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  1. Aircraft side numbers were never carried under the wing The only numbers that were ever applied under the wing was the aircraft serial number.
  2. Nope but I'm pretty sure they wont be at "RNAS Nowarra"
  3. NAVY870

    Sea Venom WZ944

    You might be surprised, I'm seriously considering packing the whole thing in. The shennanigans and goings on in aircraft restoration does my head in!
  4. Put the ammo covers on the toolbox
  5. Ours were never modded, probably because ours never flew at the higher AUW's the Pommie ones did. The Airfix kit just needs the bulges shaved off, the legs are fine.
  6. Hawker yellow like wot you dun. Its a later service mod after a second oleo section was added to the main gear to eat up the higher landing forces
  7. NAVY870

    Sea Venom WZ944

    Ex 724 target tow bird, went to the Mildura warbird's museum in 66 after it was struck off charge. Sold to Dennis Sanders in the US sometimes in the 1980's where it was restored to flight and put in a somewhat dodgy RN scheme. Its owned now by a group called Forgotten Warbird's and is in the care of John Hammon's Ultimate Aviation. The owners are a fine bunch of chaps who foolishly use me as a long distance technical advisor.
  8. NAVY870


    Humbrol gloss coat sprayed a bit on the wet side should see you right. Just be gentle
  9. NAVY870


    There's no simple test you can do on the electric interweb thing that will give you anything more than a vague idea. My own tests took several months to come up with the correct diagnosis, this "on the spectrum thing" is a misnomer. Everybody is on the spectrum only most people are on the neuro-typical end. I only found out after my son started going to school, he was showing some autistic behaviour which a lot of people noticed and I didn't see at all. After he got diagnosed it was suggested that I might get done as well, didn't get off my fundament until last year to get it done. I thought I was just a very odd bad tempered chap who wasn't over fond of humans in general. One of the first things you hear when discussing autism with other who are it is often feels like your from another planet (explains why I've been known to call myself a Cylon) Turns out Autism and Aspies isn't illness or such, its basically a different operating system, best way to describe it is like running Mac in a Windows world. We see the world and process information quite differently to neuro-typicals. Some days it works quite well and others can easily overload the system. That never ends well. PTSD and the other bits came from living in an abusive household as a child, coupled with the aspie's inability to read facial expression etc created a childhood I wouldn't wish on a dog. That left me so screwed up for so long. The joy of PTSD is you live continually in survival mode, everything is a threat. That gets tiring. On the plus side if I didn't have Asperger's I wouldn't know so much about Sea Venom's and such. I don't think I'd like that
  10. NAVY870


    I have Aspergers and high functioning autism. I also have PTSD, clinical depression and anxiety disorder. This is why I'm no fun at parties.
  11. I had a look through the mess I call an archive. WH.589 definitely had them, WH.588 may have but its not very clear.
  12. Black and only the area covered by the canopy when its closed.
  13. Madams out clevered herself there, A.163 is the painting instructions for Sea Furies general As the blue ones were a one off scheme it was done under an STI as these were raised to covered either "fix it now" issues or single time changes. For example the 3 Ikara Sea Venoms were covered under an STI since it didnt affect the entire fleet. Simples
  14. Overall Oxford Blue including gear doors and legs. The gear wells remained in Hawker yellow. Blue interior on the flaps and the flap well. I actually had the STI for painting these two birds in my grubby mitts back in the early FAA Museum days, do you think I can find the bugger now?