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  1. Gold donate button in the original message seemed to get PayPal upset (session expired) but the blue paypal button works fine. Happy to contribute to such an excellent site. Thank you!
  2. Hi I am planning to try this primer in an airbrush for the first time - what pressure did you find worked for you? thanks anthony
  3. re: Paint mixers. I am learning how to use Vallejo acrylic paint - and found a cheap second hand lab mixer/agitator - called a vortex shaker. You keep the lid closed and it shakes the paint bottle. The one I managed to find works well with the Vallejo/Mig "dropper" bottles and is a very quick and easy way to get a really good mix. I think this might be the sort of thing @Duncan B was referring to.
  4. Check out racks for other uses such as storing cosmetics. I bought an acrylic cosmetic rack off ebay that takes Vallejo and Citadel paints and it has worked very well. Trying searching for acrylic wall mounted rack. Clear acrylic racks are good because you can see the labels. Be sure to check the depth to make certain it will accommodate the size tins you want to store - and there is enough height between shelves.
  5. Glad you did post this Nigel. I was not aware of this site as an option Badger airbrush parts!
  6. Hi I found a few references to this company from a search on Britmodeller but wanted to mention it here as I think this is a brilliant idea. I am a happy customer after having a scan and N gauge and 1/35th scale 3D print done at a show last year. They have a variety of stock figures, mostly for railway modellers but have started a WWI series, and can print in all sorts of scales. https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/ regards anthony
  7. While the Airfix Club is not back up yet, Airfix are still honouring their Flying Club tokens scheme. If you have one of the red cards and send it in with postage and the correct number of tokens, they will send you a kit. I was able to quote my (now expired) membership number. The order is currently listed as "processing".
  8. Hi I am just starting to use a small compressor fitted with a simple regulator + water trap. I am trying to understand how the water trap is supposed to be operated. When the compressor is first started, the water/air outlet at the bottom of the regulator/water trap remains open and leaks air. I find if I hold down the small rod at the bottom of the water trap, that seals the water trap, the pressure builds up and it stays in place. I was curious to know if this is normal, or if the water trap is faulty. The regulator/water trap is marked as a Fengling AFR2000 Filter Regulator, 0.5-8 Bar thanks anthony
  9. I emailed Airfix a few weeks ago, got a speedy reply from the Customer Services team. You can continue to send in Flying Hours tokens on one of the cards, with £4.98 for postage - and they will send out kits. Just had confirmation of the order being accepted for the kit I wanted, should be dispatched shortly. I used my membership number I had from a few years ago and they were happy with that.
  10. Nice Mig. I have 1/48 decals for the Angolan Mig (340) that the South Africans during the Angolan War by the South Africans in 1988. I just read it was returned to Angola in 2017. Very interested in what Vallejo colours you used, thanks for posting that!
  11. Just found and read this entire thread in one sitting - brilliant work, and great to see such attention to detail. Will keep an eye on this thread now!
  12. Have you considered looking at art books for oil painting of portraits and figures? I suspect the techniques are the same. In the meantime, I managed to find this: http://www.2paintminiatures.com/support-files/paintingafaceinoils.pdf anthony
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