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  1. Humbrol 74 is near as spit to Hawker yellow. In reality it bears very little resemblance to sky and is quite different to YZC or its modern equivalents. Unfortunately it doesn't photograph well, at least not with my bodge skills
  2. Panel line is correct Berna decals make a very nice decal sheet for this kit. It has two very nice FAW.21 options that would be perfect for your build https://www.scalemates.com/kits/berna-decals-bd-32-08-sea-venom-faw21-22-royal-navy--998052 On a point of order, I've never ever, even when fully Sailor drunk, "poo ted" in my life. Honest Chief
  3. I do appreciate the gesture but it would be extremely poor form not to tell you that the cockpit of our 53's were a lot different to the 22 than Matchbox would have you believe This is WZ.907's office, original and unsullied (The observant among you may note she is power on) Your superb cockpit is FAW.21/22. Thought I'd best mention it so you can make a call. Bit of trivia: My current restoration is WZ.897, it was one of the decal options in the Classic airframes kit. The Revell kit option is WZ.906 (Incorrectly quoted as 724 squadron, its actually 808 squadron around 1957/58) The kit originally came out as WZ.902 when first released by Matchbox. As 897 was totally gutted when I first started on her I've had to scrounge a pile of bits. She now has the voltage regulators, main circuit breakers and a few other parts from WZ.906 installed, most of the missing panels came from WZ.902 and I have 902's instrument panel hanging on a nail in my garage wall. 6 degrees of Sea Venom separation!
  4. Airfix fuselage grafted onto a Trumpeter wing
  5. Its one of those obscure things that only a Venom tragic like myself knows. Dont worry about it, I'm sure nobody heard
  6. Specific to the single seaters only, the patches round the gear wells were fitted after cracks in the structure and catastrophic wing failures The bits on the gun bay door were long metal strips and only fitted on the Swiss FB.50's (There's a pair of them in our museums storage)
  7. The "cylinder type thing" is the deck hook accumulator, the missing part inboard of that would be the engine fire bottle (both sides) The leather strap at the top of the pic is storage for spare starter cartridges, two each side.
  8. I asked her, she said she doesn't know you
  9. Panel lines. The joints between sheet metal are quite fine and not that noticeable in this scale, rivets are countersunk and disappear under paint. Access panels are highly visible on Sea Venom's as they were almost always started onboard ship with the wings folded and the turbo starter exhaust makes a pig of a mess. Well used Sea Venom's have a very black stain on the upper surface of the starboard wing from the exhaust. The underside can be covered in leaks (2nd generation gas turbine & British will ensure such) , lots of big panels under the wings that are quite visible.
  10. To prevent further wobbles you can always PM me if you get stuck (Cept for the chicken,I know nowt about them)
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