening I received an offer from the seller. He'd reduced it to £20 plus six quid to post them. He added on the listing that he was ditching 1/72 (for shame!) and was offloading his stash. Another addition to the blurb was that he will throw in a few more kits (unspecified) and some mystery decals. I thought that was
  11. I wish I could help! I just had a look at the instructions and I’m none the wiser. If you hadn’t have mentioned it, I would probably just have fitted it. I wonder what it’s supposed to be?
  12. I’ve been getting three or four 503s a day for the past week or so. The problem never entirely went away, but I’m sure it has become worse lately.
  13. Two pairs of white “witch hat” knobs for two of my Jazzmasters. They’re not official Fender parts (those are about £25 per set!) but are only around a fiver a set. I’ve already fitted a set to my red Jazzmaster and liked them. On these two, I’m going to try ageing them in coffee. Strange as it sounds, soaking them in coffee can age white plastics, making them more in keeping with older items.
  14. I’m mostly in the colours and markings camp, so when I see is model that is finished in unrealistic (or just plain wrong) colours, I walk/click away. For me, if it doesn’t look right from a distance, what’s the point in getting closer?* I think what annoys me most is that in the majority of cases, we really do know what these colours looked like, so there’s no excuse for the manufacturers to screw it up. * I realise that might not be a popular opinion, but there it is.
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