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  1. A couple of Microscale 1/72 decal sheets: one for 81st TFW F-101s (hopefully they'll turn up this time!) and another containing F-100s from the 20th and 48th TFWs.
  2. Doing some circuit design last night and listening to Boards Of Canada. On play were: Music Has The Right To Children Twoism Hi Scores EP
  3. I use Etymotic Research ER20 earplugs, though they are sold under other names. I think I paid around £10 for my last set and I've had them for years. I believe that the Alpine ones are supposed to be pretty decent too. I take them everywhere I think there's likely to be prolonged high volume. I've even worn them at the cinema!
  4. Definitely an elephant hawk moth. They can get quite large. I remember having the bejeesus frightened out of me as a kid when I went to pick up what I thought was my purple Dodge Charger Matchbox car and almost grabbed hold of a moth the size of my hand!
  5. I do have permanent low-level tinnitus, but for the most part, I have learnt how to deal with it. It had got bad enough for me to see an audiologist who explained that although my ears weren't damaged, once you get to around forty years old, your brain starts to lose the ability to filter out sounds that you don't want to hear. Ever noticed that you can no longer pick out just one conversation in a loud room? That's age for ya. What he did say was that it is possible to train yourself to ignore it and while it is counterintuitive, it is can be done. Most days my tinnitus is easily ignorable, though the road noise from a car journey will kick it off. Although i I did start wearing "flat attenuator" ear plugs at concerts quite some time ago, I really wish I'd done it sooner and for those younger gig goers here, for Pete's sake, PLEASE look after your ears! Cheers, Mark.
  6. Another one: Dovecraft ultimate clear acrylic craft glue is great for glueing canopies. You can get if from eBay for under two quid, posted.
  7. Currently listening to the raging tinnitus in my right ear, which seems to be a result of it being blocked by something. Probably going to do a DIY syringing soon. It's doing my head in!
  8. Yn Il I Annwn by Welsh doom/stoner outfit Mammoth Weed Wizard er, person whose parents weren't married. The name's a joke, by the way, a mickey-take of the kind of names normally used by doom/stoner metal bands. Unlike most of these types of band, where everything seems to be going well until the Cookie Monster starts singing, here we have some ethereal female vocals, Hawkwind style synth wibbles and the odd bit of cello along with the down-tuned guitars. On paper, I probably shouldn't like it, but somehow they pull it off.
  9. A Valom 1/72 F-101A which was on offer. I am aware that the kit has some issues, but it's not like there are a lot of options in this scale.
  10. An Xtrakit Meteor F.8 and a couple of Eduard paint masks for RF-4Cs, as they were going cheap.
  11. One to look out for: Bartoline Low Odour White Spirit also turns Humbrol and Colourcoats enamels into a glutinous mess. It's fine for cleanup, but nothing else.
  12. I finally got around to listening to Low's Double Negative album in its entirety. While it's not what I'd call an easy listen, and it's certainly not for everybody, I think it's an astonishing record. There haven't been many albums released this century that I'd say were ground-breaking, but this is one of them.
  13. Speaking of thinners @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies is there any news on the ETA of the Sovereign thinners? :-) Cheers, Mark.
  14. A Spitfire, probably AR501 and a '109, probably a Buchon went over about 20 minutes ago in formation.
  15. I'm in the process of building the first of mine, and I'm finding the same issues, especially with the cockpit parts. The instrument panel is way too thick to fit into its recess (preventing the fuselage halves from closing), the rear bulkhead needs some hacking to get it to fit into the tubular frames and it looks as if the triangular frame which sits between the two frames will need a fair bit lopping off for it to fit. I think I'll probably add mine from underneath after having glued the two fuselage halves together. I may even scratch a new one. Not that much of it can be seen! The front part of the radiator housing looked like it was designed for another kit, being way too long. Oh, and a couple of the parts in the wheel wells needed just over 1mm trimmed off for them to fit, which is a bit weird, as the rest of that area fitted perfectly. Maybe I was expecting too much, especially having read glowing reports on this very forum. But when some of the parts fit so well, encountering others that really don't is definitely taking the shine off this kit for me. Cheers, Mark.
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