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  1. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain.

    Well, we know what your sexual preferences are then!
  2. Bullbasket

    RAF Mechanical Transport Fleet

    Superb collection of braille scale soft skins. John.
  3. Bullbasket

    MAZ-543 & SCUD-B (1/72 Toxso)

    Some great work there, considering the scale. Nice one. John.
  4. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain.

    I think that the Gallic scammers are active again. For the second time in a month, I've received an email (supposedly) from Orange, telling me that I have a voicemail message on my mobile and if I click on the link, I can hear the message. It's accompanied by a box saying that the sender would like a receipt for the message. The phrase, "go forth and mulitply" immediately springs to mind. I have one of these £2 (YES £2) mobile phones for which only my family have the number, so why would this "person" have my number? Nice try. Could do better. John.
  5. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain.

    Once again, I'll see your grump and raise you. Watch actors/actresses when they have to carry supposed heavy suitcases. They heft them around as though they are made of paper. What do they teach them at drama school? At least put some bricks in the case to make it seem as though it's full. John.
  6. I built these models around 30 years ago (when I could still see without glasses). They are a mix of 1/72nd and 1/76th. Nothing was built OOTB, and I added some stowage and some scratch built items. First up is the Airfix M3 Half Track. As far as I can remember, this was completely OOTB with added stowage such as the camnets made from bandage soaked in dilute PVA glue and stretchers made from tissue/PVA and plastic rod. In those days, I didn't bother with drilling out the headlamps and filling them with clear plastic, just painted then silver! Another 1/76th model from Airfix is the Austin K6. Using a set of well known plans (which I can't remember the name of), I built the signals body to mount on the back. One thing that I wasn't happy with on this one was the glazing, or lack of, because there is none in these kits. I tried using MicroScale's Chrystal Kleer, with mediocre results. The CMP 30cwt was scratch built on a cut down Airfix chassis and wheels (I can't remember which one). Once again, this was built using plans and was a fairly easy build due to the fact that there are no curved parts apart from the front mudguards. The canvas tilt is tissue/PVA. It did win it's class at the IPMS Nationals one year, but to be fair, there was only one other entry in the class. The Deuce and a Half, is Hasegawa's offering in 1/72nd. The only things added to this one are the stowage items, rear view mirror and the tie downs on the lower edge of the canvas tilt. This final one is labelled as a Zis 5. I don't know a great deal about Soviet WW2 trucks, but I built the Italeri Zis5 in 1/35th scale, and it has the squared off mudguards as opposed to the round ones on this model, similar to the Gaz trucks. Maybe someone more knowledgeable on Soviet trucks can tell me if it's correct. Again, OOTB plus the added load and glazing. Thanks for looking. John.
  7. Bullbasket

    1/72nd Soft Skin Collection.

    Many thanks. Sadly, it's never likely to be added to due to the fact that the scale is just too small for me nowadays. John.
  8. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain.

    Many years ago, I use to work for Shell at the refinery in the Thames Estuary. Each shift, the food wagon used to come round with meals and supplies such as tea sugar etc. The tea was a brand that I'd never heard of, Fannings. There were three different types , Fannings 1,2 & 3, and it turned out that the name Fannings referred to the fact that the tea had been blown and the dust/ small leaves that came off of the conveyor belt were then graded, 3 being nothing but pure dust. Needless to say, we only ever bought Fannings 1. John.
  9. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain.

    Mostly, I avoid tea when I'm out, because I'm very finicky when it comes to the wonderful beverage. If the establishment gives you the tea in a mug and a small jug of milk on the side, that's fine. But if they are going to put the milk in for me, no thanks. I don't like weak tea, but equally, I don't want to be able to stand my spoon in it. I do add milk, but it is only to just give it colour. I absolutely HATE milky tea. Here in France, I'm afraid to say that they have no idea about tea making. That's not said as a French bashing comment. It's just a fact. Ask for a cup of tea and the chances are that the tea bag will have Liptons on it. Liptons couldn't produce tea if they tried (and clearly they don't). As an example; a few years back, my wife had to go into hospital one day for a procedure. When she came back to the ward, the nurse asked her if she would like a drink. She asked for a cup of tea with milk. What she got, and I kid you not, was a soup bowl size container, filled with lukewarm water and milk, with a (Liptons) tea bag stuck in it. Come on! At least boil the water. Coffee here though, is a different kettle of fish. When we first came here, I wouldn't touch the stuff unless it had milk in it, what the French call a Grand creme. But over the years, I've come to really like their coffee. They'll give you an Americano, cappuccino, latte or whatever, but if you just ask for a "cafe", you'll get a black coffee, similar to an espresso, but not as strong. To me it's lovely. John.
  10. Bullbasket

    Nearly clear!!!!

    Really good news Simon. I know what an anxious wait it can be for the news. John.
  11. Bullbasket

    IDF Collection so far

    Nice collection that you've got going there Lloyd, and with another Merkava to add to it soon. I agree, there certainly is something about IDF vehicles. My collection is three Shermans with a Tiran 5 and another Sherman to add soon. John.
  12. Bullbasket

    Tiran 4 Late Type. 1:35

    I'm setting myself up here to be shot down again, but although this is a Tiran 4, it doesn't have the 105mm gun. I believe that it's the Russian 100mm with the fume extractor at the end of the barrel. Over the weekend at the Saumur show, I picked up Miniart's Tiran 4SH Early Version, which is the version with the M68 105mm gun. The decal sheet contains markings for four IDF tanks and the kit comes with a full interior. To illustrate just how much plastic is contained in the box, I have Takom's Tiran 4 kit which tips the scales at 713 grams, and admittedly there is no interior with it. The Miniart kit however weighs in at just over 1350 grams, almost twice as heavy. This certainly not a weekend build. John.
  13. Bullbasket

    AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    A method that I've seen tried before, and the results were good, was to use an old horse hair paint brush with most of the bristles removed. The stiffness of the bristles allows you to drag across the surface and leave "scratches". John.
  14. Bullbasket

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    I only get up at 4am for really important things, such as having a long drive to a model show, (or if my bladder wakes me up).
  15. Bullbasket

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    One of the things that drew us to where we live in France, was the peace and quiet. When my brother-in-law visits, he stands outside and just laps it up, enjoying the "noise" of the silence. "Rush hour" in the morning is when the school bus comes through, and then again around 3pm on it's return. A traffic jam is when two tractors meet on the road going in opposite directions. It's not all peace and quiet though. When the ring neck doves start cooing outside my window at dawn, my patience does wear thin and I contemplate ringing the necks of the ring necked doves. John.
  16. Bullbasket

    1/72 Academy Hawker Tempest 'Newchurch Wing'

    You've captured the raw power of the original perfectly. Nice one. John.
  17. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain.

    Unfortunately, the French don't seemed to have taken on board the concept of takeaways. I would kill for a decent Thai takeaway. Macd's and The Colonel are all over the place, but Thai or Indian, no chance. As for "all you can eat", sadly it just brings out the worst in some people. Many years ago, we went on one of the Sally boats from Ramsgate to Dunqueque, and the restaurant was a Smörgåsbord type of thing. I was gob smacked at the amount some people were piling onto their plates, only to waste 50% of it. To be honest, I don't see how the catering establishments can make money from them. Oh hang on. Didn't Sally go bust? John.
  18. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain.

    Whoa! You do realise that means going back up the scaffolding??
  19. Bullbasket

    Takom IDF Tiran 4

    I have to say that I am not normally a fan of tank kits with interiors, as even with every hatch open, most of the work can't be seen. But there isn't a great deal of price difference between the interior and no interior kits, and I wanted this one as it has the 105mm gun and IDF decals. It's a hefty kit, certainly the largest box for a 1/35th tank that I've ever bought. I will do a WIP for it when I get around to it. I have four shelf queens to finish first, and then I want a crack at the SKP A30 Challenger. John.
  20. Good luck with that Clive. It's not called Braille Scale for nothing. Nice start. John.
  21. Absolutely brilliant work. A piece of miniature engineering. John.
  22. Bullbasket

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Still looks very good. It's shaping up well. John.
  23. Bullbasket

    What have you purchased / been gifted

    Didn't get as much as I wanted at Saumur today as nobody had the etched sets that I wanted. But I did pick up Miniart's Tiran 4 SH Early Type with full interior. Lovely looking kit. John.
  24. Bullbasket

    Takom IDF Tiran 4

    Hi Lloyd. Just a little to add to the earlier point about the hole in the glacis plate. I was a t Saumur today and had a look at their T-54 and 55 which are side by side. The 54 has the hole as per the Takom kit, and the 55 has the hole with a plug in it, attached to a chain. Also, I picked up Miniart's Tiran 4 SH Early Type while I was there, and stangley enough, it doesn't have the hole. John.