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  1. Yes Please! I have a few N gauge items that could do with soldering, so started looking at low-temp. solder when I started reading this post. Excellent idea for a diorama. [And now read more of the thread and see you have already done this - apologies] regards anthony
  2. I just received an email from Fine Scale Modeller announcing an auction of the assets of the company. In case anyone wants to see the details - this is the link to the auction house and the sale details: https://www.rosensystems.com/upcoming-auctions/1675 I missed this thread and other messages about the store. I used to order items from them to collect while in the US for work, and of course I have a tube of Green Stuff and the finer White Stuff filler. Sad to see such a well-known shop go. I saw Caboose Hobbies (another famous US model train store based on the outskirts of De
  3. Fascinating. It never occurred to me that the distributors check each bottle before they ship them to stockists...you learn something new every day. I would expect some sort of random batch testing when they get a shipment in but not every bottle.
  4. This is a masterclass on weathering, and building these Star Wars kits. Always admired your builds, but this one is particularly good. I had also never heard of rivnuts before - very useful. regards anthony
  5. Exactly! There are two openings in the turret that have small enclosures built around them - I just randomly stuck the first one on, and then noticed the careful instructions on the orientation that I missed. Well - a 50/50 chance I did it right on the first one. Was ok on the second one (I think) Similarly - the figure has some keyed blobs so you glue the arm on the body correctly. I bought one of the 1/48 Tamiya Shermans too - looking forward to build that at some point. I have a very old 1/35th scale Panzer Kampfwagen II Asuf F/G part number 35009/1200
  6. Right - some progress over the weekend with the bits and pieces on the upper part of the hull, and bits of the turret stuck together. Been trying out some very old Humbrol Liquid Poly or Tamiya Cement (the white top). Both are quite viscous - and don't evaporate completely so leave a bit of residue. Found my bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin and will use that in future where I have a visible glued item. Will see what happens when I prime the whole thing. That tiny part pointed to by the pencil is used to secure the hatch on the turret. The hatch l
  7. Lots of progress over the last week or so - apologies for not posting as these stages where completed. First step was lots of wheels, and the lower half of the hull. The parts of the wheels are rather shall - quite hard to clean up the parts when they are this small. I am keeping a lot of the wheels separate as they need the tires painted. And I have the posted image size sorted now (I hope). Put the top of the hull on the base but not attached it yet. The wheels needs to be added but they need painting first More photos tomorro
  8. And some photos of the kit, testing the image size options as the original images are large!
  9. That resin looks really good. Is the Italeri kit using the old ESCI moulds, with some new parts? I have the Esci Mirage F1 kit hidden away for a future build.
  10. A bit late to the party - but my first attempt at a group build where I have actually had a bit of time to stick some plastic together. I am building the excellent Tamiya 1/48 scale kit of the T-55, OOTB with the Star Decals 48B1003 set. I want to represent the Angolan tanks used during the "Bush War" in the 70's and 80's. Depending on time, I hope to put this on a suitable base to represent the type of terrain found in Angola. I have been reading up on the conflict using the Africa@War series of books, specifically the No 34: War of Intervention in Angola, Vol2. The
  11. Can anyone explain the "3D" part of the description - are there multi-layer items or something else?
  12. Once lockdown is lifted, try https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/body-scan/ and you can have any expression you like (as long as you can hold the pose long enough)
  13. Thank you for publishing this advice - very useful. I see people are also using water-washable resins in printers - is the guidance and advice above the same? Any additional advice on disposing of the water used to wash parts created using water-washable resin?
  14. I would like to join this group build please (might even finish something this time). Options include Angolan Migs, SAAF F1 or III's, some SADF armour or Angolan tanks. Not quite decided yet but generally looking at the Angolan war period.
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