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  1. lasermonkey

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    An Apache heading west and then back again about an hour later. Quite low, too.
  2. lasermonkey

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Another Eno fan here. There's two albums by him and Harold Budd (Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror and The Pearl) that I have listened to, at least in part, pretty much every night since 1984! I find them almost mandatory to get rid of all the "white noise" in my brain if I have any chance of getting some sleep. I think that Another Green World contained pieces which would pave the way for his ambient works. Becalmed, in particular, is heartbreakingly beautiful. He's one of my favourite thinkers too. The world could do with more people like him.
  3. lasermonkey

    Airfix 2019

    I also find myself in the position where an increasing number of Airfix kits are becoming out of reach. It's not a gripe, it's a simple statement of fact. I've bought very few new Airfix kits over the past couple of years, and those were heavily discounted. I think the last couple were a Gnat starter set from Aldi and a Swift which I got for £11 posted from Jadlam in a flash sale. It doesn't seem that long ago that Airfix was my first port of call if I wanted a kit that balanced what I wanted from a model, at a price I could justify. Don't get me wrong, if Airfix need to sell a kit at price X to make it viable to them, then I understand that's what they need to do. However, when one looks at what the likes of AMK and Eduard can achieve at their price points, maybe you have to wonder whether Airfix are getting the right people to produce the kits. Striking the balance between what's in the kit and pitching it at a price that's attractive to both the hardcore modeller and the pocket-money/impulse buy/gift market (which, if I understand things correctly, makes up the bulk of their market) seems to me to be incredibly important. This does make me think out loud about a model such as the forthcoming Wellington, which looks to be utterly exquisite and has everything including the toilet, but realistically, how much of that can be seen and therefore, how much of that is really necessary? How much of that extra detail pushed the price over thirty quid? While some of you may well be laughing out loud at someone apparently complaining about too much detail, it may be worth bearing in mind that this isn't the be all and end all to a good many modellers. To put things into context, I suspect that most people who build models rarely or never buy any aftermarket detail sets. I'm sure it will be a fun build for the experienced modeller (and I'd love to have a bash at it myself) , but I can't help but think that the price will exclude it from the "pocket money" market and certainly to those of us with limited budgets. As I said, I'm just thinking out loud, but I do think that it's a point worth discussing. Or TLDR: does Airfix understand their market sufficiently? I wish Airfix every success, I really do. We live in uncertain times and it's always the manufacturers of what are essentially luxury items that get hit first and hardest, as I know all too well from personal experience. Cheers, Mark.
  4. lasermonkey

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Just heard that producer/mix engineer David Bianco has died. He was responsible for producing some of my favourite records. The man really knew how to make a record shine. RIP Dave.
  5. lasermonkey

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    If I'm not sticking bits of plastic together, I'll either be out naturewatching, building guitar effect pedals or playing guitar, bass or synthesiser. I like to write and record my own music in my home studio. It'll either be downtempo/ambient/electronica or dreampop/shoegaze. Either that, or curating my collection of polystyrene packing chips!
  6. lasermonkey

    What have you purchased / been given

    After years of getting constantly outbid on Spey-engined Phantoms, I managed to get a Fujimi 1/72 FGR-2 which had a buy it now of £19 posted. That's my budget blown for this month and last month (I didn't buy anything in May) but as I'd pretty much resigned myself to having just a couple of F-4J (UK)s to represent the RAF's Phantom fleet, I'm rather chuffed. It it goes some way to make up for the bundle of new and used Gunze products that I won for a steal earlier, only for the seller to cancel the transaction. The seller is a bit of a newbie, but you just can't go and pull a sale just because it didn't make what you'd hoped for. I'm guessing that they don't realise I can leave feedback......
  7. lasermonkey

    The best acrylic paint

    In terms of coverage, ease of use and repeatable results, the now discontinued Aeromaster/Polly Scale acrylics by far. They're easy to brush or spray, have good opacity, don't lift if you look at it a bit funny (I'm looking at you, Vallejo!). It was a terrible shame that they were discontinued, as nothing else I have tried was as reliable. I have to say, I think that Vallejo paints are awful. The stuff beads, pools and I struggle to get it to stick to anything! Misterkit paints are even worse. Whilst Tamiya paints give a better coverage, I find them too grainy (whatever I do, the finish is too rough for my taste). You've seen how Lifecolor can be hit and miss. Although I have some of the new formula paints, I haven't got around to using them yet. I kinda get the feeling I probably won't bother. Ultimately, I've gone back to enamels. Yes, they might pong a bit more than *some* acrylics, but choose a decent brand such as Sovereign Colourcoats and you'll have consistently good results and an unmatched choice of well-researched, accurate colours. Enamels also have the advantage of being far more consistent to use across manufacturers and have far fewer foibles. All of this, of course, is just my opinion, but i have to say, the painting stage has been far less stressful since I went back to enamels!
  8. lasermonkey

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Had a Spitfire, probably MH434, fly over yesterday. We don't have big skies here in Bedfordshire and in my back garden, we're pretty hemmed-in. It's a very restricted filed of view. Despite that, just half an hour ago we could see three red kites and three buzzards wheeling around overhead at the same time. The buzzards are usually at altitude, but the kites, which are now very frequent visitors, come much lower. They've been mewing at each other and playing tag. Such beautiful creatures.
  9. lasermonkey


    Careful, now! You'll give them ideas!
  10. lasermonkey

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Back from seeing ChameleonsVox (that's Mark Burgess of The Chameleons with a new band) at Bedford Esquires. They're doing a tour to commemorate the 35th anniversary of their debut LP Script Of The Bridge and played the album in its entirety. It took them quite a while to get going. The songs seemed too slow, too polite and lacking in intensity. It wasn't until they played A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days which was dedicated to Sophie Lancaster, that the band suddenly seemed to wake up and play with conviction. From then on, the gig was great.
  11. lasermonkey

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Earlier this afternoon a Hawker biplane, either a Demon or a Hind, flew overhead. I didn't get to my bins in time to get a positive id.
  12. lasermonkey

    Alternative range?

    I was hoping for a range of scale 12" chequered paint (1/72 of course!) for 8th AF fighters.......
  13. lasermonkey

    Lifecolor paints?

    If you're brush painting, it might be worth investing in some acrylic flow aid to help it brush out. I found that in the absence of flow aid, water with a teeny bit of washing up liquid mixed into it did pretty much the same job. As with all new paints, it's best to experiment on something other than your latest creation!
  14. lasermonkey

    Lifecolor paints?

    Ah, the Lifecolor paints I had that dried up were bought before 2008. I stocked up with them when my local model shop had to replace the Aeromaster range which had just been discontinued and switched to Lifecolor. The last ones I bought were in the 5xx range and are still good. I think that they must have changed the formula at some point. Still, after having wasted a not inconsiderable amount of money on them, I'm reluctant to throw any more in their direction. Once bitten, and all that!
  15. lasermonkey

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A few days ago we had a Spitfire overhead. Yesterday the BBMF Dakota flew over quite low, followed later by a Grumman Wildcat. So far today we've had a Dragon Rapide doing circuits, PA474 right over the house at 750ft tops () and a Lysander just a few moments ago. I'm heading out to the garden armed with my bins and a pint of IPA.