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  1. Nice job on the SAK (Stone Age Kit), but I 'm very much looking forward to more work on the other one Ciao
  2. Great job on the vents, Alan All looking good, I think the seats color is spot on As for weathering them, there are so many different options... but having an idea (or picture) of the real ones would help choosing the most appropriate Ciao
  3. Cheers Simon, glad you like it! Either way, thank you Tony, you are way too kind Thanks Chris, much appreciated! I have one WWI biplane in my stash, Ian - one day I'll make you happy and build it... Thanks for the praise Thanks Serkan It's a catchy scheme, isn't it? Thanks Jason, glad you like it! Apologies, been a while since my last post here, but it's been a busy period, No RFI for the Turkish Spook yet; it keeps raining at the WE here and I need sunlight for proper pics; I wasn't quite ready for it anyway, since it was brought to my attention (thanks @Gene K ) that with the drag chute door open and the chute in place, there should be a safety pin with an RBF tag attached to it. Now, of course this would imply having all the RBF tags and sensor coves in place, but that would mean hiding a lot of details, so I chose to represent a sort of in-between configuration, where the crew chief has already removed some protections and the pilot is going to step in for the pre-flight checks. This means that I put RBF tags on the chute, the drop tanks and the ordnance Gene kindly provided a very clear pic of a Phantom tail with chute door open, and that showed a few details that I did miss, like a strap running horizontally across the packed chute and the chute color, being more of a green than a sand color. So there it is: Before showing the other RBF tags, this is for @Terry1954, as requested Other tags And there she is, actually completed More tomorrow (probably), when works on the Hellenic F-4 have resumed Meanwhile, all comments welcome. Ciao
  4. Alright, I won't speak of conspiracy or some such, but this clearly sounds like an attempt to reach page 200 on this thread.... purposely loosing one of the front undercarriages and all.... Joking aside, the original version looked brilliant, and I'm sure the 3D printed one will be as good. That cockpit, anyway, is just outstanding! Ciao
  5. I'm actually glad I did Looking awesome with stickers on! Ciao
  6. Ced, a man of many talents! KUDOS for the house repair Looking forward to the fuselage unmasking Ciao
  7. Whatever they are, you did an impressive job! Now press on with the rest, will you? Ciao
  8. Looking forward to how those tiny bits print out - they look impressive already! Ciao
  9. You really need to be a bit of a plumber to work out all these engine surroundings, don't you Tony? Top job as ever Ciao
  10. Aaaaaargh! Good thing you managed to save that roundel! Of course had you painted that on, you'd have been a happy camper from the start, alas.... Great save on the windshield too, and the weathering is up to your usual (high) standard Looking forward to the RFI Ciao
  11. I did take that into account In fact, I can see very far.... Ciao
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