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  1. Which one? You have the FAW.20 that's different to all the others The FAW 21 pre and post ejection seat FAW 22 and the FAW.53 again both pre and post bang seat. Lots of difference between them
  2. I have a maintenance manual for the T.5 and some pics from XG.888 at Nowra, I'll have a hunt and see what I can find
  3. The Sea Venom and the Vampire has zero commonality between airframes, the only interchangeable parts are beyond the realm of what we tinker with. By "We" I mean you lot I'm forever tea leafing bits that may fit
  4. NAVY870

    A good mitchell

    Had a look at my pair, panel lines on both are fine. The canopy was a drop fit. I have another in the stash to do as a USN anti sub bird, I'll have a look see how it lines up. There has been an evil thought of mine of combining the wings n bits from one of these with a Monogram J to make a decent RAAF bird.
  5. NAVY870

    A good mitchell

    I've built two of the AM kits, one in the Italeri box and the second from Academy. Both were quite easy to build, the only ill fitting parts were the engine nacelles to the wing and that was a simple fix. The cowling openings are undersize so you can either open them up or use aftermarket (Avoid quickboost, they are undersize in diameter)
  6. Or Mrs Monkey has put him on stoppage.
  7. I may have  a handle on the 1/48 Aeroclub kit of the Venom NF. 3.  IT sure looks a lot like a Sea Venom. 


    What wold it take to make it into a Sea Venom besides markings?  Navalization: Tailhook, different gears & wheels.  What else????





    1. NAVY870


      Main landing gear including doors, deck hook and the extended tailpipe fairing. Wing fold, tip tanks and most of the cockpit 

      Just a few minor things

    2. Corvi


      OH I see  Those would all have to be scratchbuilt.  The kit does come with tip tanks--Perhaps they can be modified??   the biggest hurdle seems to be the canopy  It is distinctly more bubble shaped than the NF.3.


      The other items maybe modified ...the wheels maybe a problem too.


      May just wait for a proper 1/48 Sea Venom...maybe Airfix will get to it after the Vampire series??  the prices on the CA kit are ridiculous over 250 U.S. Dollars


      Thanks fro your reply!


  8. Arrived today, looks like some seriously quality kit in this little blue box. Service was top notch as well. I think Mr Parkins will be seeing some more of my coin.
  9. The old tart was full of Rotax gear, I believe its not water and bird excrement proof
  10. I'd find it interesting what the life expectancy of one of these things had old Adolf done something with them other than talk about it. The Royal Navy practically invented the Aircraft Carrier and it took them quite a bit longer than a few years to learn how to operate them effectively.
  11. It'd have to be a reasonably sized tactical nuke to take out a Landy!
  12. Yes Everyday I turn up in the miserable dump.
  13. I have many names for 434, none of them pleasant. Gannets have a circuit breaker panel beside the pilots right arm that has a hinged lid. This allows breakers to be quickly reset with the flick of the elbow. 434's electrics were so bad I got RSI from resetting the flipping thing!
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