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  1. I thought the dress of the day was black jeweled battle shorts?
  2. Paint jobs sorted, changed my mind on the paint scheme and went for a European theatre as opposed to my normal diet of BPF. Decals from the Special Hobby kit wot got broke. Oh dash and tarnation (or words to that effect)
  3. Let me know what bits you need, I've a dedicated Skyhawk spares box
  4. Well this is a bit embarrassing, last time I posted anything in this thread I had one grandchild. Now I have a horde of them! I've actually done a bit and got some jam on the thing. Its needed quite a few touch ups (don't we all ) the paint refused to stick in a couple of places and was the sole cause of several profane outbursts. Its had a coat of clear and I'll have a go at decalling the beast tomorrow.
  5. Wing fold jury strut goes in the wing fold, the red bit in the below shot The footstep would clear the RATOG pack
  6. I'm concerned that I may have to spend time with family. You have met my daughter
  7. NAVY870

    What's your day-job?

    Met my first A-4 at the tender age of 7 at an airshow at NAS Nowra in 1969. Decided there and then I wanted to work on them. Joined the RAN in 1980, first squadron was VC724. Worked on Scooters Macchi Wessex frontline and an old one or two at the Museum and Historic Flight. I did get distracted by a certain de Havilland product. After I left the service I retrained as an electrician, which was odd since I spent a lot of my previous career slagging off sparkies now I are one! A fairly nasty workplace accident in 2002 saw me off work for nearly 2 years. These days I'm an electrical team leader for Komatsu building underground coal mining machinery.
  8. NAVY870

    Dicky boost pump

    Thanks for the well wishes chaps Its a small blockage in one of the supply lines for my ticker, I have to go back in June to get it cleared out. My 2 year old Granddaughter led me through the hospital to the car park telling everyone she was helping Poppy not fall down! At least I get to have a whinge about it, a lot of our family didn't.
  9. Looking at the relevant publication there is no limitation on weights on the wing for power folding My pockets are full of Sea Venom's, if there was a Fury in there the oil leaks would ruin my trousers. Humbrol 74.
  10. As per AP4018A & B -PN there are no limitations on weights for power folding the wing (not that you'd do it manually) RP's could be loaded with the wings folded however getting a thousand pounder up there would be quite the trick. I'd suggest the aircraft were loaded, power folded with the engine pump then pushed back on the flight deck.
  11. NAVY870

    Dicky boost pump

    This getting old crap sucks!
  12. Rumbled! Now fitted in the correct down posi!
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