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  1. Be thankful they did that. I sent a vintage Matchbox car in a small parcel size (about a fag packet size) and the postal service lost it. The buyer wasn't impressed as it was collectible (to him at least) and none of the parties involved ended up happy - seller, buyer, or the PO.
  2. 1: Does it include designed on earth but flown elsewhere... like the little flying thing now operating on Mars? [/Devil's advocate mode] 2: Good greif! Looking at the tiny amount of propellor blade outside of the cowling, HOW did that thing get enough speed to leave the ground???
  3. The amount of "fines" that would've been handed out for breaching protocols, would have been massive! The entire class fiddling with pens... A superb slapstick approach to fighter weapons school. Potentially as a consultant or test pilot for a manufacturer in a private capacity. Or some type of related story.
  4. Likewise, looking forward to it. Ward's reviews have been positive & the airborne footage simply screams "big screen" required!
  5. I doubt this very much. I have never seen a jigsaw with any form of adjustable "depth" function. The adjustment on the side is normally for blade undercut. Essentially this permist the blade to go down - then sweep forwards and up. The intention is for cutting long straight cuts this improves the cutting action. Normally 0 for blade "straight up & down" and other numbers for increasing amount of undercut. Edit: Just found this, which me help with the explanation.
  6. Don't forget that their weapons industry likes to know about any threats, so they can devise new measures/countermeasures to update any existing weapons platforms or build into new systems. It also seems that downed aircraft and weapons that didn't go "bang" (along with those captured by the Ukrainian Tractor Regiment) are supplying wonderful amounts of information to western nations...
  7. Everyone is taking advantage of the red systems "lighting up" and displaying what they have to play with. Intel gathering and electronic signature diagnostics will be a very busy occupation at the moment. Sending a message via courier pigeon will be coming back into fashion soon... Along with RT, they make two of the most unreliable sources of "news". A bedtime fairy-story would have more reliable info in it.
  8. A great start Mike! It amazes me that there are so many aircraft types out there begging to be put into production by kit manufacturers, but yet these are not picked up. Thankfully Dora Wings have done this on the big beast of a Vengance. Keep at it Mike, this needs to be finished.
  9. A good reference for modellers! (I'm still waiting for a good B model in 48th though) Israel have used their -35's in a recon role / elint capability for quite a while now. It has been interesting seeing Rivet Joint aircraft patrolling the border areas and there must be a massive amount of info being gathered in serveral different guises. Also, the standing locations of Voyager and KC- platforms would indicate that there are a lot of aircraft of all types, needing to be refuelled...
  10. I was a little surprised to find out that the James Caird survives and is in London. What an epic little boat with a huge history. What does interest me is the lack of paint on the hull of Endurance. It looks like bare timber when we know that she was fully painted. Having visited the Wasa, now that is an amazing spectacle! I will disagree here. I thought it was a great waste of resources. The artefacts are very interesting but the hull... nope.
  11. That's odd. The front of BN was at Hendon when I visited in '16.
  12. Chuck Yeager writes about that in his book and tested/confirmed the theory of ground effect over the flat areas of the desert.
  13. Really? I didn't know that was possible since the recoil spring tube runs down the center of the butt stock and it then has a fixed length screw fitting to hold the springs in. Perhaps the Argentinian version of the FN-FAL with the folding stock (para version?) had that varying stock lengths option?
  14. hairystick

    London museums

    Personally, I allow half a day for either of those three. I normally end up going back to Hendon twice, a few days apart, since I always find more interesting stuff to see (well I used to until the new layout - I haven't been since the changes... darned lack of international air travel *mutter, grumble*). On my last visit I delved into the WW1 hangar (not my field of interest) and found it most pleasant indeed! I do need to return to Blighty, since I "missed" the top floor of the Science museum! However I did find the top floor of the IWM and discovered the medals exhibit. That was a very pleasant surprise!
  15. Both. The V-22 has the capability to roll in a palletised refuelling system. The range on any modern military aircraft is too short and will require tanker assets to conduct operations. The DAVE-B has the extra internal "hole" of the vertical lift fan which takes up space/volume internally. When you have to fit fuel tanks in the tail, that's a sign of desperation... I agree with your 2nd line.
  16. All of the above, plus CoD (carrier on-board delivery) . The QE carriers cannot land a Greyhound type aircraft for personnel/stores duties so have to rely on the range and lift power of rotary wing. Air to air refuelling has been demonstrated and is a needed asset on -35b's. Interestingly the C-2 is being phased out on US carriers in preference to the Osprey with 44 being purchased and implemented by 2024.
  17. Option 5 - Rockape officer with SLR and a map/compass? Oddly the SA80(11lb) was heavier than the SLR (9.56lb)...
  18. Sadly we are unable to put anything more formidable in the air than a helicopter with a machine gunner in the back. The RNZAF used to be a feeder of very well trained aviators, engineers and maintainers, and once out of the mob would provide a great skillset to other aviation based businesses. Sadly, with the poor decision to do away with the fast jet squadrons, all those skills were lost. The proposed adoption of the F-16 would have been wonderful, and almost at a fire-sale price (even the Aussies couldn't belive the offer from the US) which would have enabled us to inter-operate with coalition nations, rather than just supplying ground troops. Hopefully Ireland doesn't look at chinese products.
  19. Most excellent to see you back again Marty! Glad to hear that your absense wasn't related to WnW demise, and that 2 wheels of freedom awaits.
  20. A fascinating approach. I wonder what a raspberry ripple scheme would look like?
  21. So using the battleship New Jersey and her 16" main guns to eliminate a sniper, would be acceptable? Vietnam war period.
  22. Even the chinese have their version, the Harbin Z-20 or "Copy Hawk". The blackhawk/Seahawk is the common standard for utility helicopters and have proved their worth around the world.
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