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Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures in 1/72

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Just to do something for Dinosaurs and other animals in 1/72:



Achelousaurus vs Styracosaurus (Kit by David Krentz)


Achillobator (Utahraptor-kit by David Krentz, . But too small for a Utharaptor. Achillobator is better) I gave him new fingers.


Afrovenator attacks Jobaria (Kits by David Krentz)

Jaobaria hips are in front view 30° ou of angle. The legs have to be cut of and assembled in the right angle.



Apatosaurus (Kit by David Krentz)


Chalicotherium, painting in Tapirstyle with single cutted leafs. (Kit by David Krentz)


Gryposaurus (Kit by David Krentz)



Saichania walks in desert Gobi (Kit by David Krentz)


Tenontosaurus (Kit by David Krentz)


Corythosaurus (Kit by David Krentz)


Triceratops (Kit by David Krentz). The head is not symmetrical.

The colouration is based on Bonteboks. The blooms of the flowers are really small blooms, collected in the nature.



Tyrannosaurus (Kit by David Krentz) stepping just in the flowers.

other will follow soon

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I like those a lot. You'll find though as time moves a lot slower in the southwest of England the Triceratops can often be seen grazing Whitchurch Down in the summer months. The sheep aren't worried by them though

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Thanks, Oberst Manfred von Holstein, I will have a look after them, when I will be in England once. Maybe I will see Gerd Fröbe on reconnaissance mission for Triceratops flying over me. :winkgrin:

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These look like a lot of fun. And nobody can have a go at you for painting them the wrong shade of RLM71.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: ... but I wouldn't be so sure ...

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Very Very nice, bravo! I didn't know there were dinosaurs in a small scale. I've saved the David Krentz webpage in my bookmarks.


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Hui! There are suddenly so much posts here!

The dinosaurs above are all made by David Krentz, avaiable at http://www.urzeitshop.de/37-Bausatze-Zubehor or http://stores.dansdinosaurs.com.

Mr. Krentz changed to 3d-sculpting. Acrocanthosaurus (the grey/brown one) is a 3d-print. Unfortunately the layers can be seen. I would appreciate it, if Mr. Krentz would returned to sculpting by hands and Milliput.

I have my own lable, named of course MixvsMinimax, which I haven't published here yet. I see I should do it now.

The following creatures are sculpted by myself in 1/72 and can be ordered by writing me a PM.

There are others creatures waitng for painting and so completing the kit:

(but there are avaiable too)



(legs are thinner now and the "wings" a bit more narrow)












There some detail work left to do:




Here we go:

My first model (yet avaiable at urzeitshop)

Therizinosaurus cheloniformis, 1/72 (1st edition)



Kelenken guillmeroi, 1/72

The terrorbird of Patagonia with a 70 cm long skull in 1:1. Don't mess with him!




In the kit are:

2 types of bases
2 types of wings
1 foot
1 body

Gallimimus bullatus, 1/72
The fast runner known from Jurassic Parc 1, where Mr. Goldblum & Co. had to hide behind a falled tree.




The kit content:
2 types of bases
2 arms

1 claw set
1 foot
1 body



And one of the smallest dinokits of the world:

Conchoraptor gracilis, 1/72
..stealing an egg.




The kit: There are only 2 parts: base and body.

A short discription and the assembly instruction are printed/glued to the inside of the box.


Mononykus olecranus, 1/72 while he examinates a termite dome.




The kit: There are only 2 parts: base and body.

A short discription and the assembly instruction are printed/glued to the inside of the box.

and a Caudipteryx zoui, 1/72 facing a crab on its beach walk.



The content iof this kit.
1 base
1 body
2 sheets with alternative feathers for the hand
and for the crab:
2 scissors and 2 types of wire for eyes and legs

A short discription and the assembly instruction are printed/glued to the inside of the box.

The upcoming kit will be the Woolly Rhino Coelodonta antiquitatis, 1/72, walking through the Taiga. The boxart-pics were taken today, so I can finish the kit this or next week.




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Great! I'm happy for these new pictures and now just the silly question ..... where do you get the informations about the "camouflage" ?

The skin colour is a supposition or thera are studies that can guide?


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Silly questions get silly answers. :-)

There some small Dinos where the Camo is somehow known-dark or bright.

But generally I have a look at the recent animals and check which habitat and diet causes which coloration. I recognized that the animals are mostly grey over all if they reached a distinct size - Rhinos, Hippos, Elephants. So I pick up a distinct animal and try to paint the dino like it.

The Conchoraptor for example is painted like a Jackal, Caudipteryx like a beach-bird, Triceratops like a Buntbok, Calicotherium like a Tapir, Therizinosaurus refers to Kasuars, Gallimimus to Ostrichs . For the rest its my taste and I ask my wife if the colours match together.

As long as it dont look to freaky, but reasonable, You are free I guess.

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Hi @ all,

I finished this week the Mammoth, 1/72.The Boxart is finished and everything ready for production in case of order.



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