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  1. No, not really... Thanks Steve Cheers Terry, thank you There's lot of wiring to add... Thank you Serkan Spars and ribs, got it! Thanks Ian Thanks John I think I'll have to cheat somewhat here; first off, most of those holes are in a position where I won't be able to fit any drill bit. Secondly, the central wheel well section is glued with the bottom wing, while the ribs are on the top wings, so I'm gonna have to add the cables and pipes in sections, creating the illusion of them passing through the ribs. Taking also into account that in the end, the only visible part will likely be the central one, I think it should pass muster. I'll see as I go along, anyway. As for the colors, after much reading on the subject, I think I'll leave the bay interiors in an unpainted aluminium finish (i.e. I'll spray some Tamiya Alu on them) Ciao
  2. Thanks Johnny, glad you approve of! Thank you Alan and Cookie, will see how it looks under a coat of (metallic) paint.... Muchas gracias, Antonio Also for the heads up on the dihedral; however, I did check and it looks like there's plenty of it in this case. I'll post some pics during the week to show what I found Ribs, right! Thanks Which holes are you referring to, please? Ciao
  3. One can only watch you work in awe - you are clearly in a different league. Heck, even the in-progress pic are impressive in themselves! Ciao
  4. This is one impressive paint job - pencil panel lines included! I'm in awe! Ciao
  5. Hi everybody, time for WE progress report Inner intakes sections glued in place The plate with the compressor faces got glued in place too along with these other two bits you need to fit before joining the main fuselage to the front The camo painting extends inside the intakes, so I airbrushed the relevant area with FS35327 Blue Grey (well, an eyeballed mix of Tamiya Sky Grey, Light Blue and Blue, anyway), which is one of the Ghost scheme colors I wasn't too concerned about the exact hue at this point, as not much is going to be visible once in place (I did however keep the paint mix leftover, it didn't seem too off to me). I'm still not sure what kind of paint I'll be using for the camouflage; Lifecolor has a dedicated set for HAF, but I only need three colors over a palette of eight. I'll see if I can get them separately, otherwise I'll ponder what to do. Anyway, at this point I could glue in the splitter plates and the outer parts of the intakes I'm not crazy about this bit of engineering; I'd have preferred separate splitter plates, as on the Hasegawa kit, because they are going to be very much in the way when painting/masking. For some reason, the starboard outer intake didn't fit as smoothly as port one, as if there was something fooling it and preventing to get a neat join on the top part Before gluing this assembly to the main fuselage, I decided to discard the glazing I had attempted for the pressure gauge; once removed I taped a leftover decal on the inner side like this and filled the gap with Tamiya Gloss clear (still drying here) I then proceeded to the big glue-in There were some minor gaps, both sides but I was actually surprised to see that there was a visible (not as in next pic, the macro effect widely exaggerates it) step port side Starboard side is basically flush, instead Anyone who built this kit experienced anything like that? I don't think this is self induced, but I'd like to find out. Not a big deal to fix, anyway. The spine section got glued in too Starting to look like a Phantom, ain't she? At this point, I did check what could be seen inside the seamless intakes: Not much, and this pic was taken with the flash. Oh well - it does look the part, anyway I set this aside to cure a few days, before I take care of those steps and gaps; in the meantime, I thought it was the case to bring the Hase kit on par. First off, I removed the molded in divider between front and back cockpit (one side done here) The idea is to replicate the solution used in the FM kit, so that I can insert it once the tub is in place; this way it will be easier to deal with the positioning of the wires and cables I'm going to add to the WSO IP. Here are the two halves glued together and partially refined I started working on the tub, adding the PE parts form the dedicated Eduard set that are supplied unpainted, so they needed to be glued in at this stage. Rudder pedals and a side panel Canopy sills and opening mechanism, starboard side and port, with a switchbox too That's it for this update, all comments welcome. Ciao
  6. Just like in their F-4s - clever engineering, although it the F-4 case, leaves a bit of a step between the top panels and the tub sidewalls. But once it's all buttoned up and the seat inserted, I doubt anyone could notice.... Ciao
  7. Wheels and surgery and Marty Feldman! A CC's thread never disappoints! Ciao
  8. Neat job with those seams, Alan Let's hope the new primer batch gets to your door soon, and that it is a good one Ciao
  9. Thank you Johnny, much appreciated! Speaking of messy, it's a good thing you can't see my workbench.... Thanks Rob! Florence is a must-go, it was the fourth or fifth time for me but the first time ever I could get into the Uffizi! See, I told you there was some color going on... Thanks Alan Thanks Terry! Tempera it's this stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tempera Thank you John Thank you Bill! Thanks Alain, much appreciated Our friend Alan @hendie, apparently? Thanks Steve Cheers Keith, thank you Thanks Simon (and Rose) That is quite flattering, thank you Tony! I probably am.... Thank you James, much appreciated Pics are always useful - in the end, I decided that trying to perfectly replicate those four antennae in this scale was too much of a trouble, so I settled for "they give a good impression" ... Thanks Gene! The HAF Phantoms have no belly strap, and from the few and not very clear pics I could find of the Turkish ones, it doesn't appear to be there either. Of course it is I think anything Phantom isn't off topic here... Ciao
  10. Ah, there you go, back in your ballpark Looking good with the nose on! Ciao
  11. This is going to be good. You gotta love a Tomcat Ciao
  12. That Meteor is something special, Terry! I concur with Chris @bigbadbadge, your friend will be very pleased with this! Ciao
  13. They look similar, although the base plate seems rather different: Anyway, your suggestion prompted to raid the PE spares, and I found a base plate just like I needed. Problem is, it was only one, and I needed four... so I went for scratch building, see below Cheers Johnny, thanks - much appreciated Thanks Erwin Might be a little early for a mike drop, though.... Thanks Simon Take my bestest to Lady Rose Thank you Ben There's no pleasing you , is there? See below, a couple more colors have shown up.... I wuill certainly try those, thanks Gene! Thanks Cookie, much appreciated! Alright, WE progress report.... one day later. I had some trouble with my PC yesterday that prevented me from posting this, but now it's all sorted. On we go; I decided to scratch build the IFF antennae, by cutting their base plates with my Curio, gluing them in place with TeT Quick Setting and gluing on top of them some duly shaped 0.4mm plasticard bits They'll probably show up better under some paint. A quick dryfit: In for a penny, in for a pound. Right behind the starboard antenna there's a small intake that is often seen open on parked Phantoms. Here's the FM version (in the closed position) with some black wash in it The Eduard PE set for the HASE kit sports this detail, so I just copied it onto some brass sheet cutout (0.1mm) and bent to shape After having carved some plastic out, I glued it in place with CA Before gluing the top part of the nose to the rest of the front fuselage, I tidied up the WSO IP cabling And it's in! I also glued the "hump" in place As you can see, it shows a but of a step/gap, but I think this is totally self induced; when I glued the fuselage halves together, I clamped the back side and squeezed them together, but in retrospective I think I should have left them loose - the Door 19 (that's the correct name for that part) sets the correct width and height of this part of the fuselage. I also removed the beacon antenna from there, as it's not present on the HAF Phantoms. Next, the IP coaming went on (glued with TeT) It was only at this point that I realized I stupidly neglected to protect the molded in AoA probe, that become completely blunt as a consequence of continuous manipulation So, just like I did on the Hase kit, I replaced it with a sewing needle tip It would have been much easier to do it beforehand, to wit before gluing the fuselage halves - that will teach me Time to thin of the intakes; first off, FM offers these sensor mounts molded inside the main intakes, but without the actual probes So I glued in two brass pipe segments with CA The airframe I'm modelling also sports the DIAS ECM antennae, two of which are on the intake shoulders; they are not present in the FM kit, but luckily they can be found in all the Hase boxings, so: The FM outer intakes clearly show the pre-set holes for future, different variants releases, albeit placed differently compared to the Hase mounting pegs Anyway, keeping the aft peg as reference, it was easy enough drilling a corresponding new hole and gluing them in with TeT As usual, Hase plastic reacted a lot to the TeT and some pressure, hoozing some plastic out of the joints. Also, a few gaps needed some PPP treatment. Here after cleanup and filling I then airbrushed the inside with Tamiya Flat White Same for the inner intakes Which then got glued in place with TeT While I was at it, I airbrushed AK Extreme Metal Steel on the compressor faces of both FM and Hasegawa kits, followed by a black tempera wash. That's it for the day, all comments welcome Ciao
  14. If the clear part comes from the kit (i.e. it's made of clear polystyrene), you may want to consider using TeT. Sleek looking glider, BTW Ciao
  15. Excellent job on a sow's ear kit Ciao
  16. FWIW, before getting to know about Formula560 and Gator's Grip, I always used CA gel for canopies and the likes (except where TeT would have been suitable). It retains some sort of "flex" in it, which I think improves the join resistance (or resilience? ) Glad you were able to save the rear piece Ciao
  17. Striking scheme, Tony! I'm sure you'll manage the fixes brilliantly Ciao
  18. Glad to see you were able to sort the wings, Alan Ciao
  19. Again, I don't know how I missed this in the first place, and then I'm deeply sorry to hear about your parents. My prayers are with you and them, my friend. It's a good thing you are able to preserve your spirit, and if us loonies can be of any help with that, we'll sure be glad. And yes, the Gina is always the Gina, even in foreign markings Stay strong
  20. Er...ehm... don't forget to mask them transparencies, Steve.... They look the biz, though Ciao
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