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  1. Well, George Vl still had a few years left in him when I popped into the world on this day, as did SWMBO (but she beat me by 10 hours) So we've been out and polished off a three course meal at the Porte Bleu, consisting of Tempura Gombas, followed by a 200gm Aberdeen Angus steak, followed by a chocolate fondant, and finished off with an Americano. I think the phrase is "Stuffed!" John (SWMBO's toy boy).
  2. Hi Francis. It's good to hear from you again, and thanks for your comments. Many thanks Ed. I try to explain how I do things, but sometimes I get carried away and I worry that I'm boring everyone with my waffle. I just hope that the waffle is clear and understandable. John.
  3. Now I'm going to disagree with most of what has been said, mainly because you say that this is your first time back in the hobby for 40 years. Some of the manufacturers mentioned are not who I would recommend to someone in your position. I don't know what your skill levels are, but the likes of Miniart, whilst excellent models, have literally hundreds of parts, some minuscule. To help build your confidence with your first builds, I would recommend something from Tamiya. The fit of the parts is usually excellent. One of their best kits is the fairly recent M4A3E8. It's a great kit. One of their older ones, but equally as good, is their M51. Other manufacturers that I would recommend are Takom and Asuka, especially the latter. But whichever route that you go down, enjoy yourself. Have fun. John.
  4. Nice work with the etched brass Nenad. I agree with you. The ET sets are very good. The tie down loops on their Sherman sets are actually usable. John.
  5. Just beat me to it! Both M3's very nicely done. John.
  6. Welcome aboard Simon. We should have a dedicated thread for the Sherman, along the same lines as the one that exists for the Tiger. I was going to say to you, until I read your edit, that Dragon have a habit of including whole sprues that only a couple of items on it are needed for the kit in the box. Meaning that there are often looooooooadds of unused items which may be of use to you in the build that you want to do. Check any info that you can get hold of on whatever tank that you want to build, but more often than not, a lot of Shermans in N.Europe were fitted with the more common T54E1 tracks. But as I say, check your references as there were a lot of anomalies. John.
  7. Nice work Stef, and well done for surviving all of that etched brass. Good luck with the move. John.
  8. Good man. We need more AFV modellers on here. Welcome aboard. John.
  9. Ah, well. With the right amount of weathering, a plain colour can still look attractive. John.
  10. Sorry to interrupt all of this wingy thing talk, but here's a novel suggestion that would possibly light up a few AFV modellers. How about a new, state of the art, 1/35th scale model of an IDF M50. All we have at the moment is the rather long in the tooth offering from Dragon. OK, back to wingy things. John.
  11. Nice work Kristjan. I especially like the look of the cover on the horn. John.
  12. That sounds about right. If you were making exhausts, you can overlap the joint and squeeze it together with a pair of pointed nosed flat pliers. It's also good for tarpaulins and of course, straps. I also make some of the brackets for the pioneer tools from the material. The one on the axe on my M50 is pewter. John.
  13. I look forward to seeing the whole shebang in cammo paint, because the gun looks great. John.
  14. Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was supposed to have an MRI scan on my hands, but the idiot system went and cancelled it, without my knowledge. So now I have to wait until 29/10 for another appointment, and Ozzy Floyd are performing on the 24th. Hopefully next year. John.
  15. Yes, that's why all of my old photos on here appear just like yours do. The only way that you can see them is to click on the link and then click on the centre of what come up. Too much faffing around so I moved over to Imgur. Very easy to use. John. PS. Sorry, forgot to add, very nice work on the AVRE.
  16. Great work with that engine cover, and the radiator should look equally as good when it's finished. Nice work. John.
  17. I usually see them at the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend, when I'm back there. To see the whole audience, on it's feet, all singing along to Comfortably Numb, is something brilliant. They're performing there next month, but due to medical appointments, I can't be there. John.
  18. I decided the call of the turret was stronger than doing anymore on the 1/48th M1. Turret. The first job that I did was to try the lower part of the turret from the Dragon M50 kit, into the turret ring on the M4. No surprise that it didn't fit...too big, but fortunately, not by much. So a few turns around the inner surface of the turret ring with a sharp blade, removed enough plastic to enable the turret bottom to fit in the ring. Trouble is, because I was gripping the hull so tightly in one hand, both strips on each side for the sand shields, came adrift. Two steps forward, three back!. I'll glue those back on later. Before assembling the two halves of the turret, the ventilator on the bustle needed removing as after I alter the rear end, it would be out of place. So it was removed by drilling all around and the slicing it out with a 10A blade. I'll deal with that a bit later on. The hole was backed up with some card and then filled with a circle of 1mm card. Once the upper and lower halves of the turret were glued together, there was work to do on the rear bustle/counter weight. Checking the kit's turret against the drawings in the Sabingamartin book, Lioness and Lion of the Line, it appears to be slightly too narrow, and the rear should be more pointed than rounded. So I cut out two shapes, roughly similar to the sides of the bustle, from .5mm card and glued them in place. I also removed all of the moulded on detail on top of the bustle as well as the mouldings for the searchlight plug and the commanders sight base. Then I built up the rear edge with some thicker card, to give the rough shape. Once I was satisfied with the shape, I then built it all up with Milliput. It was then put aside to harden. 24 hours later, it was time for the bit I hate....endless rubbing with wet and dry. After about 45 minutes work, I was reasonably happy with how it was shaping. But it was going to need some more Milliput. This was applied in the areas where the shape wasn't quite right. So more rubbing with wet and dry tomorrow. I might have to do something about those weld beads down the side of the bustle as they appear (to me) to be a bit too wide. That's it for now. As always, thanks for looking and for your comments. John.
  19. Thanks Roger. As always, I appreciate your comments. Thanks Stuart. Yes, if I can get my a**e into gear, that is the intention. In fact, I'm trying to get it finished before the armoured car group build starts. Many thanks Ed. Yes, that's the beauty of using pewter foil for the straps. Easier to bend than etched brass. Evening Steve, if you're still up. If you've already gone to bed and you read this tomorrow, Morning Steve. Thanks for taking the time to wade your way through my wafflings. I hope that it wasn't too boring (I can run on a bit at times), and I do take it as a compliment. Thank you. Thanks a lot Darryl. As I said to Ed, I use pewter foil, cut into strips. So much more easy to handle than etched brass. Many thanks Stef. It's as if you were in the room watching me. Tweezers are definitely my go to tool for doing this work. The very pointed nose variety. Wouldn't be without them. Thanks again everyone for your comments and likes. John.
  20. Me too, although I was never lucky enough to see them live in concert. I know that it's not the same thing, but have you ever seen the tribute band, Australian Floyd? As tribute bands go, they are one of the best. Not sure, but I think Gilmore went to see them once, or did I just dream that? John.
  21. Excellent work on the Berlin cammo. And the weathering looks just about right. Nice one. John.
  22. Nice work with the exhausts Simon. Another material that is excellent for that kind of work is pewter foil. You can buy it online. John.
  23. I see that I'm not the only one heading for madness because of tiny details. It's looking first rate Roger. And I'm with what had been said by others. I prefer to scratch build my stuff, but It does have it's uses for some items. Besides, lashing out £300 for a printer, deprives me of at least three kits. John.
  24. I usually just scroll through the aircraft section, and leave a "like" at the end, but every now and then, a model just jumps out at you as amazing. If this was a kit, it would be brilliant, if it was a larger scale, it would be brilliant, but 1/144th, and scratch built???? That is truly amazing. One of the best aircraft that I've seen on here. Very well done. John.
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