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  1. Quite simply it is beancounters at work. The BUFF is one of the cheapest airframes to operate on a "per hour" basis. Also you don't have fancy paintwork to maintain either (stealth coatings). Just a shame they didn't go all-out and Megafortess the old girls (AKA flight of the old dog).
  2. There's a second season happening... https://www.theverge.com/2021/9/25/22691984/tiger-king-season-2-release-date-netflix Totally agree. Another superb drama with well rounded out actors and performances. I'd add Danger UXB into the same category. I have both seasons on DVD. A superb "urine-extraction" of the then current crop of over the top police shows. I believe this was originaly aired in the time slot competing with Miami Vice...
  3. IF my mojo was on maximum output and having all needed supplies on hand and ready for a 7 day/week working on kits... A month and a half. Maximum, to clear the stash.
  4. With the B21 programme, perhaps there is something related to that? Also, for all of the "stealthy" airframes, there is the need to protect the paint. Any degradation affects the radar returns, so keeping the surface coatings in good condition becomes a major issue. The F-35's on the carriers have extra maintenance issues, not only in the sea environment but also in the hangar space required to work on the paint coating.
  5. Looks like I viewed the airport! The runway heading looks similar... TTR seems to have become bigger. There should be some of the Nighthawks buried underground somewhere there too.
  6. No surprises really. The B-117 is still used for dissimilar combat training specifically because of its levels of stealth and how it represents a few "other countries" levels of stealth in their top-line aircraft. I was poking around on giggle Earth the other day, and noted that the hangars and equipment at Tonopah appear to have gone (or someone has done a nice photoshop job on the area...).
  7. It's a Carpet Monster egg! Get rid of it immediately - before it hatches and you get an infestation of the blighters in your modelling area!!
  8. I certainly agree that production costs are high, but as I commented, these types of locally made, no "stars" involved (apart from a host, perhaps) are far cheaper to make. Hence attractive for broadcast companies. I know of a few youtube channels that have been approached by mainstream TV, simply because the legwork has already been done and the product is there to be put onto the airwaves.
  9. Having the cameras there (regardless of the channel involved with the production) will add an "income stream" to the people creating the items. It can then become viable/profitable. This form of TV show is cheap to make since you don't hire big-name actors (this means greater profits to the channel broadcasting the programme) meaning they fill their allocation of the airwaves & sell advertising, etc.
  10. I'm informed that Boeing used to require senior management to be engineers or some background qualifications, etc. That no longer happens and the "leadership" comes from people with a different mindset to the production staff. When the USAF refuses to accept the finished product because of quality control issues, then requires its own QC staff to final check the tankers prior to acceptance, there are bigger underlying issues.
  11. They didn't have to be too fussy. It's only a mockup after all.
  12. Also "exportable"... At a price-point that a country would be able to afford. This F35ski would need to be substantially cheaper than the Su57 for even the Russian air force to afford.
  13. I'm genuinely amazed that this thread hasn't spiralled off and become at risk of breaking site rules... Well done everyone!
  14. whilst being fashionably dressed
  15. regarding your vehicle's speed...
  16. Very nice work on the cockpit and paintwork so far. I found that the "rubber black" from Tamiya to be quite useful on this kit. (Also had similar fit issue on the lower leading edges).
  17. Terrible news indeed. Nigel's Luft 46 builds and his helicoptery were threads to provide us with education & entertainment in the arts of scratching, whom Nigel was a master. He will be sadly missed. R.i.P.
  18. Since outwardly it looks identical... The Xerox!
  19. A good question. The article makes that statement. It certainly isn't the longest range missile!
  20. The sad thing is that after the pilot ditched close to shore (to aid/speed recovery), the plan was to float her into the port, then lift out with a crane. The local "council" (unsure what the US equivalent is called) stopped this from happening, forcing the airframe to sit in the surf overnight and then get pulled out onto the beach - causing damage - prior to being craned onto a low-loader truck. The port wing filled with sand, hence the wing-low lifting seen as she is lifted by the crane.
  21. "Fighter Weapons Squadron to execute the longest known air-to-air missile shot to date..." That's impressive... scoring a victory at an even greater range than a AIM54 Phoenix missile takes some doing...
  22. +1 !!! I wonder if the Germans ever sorted out their list of problems they had with it. Not being certified for operations in a combat zone was an interesting one.
  23. Fun fact: The company that salvaged the Costa, was also responsible for freeing the Ever Given.
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