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  1. I wouldn't mind one in the fleet but I must admit to being a bit gun shy of HK after the properly awful Meteor. I'll watch n wait.
  2. No ship mates, just my opinions formed from my times working on them. Did I mention that I worked on Sea Furies? And Skyhawks, Sea Venoms Macchis Wessex Fireflies aTracker, C-47s Tiggies and a few others. Wasn't sure if I'd noted that previously.
  3. Front and rear cylinders share a common pipe. The rear cylinder connects to a "Y" piece on the underside of the pipe. As its very hard to see, some fairly wild assumptions have been made in the modelling world.
  4. Rubbish The connecting rod is part of the rp launch rail and is always fitted. The second tier connects to the upper rocket, not the rail. I'll post something out of the manual after my work day is done.
  5. And here's me thinking it was the leaking, unreliable looks like it was drawn by a ten year old ill mannered poorly laid out hard to maintain or actually get to anything that needs regular servicing without crossing a mine field of pointy sharp things after you get the most totally daft panel fasteners that were thought up by a complete sadist complete swine of an aeroplane thats nearly impossible to get into without the dexterity of a mountain goat probably safer to stop on the ground anyway as the thing will probably turn itself off and deposit bits of itself and you or bits of you it some farmers field and a only claim to fame of being right quick if it'll keep running and oh wow look I shot down some North Korean chap who was probably not paying attention and playing with his phone stinkin Sea Fury!
  6. Annoyingly the flap selector is marked "Up, Take off, Max lift and Down" Take off is 20 degrees and is only used for unassisted take off. Max Lift is used for cat shots and is 40 degrees by the rigging chart in the maintenance manual.
  7. Red as its an 805 squadron aircraft 808 was EDSG
  8. Bought a Wessex sprue from them, cost me about 15 bucks all up. No issues at all.
  9. Ahoy Shipmates I have a request from one of my contacts seeking information on the sonar installation on RAN Wessex for a project. The original fit I believe was the Type 194 as fitted to the sister RN HAS.1's The B models had the American AN/AQS-13. IF any of you chaps have pics or drawings etc ones gratitude would be boundless. Cheers
  10. This is the only pic I have is these pair "spinning a dit" From memory the overalls are green, outer helmet is silver, inner is light blue and the life vest is orange.
  11. I've a soft spot for the Heller Javelin after making a reasonably non excremental attempt of it back in the 1980's I have one residing in the stash so I may be forced to watch this thread with interest and swipe ideas
  12. There a couple of unruly looking ladies at the door asking if they might be able to join that party
  13. I am, how ever I've been bitten by various pointy bits, leaked on (oil and fuel) stabbed by lockwire / split pins various and almost flattened by one of the flipping things Tends to disincline one from sharing the love. You'd be surprised to know I consider the Sea Venom to on the somewhat ugly side of the street, they make up for it in character. If you want a looker I believe our friends at Douglas will steer you true.
  14. Definitely a Centaurus (hateful things) and definitely from a Tempii. Different back end to a Sea Fury (Speaking of hateful things)
  15. Heaps of ex Pussers round here Shipmate, Wait til the next post with a hang excrement on the crabs section and watch em appear!
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