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  1. Even watching you sorting your working area, there are valuable lessons to be learnt! Who, moi? What made you think that? Ciao
  2. I've only ever used the ones for American Phantoms, so no auxiliary intakes in them, I'm afraid I can't be of any help. On the Hasegawa kits, however, I always needed to remove quite some plastic from the inside of the fuselage halves to get the exhaust to fit, like this: Ciao
  3. Excellent job, with a lot of attention to details! Apologies for nitpicking, but: what you lowered are actually the ailerons, which is entirely correct BTW , because at rest the air pressure would bleed off the system, resulting in the typical ailerons droop. The flaps would instead remain neutral. Ciao
  4. Ah, great! Cookie back to the bench! So glad you settled and have a workspace again! And a triple build to celebrate, too! Ciao
  5. You are way too kind, Bill, thank you. Much appreciated Cheers Terry, thanks! Blue demarcation fixed now, see below Thanks Alan, glad you like it! Cheers Erwin, thank you! As for your question: I've simply never used foil, and I'm quite happy with decanted Tamiya Gloss Aluminium as a base for any NMF paint job. Maybe I'll try one day, but for the moment I'm sticking with this system Thanks John AK Extreme Metal work very well, and they come ready to spray, so that's another plus for me Thanks for the vote of confidence, Tony Glad you like it, CC! I sure hope Petie turns out good! Cheers Cookie, you too are too kind! All is well around here Rob, thanks for asking - so I hope for you. Thanks for the praise too Alright, here's another progress report. First off, as I mentioned, I fixed the blue demarcation, both sides You may have noticed that I also sprayed a gloss cleat coat on top of the blue area; this has made the patchwork paint effect stand out even more, but it's going to look subtle again once the flat clear coat and the weathering go on. It was then time to paint the insignia on; I designed and cut masks for them with my Curio and using Oramask 810 vinyl. Masks placing for the first paint stage: I sliced (with a razor's edge) the masks along the ailerons actuators so that they would conform better to the wing surface; the blue tack blobs were positioned so as to avoid paint leaking along the cuts. I then airbrushed a deliberately uneven Tamiya Flat White coat, more or less insisting on the areas where star and white bands will have to be I then placed the inner elements for the masks and airbrushed Lifecolor Matt French Blue, keeping it quite thick as a mix - again, with the intent of avoiding any unwanted paint leaks I should mention that, prior to start painting, I sealed all the masks edges with Aqua Gloss by brush; similarly, after the white coat, I sealed it airbrushing Aqua Gloss again on top of it. Upon removal of said masks, I was quite happy with the outcome: bottom wing Top wing Port Starboard Port insignia showed some blue on the right white bar, so I fixed it by stippling on some Lifecolor Matt white with an old flat brush After some minor touch ups, all the roundels received a protective gloss clear coat The codes are going to be next (I made masks for them too, obvs ), once the clear coat has properly cured. Meanwhile, all comments welcome. Ciao
  6. Great to see you back at the bench, Simon! I'm in, of course My bestest to the Good Lady Rose, as always Ciao
  7. The rotor head is looking better and better, Bill I don't know, they are only visible at an angle, with strong light and photographic macro effect. They certainly don't show up here: Actually, they are totally invisible from this shot. Ciao
  8. Cockpit looking ace, Bill! Looking forward to more of this build Ciao
  9. A great model with a great background story, Alain! You should show that resin engine someway, though... Ciao
  10. Wing and wingfold mechanism looking magnificent, Tony! Ciao
  11. From a purely aesthetic point of view (since I know nothing about rotor heads) it looks excellent! Ciao
  12. Great to hear from you, Simon! Ciao
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