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  1. gruffy

    Airfix 2019

    Wonder why this hasn’t been done so far?
  2. gruffy

    Airfix 2019

    Lockheed Hudson, fairey battle, Westland Lysander and possibly a Hampden!
  3. gruffy

    1/72 IBG PZL -37 Łoś (Elk) - confirmed

    Interesting! I will have to get a copy!
  4. Maybe worth Airfix doing their own version of the liberator!
  5. gruffy

    RAF CC Liberator rocket installations

    Thats sounds interesting! I wonder if there’s any books with this subject in?
  6. gruffy

    Caribbean aircrew in Bomber Command

    Thanks for that! Those 2 books have been ordered!
  7. gruffy

    Arthur C Clarke Centenary

    I’ve never read any of his sci fi books but I loved the tv series Arthur c Clarke’s mysterious world!
  8. gruffy

    Caribbean aircrew in Bomber Command

    That’s a subject I’d love to see in a book! I’ve seen almost all British and empire aircrew mentioned but never seen anything regarding the West Indies?
  9. gruffy

    Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    Sign me up! If they do a GR version I’ll get that as well!
  10. gruffy

    Airfix 2018

    Way before my time but thanks for reminding me! All of them are getting long in the tooth.
  11. gruffy

    Airfix 2018

    An Ar234 could work in 1/72 and revell could beat Airfix releasing it first.The only one I know of in this scale is the dragon one?
  12. gruffy

    Airfix 2018

    My apologies I didn’t realise that Airfix were releasing a bomber version of the Mk IV
  13. gruffy

    Airfix 2018

    My predictions will be for 2018/2019 (all 1/72!) Bristol Blenheim mkIv bomber fairey battle westland lysander Bristol beaufigher Mk I or Ic Lockheed Hudson
  14. That’s what I’m waiting for as well!