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Found 143 results

  1. Any Mosquito experts out there? I'm trying to build a couple of Mosquitos, post 1950 to fit my collection. I have the Freightdog decals for a NF36 with a bull nose and the PR34. The decals say use the Tamiya Mk XIII/XVII and B Mk IV kits with Freightdog conversions. Looking at the pictures it looks like I need the slipper tanks and possibly the tropical intakes? Is this correct? Is there anything else needed? Would appreciate if anyone confirm/advise please?
  2. Hi all, hope you all are ok and safe... This is my first completed model during my quarantine here in Spain (started several months ago). I bought this one because of the color scheme, without knowing anything about the sprues or reviews, etc. so it was a surprise when I opened the box. Airfix did a strange thing with this product, I don't mean it's a bad thing, but at least strange. Half of the sprues are from the '70s and half are modern ones, designed for this D-Day edition... I think it had been better to design completely a new one model, if you plan to design the half of the sprues (the fuselage, and the top part of the wings, mainly). I must say that the old moulds almost haves a more crisp and fin details, except for the outside panel lines. The new parts haves modern negative panel lines, but a bit oversized. There had been some serious fitting problems, specially with the wings, and a lot of putty and sanding, and again sanding. But I think at the end it turn out nice. I must say that it had been in some points a bit painful, but in the other hand is a nice project to test my skills... I completed the model with a set of PE from Eduard designed for a Tamiya kit, and a bit of scratch, specially in the cockpit. The bad part is that behind the glass and the fuselage it will be all this work hidden. May be the thing I like more of my build is the cockpit, with all that wiring and scratch added to de PE, it had been very pleasant to do. I had follow some points on the page Scalespot.com and his beautiful Mossie in 1/32 from HKM for the references specially in the cockpit parts. Also added some scratch to the wheel bay and landing hear, because out of the box is very simple. Also rivet works by me, and I split the back control surfaces to have a more dynamic form. The decals are very hard to work with Mr Mark Setter/Softer and they are very thick... Well, I hope you like it. Thanks for take a look... Ricardo.
  3. Brengun has just released a 1/48th de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito two-stage merlin resin conversion set (ex -Attack Squadron ? ) - ref. BRL48124 - for the Tamiya keit. Source: http://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-48-accessories-22/dh98-mosquito-two-stage-merlin-(tamiya)-1672 V.P.
  4. I'm talking 1/72 and kit #03019. I'm trying to make a start at clearing the stash and this kit came up on the production line. Straightforward I thought. 1970's Airfix. Accurate outline, fit a bit mediocre but nothing a bit of filler can't sort out. Cursory look at reviews on this site and others flagged up the undercarraige was a bit fiddly, the guns fragile and, aside from 1 review, no other issues came up. So we start: Cockpit rudimentary but otherwise as expected. Sure enough, 1 gun barrel disappeared so Mastercast replacement ordered from the big H. Surprised to find a Mk.XVIII is an option but then looked at the gun Airfix provide and it bears little resemblance to any gun I've ever seen. Resolve to leave til end and maybe see if Mastercast have a replacement. In the meantime fuselage & wings glued, puttied and sanded. Paint goes on. Rudimentary decals put on and glossed over and we're ready for the nacelles with the fiddly undercarraige. Well its not fiddly, its impossible. You cannot build this kit OOB. To get that undercarraige done you have to butcher the nacelles to allow the struts to fit and the cross struts to be applied. Add to that said struts are very small and fragile and before long no matter how careful I tried to be they snapped. I knew that trying to model it with gear up, kits from this era required a lot of filler so thinking that I wouldn't really see it when on display, superglue was deployed and the assembly was left overnight. Starting this morning I put the nacelles up to the wing for attachment. Plenty of serious polystyrene glue applied. Neither would fit, not even close. Huge gaps between wing and nacelle wall. Even then a bit (well a lot) of filling and sanding and all would be well I thought but I still couldn't get the nacelle to line up properly. Took a closer look. One of the nacelles is dimensionally different to the other. Its shorter at the wing attachment such that it looks to be the same nacelle but a different scale! The nacelles themselves are full of oversize rivets and are so poor that I wonder whether a different moulder was given the job who was barely on talking terms with accuracy, competence and scale affinity let alone the rest of the team responsible for the kit. Even the instruction sheet when it came to the nacelles had the part numbers wrong. I said at the top that this is unbuildable. Its not but it does require a lot more work than I am prepared to give it. Life's too short and if I have an urge to build a Mosquito I'll buy a Tamiya. This is the first kit for a veeeeery long time I've ditched without completing and I am so cross that I needed to rant! So apologies to all but I'm glad I got that off my chest
  5. I thought I would paste up one of my latest finished models - de Havilland Mosquito Mk XIII HK422/RO*Z 29 Squadron RAF. During the period Oct 1943 to Oct 1944 Lieutenant DRO Price RNVR with his Observer Sub. Lieutenant B Armitage RNVR were seconded to 29 Sqn RAF to learn the art of AI and Night Fighting. During that period Price and Armitage made three claims. 09/10. 06.44 Ju188 Destroyed 21/22.04.44 Me110 Destroyed 17/18.09.44 Me110 Destroyed Unfortunately 29 Sqn RAF only recorded in the Operations Record Book that, on each occasion, they were flying a MkXIII Mosquito rather than aircraft codes or serials. HK422/RO*Z is a representative aircraft of 29 Sqn through the period rather than one definitely flown by Price & Armitage. The model itself has been converted from the bulk standard Tamiya 1/48 MkVI/NFII boxing but with the addition of the Blackbird Nose, which I had a bit of trouble fitting (measure twice, cut once). I also scratch built the new junction boxes in the rear cockpit and scratched a GEE set (and aerial) plus Harnesses to Pilot & Observer. Paints are Xtracrylic over Halfords Grey Primer (honestly not much different to Med Sea Grey). Roundels were Tamiya Squadron codes I printed up myself. I need to thank both @Seahawk & @Graham Boak for their help and guidance during the research for this aircraft..
  6. The postie delivered Revell's 1:32 Mosquito IV in the post today and I have been thinking about how to build it. In particular, the SEAC silver and blue scheme caught my eye. What aftermarket bits and bobs would I need to save up for build up an accurate Mossie, since there are few kits in this scale?
  7. Hello friends, another model from the old school is over. I am pleased that it eventually turned out. Not in rank Tamiya, but on the shelf it seems satisfactory. Here's the picture, enjoy it.
  8. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is my 1/72 Tamiya Mosquito FB Mk.VI, built with Master metal gun barrels, CMK weapon bay and Eagle Cal decals. Markings represent an aircraft of 418. Squadron in October 1944. Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. All photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. CMK weapon bay wasn't a good fit at all, being too short for the cut-out of the lower fuselage. Thanks for your interest in this topic. With best greetings from Vienna, Roman
  9. Hi people, My second WIP post (other is FW16 F1 car) and first plane. I suspect this model has had a lot of WIP, as it is so new - so I hope another one is ok! Best way to get advice on techniques etc...the skill level on these forums is incrediable... Same story as many on here I am sure - used to make models as a kid, getting back into it 35 years later! Less likely to throw the result out of a window, set on fire - and I have an airbrush now! I love this plane, and once I saw a few reviews and pictures of the kit, I thought I'd give it a go...splashed out and give it a go! Going for the Operation Jericho version - incrediable story. So far I have worked on the cockpit, so I'll start there... It's a lovely kit - with a LOT of parts!! Some nice historical booklets included, different paint schemes etc... Small number of PE details. Everything goes together very accurately. Fit is superb. Love the ease that this green goes on - test fit of sub-assemblies (seats, instrument panel etc) I've worked on all the 'interior' elements of the main fusalage, again test fitting elements...
  10. It's to my shame that it's taken me so long, but we are now very pleased to announce that we have, exclusive to Sovereign Hobbies, a healthy supply of 2 stage engine nacelle resin conversion sets for your 1/48 scale Tamiya de Havilland Mosquito kits by Pangolin Models (JasonC, as you may know him). https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-48/products/pangolin-two-stage-mosquito-nacelles-1-48 Everything is now ready except for the little cardboard folder-over thingimabobs with the label to go on the packaging, which we'll have ready within a week. These are available to order now and dispatches will begin by the 9th June 2017. These sets are professionally cast in high quality resin, and come complete with separate cast resin 6-stack exhausts and optional photo etched brass grilles evident on the sides of some carburettor intakes. They are designed to be simple to fit and to remove the anxiety in cutting up perfectly good injection moulded kits by utilising existing panel lines on the Tamiya kit parts to locate the straight saw cuts.
  11. Not everyone's cup of tea but I do like my toys and so when I started building this I thought I'd try livening it up when I stumbled upon the Magic Scale Modelling site, specifically this kit: https://www.magicscalemodeling.com/shop/DH-98-Mosquito-Motors-%26-Lights-set-1-32-%26-1-24-p81830358 6 months elapsed, and I had a lot of help along the way from Richard at Magic Scale Modelling, a lot of it down to my incompetence, and along the way he sent me the prototype of the new control board with the twin sound speakers, and I'm informed this is the first build using it. In hindsight I should have practiced this on an easier kit like the Revell one first, and realising the vandalism and fettling I needed to do on those beautiful Tamiya engines made me want to cry. I made lots of mistakes along the way which meant that a few aspects of the kit itself haven't been fully done justice! One key example is I ended up with the belly doors closed in order to accommodate the control board, but in retrospect doing it again I'd find room in the rear fuse... but then again it's ready for takeoff isn't it, so the doors would be closed anyway! I'm not happy with the fir of the cowl panels and the props aren't quite true either but by and large I'm happy with it. I've linked the videos to my Youtube page as I can't seem to share videos from Flickr. (I know i need to tidy up those wires but I'm waiting for some extensions to hide them underneath my eventual wooden base). I hope you like it.
  12. I hope its ok to join this party a little late? Being inspired by Enzo Matrix’s Buffalo Mosquito thread in this group build and a bunch of exciting images on the interweb: I would like to build a coastal command Mozzy. I have this Tamiya 1:48 FB VI in my small stash which will fit perfectly for such a build. I have been lurking on the forum for a while now but am an inexperienced modeller, having done it a lot as a kid (a loooooong time ago) and have recently returned to the hobby now with a couple of builds under my belt (with varying degrees of finesse shall we say) so this is my first WIP so be gentle with me and excuse my lack of terminology and experience but i figure i’d like to contribute and have a lot of fun with the build. It’s not going to be a rivet counting exercise but i hope it turns out ok with a little luck. A canopy mask set i purchased with the kit a while ago. i have also ordered a photoetch set and a coastal command squadron 333 decal set from hannants which i’m awaiting to arrive. maybe rf 769 (KK · P) could fit the bill (the kit has relevant decals already but i think it would be cool to customize the scheme a little) (i dont own the copyright to the image above it is posted while i'm asking permission) (i dont own the copyright to the image above it is posted while i'm asking permission) so here we go! I started the kit this evening labelling the sprues for ease of use. I then joined the forward sections of the fuselage to the aft sections with some extra thin, (adding the cockpit door and tail wheel mudguard, after taking the photo) (i intend to have the undercarriage down and door and bomb-bays closed). and I gave everything that needed it, a good coat of tamiya XF-71 airbrushed without primer. so thats where we are. no muck ups so far! wish me luck!
  13. Hello you, and a belated welcome to 2019. Here is a quicky I did in the post Christmas blues, a Mozzie carved from wood and camouflaged with wood stain. Its a bit of a mishmash, its supposed to be the cannon armed fighter, but the cockpit and exhaust blisters are from the MkIV bomber and the Brownings are too high in the nose. Still, it kept me out of the wife's way for a couple of weeks so it's all good. Enjoy.
  14. Just finished this one today. Not a bad kit considering it's 40 year age!! All that was required was a quick rescribe. Not much filler either which was a pleasant surprise! Paint used was Hataka in the main with Alclad Kleer Kote Flat to finish. Hope you like it!
  15. I'm back - been a while, but have been following some great posts on here. You may have seen my other 1/24 Scale Airfix diorama: Very pleased to win with it at Telford this year, a very nice surprise indeed. I said I would give aircraft a rest and get back to rusted cars & zombie stuff, my usual bread and butter when it comes to modelling. Well it didn't last long, I have had my eye on the Airfix 1/24 Scale de Havilland Mosquito for a while now, but something else normally got it the way. So I was happy to come across it again at Poole Vikings on Saturday 14th April (18), and at the price, how could I resist. Bring it back to the club stand I got the usual banter, "You cant rust that, its made of wood", etc. Well I had already formed an idea in my head as to what I was going to do with it - another museum restoration diorama. A quick search on the interweb and an idea had formed. I need to get a few models out of the way, a Revell London Taxi diorama with a couple of Nutsplanet figures and the excellent Italeri 1/9 Scale German Motorcycle with Side Car in a barn find diorama. Once these are done and dusted then its onto the Mosquito. As a said before, a quick look around the interweb and found some great resource images: Another source of inspiration are the Valiant Wings and Haynes books on the Mosquito: Plenty of reading with these two. I'm looking forward to this build and sharing its progress with you along the way. Thanks for stopping by. Richard
  16. DH Mosquito PR.IV/B.IV 'Special Liveries' 1:144 Mark I Models The de Havilland Mosquito was conceived as a high-powered, high-speed bomber. Unlike other aircraft of the day, it was depended on its speed, rather than defensive gun turrets, for survival. It was also noteworthy for being constructed of wood composite, a technique pioneered by de Havilland in the sleek de Havilland Albatross airliner. This helped to save weight, but also reduced reliance on the scarce alloys used in the construction of other aircraft. Overcoming the skepticism of the Air Ministry, during early trials the Mosquito proved to be comfortably faster than the Spitfire Mk.II. In the end, almost 8,000 examples were completed, with the type serving well beyond the end of the War. The B Mk IV was the original bomber version of the Mosquito, while the PR Mk IV was simply a photo reconnaissance conversion of the former. Mark I Models have produced quite a range of 1:144 scale kits, including many British WWII and Cold War types. This kit is part of a range of Mosquito kits released by the Czech manufacturer. The kit is limited run in nature, but the plastic parts are nicely moulded, , with crisp detail throughout. There is no flash present and the sprue attachment points are pretty fine for the scale. Being one of the larger kits in the line up, you only get one Mossie in the box instead of the pair of kits you find in their Spitfires or Vampires. As you might expect, construction is fairly straightforward. The cockpit is basic, but structurally complete, with a separate moulded seat for the pilot and a control column and instrument panel. Detail for the latter is provided courtesy of a very small decal. Once the cockpit is complete and the small fuselage windows have been fitted, the fuselage halves can be joined. The wings are simply split vertically and they are designed to fit inside the recesses on the fuselage sides. Each engine pod is moulded in vertical halves, with bulkheads to close the landing gear bays off at either end. The landing gear itself is nicely detailed and a choice of wheels are included depending on which of the painting schemes you choose to build. A choice of engine exhausts are also included. Despite its diminutive size, the canopy is pretty good. Mark I have included decals for four different schemes: de Havilland Mosquito PR Mk IV DK310, LY-G, No.1 PRU, Royal Air Force Benson, summer 1941. This aircraft is finished in Dark Slate Grey and Sky Grey over PRU Blue; de Havilland Mosquito PR Mk IV DZ473, No.540 Squadron, Royal Air Force Leuchars, June 1943. This aircraft is finished in overall PRU Blue and was used to photograph the V-2 rocket facility at Peenemunde; de Havilland Mosquito PR Mk IV G-AGFV, BOAC, Royal Air Force Leuchars, early 1943. This aircraft is finished in Dark Earth and Dark Green over Sky. It was used for high-speed diplomatic courier operations to Sweden; and de Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV G-AGFV, T9+XB, 2./VVB OKL Trials and Research Unit of the Luftwaffe High Command, Konigsberg-Neumark Airfield, Summer 1944. Conclusion Small and simple it may be, but this mini Mossie is no less appealing for it. The quality of manufacture looks to be pretty good and although there are no luxuries such as locating pins, it doesn't look as though it will be particularly challenging to build. Reccomended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. Currently building the 1/48 Airfix Mosquito PR XVI. There is no radio antenna included in the kit, yet most profiles and photos I have seen of this aircraft show an antenna installed. Is this an oversight by Airfix or did some PR XVIs carry radio equipment that did not require an antenna? Thanks, Adrian
  18. Hi Chaps. Firstly, just wanted to say hi, I'm new to the forum and just back in the modelling game after a rather lengthy break of 35 years, one build in and loving it. So here is my question, I pushed the boat out and purchased the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito in the black friday sales. Really looking forward to getting started. Doing a little research on schemes and I have fixed upon The dark grey scheme with yellow spinners from the original 1/24 release (sorry I can't find a reference to which squadron etc) Does anyone know where I can purchase decals for this? Looking forward to your responses. Thanks again Simon
  19. AZ model is to release a new tool family of 1/72nd de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito. Among others the NF.30 variant. Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010228-kpaz-central-discussion-questions-answers/&do=findComment&comment=2686107 First announcement was made with a NF.19 picture V.P.
  20. Hello fellow Airfixsators, This is my one of my two concurrent Multi Role Combat Aircraft Builds for this GB: The shape-wise accurate but surface detail lacking Mosquito FB.VI I was intending to do it as a post-war Germany based aircraft but may change my mind on that, whatever I won't be using the kit supplied decals, probably have ago at my own again. I have also sourced a sort of representation of a merlin (see top right) from another kit so hopefully will display it with some engine cowlings removed. Also the intention is to add a lot of scratched interior detail as well, this will require replacing the very thick kit canopy with my own vac-formed version. And to add some interest to the overall display I have also acquired the Tamiya 'Tilly' to sit alongside the Mossie as well as my own scratch built Trolley Accumulator which I finished yesterday: So lots to do, can't wait. Cheers, M.
  21. Trying to make my cabinet more colourful I've decided to built my Mosquito FB.VI as the intruder operating from the UK in the D-day period of 1944. There are several pictures known of such black-bellied planes from the RAF squadrons No.23 (PZ170), 605 (NS838) and RCAF No.418 (HJ719, HJ722). There's even a FB.VI used for night recce flights over Italy by No.60 Sq. SAAF, but it doesn't sport code letters - just the serial in red. But no one of them feature AEAF stripes on the wings. My question is whether the abovementioned units were the only ones using the FB.VIs in such (black-bellied) camouflage? EG the Polish No.305 and No.307 Squadrons were also flying the FB.VI (including night intruder sorties), but all photos known to me show their Mossies in standard NF scheme with SGM undersurfaces. And the main question appears, whether any black-bellied Mossies were flown with AEAF invasion stripes on the wings? The ones I've found have them only on the fuselage underside. Cheers Michael
  22. I found this on Hyperscale.com so I thought a link might be appreciated. NF 2 HJ711 gets an engine night start. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/excitement-in-lincolnshire-on-wednesday-nite-a-mos-t498349.html
  23. Airfix’s 1980 kit of the 1/48 Mosquito FB VI converted to a Molins’ 57mm Mk XVIII ‘TseTse' sub-hunter. The main gun was a standard British Army 6 pounder anti-tank gun, fitted with an auto loader and could fire 25 rounds in 20 seconds! The .303 machine guns were reduced to 2 (for sighting purposes) and an additional 900 pounds of armour were added. 26 were so modified. The kit was rescribed, the small scoops and the carb intakes on the engine nacelles were opened up, and a scratch built gunsight, details and wiring were added to the cockpit. The propeller blades were reshaped and the spinner openings reduced. The mods required were adding the late style bulged canopy, removing the 20mm cannons and shell chutes, and replacing with brass tubing for the 57mm cannon, breech fairing from spare pieces of bombs and missiles, breech hatch and shell eject chute from plastic sheet, reinforced inboard flaps with strip, and adding additional armour plate to nose I used Eduard brass seatbelts, a Squadron vacuform late style bulged canopy, Griffon etch carb intake screens, and a lot of plastic sheet, strip, brass tubing, and assorted bomb/missile parts for the breech fairing. Paints are Tamiya Acrylic and markings are a mix of Aeromaster nationality, Barracudacal stencils, Aviaeology serials, and masking and painting for the “O”. Weathering is with oil paints and pastels. Hope you like.
  24. Dear Gentelman, I am preparing to build Tamiya 1/32 Mossie as 605. (County of Warrwick) Squadron aeroplane. My problem is that on all photographs of 605. Sq. Mosquitos have shrouded exhausts, many of them have underside painted in black. Period I am interested in is autumn of 1944. Is it possible that all aeroplanes came from Series I of production? 605. used Mossies for both night Intruder and daylight Ranger missions. Aeroplane that I would like to make model of is PZ343 (UP-B). I believe that in that aeroplane W/Cdr. R.A. Mitchell and his navigator F/Lt. S.H. Hatsell did not return from night Intruder mission to Germany on 17 March 1945. I need your help to clear my concerns about cammouflage and exhaust shrouds. Thank you for reading. With kind regards, Marko Jeras Zagreb, Croatia
  25. I picked this up as an impulse buy a few years ago as I really fancied the silver SEAC aircraft. Several times during the build I wished I hadn't. Horrible fit, trenchlike engraving on the newer parts. I actually set it aside for over 2 years before doing a "quick finish over the last couple of week so by no means my best work at all, very much a view from a distance model. Build thread can be found here. For all that though, it still looks pretty attractive. The markings are for an aircraft of 648 Squadron in India, 1945. Thanks for looking.
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