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A work colleague in the 80's who's parents were Czechoslovakian, used to visit Prague regularly. In those days, the only way to get there was via Moscow and usually on an Aeroflot aircraft. He used to tell us about some of the more bizarre things about their aircraft. One was the lighting inside the cabin. One of the lights wasn't working properly, so a steward came along and changed it. They used screw in bulbs!!



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I remember reading of a couple on an Aeroflot flight where she refused her seat as it didn't have a seat belt. So he swopped with her.

She was happy then, so he didn't tell her that her new seat wasn't actually bolted to the floor.

And it wasn't unusual to have a whip around for money amongst the passengers to buy bits to fix the plane.

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Reading an air-crash investigation some years ago...

One of the old Soviet (60's-70's) airliners had seats which were quite robust. There was a horizontal structure running across the lower back of the seat ( "strong is good!" ) but failed to deform in the event of a crash...

Net result was if you survived the crash, you were unable to walk due to having both legs broken from the seat in front of you.

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