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  1. Kit is progressing slowly I got bogged down with all these fre@@#$ing small PE parts - and doing it twice for every piece just makes it frustrating to the power of 2. This is not for my fat fingers and blind eyes. I hope to get the cockpits done this week - and will share some pictures. In the meanwhile - I'm looking into the next stage of the build. Does anyone know how much weight you need to put up front for this not to be a tail sitter? Ran
  2. Taking a short break from the (tedious ) PE work on the 2 X P-400 Continue strengthening the MLG delicate struts. Completed the 2nd set. Should have been easier but instead I made a mistake. See if you can spot it Put some micro-mask on the front windows Put it some putty and sanding time That's it for tonight Ran
  3. There this weird thing with building a double build..... you have to do everything well,,, twice. It nice in the sense the kit #2 gets built better - after dry and wet fitting is done on #1 But it's double the work I'm also not sure if I like all that PE work vs. scratch. The outcome is more sharp but its also more tidious and less flexible. I'm almost done with that can be done before painting the interior green: Using the Kristal Klear as a glue for the PE parts is a new trick I picked. That's it
  4. Going forward slowly. The plastic is soft and some of the engineering resembles short-run - with little positive locations. It also turns our it my first time with a full fledged cockpit PE set. Instrument panel is a real jem. Added some Microscale Kristal Klear. It's very old - not sure if I get the effect. I also shifted to working one kit at a time. Front LG interior: That's it for tonigh Ran
  5. Thanks @Corsairfoxfouruncle - sounds like a sound advice How much weight did you end up putting in those that are not wheelie ?
  6. Starting ! The Mosquito was such a mess I had to clean the bench and instill some order before I go on. I've finished the cockpit and closed the fuselage and I need some rest from that kit. So I cleaned the bench (that's the clean and order state - believe me ) Working on two identical kits simultaneously is new for me. As I scanned the insturctions for the first time it downed on me that this is the the FIRST Eduard kit I build. I have ten's of Edualrd kit's in my stash as I came back to the hobby around the time they became pop
  7. Had just about as much fun as I'm ready to with the cockpit Added some levers - I believe its the LG one: I considered adding PE belts for the navigator seat but was fed up with PE so opted for the decal ones. Just added a small PE piece to connect the decal to the belt retarder I added earlier Added the stick, the seat lever, the cockpit door and some final details and its DONE Gluing it all together was a nightmare - I had to dry fit a lot, sand even more and use force at the end. and I'm
  8. Fun goes on Added some oxygen pipes - first time I use TNK reatvit - cool item This is kit is really amazing as you need so much dry fitting you end up building 2-3 kits by the time you finish one ! Dry fitting the front fuselage parts showed I had to curve the radio box, canopy opening, pilot seat - the lot. A few quick photos: That's it for now Ran
  9. The fun continues Following the tips from @ERK I decided to try and stiffen the MLG legs a bit. A combination of wire and CA glue. Tedious work, one MLG per sitting These will be covered with paint and hopefully provide some strength without being noticed. Detailing goes on: The engines will be next: That's it for tonight. Comments are welcomed as always. Ran
  10. Thanks @Marklo When they closed down our local forum site I searched a lot until I decided to continue posting by build posts here. I was mainly due to what you point out - a relaxed atmosphere, amazing builder and friendly advice. Ran
  11. When I got back into the hobby I was amazed by a lot of things. Forums and other internet resources for one. Reading through a lot of forums I was shocked with some of the behaviors demonstrated by avid modelers: Endless talks about tens of different shades of gray or green or blue or whatever. Discussions on what fits which scheme and color chip references and paint make and type and exact matches and sophisticated 3-typs paint mixes. Me - if it says green then pick a green, if it says gray pick a gray - how complicated can that be? The notorious AMS - people sup
  12. @ERK - thank you very much. That's quite a heads up. I wish I had such info before I started I hope the Tamyia kits are better engineering (I have another Mosquito in the stash) Looking at the MLG's and reading your input gives me the shivers as well as an idea to maybe do this build in-flight. Should not go overboard in detailing the MLG wells. Thanks Ran.
  13. Even more fun There are so many opportunities for detailing and painting that I let my self go about it almost randomally, and not by any specific order. It will take a couple more bench times, and probably many days, until I can go forward with closing the fuselage and getting with the rest of the build. In the meantime - just having fun at the bench I found some nice ref. images of the HK 1/32 kit for inspiration as well as downloaded the Tamiya Mosquito instructions for paint ref. That's it for tonight
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