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Anthony Kesterton

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  1. Anthony Kesterton

    Moebius 2001: a Space Odyssey EVA pod

    Really nice review - thanks for posting
  2. The excellent Bandai Blockade Runner replacement decals arrived earlier this week - thanks to @Madmonk
  3. Anthony Kesterton

    Tamiya 1/16 Sengoku Period Samurai Warrior

    I have those too (unbuilt - there is a pattern emerging here). I think they are nice 1/35 figures. There is a story around those people that is included in the instructions.
  4. Anthony Kesterton

    Tamiya 1/16 Sengoku Period Samurai Warrior

    I will definitely bear that in mind (Stephen Turnbull/Osprey). Thanks for the recommendations Mike. Meant to add - the instructions say the armour is called tosei-gusoko and is from the last [sic] 16th century. I assume they mean late 16th century.
  5. Anthony Kesterton

    Tamiya 1/16 Sengoku Period Samurai Warrior

    Excellent question - I had to dig a little. It turns out that I bought the kit from the US in 2008 on eBay. I clearly like my kits to "ripen" by leaving them unbuilt for a bit I suspect they are hard to find in the UK (a quick search did not turn up anything). Might still be available from overseas. I did notice a Miniart kit in the same scale that seems to be more freely available.
  6. Anthony Kesterton

    Tamiya 1/16 Sengoku Period Samurai Warrior

    I started this kit some time ago - and spent a lot of time trying to get rid of seam lines and fill gaps. Then a coat of Tamiya Fine Primer to see what more work was needed. Some filling/sanding, and finally got to the point where it looks ok. I do need to sand back a few places where there is a primer run, or other blemishes. Photos to follow.
  7. Anthony Kesterton

    Tamiya 1/16 Sengoku Period Samurai Warrior

    OK - this might be a setting problem - let me see if this can be fixed.
  8. Hi all Testing out options to post photos (via Google Photos) and also posting this WIP on the Samurai. kit I have had this kit for ages and wanted to try to build a large scale figure and use Vallejo paints on a figure for the first time. Here is the obligatory kit post. Not many parts as you can see. The painting instructions suggest using colours of your own choice.
  9. Anthony Kesterton

    Starship Enterprise -- AMT 1:650

    Only just seen this thread - the model looks great (pre-cat attack). So sorry to read the last post. Put it aside and have another go later. There are so many good things you have done with this kit!
  10. Anthony Kesterton

    what is best way of filling thin linear gaps such as 0.5mm ?

    I have been using stretched sprue (thin enough to fit into the gap) then used liquid glue to stick that down into the gap. And I use the sprue from the kit, so the plastic is exactly the same as the surrounding material. You can build this up to fill the gap, or reduce the gap size to use other fillers.
  11. Anthony Kesterton

    +++ Battle of Britain 80th GB for 2020?

    May I join in too please. Will try and contribute a Kenley-based Spitfire or Hurricane.
  12. Anthony Kesterton

    Airfix for 2019

    I like the Heron re-issue. Been looking for a reasonably priced Heron to build. I would like to match the one outside Croydon airport (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croydon_Airport#/media/File:Airport_House_at_the_old_Croydon_Aerodrome_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1571720.jpg) The Mig-17 looks good, as does the Tiger Moth. I also like the fact that the Classic kits seem reasonably priced too. They ought to sell well, and because the tooling costs are minimal, it should make some profit for Hornby and allow them to invest in more new tool kits.
  13. Anthony Kesterton

    Blockade Runner

    Beautifully paintwork and weathering. I did not realise this kit had been released until I saw this thread. It is one of my favourite spacecraft, so I immediately ordered one anthony
  14. Anthony Kesterton

    Try before you buy?

    Good point Nigel - you are quite right that the airbrushes where all Iwata. Merry Christmas. anthony
  15. Anthony Kesterton

    Try before you buy?

    Just noticed this thread and apologies if this is a bit late. It might be worth going on an airbrushing course. I did this a few years ago, not taken the plunge to get a "proper" airbrush, but a very useful exercise doing the course and understanding more about airbrushing. You could try some different airbrushes on the course. https://airbrushes.com/index.php?osCsid=vpbq51sfcek2eg8c9t564dgsc3&cPath=195_199