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  1. Hi Jack, I'll follow this topic with great interest. I've just bought this nice simple kit for the same problem .... to be able to complete it. I've many "skeletons" lying on my model bench, I have no experience on WWI tanks or armoured cars so my first doubt is bound to the Vallejo colours. The khaki colour for the Russian cars is correct? I suppose it's the same used on the original British production vehicles but the Vallejo colur is the proper one? Which is the FS number? About the Austrian version I'm not so sure it's the Russian original colour. If you can wait till Saturday I come back home and I have some material on the Austrian Army in WWI. I cannot promise you an answer but maybe some informations. Ezio
  2. Thank you to all. Andwill - I'm happy you appreciate the nickname, my wife find my character perfectly aligned with the pretty animal TallBlondJohn - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, you gave me just what I needed so after a short pause I can start again with my work
  3. After the last details and painting. Still missing pilot seat and other components and final paint adjustment. For the bomber position I tried to guess the cutaway because the place in the Hendon's Stanraer is empty. I hope it works fine. Next step will be to find the painting instruction because in my ebay Matchbox there were the assembling instructions but no painting instructions so I'm desperately looking for them. If I do not find I'll turn to a all metal colour version. About this topic in the Cox profile there is the remark: finish metal surfaces anodic (silver) fabric surfaces silver dope
  4. This is also my opinion. Sorry for the "bare metal". It's due to my poor English I meant a aluminium colour. I'd like more with this mixed version the old and new era together. My question was due to the fact that I never see another one
  5. I bought the kit many, many years ago on ebay with some parts broken or missing. I've searched and searched interior details. Then I saw the Vulcanicity masterpiece and decided to go. Never surrender!
  6. Dear friends I'd like to share with you my work on this Matchbox kit. First of all my thanks to Vulcanicity for his 2017 topic who guided me through my work. A very important guide I used his topic, the Mushroom book and the G.A.G. Cox precious (precious, my precious......) profile. He gave me the courage to face the challenge. I post only the final result of the interiors before closing because the step by step would be only a copy and paste of Vulcanicity big work. The only difference is that I preferred to detail the bomber position using the profile. Actually I have to complete only the cockpit. Next step will be find te desired profile. Now i'm thinking to the MB version code BN based at Stanraer but i have one doubt about the lower surface colour. On the MB box (i lose the instructions .....) it seems gray or light blue nut in the Mushroom profile it is declared as bare metal. It may be because at the beginning these planes were not painted. If someone has some interesting profile it would be very very appreciated
  7. More and more interesting Fozzy. I never thought at the yoghurt pots but for the curve shapes they could be very useful. I'll go on following your precious lessons. Ezio
  8. Tamiya colours are my best preferred ones even if I use often Xtreacolous, Lifecolor, Hataka and Vallejo Air. The main problem with Tamiya is to find the proper Fderal Standard reference. Searching in the web I found this intersting link http://ipmsrealcote.pro-forums.org/t832-tamiya-mixes-for-some-fs-colors-full-up-to-date-list-in-english Ezio
  9. What an endeavour! You're a brave man but mostly you are an artist. Very beautiful! I'll folow this topic with great interest Ezio
  10. I hope that after the nose "surgical treatment" the convalescence goes well ..... You did a great job. A new nos from the wooden one.
  11. The tin box is a little Treasure Chest! I hope to read your lines soon Ezio
  12. Bristol Boy, I've read with great interest the story of your nice job on the Sparrow and I completed my visit with the Bombay pages too. It's always a pleasure to see that these old but still valid kits come back to the life. Very nice the Sparrow interiors and I think it was worth the trouble because through the side windows they can easily be admired. Just a question which is the plane you are going to portray? I suppose it's the K6994 U Ezio
  13. Thank you to all. Next problem is the internal floor position. If I trust the Contrail instructions it seems to be higher than expected. I must measure with the pilot and navigator position
  14. Yesterday I was possessed from the insane idea to explore the vacum formed stash and I found an old 1/72 scale Contrail Supermarine Scapa. Many years have passed since I assembled my last one but this kind of kit remain still my first love. I cannot face the resin kit without inconvenience while the vacs still give me strong emotions. Unfortunately the vacs companies on the market are now very few, But coming back to the kit I made the first little boring step, preparing the pieces. Now I have to plan the "interior design" and this is the real endeavour because What I was able to fid in the web are these little images. If someone could help me with some details it would be very appreciated. Anyway It's not really a problem because the crew emplacements are not really visible so the main target is to assemble a credible cockpit Happy modelling to you Ezio and now the little I found on the interior
  15. Thank you Tempestfan, I supposed it was a primer Ezio
  16. After a year of inactivity I'm going to resume my modelling with the Eduard, in fact Roden, Gloster Gladiator in 1/48 scale. It's a great kit that allows to build all the versions ncludng the sea gladiator. I'd like to build a pre war version with the aluminium finishing that I'll complete with the Pheon Transfers sheet. The Eduard instructions sheet suggests the interior green for the cockpit side and the base with other details in aluminium as well as the seat. My doubt is wether the pre war version has the same green. I remember that many years ago I read about a red oxide colour (maybe a primer?) used in the 20's and 30's. Probably the Gladiator entered service when the interior green was already in use anyway if some member could confirm me.... Thank you in advance and happy modelling! Ezio
  17. I've some titles in the series and I'd advice to a modeller without hesitation. In my experience I found more useful the ones related to planes always full of details. For the armour and wheels vehicle not so interesting but I have only the Churchill and jeep volumes. Not enough to issue a final verdict, I'll buy other tank titles without hesitation. Unfortunately non of them trating wwI subjects. For these ones I search before purchasing anything the Windsock datafiles http://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/datafiles-10-c.asp. Maybe the main problem with Haynes is that they usually ar missing of scale drawings so they are mainly precious for the details of the interiors
  18. Usually I use the elastic thread like this one ad is available in ifferent diameters http://www.uschivdr.com/products-in-detail/rigging/
  19. I have evidence of at least 3 planes equipped with this kind of device apt to prevent the bad luck. The stuffed bear was fastened to the wing struts and faced bravely the air. No.1 Aviatik Berg D.I, Flik 9J , serial number 101.12, white 19, pilot Ludwig Purm References: Aviatik D.I & D.II – J. Zahàlka, P.A. Tesar, Z. Skolil – JAPO No. 2 Phoenix D.II of Flik 9J, Ospedaletto, estate/autunno 1918, serial number unknown, pilot Hauptmann Ludwig Purm References: K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppe Photo Album 1914-1918 volume 1 - P.A. Tesar, REVI Aviatik D.I & D.II – J. Zahàlka, P.A. Tesar, S. Tyrlik – JAPO No.3 Oeffag Albatros D.III, Flik 55J, serial number 153.27, pilot Oberleutnant Georg Kenzian von Kenzianshausen References: Albatros D.I & D.II Oeffag – P.A. Tesar – JAPO Now I’ like to know if there are other planes in the K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppe or in other air forces during WWI with teddy bears or other good luck charm. Surely there is a well known Oeffag Albatros with a horse shoe in the same position but someone has other evidences? I have pictures and profiles for the examples no. 2 and 3 but I have no picture of the number 1 even if in the books I read a picture is mentioned. For the 101.12 I have only a profile on the very old book Sondermarkierungen der K.u.K. Jagdflugzeuge 1916-1918 of W. Schroeder and B. Tötschinger. In the profile there is no bear and also the camouflage scheme is difficult to identify? Anybody can help me? Thank you in advance Ezio
  20. Very nice Libor, it doesn't seem an Airfix 1/72 one even if I consider it a good kit. I was just going to post a question about the undercarriage housinh colours and the Boulton Paul turret interiors when I found this "pearl" and you solved my doubts. Ezio
  21. Anyway I consider always with great respect Matchbox because I remember that in those distant days there were not too much "strange" subjects in the market and Matchbox was more brave than the more famous airfix and Revell. Maybe for Frog we'd talk in a different way but this is another story to tell ..... Ezio
  22. Oh, it doesn't seem really a Matchbox kit. I got one many years ago and now it's laying on the stash waiting "to summon up the blood". My main concern is about the interiors. Now I have the Mushroom title dedicated to Walrus and Stanraer where there's something. My compliments Paul for the beautiful paint and the light weathering that in sucha a big silver plane is a primary point. Ezio
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