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  1. like feline striptease performances
  2. An excellent idea of the XF- spray can approach! Let's hope they take up that idea. As for the RAM panels, have a look at real jets going around the mach loop. The panels do show up. Perhaps the angle of the light (rather than the radar waves)? I'm hanging out for a B version in the Correct Scale. I've been saying that this jet is going to be in service for a while, so kit manufacturers would be on to a winner once "someone" made an accurate model. As for the "bland gray jet" brigade...
  3. Darn it. He's now been kicked out! A sad day for adventuring in the former soviet republic.
  4. A sad day, as Mr Gorbachev was a "revolutionary" in seeing that his country needed change. Sadly a lot of people only knew one way of life and "change" was to be feared. The period of glasnost enabled me to travel around the Soviet Union (as it still was at that time) and see what life was like prior to the fall of the Berlin wall (actually sleeping about 10 metres away from it for a few nights). The average Russian citizen was just wanting to get on with their lives, raise their children and do the things everyone does in life. May Mr Gorbachev rest peacefully.
  5. What can one say, but "stunning work" once again! (another late-arrival to the thread) (quietly takes a seat at the back of the room - conveniently close to the bar though!)
  6. That is just a result of 2x weapons sprues I think? If that are catering to their domestic market, I'd expect a B since they are standing up squadrons for their "through deck cruisers", as well as their current A version. C'mon Tamiya! You can do it!!
  7. I've always followed the saying "Never judge a book by its movie". Seems appropriate.
  8. My "stash" consists of 3 kits. When I require another kit, the shops will provide. I'm sure there is a direct correlation with the wedding cake...
  9. I've been harping on about a "decent" -35 kit for a while now, and think airfix has missed a trick here... Flory review was very positive (apart from Phil incessantly banging on about the ram panels...) but this looks like a good kit with plenty of options for displaying it in UK squadron schemes. A Tamiya version in :48th would be superb, but I'm not holding my breath to see them release a kit of this type in the near future. It seems I'm ordering a Bucc and also one of these in the very near future!
  10. Have just watched the Flory review and, yes, it does look nice! I feel the potential for a EDSG one sitting next to the old moulding S2b which is already in the display case. Link is broken Mike! Please get a chappie onto fixing it...
  11. It is a very sensible move. Oz already operates 24 Seahawk-R's, so dumping the nh90 pieces of junk is a good solution. Economy of supply chain and logistics for maintenance makes sense too.
  12. This should be a very entertaining thread! Off to a good start, with the "suction cups" approach to holding a waspie on the deck... Knowing how much non-skid paint was applied to the deck of a Leander, the chances of suction-cups working would have been 0. I shall pull up a barstool at the back of the room since all the front row seating appears to be full. Carry on!
  13. Hopefully that will mean a rebuild!
  14. There's a very good talk online about this (possibly a NZ warbirds assn. talk?). The Vipers were equipped with the larger tailplanes since they were earlier models, BUT had massive updates elsewhere & the big engines. The pilots were singing the praises of what we would have got. ... Then they discuss the financial aspects of the procurement. Essentially we were being "given" them after selling the scooters to another country. All to be ruined by Heilen...
  15. Send some warmth this way please! I've got the fire lit and trying to stay warm this evening. Something looks fishy with that fire. Especially with several houses near each other. I'm suspecting a field caught fire and the houses on fire were downwind of it, and being rather dry managed to catch alight. Nothing to do with "global warming" but just bad timing I'm guessing.
  16. Really good to see progress on the order. It does seem like there are less antenna than on the US version. Same electronic capabilities I wonder?
  17. Very nice lizard scheme on the scooter! Just a shame we no longer have them in NZ as they were a superbly capable a/c. Also, if we had managed to get AIM-120's for them, they would have been even more capable. Just an observation: the antenna on the lower part of the ventral fin. I've only seen it mounted at 90deg from the fin and not vertical. I still don't know why this happened, but presumably there was a reason. I used the Hase kit for my all-dark-green Kahu version. They are a great kitset and go together very well indeed.
  18. It is fascinating to see our own psychology happening at times... i'e, convincing ourselves we are not actually a "snob". I'm also afflicted with this condition, but manage to keep it under control by applying a bit of "scrooge-factor" towards purchases. Case in point. I have recently purchased a watch that is far superior to anything that Rolex can produce (in my mind...). I don't have to take it off when swimming, don't need to insure it and also don't need to keep it in the safe! I desired a self-winding watch and discovered a very nice one which has a passing resemblance to a Rolex, called an Invicta. All the reviews I watched were positive and the movement was a seiko (which is my go-to brand). After stumping up the equivalent of 150 quid I'm a happy bunny. Would/could/should I buy a Rolex: yes. Will I? No. Does this make me "Doesn't have the gear & still no idea"? But I do know what time it is...
  19. A great subject indeed! I'll keep an eye on your progress. Small interesting fact: The japanese used the Taranto raid as the inspiration and basis for their Pearl Harbour attack.
  20. Are these OEM stitches, or aftermarket? Have they been weathered correctly to match the age of the background they are fitted on??? Glad to hear you are into the recovering phase of this! Take care and do what the doctors say to do.
  21. It confuses the rivet-counters as they are far too similar in appearace under a coat of paint...
  22. Personally, I love eliteism! It is such a wonderful fishing ground with easy bites to reel in gigantic idiots. I'm about to head off skiing where the latest and greatest equipment is mandatory... I'm still using 1980's skis and my jacket is of the same vintage. The sideways looks and comments are pure gold. It still perplexes me about everyone wearing a helmet and baggy clothes as I haven't a clue what sex a person is while trying to strike up a conversation on the chairlift (which forces the person to take their blimmin' earphones out). Grrr. Noraly is a great example of "down to earth" and having fun while doing so! It is always nice to hear "good morning internet!" while heading off to some remote spot of the planet.
  23. that can be bottled
  24. I did manage to find this from circa 2010: The German Army conducted an evaluation of their new NH-90 helicopters, and were not pleased. Their conclusion was that, for combat missions, another model helicopter should be used whenever possible. A particular problem was the lack of ground clearance. The NH-90 can't land on a piece of ground with any obstacles higher than 16 cm (6.4 inches). That makes many battlefield landing zones problematic. That assumes you can even get on a NH-90 and find a seat. The passenger seats cannot hold more than 110 kg (242 pounds). Combat equipment for German troops weighs 25 kg (55 pounds), meaning any soldier weighing more than 85 kg (187) has to take stuff off, put it on the floor, than quickly put it back on before exiting. Then there's the floor, it's not very sturdy, and combat troops using the helicopter for a short while, cause damage that takes the helicopter out of action for repairs. Worse, there is the rear ramp. It cannot support troops carrying all their equipment, making it useless for rapid exits of combat troops. There is not enough room in the passenger compartment for door gunners. There are no strap downs for larger weapons, like portable rocket launchers or anti-aircraft missiles. The passenger compartment also does not allow for carrying cargo and passengers at the same time. The winch is not sturdy enough for commandoes to perform fast roping operations.
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