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  1. Masterbox produces very good subjects, and you did an excellent paint job on these two (well, four actually) Ciao
  2. Patience, dear boy, patience. You'll get there, in the end, and the Museum will have a worthy addition to the bombers collection Ciao
  3. But they look soooo good, don't they? Excellent progress on the Demon, that Coroguard must have been a royal pain Ciao
  4. Looking forward to that, Terry Glad that at least one leg got fixed - I hope they sort out the other one soon too Ciao
  5. Thanks CC Museum trip was a lot of fun, catching up with 1:1 chores not so much ... Thanks Terry - Mrs G definitely appreciated the 1:1 stuff, especially the pool... Thanks Johnny! Wait no more, see below Full English and Ales definitely good, Simon Thanks See below for the bare metal area And I do have an advice for 1:1 airbrushing: don't do that! Alright, not much time for modelling last week, and a lot of heat too, so: I managed to spray the metallics on the tail, starting with AK Extreme Metal Steel: Then some more masking and I could spray Model Master Metallizer Burnt Metal. Here it is, prior to buffing and a few minutes later, right after buffing (I used cotton buds and a microfiber rag) Then while unmasking I had a little mishap... I did put it back and re-glued using Gator's Grip. Anyway, the metallic tail after unmasking A small overspray at the base of the fin (don't know how it got there ... ). Also visible here and some overspray on the bottom part too Despite sealing the masking tape with Aqua Gloss, it did lift up during spraying - I guess I didn't stretched/burnished it down enough... rookie mistake, really I fixed it by brush and airbrushed a protective Aqua Gloss coat on the whole area And there she is, in her current state I will have to do some detail painting, but she's basically ready for decals. Before that, though, I'm not entirely happy with the riveting I did on the stabilators, and since I have an F-4J Finemolds kit in my stash, I'm seriously considering casting resin copies of the stabilators from that kit, they look so much better.... I shall ponder That's it for this update, all comments welcome. Ciao
  6. Wow Terry, that looks superb! Glad the AK Extreme Metal paints worked for you, I use them myself Ciao
  7. I totally agree - to the point of saying that if you ask me, that is definitely the bottom of a V you see in that pic. Ciao
  8. Good to see you back building a flying thing, Stix! I'll be tagging along, if you don't mind Ciao
  9. OK, the Hawks are dangerously getting close to the painting stage (and if I say so myself.... ) and the new project is already enticing enough . I'll have to get my second museum build underway myself, need a new excuse for another trip to Old Buckenham... Ciao
  10. Hurricane shaping up beautifully, Bill I'm with Selwyn, you are probably looking for the word "coaming". Am I teaching you an English word? Is the world still spinning the right way? Ciao
  11. Pylons an bomb-related stuff looking ace, Steve! Enjoy your hols! Ciao
  12. Great to see you managed to get back to the bench, Johnny! I won't say a word about decals, I promise... Ciao
  13. I don't know why, but I couldn't help thinking of those words said in the voice of Gollum.. Ciao
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