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    Oi, Barnsley English is proper English, nowt wrong wi' it!
  2. I can remember that being mentioned on a Timewatch programme many, many years ago. The programme was about the longbow and featured Robert Hardy, an authority on bows and archery. On the subject of knights and armour I recently read 'Agincourt' by Juliet Barker, very good book. In it she mentions that the French marshal, Boucicaut, could vault on to his horse and could climb the underside of a ladder in full armour. Perhaps it's the Olivier version of Henry V that has people thinking knights had to be winched on to their horses.
  3. I've just noticed the wording on the Airfix announcement page viz. Airfix presents our first selection of product announcements for this year. Am I reading too much into this or might there be further selections of products announcements, maybe at a toy fair? Am I being unduly optimistic? I'm happy with the kits announced, I'll definitely be getting an Anson and the 1/48 Spitfires, although I'll be waiting for a Buccaneer S.2B in RAF markings. Might also get the Devonshire and Fearless kits as nostalgia builds.
  4. Definitely going to get one of these, do love an Anson
  5. Delighted we're getting a new 1/48 Buccaneer, but I think I'll be waiting for the S.2B in RAF markings. Can't really justify buying two kits at that price, sadly.
  6. Interesting news from Airfix, and I'm sure it will sell well. Not for me, however, don't do 1/24, even a Spitfire would be much too big. Hopefully waiting to see what will be revealed tomorrow.
  7. No difference, just giving the facts, and I believe ;he claimed to be Dutch;.
  8. It does make you wonder what you have to do to end up in court. Yesterday SWMBO was watching a programme about catching shoplifters. A foreign gentleman was caught having left a shop wearing a pair of trainers he had not paid for. Eventually he admitted the theft and when asked for details gave ;his name and said he was homeless. The upshot was, he had his photograph taken, was warned not to enter that particular shop again and sent on his way, still wearing his new, unpaid for, trainers. Result for the shoplifter, I would think.
  9. Do you think he'll live long enough to write it?
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    Will the last work ever spoken be 'Why?' Hope that's not depressed everyone
  11. Looking at the background to the illustration there are clearly what appear to be Lancaster sprues, maybe, just maybe it's a hint for a Manchester coming our way. All right, I know I'm being optimistic, but why not?
  12. Personally, I've always liked this one
  13. Same here, they are big books, but judging from 'Stars In Their Courses', the writing will be superb. I have seen sets on ebay for affordable prices, but I doubt I'd live long enough!
  14. Great interview, Shelby Foote was a great talker. I have a copy of 'Stars In Their Courses', a superb book.
  15. I'd love a Manchester, even more than another Spitfire!
  16. And there you have the time-travel paradox! If you travel back in time to change history, you remove the reason to travel back in time because the history you want to change didn't happen, but it didn't happen because you changed it. I think. I don't think the author really thought through the changes that would have occurred as a result of the plan. Presumably with the Army in charge, Operation Barbarossa wouldn't have happened, at least not in the way in did in OTL, perhaps the German army would have made a better job of it without Hitler's interventions. It's also unlikely that Germany would have declared war on the USA, so if Pearl Harbor happens in this time line the USA is only fighting Japan, so no European involvement. Also, as you say, with no Holocaust the existence of Israel is problematic, possibly increased Jewish immigration to Palestine, and maybe a longer transition to a Jewish state. I did enjoy the book, though, and maybe the author should consider writing a sequel showing how he thinks history would have been changed.
  17. I say! Looks like old Flashy's in for a treat! Excellent, lovely paint work.
  18. I've never actually read any of this series, but I do remember the excellent French television adaptation a considerable number of years ago. I really should read them.
  19. That's very nice. I'd love to do a Vildebeest, but I've had too much heartache trying to rig 1/48 aircraft, I think a 1/72 would be beyond my powers.
  20. Well, you live and learn! I always thought rust was rust.
  21. I'm just glad I'm retired and don't have to put up with that bs. The organisation I used to work for would be quite likely to go for that big time. I try to avoid it by not speaking to anyone. Well, apart from SWMBO and I know her gender pronoun.
  22. Do U-boats have a special kind of rust? Just askin'.
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