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  1. Just a regular day at the shop Lots of small parts, preparing for paint, painting, re-touching, gluing, detailing lots and lots of that fun build - except the flash More coming soon Ran
  2. Talk about lousy engineering. Can some one explain these: Yeh - I'm talking about parts 88,84,85 - their size, their gates, the huge spruces that won't allow you to gut on a surface. Looks like someone really worked hard to make sure there parts will brake when separated from the sprue. Not to mention the fact that these are parts of the main LG and will have to bear the weight of the model. Turns out there are a lot of parts arranged like that AND a lot of flash. It looks like this build will go SLOWLY, involve tons of DRY FITTING, make me
  3. The blue slender beauty is DONE! Finalizing all the small details and decaling took a while, but are done. Landing light - put it some foil and then sanded the transparent part till it fit... sort of assembled and painted the bombs. The stabilizing legs had to be squeezed to shape. Cannon's were replaced with cut syringe tips Drop tank detailed with some wire and paint Decals put on - worked well. Not too many of them. Soaked with MicroSol for a couple of days till they settled in.
  4. Today I had some time for a quick start This kit has a lot of parts so it merits / requires some putting together before painting. The plastic itself is not that nice - pale, soft and surprisingly full of flash. Another annoying aspects - the part numbers are almost impossible to read off the frets. I need to keep going back to the part list in the instructions. The frets are also very big and cumbersome to handle. The engineering looks good and somewhat complicated. Probably the most complicated kit I built so far. Well, that what I though looking at the instructions.
  5. The Beast is done - for a long time now. The slender two engine is racing gracefully to completion. Work-from-home is was fun, then it was gone and now back again. Bench time was ample, then gone, and maybe coming back. It time for the next one: This one comes with a whole lot of plastic: So, frets cleaned up, transparencies soaked in future and drying, workbench is being organized. Hope building will start soon. Ran
  6. Nope I'm not sure but maybe the parts themselves had some internal marking for cutting the wings. In any case - if was trying to go for a fast build Ran
  7. 2nd wave did hit - and swept away most of the time I had - for almost 3 month. Now with a new lock down - I hope to get some more bench time. Progress was very very slow - here's a couple of images Decided to wire the engines: These will get a wash later on. Canopy masked And first layer of Blue Angles Blue (MM 4687) That's it for tonight Comments are welcomed as always. Ran
  8. It's done. Actually it's been done since July 25th but with all the hectic WFT and then work back from office and the 2nd wave and what not - I failed to update. So - the beast is decaled - these actually performed well. At the end - I lost all the mojo with this build so I did not build the expected diorama. Maybe in the future. Some pictures - more in the RFI (sometime in the future) Comments are welcomed as always
  9. Hi there @jrlx A nice looking Orlyonok. Which I had noticed this earlier - would have helped me with mine I still have a couple of steps - so your build will be used as inspiration Ran
  10. Work-from-home is almost over (at least until the 2nd wave hit us) so less time on the bench and even less time to update the build log. So here goes: It's a very nice kit in terms of its part break down and the details. The fit sucks though. Started this one with some gluing of ordnance: Next came a bunch of parts that simply had to be glues and sanded: Moved on with some black on the tires and heavy pre-shading on many other parts and then moved on with Green Zinc-Chromate (MM 4852) and Yellow Zinc-Chromate (MM 4
  11. It's a shame that with the Work-from-home gone, and work pressure back at the 3000psi range once again - I find little time to build and even less to write. The A-90 is getting close to its completion so I better update the build report. At the beginning of May I was just about ready to close the fuselage and really trying to decide on the paint scheme. It turned out to be quite a time consuming experience - there are not too many color paint schemes, and some are clearly not a real paint scheme of an operational a/c. I eventually decided to use MRP Light-Gray
  12. With the Covid-19 Work-from-home winding down - I have less time building and even less time writing. The VAL is DONE!! - bees so for more than a week but only know I think I may have the time and willing to update. In my last report - the kit was just pre-shaded (heavily) and the prop axis was re-fabricated. These are the tales of the VAL as it progressed to the shelf: Painting started with the red tail (Tamiya X-7) - what a lovely start. Interesting point - the panel lines at the base of the vertical stabilizer are not identical on both si
  13. The VAL is done ! Scanning the stash for the next build is either a quick process - in case you have an idea in mind OR a long one - if you don't I did not - so picking this one took time and I'm not sure why I did or how it connects with the previous builds. The Covid-19 WFH period is nearing its end - so I hope I can still make progress with this build. It's a big one - I may need to re-order my shelves.
  14. I have to say the engineering of putting the cockpit tub and closing the fuselage proved to be excellent. The cockpit sticks in with positive feedback and serve as a huge locator plug for the fuselage Painting and closing up the cockpit was just fun. detail picking done with white and silver pencils and red/yellow paint. Heavy brown/black wash was also applied. Seat belts were also added - an Eduard one for the front seat and an self-made one for the gunner. Then the fuselage halves where glues together, followe
  15. This is a BIG kit - even at 1/144. Even the box is something else: Plastic is soft. Gates are horribly close to the parts. Engineering is a mixed bag - as the fit is mostly good. Started with some small parts - painting and gluing and some seam filling and polishing. Then some more parts Then the more tricky ones Note zero locating pins on that one I'm getting closed to painting. I would like to do the Soviet version
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