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  1. Aaaaaaaaahh! I don't think so. .-) The challenge with Epidexipteryx is to place the tail feathers. Microraptor is big enough to paint...
  2. @Gorby: Thanks. At first I wanted to place it in a trunk, but then it came out, that it would be to hard to scuplt, build, cast and paint. At the best place in the world for sudden ideas, I got mind-flashed and decided to place it in a track print of a really big dino. The trunk will be now the base for Compsognathus (that nasty small dinos from Jurassic park), sitting at the edge to overview the terrain.
  3. Than check this: New item! Epidexipteryx hui in 1/72 If You sculpt the smallest known dinosaur (skeleton lenght) in 1/72, You get the smallest known dinosaur model in the world. Epidexipteryx sits in a big brachiosaurid track pond and takes a bath. Beside a dramatic scene happens somewhere in the direction of the track. A Theropod of the size of a Yangchuanosaurus followed the sauropod (track upper right).
  4. Salute! The next items are: Dracorex hogwartia in 1/72 looking for Mr. Potter in the rocky terrain of the Rocky Mountains. The kit has 15 parts. 1 base, 1 body, 1 foot, 2 arms and a couple of spikes. Stygimoloch spinifer in 1/72 Stygimoloch is probably identical with Pachycephalosaurus and Dracorex with Pachycephalosaurus as the adult stage. I have chosen the Muskox (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muskox) as paintjob reference. The kit has 15 parts. 1 base, 1 body, 1 foot, 2 arms and a couple of spikes. Microraptor gui in 1/72 inspecting a nest hole. Because Microraptor is quite micro in this scale, it is sculpted to the tree. The kit has 2 parts. 1 base and the tree trunk. cheers, Alex
  5. Hi everybody, Last weekend I looked at my Velociraptor and thought: Thats a damn boring base! Thats a predator and let's place it's kill under it's feet. What a luck, that I have finished Velociraptor's prey (Protoceratops). cheers, Alex
  6. And once again a new "beast" has left my production garage. Protoceratops andrewsi, 1/72, Mixvs Minimax ..is watching its nest. Its again a small 2-parts kit. One base (with casted legs) and the body. Paintjob-reference is the Springbok (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springbok). BTW, this kind of camo (bright downside, sand/brown upside with contrast-stripe between) seems to be witespread in the recent fauna.
  7. Next ones before I need to take a short break: Troodon formosus, 1/72, Manuel Bejarano (Shapeways, FUD) Once again a small and nice dinosaur from Sen. Bejarano, printed by Shapeways. Troodon was probably omnivor (all-eater), so I decided to paint it like a Scarlet ibis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarlet_ibis) with some blue as contrast. Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, 1/72, Manuel Bejarano ,Shapeways, FUD. Paintjob-reference: Clouded Leopard (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clouded_leopard) Pteranodon longiceps/ steinbergi, female, 1/72, Mixvs Minimax (it's me). The pictured model was built OOB. The kit contains seperate crests for a male P. steinbergi and P. longiceps (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pteranodon). The wing-skin is thin like paper. Lower beak, tounge and feets have to be assembled. Paintjob-reference: Albatros ((https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albatrosse) and Blue-footed booby (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue-footed_booby)
  8. The beast, which is only outnumbered by Spinosaurus: Giganotosaurus carolinii, 1/72, David Krentz, Shapeways (WSF) Unfortunately its only avaiable in WSF-(white strong flexible). Forget about sanding, it won't work. Fortunately the details are prominent enough to paint them in a reasonable way. But FUD (frosted ultra detail) would be of course much better. Paint-reference is the African wild dog (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_wild_dog)
  9. Lets go on! Europasaurus holgeri, 1/72, GN Models (Shapeways, WSF) The WSF-material sucks every detail. It can't be recommended. Ceratosaurus nasicornis, 1/72,Manuel Bejarano (Shapeways, FUD) Its once again a very nice model. (paint scheme reference: Panther) Amargasaurus cazaui, 1/72, Andrew Sides (Shapeways, FUD) (paint scheme reference: Sable antelope)
  10. Arsinoitherium zitteli, 1/72. Its a 3d-printed (Shapeways, FUD) model from Manuel Bejarano. The eyes could be a sculpted bit more prominent. So they are hardly to find to paint. Overall its a good model. I painted it in hippo-style.
  11. Hi everybody, the mentioned kits of Coelophysis and Velociraptor are finished and ready for production: Velociraptor mongolensis, 1/72 - Preparing for attack. (The fingers have to be cutted to lenght from the provided wire.) PS: Painting refers to Maned Wolf. Hairy Dicynodont: @wyverns4: Its a interesting question.Its a very interesting question. Its a damn very intersting question. Should I scuplt a second edition? Mmhmmmmmmmm... @Mrs PlaStix: 1001xMerci!
  12. Trabant rules!

    1. Lars Befring

      Lars Befring


      It belongs to a friend of mine. I have never traveled faster at 90 km/h than I did in his Trabbi

  13. :-) Thanks. Painting will start in january. Here we go with the finished master of Placerias gigas, 1/72 - a late triassic Dicynodont. The next one will be Protoceratps.
  14. Hi hi hi my drugies! Back again with finished masters for Coelophysis and Velociraptor. Placerias and Stegosaurus are nearly finished. Protoceratops is still in work. Coelophysis pulls an eye from a shortly passed by young Placerias and Velociraptor prepares to jump.
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