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  1. In two minds over this one. I understand that people like happy snaps but there is always a down side. Our time capsule Avro Anson got trashed internally after some idiots decided to let themselves in "for photos". Tore the seats apart after dropping their sizable butts in and managed the knock the cap off the main spar. Then there's the low life bottom dwellers who like to pretend the are taking aeroplane pictures but are in reality taking shots of parts etc. Amazingly we always get very specific requests for rare parts soon after. Not a lot of a certain Hawker product resto projects around these days.
  2. The bulkhead in the 30/31 is in the same location as the non bang seat equipped aircraft but it does not have a large vertical cut out as often thought. The cut out is heavily slanted, it is small at the bottom are larger at the top, the seat sit in roughly the same position as a non bang seat but is heavily slanted back.
  3. There's a definite gap between the top of the blind flying panel and the lighting panel. Its not that big though. Somebody needed new batteries in the calculator.
  4. There to align the gear when it retracts into the bay, there's a corresponding spigot on the main wheel
  5. Brother Sailors never have to post question, they get to PM for personal service. I have no knowledge of this "hole" of which you speak, p'raps you could point? Cheers
  6. A-4G N-13 154903 882 of VF 805 Squadron Royal Australian Navy 1982. Hasegawa 1/32 A-4E/F converted to a G. Black box cockpit, load out is a mix of Tamiya and Trumpeter. Intake bungs covering a truly woeful intake paint job are Steel Beach. Jam from Humbrol Model Master and SMS. Decals are Hawkeye.
  7. The mistaken identity story is a load of old codswallop. VX.730 was written off after a nasty belly landing at Callala beach and was struck off charge. We had the AWM bird in very unrestored condition at the RAN Historic Flight and the only bent bits it had were the wing fillets where some goit tried to sling it when lifting it. What it did have was the serial VW.232 all over it. A case of wishful thinking. On the plus side you've done a very good job on a very underrated kit.
  8. MRH-90's, tigers and the Spartan have all been a nightmare. Safe to say the ADF has had enough of Eurotrash, no wonder we went for the US subs.
  9. There's one of these things taking up valuable real estate in our little play ground. I can post some interiors if you like.
  10. Same sprue in both kits so yes it will.
  11. The cabin floor in our museums aircraft is wood.
  12. Best looking tank ever to pound ground. Very nice build.
  13. I find that thing so ugly it reminds me of a few poorer choices I made whilst on shore leave But, if it gets the younglings into this hobby of ours then it can only be a good thing.
  14. One of my contemporary's. Quite a knowledgable chap.
  15. I'll need aftermarket transfer case, transmission rear seal front wheel bearings and some uni's. Oh wait, we're talking about a model, not my box. My mistake
  16. Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 VW.623 102/K of No. 805 Squadron, Royal Australian Navy. VW.623 was the first Warbird I ever worked on back in 1980 not long after my first posting to VC.724 Squadron. I soon woke up to myself and skidded off the the other side of the hangar where a certain twin tailed deHavilland lovely resided. Fisher Model & Pattern kit in 1/32 with added engine bay and wing fold WEM paint for the main colours, Humbrol 74 for the Hawker yellow and decals from the stash.
  17. I wish Only 2 of ours ended up in museums, 880 is at Nowra and 874 is in a museum in New Zealand The rest are still earning a crust with Draken International.
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