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  1. Ha, you've rumbled my cunning plan!
  2. Sounds perfectly awful,
  3. Naughty step, off you go.
  4. I'll be 6.5 Venoms in October.
  5. The first photo was taken 4 Venom's ago, do try an keep up
  6. Nah
  7. I can help with that, I've got lots of good sailor words PS: If it does become a bit much your Mikeness, I'm quite sure there'd be those of us who'd put a hand up to assist in whatever way shape or form (Bags not the Rottys though, awful dog)
  8. After a recon of the site in question I'm dismayed by the antics of some who I thought were decent chaps. Some of it looks like a good old game of oneupmanship, well done those people well done indeed. (thats sarcasm in case its not known in your village) Back stabbing and snide remarks are all very well and good from the safety of a keyboard and is a known habit of the creature "Internetus jellyfishus" As for the individual mentioned earlier all I can say there is grow the hell up, your behaviour is that of a 12 year old schoolgirl miffed over some playground dispute. It may be true that I push my luck here on some occasions and have been growled at by our resident ground pounder but seriously if I can stay within the rules it aint that hard. Suggest the whiners go purchase a few bags of "Harden up Princess" or "Suck it up buttercup" and sod off and leave the rest of the nut house alone. Myself, my devastating wit and my endless supply of Air Force slag offs will be staying right here. I will however take cash or paypal to keep my dreadful offspring away
  9. Wired shut to prevent a loss of control if one of the slats decided to stick, as they were wont to do. Could get untidy very quickly in close formation work. Two ways to fix a sticky slat, one could do it as per the book by removing all the access panels then adjusting and shimming the tracks until it worked smoothly or Stand up on the drop tank, make sure your watch Chief isnt looking and kick the bejesus out of it until it worked. If this didnt work then go get the book.
  10. Hammer, nail and head.
  11. Let me just answer my 3 id confirmation questions 1. Ed Heineman is God 2. A & 4 3. Air force. Nope definitely me
  12. Dammit! Thought I escaped this time
  13. Can somebody PM me the offending site / post etc. I promise to behave myself
  14. If one watchs the 1970's classic fillum "Midway" during the major battle sequence one will see a 109 roaring across the sky pursed by a certain Supermarine product. As Hollywood is known for its uncompromising accuracy the 109 and the Spitfire both took part in the Midway theatre without question.
  15. Just to throw a feline amongst the roof rats I quite like tho old Otaki Hellcat. With a replacement office and engine it scrubs up quite nicely.