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  1. Emphasis on the BPF with the odd Eastern Fleet sneaking in. East Indies Fleet is a bit far from home so I'll be avoiding it
  2. Gun spouts and gun bays on our FB.11 original and untouched.
  3. Fury and Sea Fury gear wells were painted Hawker yellow, never ZC or silver as has been noted incorrectly many times Hawker yellow was used as a primer by Hawkers on all internal surfaces of Furies including engine bays gun bays and gear wells. This is confirmed by my observations of several unrestored aircraft (VW.647 VW.623 VW.232 & WG.630) Gear doors were usually the underside colour
  4. Firefly Mark 5 (You were expecting me to say Sea Venom werent you)
  5. Long term plan to do the BPF birds in 48th with a couple of variants of each. What I have so far Corsair - Tamiya Hellcat - Eduard / Otaki Avenger - Accurate Miniature Barracuda - Special Hobby Firebox - Grand Phoenix / Special Hobby Walrus - Classic Airframe (will be turfed as soon as Airfix shows up Expeditor - Revell What did I miss?
  6. I may be able to assist with some references
  7. Fairey Battle, followed by the Beagle Bassett and the Wildcat. Discovered Frog kits not long after but surprisingly never had a Sea Venom til Matchbox bought theirs out.
  8. Flag officer home fleet wanted to purchase a new residence as the old one was quite the dump. She discovered this place that had a games room and a very large garage with a smaller attached. I got those and she gets the rest. The garage is where I do most of the plastic butchering though it gets frosty in winter so the smaller is being converted into a air conditioned den of man stuff. Considering decorating it in the style of a wardroom on an RN BPF carrier Forgot about that one, best make it three then! One funnel web, one mouse spider and many many hunstmen, all dispatched rapidly usually with a 10 ounce ball pein hammer
  9. Should I point out I have 2 man caves?
  10. Dont have an issue with a sizable stash. As long as the bills are paid, the kids and critters are fed and the lawn mowed I'll by as many as I like. Finishing something may be a different matter
  11. 874/ NZ 6216 is at Omaka Museum 880 / NZ 6255 is at Nowra Draken got 6 of the ex RAN aircraft
  12. Looks like Melbourne at midday
  13. Well said that man.
  14. I gets an email on Sunday that says "Have a look at this cloud dive thing, there's heaps of stuff there you'd like" So I have a look and its been put up by a "mate" Some awesome photography and loads of detail shots of Sea Venom's Fireflies and such. Shame they were all my work, bigger shame is the "mate" not giving a shred of credit. Stupid me thought copyrighting everything was a waste of time. I came very close to deleting my photobucket account entirely, had it not been such poor form to break threads in a few peoples builds here it would have been history. Words fail me on this one.