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  1. Encouraging news. Maybe not my first choice for something from Eduard, but one would expect a pretty decent kit at a good price, so I’d likely have a few.
  2. Extractions and Soundpool by Dif Juz (I’d be very surprised if anyone here has heard of them!) Cluster ‘72 and Cluster II by Cluster.
  3. There’s a photo on Airfix’s instagram right now that looks a lot like a 2-seater Meteor.
  4. Stuff I’ve listened to lately Victorialand and Blue Bell Knoll by Cocteau Twins Music Has The Right To Children, The Campfire Headphase and Tomorrow’s Harvest by Boards Of Canada Emeralds by Robin Guthrie Departure Songs by Hammock
  5. It’s so prevalent now that I stopped going to gigs. It boils my blood like nothing else and I’ve ended up “having words” with more people than I care to count over this. Even right down the front, stage centre, you’ll find people gabbing away. I wouldn’t stand for it. On one occasion, my “ don’t you people ever shut up?” got rid of a group of 8-10. It just ended up wearing me down though, and I believe that many go to gigs just to be seen or for the cachet. While we’re on the subject of gigs, what happened to competent sound engineers? I’ve lost count of the number of gigs where the guitars have been almost inaudible, the mix being all bass, kick drum and vocals. Just because you *can* make the kick sound like the Roland TR-909 bass drum, doesn’t mean you should. At one gig, the “engineer” had left the guitars on mute for the first five songs and it was only because I was right at the front that I could hear the backline (that’s the bands own guitar amps) over the FOH mix. What kind of muppet would do that? Another concert-related grump is people that wait until the headline band and then push their way to the front. I have endured way too many rubbish support acts to have Johnny-come-latelys push in front of me. At one gig, a group of around eight pushed their way in, just before the main band started, occupying a space smaller than their group could comfortably hold. It meant that one of them kept bumping into me, but I had decided that I wasn’t budging. At one point he asked me indignantly whether I’d move, whereupon I shared with him my opinion of those that arrive late and expect everyone else to make way for them. He didn’t stay.
  6. I managed to find somewhere that has actual stock of the Infini Model stuff I’ve been after, so I bought a full set of the softback sanding sponges and the Type B cutting mat. The mat was a bit on the spendy side, but it promises to be incredibly useful. I had bought a few of the individual sanding sponges (600, 800 and 1000) and had intended to just buy the ones I didn’t have, but the 2500 was out of stock. No matter, I’m very impressed with the ones I have, so I will most certainly make use of them.
  7. I think it’s time for them to officially retire their “1/72 revolution” motto, seeing as they seem to have abandoned it completely.
  8. According to Rawlings's Fighter Squadrons Of The RAF, N3421 was also N. HTH, Mark.
  9. If I’m honest, the thing that would excite me most is a Spitfire Mk I in 1/72 scale. Knowing that KP are just about to release theirs, I wouldn’t rule it out. I don’t care if “the world doesn’t need another Spitfire”, because I do. I would not be upset about a 1/72 P-51D, MiG-21SMT or Bis either.
  10. The Soundhaus in Northampton was a victim of cynical planning laws. A long-established (and pretty damn good) live music venue, a housing development was built next door and the venue forced to close because of noise concerns. I mean, who couldn't have foreseen that coming?
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