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  1. whatever the management decrees
  2. No different here. I moved to Orange (about 250 km north-west of Sydney) a bit over six years ago. I recently had a real estate agent ring me promising to get me DOUBLE (!!) what I paid for my place when I bought it. Even allowing for the puffery that inevitably goes with the real estate game, that's not a bad return over that period. I declined because (a) I'm more than happy where I am, to the point where the only way I'll move out is when I'm nailed up in a box, and (b) if I did move, I'd only have to buy back into what is clearly a seller's market, and any gain would vanish into the purcha
  3. Yet another example of more money than sense - both to buy something like that and to deck it out thusly!
  4. where dissatisfaction is guaranteed
  5. Easy solution: record the racket, then play it back to him at max volume - at about 2.00 am. Shouldn't take long for the message to get through!
  6. Let me be the first - I'd prefer it in 1:72 ...
  7. Just finished rereading John Wyndham's The Kraken Wakes for the third or fourth time. The style is a bit dated (it is more than 60 years since the book first came out, after all) but still a great yarn. I've now started The Hail Mary Project by Andy Weir. Not far in yet, but looks to be every bit as good as The Martian, which was a cracker!
  8. Australian-built Tigers had plywood covering on the wing leading edges, top and bottom, on upper and lower wings, extending back to the front of the spar.
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