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  1. Fairley Fruitbat GR.XXVIII. You heard it here first. Seriously - a 1:48 Meteor T.7 would be the dog's. And, looking at the B.2 kit, a Vulcan B.1A is not beyond the realms of possibility - two new frames for the wings, replacing Frames A and B in the present release, plus a supplementary frame with the early tail cone and early undercarriage, and that's about it. Pretty well everything else is there now. And a 1:72 Canberra B.2/B.20 with a properly shaped nose ...
  2. Fortunately, Greg's not a politician, but rather a retired senior public servant who's writing about a subject with which he is very, very familiar. He was instrumental in forming a large group of similarly qualified individuals who have done a lot to heighten public awareness of the climate change problem, including the public shaming of many of our decision makers who have been dragging their feet. The signs are now becoming more positive that Australia may even take a position which doesn't accord with the dictates of the coal miners ...
  3. Or Flowery Twats, or any one of the other anagrams that appeared on the sign at the beginning of the show!
  4. I forgot Edge of Darkness - great edge-of-seat viewing! And how could I have overlooked Red Dwarf ...
  5. You're a brave man, putting up all that glass at this stage of the project - if it were me, I'd have had a length of 4x2 through at least one pane by now!
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