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  1. OK, topside masks off! Overall, it came out better than I hoped. Apart from the tailplane, where I was way out, there's just one more area with masking misalignment, and that's right under where a walkway decal will go, so I'm not fussed about that. I need to touch up the obvious line you can see, but otherwise, I think I'm good to go.
  2. I got somewhat carried away, neglecting to take any photos. The undersurfaces were masked with Tamiya tape, whilst the squiggly bits were done with Blu Tac sausages (speaking of which, I've left the grill on!) with tape infill. I have got reasonably quick at Blu Tac masking now. As per usual, I managed to get some bleed through. I hate it when that happens! Most of my Colourcoats stash is from the White Ensign days, but the Dark Green is Sovereign and I think it's better in terms of colour and coverage. Anyway, once I have tidied the paintwork, I'll squirt some gloss over the whole thing. Although I started this one last, I have a feeling it'll be the first one finished. Cheers, Mark.
  3. Not much to report on the Hurricane front, apart from having fitted the transparencies. As mentioned in the Woods-Scawen thread, I wasn't too impressed with the fit of the windscreen, as I had to do some surgery on both the fuselage and windscreen to get a reasonable fit. I think I might invest in some of the newly-tooled canopy parts once I have seen some mention of them. I now have three Hurricanes to mask. Oh, the joy! Speaking of masking: I have removed some of the masking around the tail and found an area where I didn't get the masking aligned properly. On this kit, rather than spray the RLM 71 overall and then mask off those areas, I decided to try masking each colour's area in turn to hopefully avoid any ridges. Sadly, my masking accuracy wasn't as good as I hoped, so some retouching will be necessary. Not sure it was worth the bother, to be honest, especially with the time constraints of a groupbuild. You live and learn. Much as I love the colour accuracy of the Colourcoats paints, I do struggle a bit with the lack of opacity. I realise it's the price one pays for a smooth finish, but it took ages to get enough coverage with the RLM 71 and with the Schwartzgr├╝n I ended up using a base coat of Humbrol 91 and then overcoating with the Colourcoats. I'm not sure if I was doing anything wrong, but it was taking forever! I'll be back later once I have removed the masking. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Not much of an update, but at least I got something done. The canopies are on and both kits are ready for masking. I had to do a fair bit of fettling to get the windscreens on properly. I hadn't got as far as fitting the transparencies on my first Arma Hurricane and I think I'm going to regret not fitting them before painting. I won't make that mistake again! I think I might invest in some of the newly tooled canopies, as I'm not that happy with these. I can't help but think they seem clunky compared with the rest of the kit. I must remember to fit the exhaust glare shield to P3150. I'll use the metal ones that come with the Expert boxing. Cheers, Mark.
  5. Although model kits are single-use plastics, they tend to remain "locked up" (for want of a better phrase) for a comparatively long time compared to throwaway items such as coffee stirrers, drink lids, etc. And in the scheme of things, model kits are probably a tiny fraction compared to everything else. It's not like you can make them out of anything else either, resin excepted. When you think of all the unnecessary packaging and the awful plastic crap you get at Halloween, Christmas and various other times we get marketed at, I think we have a long way to go before we need to worry. And this coming from someone who is "a bit of a greenie." What we probably ought to have is a joined-up recycling scheme, and by this I mean worldwide. Some nations seem to be able to turn a profit by recycling waste, so one might wonder why, if they can do it, why can't we? If pollution is an issue that affects the entire planet, maybe a bit of cooperation might be in order. After all, we all stand to benefit. Cheers, Mark.
  6. A Babyliss beard trimmer that's going back. Dunno what's wrong with it, but my skin feels like it's on fire after I use it. My face and neck are currently bright red. Just as well I didn't partake in a little man-scaping! Jeez, I've never had a reaction like this after using a trimmer or shaver. Ouch!
  7. ^I'll be getting one of those. That VNAF machine is too tempting to pass by.
  8. Have you removed the needle and spring from the inner nozzle? I find that's where the blockages tend to be. I flush through with cellulose thinners, either with a microbrush or a thin, rolled up piece of kitchen roll. Very occasionally I'll have to use some very thin wire through the needle aperture to remove any stubborn particles. If you like, I can take a few photos of how I do it. Of course, you may well have done everything I have mentioned, in which case it's likely you'll have to strip down the body. I've had to do that a couple of times and it's not too difficult.
  9. Seven rolls of Kamoi Kabuki-S tape (18mm x 18m) for just over a tenner, posted. At the rate I go through Tamiya tape, I think this will be a good investment.
  10. Having a run through some Autechre stuff namely Anti, Cichli Suite (pronounced sickly sweet), EP7 and LP5. At the risk of sounding like one of those awful people who say, "Oh, I only really liked their earlier works", well, I only really like their earlier works! EP7, released in 1999, is probably about my limit for them. I remember when I bought Confield in 2001 and thinking that it sounded like a heavy engineering works had moved in next door! I'm all for pushing the boundaries of what music can be, but harsh, metallic clanging can tiring very quickly.
  11. For my BoB groupbuild entry, I was going to use the original ICM kit, as I had one in the stash. The more I looked at it, the more I feared that I'd never be able to complete it within the allotted timeframe. Someone then mentioned that ICM had issued a newer tooling, so I chickened out and bought that. I'm glad I did. You'd never know that the same company was responsible for both kits. The engineering on the newer kit is very impressive. Despite some complex compound curves, the vast majority of the parts fit precisely. Only the engine nacelles are unnecessarily complicated with over thirty parts on each one, and care is needed to align the many parts. The detail is equally impressive and thanks to the clarity of the transparencies, much of it can be seen. On the original kit the clear parts were more translucent than transparent. Overall, I think it's a fine kit and one that I would recommend to anyone with some experience.
  12. Thanks for looking @72modeler it's much appreciated. Although I had spent several evenings googling, I hadn't looked through my books, (duh!) so I checked those last night. I also have the Classic Luftwaffe Colours and Markings books, along with the Hikoki/Ullmann one, so not sure how I managed to forget about those! Anyway, after scouring through ten or so books, I managed to find three photos where the inner fins were visible enough to get an idea of how they were painted. One, probably the same one you mentioned, looked to be a single colour. The other two looked like they had two distinct colours, but had differing patterns. The bit of me that's "on the spectrum" is being driven crazy by the lack of conclusive evidence. My need to know things is quite overwhelming at times and not knowing is like a mental itch that can't be scratched. However, the Do 215 I'm building is for the BoB groupbuild, so I'm going to choose one and to hell with the consequences. The last thing I need is an excuse not to finish something! Thanks once again for all the help. Cheers, Mark.
  13. Thanks very much, gentlemen. It's very much appreciated. Mark.
  14. Which model are you using? If it's either the 430 or 470, if you're getting bubbling in the cup, it can only really be the nozzles. I think that most people who use Azteks, myself amongst them, will fully disassemble the nozzles from time to time to ensure that all the crud has been removed. Whatever paint or thinners you use, there will always be some residue left behind, even after a thorough blast through. This accumulates over time and ends up impairing paint flow and eventually blocking the nozzle. I can always tell when I need to strip down the nozzle and it's usually a five minute job to clean and reassemble it. Use cellulose thinners to clean the nozzle components, as it'll shift anything There's some useful information here on how to take the nozzle apart. I've been using Azteks for over twenty years now and I love 'em.
  15. Hi, I'm at the stage on my ICM 1/72 Do 215 where I'm masking up the splinter camouflage. While the ICM instructions are mostly OK, there are several areas of the aircraft that they don't show, namely the insides of the fins/rudders and what's behind the engine nacelles. While I have worked out the demarcations on the fuselage, I haven't managed to find a a consistent pattern for the fins. None of the photos of actual aircraft I've seen show the delineations and on the various models I've seen at least two different layouts. The one thing I have noticed is the slanted area of RLM 65 below the tailplanes that I'll have to add later. If anyone could help out I'd be much obliged, as I'm going to get stalled otherwise. Cheers, Mark.
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