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  1. Ah, true, i must have been getting my ACs confused.
  2. I believe it is a new sheet. Yes, Palitoy did that with several kits. C-130 to AC-130 and Canberra to B-57B are another two that spring to mind.
  3. I hope they do as none of the existing 1/72 PR noses are completely accurate - they miss out the 'flat' areas around the side looking camera ports
  4. Revell one is pretty close to some of the P1127 (RAF) Development Batch aircraft. The big Airfix one is pretty good, it has one or two strange features and in modern terms is really, really basic. (Like @Colin @ Freightdog Models I still have a Woolworths Harrier and Sea Harrier in the stash). I'm presuming they won't include the GR3 frame in this release.
  5. They treat them as a limited edition, so presumably it's only one run
  6. I always saw them in SEAC instead of the Mosquito
  7. There were relatively few US aircraft that didn’t get at least tested by the UK - the RAF even had an early Black Widow, albeit it retained it’s US markings
  8. 1820 Squadron used the Helldiver
  9. Both were used by the RN. The Dauntless was only tested, but the Helldiver served with a squadron.
  10. I have a copy of that from the Douglas archives (before the Boeing take over) and another of the port side. That one only flew in the States before the British cancelled their order. https://napoleon130.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/faf26.jpg They went to the US Navy as JD-1s instead, and some were initially flown in their RAF markings and serials (e.g. KL702 was photographed over LA in May 1946) None of the ones flown to the UK had RAF markings applied, although they did get UK serials.
  11. None of the renders show the all-glass canopy, although one of the colour options shows it. Hope they include both intake styles too
  12. That's an original Roy Cross rough that was never used -
  13. No, the very fact the tooling is/was still in the Uk suggests they are not intending re-releasing it at this time. The Airfix Head of Brand said as much on a YouTube channel broadcast a couple of weeks back
  14. Ye, all four were done in 1/72 first - same for Defiant and Blenheim (and Spitfire XIX)
  15. That would be the Basset mould that was going to be retired after the Kitstarter release (of which I have four). Oh well, at least the decal sheet will be decent on the new one
  16. First rule of Airfix - a statement from Airfix is only good for the time it's given, and even then it may be incorrect (Not saying Airfix staff tell lies, but.....). This is the first new-tool where they've scaled the subject down. I hope it's not the last.
  17. F-40 had extended wing tip AND the 6 - 3 chord extension. So not suitable for RAF or Canadair mk 6 out the box - shorter mk 6 wing would be relatively simple cut and shut
  18. Had a quick look and I can’t find the thread that discussed this, but my memory is that whilst the kit has the glazing for the original and later bulged observer’s hatch, it only has the plastic surround for the my 2
  19. The area over the observer’s hatch is different. I think there was a discussion about this in the rumour monger thread
  20. Rear fuselage as others have mentioned, they also obtained a slghtly 'grubby' look, as well as having the 'patches' on the upper wings where the re-wiring was done to enable them to carry sidewinders https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205190486 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205190563 This pic gives an idea of the effects (Different aircraft)
  21. Yeah, the kit was always meant to be a mk 6
  22. Just realised the captions on the Key article are in the wrong photos. Edited above with full IDs
  23. The article might be behind the paywall, but the image link isn't! Not the same aircraft, but certainly in the same scheme - this is VZ578/R This shot form the same article gives me more questions - what's the grey? Just very weathered DSG (with a 'new' aircraft behind), or a variation on the MSG/Dark Slate Grey scheme? or a hybrid with MSG and Dark Green over aluminium. (EDit - aircraft is VZ604, which was V with 208 between 5/57 and 3/58) Just to throw another into the mix It's a bit weird, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't! I couldn't see the whole article when I followed the link, but by googling it I could! https://www.key.aero/article/low-leve-recce
  24. My only quibble with the Vintage Classic range is the strict 'original decal subjects only' - it would be nice to see some alternatives, like the perhaps an RAF or Royal Navy Heron. (In fact at one point the Heron kit did have an RAF option)
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