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  1. A couple of Hasegawa Jaguar GR.1s off eBay for something of a bargain. I really lucked out there, as no one bid against me. I love it when that happens!
  2. The Osprey Elite Units book on the 479th FG.
  3. An Academy 1/72 F-15C off eBay for an exceptionally good price. This will be built as a 48th FW machine. All I need to do now us work out what modifications are necessary for the MSIP upgrades.
  4. I'm now two episodes into series 2 and loving it! Cheers, Mark.
  5. An Airfix 1/72 Blenheim IV (new tool), as I need one for a bit of a local history project.
  6. Around ten years ago I remember yelling at the television that I'd had quite enough of those insipid, fey, remove every last vestige of emotion, acoustic covers of classic songs that the ad agencies are so fond of. Alas, nothing has changed and those vile, loathsome, soulless dirges continue to pollute the airwaves. It fills me with an unspeakable rage.
  7. After receiving the refund for the shonky Kits-World decals from Hannants (great customer service from Kim!) I have made another order, including a Superscale sheet of 357th P-51s that I already have, but this time so I can harvest the necessary G,4 and B for Chicago Gun Moll, who has been patiently awaiting her codes for some time now. The remainder of the sheet will come in handy as a source of stencils, codes and national insignia for other projects. I also ordered some more Eduard paint masks and, after much examination of the online images, another Kits-World sheet. This one has one each from the 356th FG and 357th FG and as there are very few options from the 356th (I'm not entirely sure why, given their colourful markings), I didn't feel like I had much of a choice. I'd be interested to know of any other 356th decals out there (although I have the old Aeromaster sheet with Bobby Socks and the Microscale sheet with Jersey Jerk). Another Suffolk-based unit that doesn't seem well-served is the 353rd. I've found very few examples of 353rd machines which is a terrible shame, with those lovely black and yellow chequers. Come to think of it, the 364th and 479th aren't exactly well represented either. Edit: in the time that Hannants responded, offered me a refund, me sending the decals back and Hannants issuing the refund, I have heard nothing whatsoever from Kits-World themselves. A world of difference between the two companies.
  8. Humbrol colours for the Ta 152: RLM 81 Braunviolett (No. 251) RLM 82 Olivgrün (No. 252) RLM 76 Lichtblau (No. 247) The spinner is RLM 25 Hellgrün which Humbrol doesn't specifically do. No.101 Mid Green might get you in the ballpark. The interior was RLM 66 Schwarzgrau, for which I find that No. 67 Tank Grey will do. I'll echo Steve's sentiment that the Colourcoats paints would be the best way to go.
  9. @Lord Riot the various underwings (large yellow, lesser yellow, lesser broad-bordered yellow and straw) have been the most numerous visitors, along with willow beauties, marbled beauties, common wainscots and brimstones. I think my favourites so far have been the old lady and an incredibly cure canary shouldered thorn. I did see a scarlet tiger fly across the garden during early July, which was a bit of a treat. It's been a good year for butterflies. Nothing out of the ordinary, but good numbers of whites, red admirals, gatekeepers and painted ladies. Not so good for small tortoiseshells, unfortunately. Edit: the Mrs and I were at the Sandy Lodge earlier and I heard an unfamiliar sound in the distance. Through my bins I could see Shuttleworth's resident Albatros D.V on a test flight. I've never seen one before, certainly in the air and as it's my favourite WW1 aeroplane, it was a welcome and unexpected treat!
  10. I grew up in Cambridgeshire, so was used to seeing the aircraft from Alconbury and Wyton. It was rare not to see a Canberra, RF-4C, F-5E or Nimrod, not to mention the odd Varsity, Harrier or raspberry ripple plane from Thurleigh. It seemed like everything went quiet all of a sudden, even if it didn't in reality. I have to admit, I miss it terribly, even if I don't miss the Cold War tensions of the time.
  11. @Lord Riot my wife works for the RSPB and she was hoping to borrow a moth trap from work, but sadly that didn't happen this summer. I have been thinking about building a small, portable trap using powerful LEDs (one UV, one green and one blue) which can run from a battery pack. I know that they aren't as good as mercury vapour or actinic lamps, but people have reported some success. In any case, all I have at the moment is my shed lighting with my UV insect zapper on the inside of one of the windows, safely away from the moths. While it might be considered better than nothing, I did get eighteen different species on one night. Sadly, the past few nights have been very poor, with just one night where I had any moths settle (in this case, a pair of garden carpets) though I did get a brief visit from an impressively large old lady moth.
  12. I was on the Alley Cat website the other day and there was a notice that the clear resin items had been temporarily pulled due to quality issues. Obviously that doesn't help you, but it does seem that it has at least been acknowledged.
  13. I bought the Bomber single as a kid on blue vinyl, natch. A Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters release would be fun.
  14. @keefr22 Hannants replied and offered me a full refund for the Kits-World decals. That's excellent customer service. I've yet to hear back from Kits-World themselves. Cheers, Mark.
  15. I had the camera in the garden with me today, as I knew there was a show on at the nearby Shuttleworth Collection. I managed to get a few snaps: Dragon Rapide Skyranger 912(?) from the nearby microlight airfield. They're not usually this low.... Talking of low..... She wasn't squawking today and when I heard her coming, I rushed into the back garden when I should have gone in the opposite direction. The black line at the bottom of the photo is my roof. I literally had to point, shoot and hope for the best. a few more microlights, such as this Cirrus SR22.... ..and this Renegade Spirit. There was also this glider.... ..and what I suspect is a B787... There were some other wingy things too such as one of the local red kites... ...one of many butterflies, this one being a red admiral that settled for a while.... .a common darter dragonfly.... ...and a few moths from this evening. I have become rather interested in moths over the past couple of months and though I have no specialist equipment, I have managed to see and identify getting on for fifty species at home, with another fifty at our favourite holiday destination. This one is a double-striped pug and is quite small, having a wingspan of maybe 14mm. This one I haven't ID'd as yet.. ...and finally a common wainscot. These are one of the more frequent visitors to our garden and it's a rare night that I don't see one. Any other moth fans/lepidopterists on here?
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