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  1. with guaranteed volcanic reaction
  2. Moonbeams from a larger lunacy, probably, but it has always seemed to me that a useful conversion set would be a York fuselage with Manchester wings and tail unit. Add one Lancaster kit and suitable instructions and you have two complete models.
  3. "Purveyors to Nobility, Gentry ..."
  4. I had one on back order at the Big H; I was notified about a week ago that it was in stock. I immediately confirmed the order and paid via my credit card. I've since had an email from Parcelforce to say that it's in their system. Normally that means I'll get it in about 7-10 days - probably next Monday or thereabouts. So Hannants had them for a brief moment - clearly they had more back orders than they had supplies. As others have said they will come good eventually, but not before Airfix gets more kits to them. Your guess is as good as mine as to when that might be!
  5. it must have been (If you can remember it, it wasn't all that good ...)
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