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  1. Brilliant! Big dog, BTW! I hope everything is fine with your hip now Nice progress on the Corsairs The XF4U Looks like in need of more filling, though... Ciao
  2. Hi everybody; some time ago my good friend @Gene K pointed out this kit to me (not unusually ), so as soon as I had the chance I acquired it. It's the brand new Tamiya offering of the Kawasaki Ki-61 Id HIEN, also nicknamed "Tony" because mistaken for an Italian fighter (a Macchi C202, most likely) by the first american pilots who spotted it in combat. Here's the boxart: And the content: three dark grey sprues one of which is basically dedicated to the engine, a Japanese version of the German DB601, the same that equipped the C202 Folgore and the first versions of the BF109. Two clear parts sprues: canopies and few other details and half fuselage, which I won't be using Two stickers sheets, which I plan to use as less as possible and a masking sheet for the clear parts (not pre-cut, though) As far as the papers go, there's a Background Information sheet A typical Tamiya instruction sheet and a painting and markings sheet, with the two proposed aiframes Guess which one I'll be building? The very first step was to cut cut the clear part ready for a bath in Aqua Gloss, although as you can see they are crystal clear from the box already That's it for the moment. I have already started cutting out cockpit parts (there's many of them ), but no pics yet. Any comment welcome Ciao
  3. Thanks for the link! A couple of those pics are of the actual aircraft I'm modelling, one of Kobayashi's mounts. According to various sources, at a certain point in time these airplanes left the factory with the minimum amount of paint job, that is the anti-glare panel and the hinomarus; all the rest was painted on the field, often in a hurry. Not all the airframes received the camouflage, and when they did, it was casually applied and with no particular pattern Here's a quick update before WE: I airbrushed Alclad Aqua Gloss on the red tinted parts same on the bottom; here I first added some chipping to a couple of hatches placed right in the middle of the hinomarus The effect is a bit crude now, but with a bit more of weathering they should look OK Not much of an update, I reckon; more to come after the WE, hopefully. Comments welcome, as ever Ciao
  4. Thanks Ian After I airbrushed smoke rings on my C205, I feel I can handle these kind of jobs - whether they turn out good or not, that's a different matter ... Thanks CC - I have a few pics of this very airframe, sadly way too grainy to be able to spot details. From what I see, though, airbrushing the green mottling should get an effect pretty close to the real camouflage Cheers Cookie, glad you like it! Ciao
  5. Impressive! I love the way the interior shows up from the open panels, a fine touch of realism! Ciao
  6. Thanks Chris! Cheers Benedikt, thank you! Thanks CC But I'm going to use the supplied decals for the tail decoration... Thanks Simon, glad you like it! Thanks baldwin8, it's just a scrap school compass my daughters don't use anymore, but still very effective; I did put a prescription needle in to do the cutting, which I just need to sharpen from time to time Cheers Rob, thank you! Next job is going to be the green mottling on the top surfaces, so I need to round up all my courage and abilities before proceeding - and I also need to give the airbrush a thorough clean up, to avoid frustrating painting sessions... I will practice on the spare half fuselage first, anyway Till then, ciao!
  7. In spirit... Keep on stenciling, it's looking great Ciao
  8. Excellent progress Johnny, despite of the set backs!! The seats just need a semi-gloss coat, then they're spot on! Ciao
  9. And my best to the Good Lady Rose Ciao
  10. giemme

    Listening to the Solstice

    The pic Benedikt quoted is absolutely impressive, Tony! And very explanatory of the immense (and artistic) job you're doing on this model Ciao
  11. I agree with the two above youngsters, Ced Ciao
  12. Cheers K, thanks - glad you like her! Thanks Fubar! I wasn't going to use pure black on the panel lines, except for the movable surfaces. Dark grey seems an excellent idea Thank you, Tony and John! Ciao
  13. Thank you Tony, much appreciated! Canopy sorted, see below. 'evening everybody. Some substantial progress was made during this WE, despite of not having much time for the bench. I sorted the canopy by brushing on some silver acrylic laquer to cover the paint lifts Back to the main airframe, I did some chipping on the yellow bands All done by removing the paint with a toothpick, so to have the underlying alu coat showing through. The yellow bands also received a protective gloss clear coat Same clear coat on the gear bay doors, so these are now ready for weathering I resprayed Tamiya Gloss Alu to repair the lift offs on the fuselage and wing As you can see, I didn't bother going over the gun barrel access panel, because it's going to be completely covered by a red patch (in the form of a decal, as supplied in the kit) Time for Himonaru: I cut the corresponding mask off using my home made compass cutter and laid them on the model The bottom ones need a recess for the aileron actuators so I completed the masking using a blob of blue Tack The fuselage hinomaru has a surrounding white band, so I only applied the outer mask and I also put on a quite intricate masking for the tail and stabilizers Before airbrushing the red, I sprayed Tamiya Flat White on the fuselage hinomaru. The same went for the raised parts (ribs) of the elevators and rudder, followed by a dark brown pre-shade along the panel lines. I did that for the top wing hinomaru The idea is to reproduce a sort of fading by spraying red on different base coats. The bottom wing hinomaru remained on plain metal, while I did some pre-shade on the bottom side of the elevators I allowed the white paint to dry for some minutes, then I put on the inner round masks for the fuselage hinomaru the way to do that is to lay some placement tape (3M Magic Tape in my case) across the two circles, put them in place and remove the central one And on with the red! I used Italeri Insignia Red for the task, thinned with IPA. Several light coats went on, and after unmasking... Not too bad, I thought, but upon a closer inspection I noticed a few flaws. A leak here and here around the gun barrel through, plus some overspray on the wing leading edge towards the wing root Some overspray, on port side hinomaru too, showing an annoying red ring around the white one I should really have sealed the outer ring with some tape, instead of just brushing on some Aqua Gloss Next time, I guess... Same on starboard side, although less noticeable The red paint around the tail shows some metal, but I might leave it like that and call it chipping ... Anyway, after again a few minutes to allow the red paint to cure a bit, I sorted the overspray and leaks And there she is Finally, I removed the blue tack masking from the gun barrels, as it wasn't needed anymore I didn't care to be very precise around the apertures, because as I said they are going to be completely covered by the decals representing the tape patches That's it for this massive update, comments welcome Ciao
  14. giemme

    Listening to the Solstice

    Will do... Nice progress despite of the lazy mood... Ciao
  15. Agreed! And they're going to make a lot of difference on the final outcome, so worth the chore, Ced... Ciao
  16. I think he means the outside; this way, when you remove the canopy and look from the inside, the color you'll see is the right one, even if you painted from outside. Nice salvaging, BTW Ciao
  17. I think you should keep trying, Clive Ciao
  18. giemme

    Listening to the Solstice

    Glad the CA + flour worked out for you Tony - and to an outstanding degree of excellence, I see I used to use CA+talc for this kind of repairs, then @Massimo talked me into replacing talc with flour, so credit goes to him in the first place. Also, more intriguing surgery on the nose section Have a great WE at your Baronial mansion Ciao
  19. That's some serious modelling going on here, Clive! Ciao
  20. Should be so, Chris Thank you I guess you're right, Simon. Thanks for the praise I sure did think of stronger words.... Thanks Ced, much appreciated Ciao
  21. Hi everybody - quick mid-week update. I masked for the yellow bands on the wing leading edges and gear bay doors All done in "no overspray" mood, s you can see Then I airbrushed on a mix of Tamiya Flat Yellow and Tamiya Red, thinned with cellulose thinner, and after several light coat I had this bottom side Some paint lifts occurred upon masks removal gear doors came out fine, though and I did spray the same mix on the prop blade tips too The sliding canopy received a flat clear coat (Italeri, which is not dead flat) and got unmasked A lot of touch ups to do here The paint just flaked off in many spots while removing the masks - I guess due to the underlying Sand Yellow coat rather than to the Gloss Aluminium, but I'm not 100% sure... That's it for the day, comments welcome Ciao
  22. Clive, I think the gunsight was actually offset on the real thing; I'm not 100% sure for the RE2005, but there are evidences on the WEB for other RE fighters, and I'm positively sure it was offset for the Macchi C202 and C205; since it was basically the same gunsight, I'm inclined to believe it was offset on the Sagittario too ... sorry for pointing that out Actually, I don't know if you can actually appreciate the difference in this scale, so you may as well ignore my comment Ciao
  23. Super smooth paint job! She looks gorgeous! Ciao