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  1. Thanks all. I will check the lids and make sure there is a good seal, and try some of the click/seal containers.
  2. Hi I want to store bottles/containers of glues (like Tamiya Extra Thin) in an air-tight container. I am using a tupperware-style container today which is ok, but still think they are not as airtight as I hoped they would be. I think these glues are aggravating hayfever-type symptoms and looking for a better way to store these glues in the house. Anyone have suggestions on what to use to store the glues? Anthony
  3. Hi https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product-category/finescale-figures/trade-and-services/police/ Have figures from a variety of periods and might have something that would help. You can also add yourself to the scene by getting a scan from that company. anthony
  4. Perhaps the very fine jewellery microfiles will work on your white metal figures. In the Vallorbe system - cut 6? I did manage to find someone getting rid of a few Cut 2 Vallorbe and have bought those - if they don't work for my plastic kits - will use them for metal-work. I will look at the photo-etch file from Tamiya - thanks regards anthony
  5. Thanks Ade H - will take a look at both those brands. Premium Hobbies appear to have stocked the Sujiborido sets - but now out of stock. I have seen recommendations for swiss jewellers files too - Vallorbe seems to be the brand. These are for jewellers and other metal work. anthony
  6. Hi I am looking for some decent files - for plastic, and photo-etch cleanup. I have some Rolson diamond coated files which seem to lose more of the abrasive than actually scrape off the plastic. I have also tried some random file sets in the past - again, not very good quality. Any suggestion on some decent, small files? thanks anthony
  7. Airfix still honouring their Flying Hours tokens, and very efficiently. 30 tokens + a £5.95 and a 1/48th Chipmunk arrived within a week. Unusually, there was no new Flying Club card in the delivery, but I have some of those already. I also have been receiving emails extending my current Airfix Club membership will the end of Jan 2022. It will be interested to see what the new Club deal is.
  8. I have just read through this entire thread - fantastic work, and so many great ideas. I really like the way you have used "raw" PCB boards for this work too.
  9. Hi Graham Not sure if you have tried AliExpress.com for these spares - they seem to have stock for around £6 including UK shipping - but you need to add VAT. Worth checking if they ship to Canada (I am sure they do). DSPIAE have a store on this site, as do other hobby stores. Good luck finding your spares. anthony
  10. Great build. I also like the jig/stand on the last photo - did you build that too?
  11. Great ideas here - thank you for showing us your work.
  12. Fantastic film and great to see your 3D printing work. Getting flat/straight surfaces seems to be quite difficult so watching this with interest!
  13. I thought it was an interesting series with lots of plot twists. Interesting to see the comments here about accuracy and how things might be a bit different in real life but then again, I would not expect to see anything too close to the reality on a TV programme. The nice twist is seeing the detective operating on the submarine where most of the resources she might have when on land where unavailable.
  14. I should have some Halfords primer kicking around here too - will try that next if the Tamiya does not stay on. I was surprised how easily the Tamiya primer came off when I had to wash the parts after priming (they got a bit dusty). It might be poor curing of the resin or surface grease/stuff.
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