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Found 617 results

  1. Italeri 1/72 Short Sunderland MkIII, always wanted to build one of these. Nice kit, unfortunately the painting didn't go according to plan, initially started with Tamiya Flat White which thinned with Levelling Thinners lays perfectly, but ran out part way through and finished with Revell Aqua White. What a mistake that was. Totally ruined the finish.. spent days trying to sand it back and find the motivation to finish it, but it never really came back, then topped off with Ultimate Weathering Wash sticking to the gloss surface despite being fully cured and smooth. Haven't added several aerials and rigging which I may add at a later date, but calling this one done before it ends up in the bin. Extremely frustrated. Didn't meet my expectations at all, but I guess with the current climate and worries an occasional unhappy build here and there is inevitable. Lots of lessons learnt on this one.
  2. Did the Parachute Regiment use this type of stripped down Land Rover as produced by Italeri? I know they used a version for the anti-tank platoon’s WOMBAT wagons but I wondered if this version saw service with them, particularly during 3 Para’s BAOR tour in the seventies; contemporary pictures would be most welcome.
  3. Introducing this Italeri Spitfire 6, This is my first long-wing, complementing several clipped-wings that I've built. Bought at Monk Bar Models, York in 2019, for £9.99. Parts. Options and decals
  4. Good day one and all! Just seen the thread open so laying down my marker. I am going for Italeris Avenger in 1:48 (the old Accurate Miniatures kit). This one will be decked out as a Fleet Air Arm version, hoping to do a Pacific Fleet one. The only thing I have done is blow the dust off and give it a good wash! I will do the obligatory parts and accessories shots tonight and post them up tomorrow, along with more details on what version I am doing. Until then Laters! Bob
  5. Hello, Here's my just finished 1/48 Hawker Typhoon Ib. It's the Italeri rebox of the Hasegawa kit. The Hasegawa kit is not without its issues, mostly around the cockpit, but Italeri added a whole bunch of more trouble. For some reason they included the 3 bladed prop only, while all the decal options are for 4 bladed ones, as far as I could find. The same goes for the horizontal tail surfaces, only one type is included, although I haven't researched if these are the original ones or the later Tempest type. Therefore they might be incorrect for my build. Other problems were the exhausts, and no mention about what to do with the landing lights in the wing leading edges. I had some problems finding good pics of the combination of 3 bladed prop with later canopy, but @KoenL and his 2 ATAF books helped me out. I settled on MM963, ZY-W of 247 Squadron flown by Flt.SGt. J.A.D Meechan at B.6 Coulombs some time after D-Day. The camouflage was done with Humbrol paints,, the invasion stripes are Tamiya, the markings and roundels etc were all done with Colourcoats using Maketar masks. The serials are cobbled together from a Spitfire sheet by Flevodecal. The exhausts are from Eduard. I'm glad it's finally finished. Thanks for looking, I hope you like it.
  6. Part of the reason I bought and built the Lynx (RFI coming soon, honest) was to get my head in to the right space for building helicopters and hopefully do a better job of the Chinook as a result. I have the Italeri HC.2 / CH-47F kit which is a bit of a weird thing even before the get go, because (if I understand it) the HC.2 was the UK version of the D. Except for the Netherlands D, they had the analogue cockpit instruments. The CH-47F in contrast was the basis for the HC mk 6, which had the glass cockpit. I guess you could build either ( but not both!) from this kit, although it only comes with decals for the analogue cockpit so... Anyway The plan is to build ZA-712 ER of 7 squadron during its green HC2 phase. It features in the superb model alliance decals as an HC1 in 1991 / op Granby, but I want to make an HC-2 and I don't think I could pull off the black "scribbling" over desert pink camouflage. So I'm going to model the same aircraft, but from a later date when it was painted green, which means that I'll be using a combination of kit and Model Alliance decals. The reason I picked this aircraft is because 7 squadron is part of JSFAW which supports the UK special forces, meaning that I can include the beautiful miniguns that I bought from Live Resin. So, onwards. Cockpit first. The rear wall of the cockpit needs some detail removing and slightly bulking out the area where the PE goes as it doesn't quite look big enough. You can see it here. I added some PE to the cabin bulkhead, but I've read / seen that mostly the LHS is covered by soundproofing and often the RHS is too. I've ordered some clay "stuff" to make the sound proofing. In some of the pictures I saw the heater is partially exposed on the right, so I might go for something like that. More PE. It looks quite smart before it's painted black However, after painting it loses some of the detail. I tried to help by picking some of it out in a semi-gloss... Also, being all black makes it double-hard to photograph. Apparently. The PE instrument panel came out ok though Lastly it was on to the cargo floor which I did with the usual 2 shades of grey and a dirt wash. I'm hoping the wash will settle down a bit when I give it a coat of clear matt because I think I went a little bit over the top. Anyway, that's everything for now. Thanks for looking.
  7. Although not of the standard of some of the Wessex Helicopters shown on these pages I have finally finished my latest work a 1/72 Italeri Wessex finished as an HU5 of Lee on the Solent SAR Flight, I wanted a Lee airframe as its my local Airfield. I have used the Eduard Etched sets and the Rotorcraft correction set, paint used was from the Hataka Public services paint set. As I said its not to the the standard of some of the Wessex Helos on here, but I'm quite pleased with it. IMGP3934 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP3932 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP3931 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP3938 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Enjoy
  8. Time to put my choice on show for rest of you. I have decided to build Italeri's 1/48 Ju-87D which I have had in the stash for a while which looks like a nice kit in the box with a good amount of detail in the cockpit and nicely moulded parts with no flash and recessed panel lines and even has a small etched fret included which has seatbelts and a few other cockpit and airframe details, the decal sheet looks to be to Italeri's usual hign standard and has markings for a few aircraft in a variety of schemes ranging from the standard RLM 70/71/65 to a winter wash and a nice squiggly one used for night raids over Italy towards the end of the war. I have chosen to build an aircraft operated by the Royal Hungarian Air force on the Eastern Front and whilst it is in the standard 70/71/65 scheme it does have nice colourful markings. Here is the usual selecion of pics of the box, what is inside it and some references, starting with the box top; The contents, Some references I will be using, And what it should hopefully look like, Hope to be able to make a sneaky pre-paint of the cockpit area soon. Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  9. Jpthedog

    Nor-Fly DC3

    My second entry for this great GB from my stash - Italeri C47 with Nor-Fly decals, Norwegian airline from the 70's. This machine, LN-KLV used to be a regular visitor to Aberdeen, Dyce in 73, 74 before being replaced with Convair 440 equipment. The kit is Italeri which has nice recessed panel lines and is regarded as the best C47/DC3 in 1/72 scale. I will need to cut out a couple of passenger windows but I wont be building the passenger interior I dont think. Decals are Norwegian company Lima November - a mix of laser and silk screen for some reason - they look smart! Obligatory pre-start pics L Looking forward to a 'big' airliner!
  10. Just finished the 1/48 A-10 Thunderbolt from Italeri, my first jet build. Had a lot of fun, learned a lot and there is enough room for improvement (just have a quick look at the canopy). I painted the model using spray cans. Starting with a white primer, Tamiya AS-28 and finishing with a matte varnish from Vallejo. The model has been weathered using some panel liner and a wash from Vallejo. For future projects I’m interested in buying an airbrush, tips are more than welcome.
  11. Mirage 2000B No.527 / 115-OR, EC2/5 ‘Il-de-France’ Orange – Caritat, Languedoc, southern France, 2018 1/72 Italeri kit (‘Mirage 2000D’ boxing) Resin seats and added cockpit detail All antennas and ECM radomes rebuilt Modified fin shape Xtracolour enamel paints Decals from Revell Mirage 2000C kit and Syhart (badges and numbers) (Annoyingly, the photos seem to have a greenish tinge - it's blueish in real life!) Chris
  12. I’ve not posted on here for some months now mainly due to a combination of other interests and work, but I’ve finally completed another build. It’s the 1:72 Italeri Merlin helicopter as featured in the 007 film ‘Skyfall’. It’s built OOB apart from some photoetch seatbelts and cockpit instruments and the weathering has been kept very low key as the 1:1 scale version in the film looks quite clean...until it crashes! The kit isn’t particularly well moulded with a few gaps here and there and the main rotor blades didn’t have any droop on them, but a heat gun and some judicious bending soon sorted that problem. Perhaps the most frustrating issue was that the instructions have omissions and inaccuracies which caused a fair amount of head scratching. As there aren’t too many detail photos of the real thing it was a challenge to recreate a reasonably accurate looking model. As just one example, the tail rotor painting detail in the instructions is nothing like the odd ball scheme on the real thing. Anyway, I’m calling it done as I’ve a tasty little Gloster Gladiator on the bench which needs my attention. Bill.
  13. Introducing my Italeri JAS-39A Gripen, to be built straight from the box. The only eligable kit in my stash. Bought 2000, from Andy Pack Models, and costing £6.50. Here are the parts. I've got a 2001 SAMI review of the Revell version of this kit. Scalemates says they're the same, but for stores options. And the options available to me, undecided as yet. Edited with new photo - showing all 3 options.
  14. Hi Chaps I dislike individual tracks on kits. Could I use the tracks off the 1/35 italeri fury on the Dragon Firefly because as I see it they are both the extended length tracks. The Fury kit has 2 sets of tracks so both kits can be built if I rob one set for the Firefly. Many thanks in advance Rodders
  15. My next build is Italeri's 1:72 Wellington Mk IC. I have had this in the stash a while and am excited to begin building it as I live a few miles away from Moreton in marsh, which during WWII was home to Wellington bombers. The box contains a detailed set of instructions, decals and colour schemes for 6 aircraft and some lovely artwork. There are 5 grey sprues, and a clear sprue. All with a nice amount of detailing, and little flash, and it looks like a nice kit to build. I plan to build my aircraft straight from the box using Vallejo acrylics, in the colours of No. 304 Polish Bomber Squadron, RAF Costal Command 1942. I've already given the sprues a wash and primed the interior parts, so here goes!
  16. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Italeri Wellington Mk.IC. I found this one of my toughest builds, ill fitting pieces, poor moulding and a broken clear sprue all led to a long slow process. However, I do think the aircraft looks pretty smart in its coastal command colour scheme. It is a straight from the box build, painted using Vallejo model air acrylics. Thanks for looking.
  17. After a bit of a break I've finally finished the Italeri Tornado! Some of the parts were a pig to fit but I'm fairly ok with the final result considering how the build went. I made it oob and only added the wing sweep covers cut from masking tape as otherwise you could see straight through. The markings were from the Airfix Tornado, though I cut the code letters up to make it into FL instead of FV. I used Flory dirt wash to dull it doen a bit and dirty the jetpipes and tail area. All criticism welcomed so I can improve! Comparison with the Airfix Tornado (ZA407, TWCU):
  18. I got the Italeri kit, not knowing that it was just the old Supermodel kit with some recessed panel lines; a bit disappointing. Maybe I should have gone for that Sword mega-box, but what on Earth am I going to do with 6 Reggianes? The 2001 is nice , but.. *mope-mope-mope* Anyways; onward. So I saw this neat trick on how to apply mottle camo with chalk powder. I forgot who posted those models here, but; big thanks! Made me very happy with the results, hope you like it too. Full build can be seen here. Cheers, Luka
  19. This will be my entry build to this group, Italeri's Junkers Ju 87B in Italian service, or "Picchiatello." Here's the box art: Several sprues in light grey plastic, one in clear plastic, and a single photoetch fret. And the decal sheet, nicely printed by Cartograf. It covers four schemes, two Italian, one British captured, and the legendary Snake Stuka B-2/R2. I won't start building this right now because I have an Me 262 on the bench, but this Stuka will be my next project.
  20. I really should not be doing this with 2 other GB looming in 1 and 3 weeks respectively but my fifth and last build in this excellent GB will be the 2011 reboxing of Italeri's 2000 moulding of the Gripen. As far as I know it is exactly the same kit but with some rather fancy new decals for 4 aircraft from Sweden, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and South Africa. Unfortunately at least 3 of the machines represented seem to be the later and upgraded C model whilst the kit is still, I believe an A model! Fortunately I have been kindly offered some spare decs by other BM modellers so that I can produce a standard early Swedish version - thanks guys. Tim @theplasticsurgeon is building the earlier boxing on this GB and it seems to go together fairly quickly, so I will risk starting it as my Viggen is not too far from completion hopefully - I just hope I don't regret it later!. At least, unlike my Lansen and to some extent my Viggen it comes with a full load of underwing stores - Sidewinders, Mavericks, some sort of cruise misslile, a drop tank and what is either a jamming or targeting pod. Must do a bit of reasearch to see what they actually are! More as and when. Pete
  21. This is the second of two 1/72 Mustangs built for our club theme build this year, and was built specifically for Telford 2019. The other was the Airfix F-51D, RFI here: Building both together was quite an interesting opportunity to compare, and certainly I was able to use the Airfix internal detail as a guide to scratch building similar for the Italeri model, which lacks any real internal detail, except a rather good I/P. I did take some pictures of the additional detail I added at the time, but can't seem to locate them at the moment. If I do find them, I will share. Meanwhile, some of the shots here show the internals completed, most of the sidewalls are added scratch. The biggest challenge on the Italeri Mustang is the fit of the front windshield. Mine required extensive sanding to thin down the area where it meets the front fuselage, and filling in quite extensive gaps. All painting was done with tamiya acrylics, with top and bottom colours mixed to best match a selection of photo's showing Swedish upper surface green and lower surface gery/blue. The only colour ref I had for the Mustang itself was the Xtracolour instructions. Flory washes were used at the end, although dont really show up mush on the upper surface. Decals came from the excellent Xtradecal sheet X72270. The result is good enough for me eye! So here she is. A very difficult one to catch the colour properly. The actual model looks lighter and greener to the naked eye, and this first shot seems the best representation of the actual model colour wise, as do pics 11 and 12 below. Some detail close up shots And finally another shot with its Italian stablemate Thanks for looking Terry
  22. I decided that two shelf queens finished was enough for now, so therefore it was time to move onto something new. As the book on Israeli Improvised Armoured Cars arrived this week, and I wanted something to build while the paint dried on the Centaur, the decision was made for me as to what I would tackle next. This project has been on my to do list for a long time, ever since I saw the plans for one in an old Tankette magazine. Lack of decent photos was what had put me off of starting, but now there was no excuse. It wasn't until I got hold of the book that I realised just how resourceful the Israelis were in the immediate years following WW2. There were four or five armoured cars based on the M3A1 Scout Car and several more, based on anything with wheels. The drawings that were in the Tankette magazine and the one illustrated below, are of the Type 1. This took a lot more work than the later types 3 and 4, and the same is true for modelling them. So therefore I took the decision to attempt the Type 4 a/c. I bought an Italeri M3A1 White Scout Car some years ago just for this project. It's not of the quality of the later Hobbyboss version, but seeing as how half of it won't be used, it's of no consequence. I also have the Eduard set for this kit, but again, it's not a lot of use as most of it is for the interior, of which, not a lot will be seen. There are some purchases that I need to make as these items are not in the kit, namely a pair of German MG34 machine guns, a set of British pattern sand channels, and a set of replacement wheels. I believe the ones that I want are made by Panzerart and are meant for the M3 Half Track. The MG34's will be sourced from RB Models. The rest of it will be scratched from plasticard. John.
  23. The Italeri release programme for 2019 is downloadable here: https://www.italeri.com/uploads/news/WgAFgu0js8CESGXhx3yFr5Zcj55BKkOzpa5k3cUD.pdf Source: https://www.italeri.com/en/article/766 No new a/c tool in 2019 except the already announced (since 2017...) - ref.2513 - 1/32nd MRCA Panavia Tornado GR.4 (link). The a/c pages. 1/32 - ref. 2511 — NATO Pilots, Ground Crew and Accessories — 100% New Moulds - ref. 2513 — Panavia Tornado GR.4 + Super Decal + PE — 100% New Moulds 1/48 - ref. 2773 — Bell AH-1Z Viper „Zulu Cobra” - ref. 2774 — Piasecki H-21C „Flying Banana” Gunship + Super Decal + PE - ref. 2776 — Sikorsky HUS-1 Seahorse / UH-34D - ref. 2778 — Agusta-Bell AB 206B1 - ref. 2788 — Douglas A-1H Skyraider - ref. 2789 — Dassault Mirage 2000C - ref. 2790 — Dassault Mirage F.1CT/CR - ref. 2791 — Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet - ref. 2792 — Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I - ref. 2794 — Messerschmitt Bf 110C/D — ex-Eduard (?) / ex-Fujimi (?) 1/72 - ref. 1388 — Savoia SM.81 Pipistrello — ex-Supermodel - ref. 1399 — General Dynamics F-111A Aardvark — ex-ESCI - ref. 1407 — McDonnell Douglas T-45C Goshawk - ref. 1408 — IAI Kfir C.2 + Super Decal - ref. 1410 — McDonnell Douglas AV-8A Harrier + Super Decal — ex-ESCI - ref. 1412 — Savoia SM.79 Sparviero - ref. 1414 — Grumman F-14A Tomcat - ref. 1423 — North American P-51B Mustang - ref. 1424 — Henschel Hs 129B - ref. 1425 — Secret Item Lockheed-Martin F-35B Lightning II (updt 31/10/2019) - ref. 1426 — North American F-86F Sabre „Mig Killer” — ex-Fujimi - ref. 1427 — MiG-21bis — ex-Zvezda (?) - ref. 1428 — Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Fighting Falcon Block 50/52 - ref. 1429 — McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Swiss Air Force / RAAF - ref. 1430 — Fokker F27-400 Friendship — ex-ESCI - ref. 1431 — Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion - ref. 1432 — Mil Mi-24P / Mil Mi-35P - ref. 1433 — Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King — ex-Fujimi (?) - ref. 1434 — McDonnell Douglas FG.1 Phantom — ex-Fujimi V.P.
  24. F-35A/B Lightning II Wheel Set (3231) 1:32 Halberd Models Halberd Models’ recent flexible resin tyre sets require a slightly different method of construction to standard resin wheels, so I’ll refer you back to my initial review in 2019 here, which explains the process and design ethos in more detail. It also has a link to a video that shows the process fully, so if you’re unsure about how to use flexible resin tyres it’s worth a read. The assemblies are a drop-in replacement for the kit parts, so they should glue straight onto the landing gear axles, but it's always wise to test and adjust as necessary, as you'll be using either epoxy or super-glue to attach them because resin doesn't adhere with styrene glue. The tyres will deform slightly under weight, just enough to give them a more realistic look, but not so much that they'll look in dire need of more air before the next mission. This set is designed for the Italeri kit, which has been about since 2017 in a couple of boxings. Arriving in the by now familiar box, there are eight resin hub parts on three casting blocks, plus three tyres – two main and one nose wheel. Construction involves liberating the resin from their undercut base either with a razor saw or motor tool, then cutting the spoked centres out of the tyres and smoothing the inner face with a burr chucked into a motor tool. Each main wheel has a thick rear part with brake-detail insert added inside the rim and a front hub face, while the nose wheel has two hub parts as you’d expect. They’re best glued with super glue (CA), and the wheels can be painted with latex based acrylic paints if necessary. Detail is excellent both on the hubs and tyres, and with sympathetic painting they should far outstrip that of the kit parts. Highly recommended. They’re currently being sold direct to customers via their Facebook page and through their distributors worldwide. Review sample courtesy of
  25. Adding a rotary-wing aircraft to the mix. A rotor fold kit is in the mail somewhere between Hampshire and the frozen tundra of northern Alberta. Cheers, Rich
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