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  1. Sea Venom FAW-53 WZ.907 "What does this button do?"

    Historic Flight was shut down in 2015, done finished kaput. The assets belong to RAN Heritage command as does all RAN historical items. Whats happening at the moment is other Government departments are taking what they want as is normal practice for disposal process. Nobody wanted the ex RAAF Dak, it was another of those idiotic ideas somebody had years ago. Had they looked after their own Dak they wouldnt have needed that POS. A couple of aircraft have already found new homes (CMA is assisting with technical support) Others will be moved around. A lot of museums are waiting for the disposal process (us included) but the paperwork is still sitting on a desk in Canberra so we'll just have to wait. The Trackers been in preservation for at least 2 years, the story was it was waiting on certification but there was a bit more to it than that. I dont think HARS would have been a good idea, there were a few people at Nowra who were uncomfortable with it. I've chatted to a few people from Albion park who have said their biggest issue is a lack of qualified bods (LAME's) Adding a couple of high performance warbirds into the mix may have been an issue. The worst part of this whole sorry saga is the demise of the RANHF after so many people put so much time into building it up to what it was. When we kicked off in 1985 we were doing an airshow nearly every second week and still holding an in house day once a month. What I saw at the end was one solitary Huey waltzing round while the rest of the collection gathered dust or was left to rot.
  2. Gannet decommissioning salute

    I'd think the one wing folded was done the same way as done with Sea Venom. Select fold then start madly pumping the hand pump while a couple of bods hold the wing you want to stay spread. The hand pump moves such a tiny amount of fluid it doesnt take much to distract it. The reason for the delay of one wing on power spread is the little lockheed hydraulic pump being unable to cope with the sudden demand on the system thus one wing starts moving then the other when the system pressure rises again (again same thing with Venoms)
  3. Sea Venom FAW-53 WZ.907 "What does this button do?"

    Of the 3 that were at Nowra WZ.931 went to the South Australian air museum (she was the stripped one that used to be parked up by the museum) WZ.937 the "Nirimba Venom" is on display in the museum, its had a "restoration" some years ago and was put back into its 808 squadron colours. The restoration was not of a high quality (the fabric covering on the pod was replaced with fibreglass, unfortunately they fibtreglassed over everything including lift points access panels etc) Its missing a pile of bits which CMA is assisting with the replacement of) WZ.895 NVY 870 Cecil, dont get me started. I wrote a history of her for young Bills thread, nothings changed since then. As for inadvertent floats Ive suddenly forgotten how to speak English.
  4. Sea Venom FAW-53 WZ.907 "What does this button do?"

    The Historic Flight isnt being disposed of, lets put that story straight to bed. The Historic Flight has been disbanded for reasons that I wont go into here, that happened some time ago, What is happening is all the assets of both the Historic flight and the RANFAA museum have been audited and there will be a disposal process later this year (if your aren't a bona fide museum you wont get a look in) Some stuff has already found new homes. Lets just see what happens.
  5. Sea Venom FAW-53 WZ.907 "What does this button do?"

    Not this one, she's the last RAN Sea Venom that's still as she was when she paid off. Far too valuable to risk damaging (just like our Firebox) Theres always WZ.897 and WZ.TBA for making smoke and noise with
  6. I'll buy a couple of Sea Furies even though I detest the things and I'll get a Hunter for no reason than supporting Airfix. I hope they make a pile of cash and have the resources to do something I have interest in. However reading some of the comments regarding the releases I'd suggest a stock up of family sized bags of boo hoo or a 1/1 scale bag of cement.
  7. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Because its representative of an in service RAN Sea Fury If one was to look at RAN Sea Furies in model form one would quite easily think we only had two blue ones and the over represented VX.730
  8. Airfix 2019

  9. WZ.907 after I got her electrics sorted. Ok its a game of Hangar pilot but what the hell
  10. Firefly Mk. IV cockpit questions

    "My" Mark 5 is black in both cockpits, I'd be pretty sure a 4 would be the same. The Quickboost gunsights are fine The cockpit for the SH 5 is a bit off as they recycled a lot of arts from the earlier Mark 1 kit. The two of them are actually quite different especially on the starboard side. This is a short fillum of me powering up VX.388 after I'd restored the leccy bits
  11. Slat retaining strap fitted to an A-4SU Thanks to Nev Maw from the Friends of the RAN / RNZAF Skyhawk facebook group
  12. The slat lock is a simple red nylon strap. It has a small flat hook on one end that clips on to the trailing edge of the flap and a "pip" pin that inserts into the under wing jack point. If I can find a pic I'll post but its a rare beast, the only time we used them was when an aircraft was left on the flight line and it was windy (the August westerlies at Nowra are fearsome)
  13. Sounds like Danni and the Venom again.