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  1. How to build a Sea Venom the hard way

    Inner wings arrived at the museum on Friday, battered corroded but quite restorable. I've located booms, tailplane engine cowls and the tail cone off the wreck we recovered (they had been moved to another site) and it looks like they are available to us. Once I pick them up and scrounge a pair of tip tanks 897 will officially be a complete aeroplane again
  2. How to build a Sea Venom the hard way

    I'll be leaving the pre owned fuselage pod in the paint it came in, to preserve the work of those that came before me and secondly (and more importantly) not incur the wrath of my preservation orientated Director. The wings etc will be repainted and then hopefully weathered with cordite and a sublte hint of OX-38
  3. Best 1/48 f4u-1 kit

    I've seen this comment a lot of late (must be Corsair season) but something I've not seen mentioned is the woof in the Academy fuselage when viewed in profile It appears to be bent somewhere in the middle (appears quite clearly on the box side pic) and looks almost like it has sagged. The canopy shape is wrong and highlights the bent fuselage. I couldnt get pass this on mine and passed it on to an unsuspecting modeller. The other Academy Corsair (reboxed Hobbycraft) isnt too bad except for the misshapen windscreen. I quite like the older Hasegawa 4, purely because its fun.
  4. Italeri Dakota Mk.III

    Dont be too worried about exact matches with colours on Dakota's. Its a proven scientific fact that there are no Daks/C-47's/DC-3/ Goon's/Bikkie Bombers that are the same
  5. two-seat venom and vampire - visual differences?

    Cyberhobby made something that vaguely resembled a Venom shape, even Trumpeter would say that kits a bit off. To answer the OP Different aeroplane entirely, new wing booms & tail plane Heavier landing gear Fuselage pod longer Larger circumference engine cowl as the Ghost is a lot bigger than the Goblin Some commonality with systems and black boxery but nothing airframe or engine.
  6. Airfix 2018

    I thought crystal crackers tool kits were a deck of cards and a tea mug. I best not say to much about electrical as I spent a lot of my Naval career slagging leckies off now my day job is Electrical team leader for Komatsu Mining. Yes I have turned to the dark side.
  7. Airfix 2018

    I'll admit to using a shifter from time to time (usually as a disciplinary instrument/projectile in my workshop) but a lump hammer. what do you think I am? One of those Khaki wearing ruffians?
  8. Airfix 2018

    Steve wants to stop hanging round with you lot! There are those out there who prefer the lesser Air Force version but I am not amongst their number
  9. Airfix 2018

    Oh alright then Now no more clues, you just have to nut it out yourself.
  10. Airfix 2018

    I'll pay that one, it were proper funny
  11. Airfix 2018

    Hmmm. let me think
  12. I have one of these in the box of doom. I know not what they did with it but the wing fairings on the fuselage are so out of whack fitting the wing in nigh on impossible without hacking and relocating bits to make it work. Bit dissapointing as its a loverly little aeroplane
  13. Calling all Venom & Vampire experts

    1. Hydraulic tank 2. All the Venoms variants had 4 x 20mm cannons 3. The Maintenance manual has, I only have my PDF copy at the moment my hard copy is out on loan 4. Black.
  14. 1/48th Airfix Meteor Fmk8 - due 24th March

    I do like to see my name on such things but mention of the museum may have been better. I've become a bit more touchy about such things since I had to ditch one major aftermarket player for using us as a personal reference library.
  15. RAAF MB326H Macchi gunsight help needed!

    I've got a diagram from the manual, I would upload it but Photostuffit isnt working at all and if I try any more with flikr I will cheerfully beat the computer to death with the keyboard. Drop me a PM and I can email it to you.