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  1. Hi Alll What is the easiest way of removing chrome plate from sprue / parts ? This is my first Ebbro build . Although my experience with Tamiya where ,the application of bleach has been successful , the Ebbro seems impervious. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks Dave
  2. Hi All, Just received one of the above ,and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of detail research ,or a 'How To '. I'm particularly intrested in adding extra wiring and plumbing ,and of course any advice on colour of components etc. TIA Dave
  3. Many thanks …..Wish I'd asked the question before! Happy modelling
  4. Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before .Can you recommend the best way of replicating aerial wires that appear on the early Spits and Hurricane . All advice gratefully received T I A Dave
  5. HI All This may have been asked before : CMK and Valom have conversions for the Mossie. Does anyone have any experience of these ? TIA Dave
  6. Picked a tip up from this forum.... Bleach ! Soak for a half hour or so ,rinse and there you are , Dave
  7. Thanks Red 5 .Checked it out but unlucky ! Great site..What a lad....Takes his work seriously then ! D
  8. Many thanks for the tip .I did not know about liquid carrier film (or even seen it in the UK ) but can see the possibilities ! The trouble is , the original decal sheet is covered with minute wrinkles ,which I thought could be overcome by careful wetting but it just 'shattered' like a sheet of glass!! I'll have a look on internet .but may leave it in unmarked condition ,pretending this is how Big John himself saw it in the Lola showroom...(lol ) Dave
  9. Hi All Any help and advice gratefully received, Just finishing Tamiya Lola T160 in Team Surtees colours but have found that the decals are disintegrating pretty much straight away. Is it possible to source replacements ? TIA Dave
  10. Hi All Apologies if this is in the wrong section . Have any of you used this range and how would you compare them to Alclad2 ? . I have used some of these on a model car parts and was pleased with the result , but not sure how they would look on a airframe though TIA Dave
  11. Hi All Could you please share the best way to cut PE mesh to size and shape ? Thanks Dave
  12. Hi All Getting down (At last !) to my Tamiya Lola T160 Can anyone give me an idea of the inside/underside colour of the bodywork mouldings ? Thanks Dave
  13. Great work Rizzo I am inspired. I have picked up a Rob Walker 72 on e-bay and aim to finish it in Graham's colours. Can I ask what paints you used ? ( Including the monococque and exhausts etc and any detail up sets ) You have laid down the marker Regards Dave
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