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  1. Thank you for publishing this advice - very useful. I see people are also using water-washable resins in printers - is the guidance and advice above the same? Any additional advice on disposing of the water used to wash parts created using water-washable resin?
  2. I would like to join this group build please (might even finish something this time). Options include Angolan Migs, SAAF F1 or III's, some SADF armour or Angolan tanks. Not quite decided yet but generally looking at the Angolan war period.
  3. After watching the most recent launches by BlueOrigin and SpaceX - I was wondering what the options are for models of their various launchers. I have found a few 3-D printed models but wondered what else is out there - and if anyone has tried to build any. thanks anthony
  4. 1/48th scale lights received. Apologies for the poor focus on the photo but they look good to me (about the size of a pin head or smaller). His facebook page if you want to get in touch is https://www.facebook.com/HOLDEN8702/
  5. Ah - that is a good point. I have no experience with either material at the moment - but been trying to read up as much as I can. anthony
  6. I have seen some info about plant-based UV resins recently which suggests these are less toxic. https://home3dprints.com/is-plant-based-eco-uv-resin-for-3d-printing-worth-it/ The toxicity of "normal" UV resin has made me think twice about looking at 3D printers.
  7. I was curious about these and contacted Luis - the person who makes the T55 positioning lights. He created a version for 1/48 and I am expecting some in the post shortly - will report back here. anthony
  8. Nice links. Perhaps I should have waited and tried to get this version (the comments in one talks about the B3M version as a "competition" version). Anyway - not seen a source for this one anywhere, even eBay does not have them
  9. Many thanks for all the suggestions and advice. I found some nice pictures of Angolan T-72's from the annual tank competition in Russia on Getty Images, and these are flagged as T-72 B3 with some very unusual colour schemes. Found a B3 Modelcollect kit on eBay (eventually), so that should be on its way soon(ish). (see https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/angola-t-72?mediatype=photography&phrase=angola T-72&sort=best) All thanks to @Julien who kindly donated an excellent metal barrel.
  10. Thanks - so one vote for Revell so far. It might be the only one available.
  11. Hi I am looking to build a 1/72 T-72M1 tank (as used by the Angolan army). Any suggestions on what kit to use? I can find a Revell 1/72 kit but that is all so far. many thanks in advance for any advice/ideas anthony
  12. I did find an Airwaves white metal figure that may be suitable but might be hard to find https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airwaves-a7-raf-pilot-and-dog-wwii--964586 and a search for 1/48 resin dog model kit might help as there are WW2 RAF pilots available in 1/48 The ICM/Revell figures do sound like your best bet though.
  13. A bit of a left field idea - there are excellent busts available in this scale - you may be able to combine the pose-able figure with a suitable head from a resin cast. Sorry, probably not what you are looking for, just an idea.
  14. Ordered the normal membership - also picked free postage and a box arrived. Feel a bit bad as I thought it would be an envelope, not a big box. Happy to support Airfix, and will also cover cost of membership with Flying Hours redeemed. Also, Airfix where honouring Flying Club redemption while the Club was in limbo, so felt I owed them for that.
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