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  1. Mike Leave it up, its fine. Cheers
  2. Ah yes, the serial offending Mr Brendan Scott Told yes he can take photo's of our aeroplanes but they are for personal use only and not to be published. I believe he may have not been truthful when he agreed to the terms.
  3. NAVY870

    Aussie wild fires.

    Our district has been told its better if we aren't here today message. Wife and young son have headed to daughters. I have Land Rover on standby and welding gloves ready to catch the cats.
  4. NAVY870

    Aussie wild fires.

    Some food for thought: I took this on the 6th of December from my workplace. Its what has become know as the Green Wattle Creek fire, it had been burning for a week or so and is just hitting Nattai village near Warragamba dam. Here's the same fire (and the one that's been trashing the Blue Mountains) 24 days later as predicted by the NSWRFS. I'm in that red patch near Bowral. It didn't get us, the view from my back yard was unpleasant The camera brightened it up a lot, it was actually dark as the inside of a dog (About 2pm on a summer afternoon) 808 Squadron was busy down the coast rescuing people This puts it into context (these numbers will get a lot bigger) To be blunt, a lot or people have died and a lot of homes destroyed. Tomorrow is going to be far worse than December 31 and very likely more people are going to die and many more homes lost. Who's fault it is irrelevant,having a internet warrior fight over it is pathetic. Grow the frack up.
  5. NAVY870

    Aussie wild fires.

    New years eve was as close to hell as I'd like to see. At my work place I watched the smoke from the Green wattle creek fire erupt out of nowhere when the north westerly started blowing My house is about 10 k's away from work and looked to be directly in it, early exit was called for. Getting home it was raining burnt leaves and ash and the sky was indescribable. To the south the Currowan fire was just hitting (and wiping out) Lake Conjola and lining up Nowra Hill, it took out a few houses there and knocked on the door of RANAS Albatross. Watching the two pyrocumulonibus clouds forming over both fires and joining up was not something to forget. In our area one village has been wiped out with major property loss to many others Down the far south coast people have no power, phones or running water and are running out of fuel and food. Some places have been given the order to evacuate now. 1300+ house have been lost and 3500 other buildings and worse 7 deaths with 11 still missing. Weather conditions are expected to go south on Saturday with conditions as bad or worse than December 31. Not out of it yet.
  6. NAVY870

    Frog/Novo Comets

    Scored one of each of these old dears, the Frog is an original 1958 issue with the tube of glue and the wee jar of paint. The Novo is complete bar the windscreen but unfortunately the decals are shagged in both of them. Are there such things as aftermarkets for such treasures? Ta
  7. Y' hear there. Broken links at the start of this thread will be repaired sharpish. That is all.
  8. Not accurate but I figure if your spending all that money on a warbird you can paint it what you like.
  9. Hasegawa's A-4K does some of the outside bits but none of the cockpit upgrades All you can build from that boxing is an early K. Or if, like me you enjoy a bit of irony you can build it as an A-4G.
  10. Hasegawa A-4E/F is the base kit you'll need To build an accurate Kahu you'll have to scratchbuild a new instrument panel and higher glareshield. You'll also have to add the various lumps and bumps fitted as part of the mod and slime lights. Best place for reference: http://motty.hobbyvista.com/A-4s-01/Kiwi-Skyhawks-01.html
  11. Pretty disappointed with some of the comments left in this post. Not what I would expect on this site, poor form indeed.
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