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  1. Microsoft!! I've forgotten my password, so I filled in the little box which asked for my email address, and up comes a box saying that they have sent me a code to my email address, and I need to enter it on the page, so that it identifies me. Trouble is, it took over an hour for the email to come through, and when I went to enter the code, it told me that I was timed out. So, I tried again, and this time the email took even longer to arrive. What's the point?? John.
  2. Hi Marek, and welcome aboard. Good to have another AFV modeller. I like the look of your Matilda. It will look even better with some paint on it. John.
  3. And doing it very well. Brilliant detail work Vytautus. John.
  4. Mike, reverse gear already engaged. I've said all I am going to on this and if there is anymore, then the "ignore" button will be applied. Now, I'd like my thread back please. Nothing much to report on this build, as I've been spending a lot (maybe too much) time in the A/C. Oh, plus a little job in the garden.....building a barn. And @Longbow, thanks for your comments Lee. Now, where did I leave that hammer? John.
  5. Yes, I've had similar. I was given a Revell Crusader 1/35th, by a member of the model club that I was in, but he'd used the wheels on another project. An email to Revell, offering to pay for the complete sprues, and then a couple of weeks later, they turned up. Respect! Incidentally, my wife used to work in that factory in the 60's, before Revell took it over. They were known then as Bunde Glas. John.
  6. Well, I got part way through all of that rambling and nearly nodded of. You've already demonstrated that you are confrontational, and I'm not going to rise to it. I'll just say this. You seem to have lost sight of the fact that this is a hobby, not life or death. If I make mistakes, so be it, I'll live with it. So you can get on with just building models or carry on rambling. Your choice. If it's the latter, I'll just block your posts.
  7. Good to see this moving again. The weathering looks excellent. Nice work. John.
  8. And as they said in the program, they influenced a lot of acts. One such were the Hollies. Again, IMO, the best harmonising group (as they were called then, not bands). They even had Graham Nash confirming it. Yes, TOTS used to double up as an event place and a disco. John.
  9. Just watched the three programs which I recorded off of BBC4 on the Everly Brothers. IMO, the best harmonising due ever. I got to see them live in the early 70's at a small venue in Southend, The Talk of the South, or TOTS as it was better known. Our table was just feet way from them. They were absolutely brilliant. RIP Don and Phill. John.
  10. That turned out really well. The painting and weathering are excellent. John.
  11. Thanks Ben. That's a bummer if that is the case, as RB were top quality and best prices. John.
  12. Ejector pin marks are what correction fluid was invented for. John.
  13. Nice work Ozzy. It looks really good (Good to see you back here again. It's been a bit sparse just lately). John.
  14. Always interested in what your doing Vytautus. As Darryl said, a mini masterpiece. John.
  15. Thanks Darryl. I wouldn't say that it's easy, but it is enjoyable. Yes, it will get a turret. I've got to work out whether it will get the 8 or 9 sided turret first. I scratch built one for the Type 4 that I built a couple of years ago, and it wasn't a problem. I've just got to get hold of a couple of MG34s. RB Models don't seem to have any at the moment, so it'll have to be Aber. John.
  16. Thanks Vytautus, I always appreciate your comments. I have to admit, this type of modelling interests me more than actual kit building, but I have my limitations. John.
  17. Realising that I'd made a cock up with the position of the window in the rear plate. I removed it and made another one. This was easier than filling it in and cutting a new window. Once the new plate was in place, I made a second bulkhead, two side plates and the roof and glued them into position. When it had all hardened, I applied Milliput to all of the joints. Before moving on to the sloping part of the roof over the cab area, I needed to fix the engine side covers and bonnet in place, otherwise I could be left with gaps in the sides. I removed the moulded on grab handles and replaced them with ones made from .5mm brass wire, bent to shape. One last bulkhead to go, and then I can start to put some detail on it. Thanks for looking. John.
  18. Very nice job Stuart. I especially like the open blanket box on the rear of the turret, and the fact that you've lashed the stowage down. Nice one. John.
  19. You've done a good job with this one. Nice work. John.
  20. Thank you, but I was aware of the difference. I get my info from an expert, Dr. Robert Manasherob.
  21. Now that is something special. To achieve a finish like that in 1/72nd scale is remarkable. Brilliant job. John.
  22. Built in two sessions? The last time that I built a model that quickly, I think that I was about 9 years old. Nice paint and weathering job. John.
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