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  1. I've got the maintenance manual and pilots notes for these things in the heap, turned up in a box of other stuff I bought.
  2. Tempest and Sea Furies are very different aeroplanes that look similar.
  3. I can get said dimensions off our aircraft but at wont be for at least a month
  4. Unfortunately for us Douglas thoroughly muddied the waters by backdating the spoilers, nose wheel steering and other goodies to the A-4E. The only real way to be sure is to check the Bu number
  5. Ray The Hobbyboss kit looks like a down scaled clone of the Trumpeter 1/32 kit. Other than the retracted slats theres a couple of other pooches copied from its bigger sister Main gear legs are way too long, makes it look like its had a parade boot up the jacksie. Main wheels are all over the shop Intakes are under nourished Cockpit is sparse, rear bulkhead shape is well off No bent IFR probe, Ours had the bent probe before the chequer board fin was applied It has the rear under fuselage chaff dispenser only Landing light on each MLG door, should be
  6. The wing fold will happily operate with a 500 pounder hanging off each wing The reason why they weren't often loaded with RP while folded was mainly because it was an awkward and dangerous operation to be trying to slide the things on whilst hanging like an ape from the wing Much more civilised to do it wings spread
  7. There's very likely still some of my blood on that thing We attempted to get in running many years ago but the electrics were completely shot
  8. Humbrol 74 guys I put a lot of research into this one when assisting Airfix and so did they.
  9. I have it on good authority the missing molds were eaten by bears. Bears can be quite unruly and are known for eating things.
  10. Information park for de Hav's finest. Perennial favourite, whats under the rear windows Port side: No1 Generator voltage regulator and hydraulic tanks Starboard side: No2 Generator voltage regulator, main circuit breakers and a dirty great shunt resistor
  11. Was there ever a replacement canopy? I have the double boxing that came with one and a bit canopies.
  12. I obtained a UHF controller for 897 that was supposedly from a Chippy. Looks like the 170 and 1751 may have the same controller. Thanks for the info. Cheers
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