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  1. Just found and read this entire thread in one sitting - brilliant work, and great to see such attention to detail. Will keep an eye on this thread now!
  2. Have you considered looking at art books for oil painting of portraits and figures? I suspect the techniques are the same. In the meantime, I managed to find this: http://www.2paintminiatures.com/support-files/paintingafaceinoils.pdf anthony
  3. Thanks all - my main question is the following: What does Halfords call this Appliance White - I can't find it on their web site.
  4. Thanks for the warnings Steve. I did try and search for Halfords Appliance White and variation, but nothing comes up on their web site. I will have a look at the other paints you suggested too.
  5. Hi Feeling a little foolish, but I have been looking for Halfords Appliance White, and can't find anything called that on the Halfords web site. Is it the plain white enamel spray, or something else. thanks anthony
  6. Wow - excellent timing - just started listening to the audio now - about 20 mins before landing (or less). Thanks for posting
  7. I was there - but didn't see much of the displays. so thanks for posting the pictures (I was on the Bloodhound Education stand in one of the hangers). By luck or design, we were next to the Typhoon that probably donated its engines to the Land Speed Record project)
  8. The excellent Bandai Blockade Runner replacement decals arrived earlier this week - thanks to @Madmonk
  9. I have those too (unbuilt - there is a pattern emerging here). I think they are nice 1/35 figures. There is a story around those people that is included in the instructions.
  10. I will definitely bear that in mind (Stephen Turnbull/Osprey). Thanks for the recommendations Mike. Meant to add - the instructions say the armour is called tosei-gusoko and is from the last [sic] 16th century. I assume they mean late 16th century.
  11. Excellent question - I had to dig a little. It turns out that I bought the kit from the US in 2008 on eBay. I clearly like my kits to "ripen" by leaving them unbuilt for a bit I suspect they are hard to find in the UK (a quick search did not turn up anything). Might still be available from overseas. I did notice a Miniart kit in the same scale that seems to be more freely available.
  12. I started this kit some time ago - and spent a lot of time trying to get rid of seam lines and fill gaps. Then a coat of Tamiya Fine Primer to see what more work was needed. Some filling/sanding, and finally got to the point where it looks ok. I do need to sand back a few places where there is a primer run, or other blemishes. Photos to follow.
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