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Found 218 results

  1. Brush painted in Revell acrylics with a top coat of Tamiya satin varnish, pastels were used for the weathering. Markings are fictional for a night fighter but I wasn't about to spend £10 for decals on a £3 kit.
  2. Thought it was about time I started to build a ship after several tank builds. So here it is, the Zvezda Varyag cruiser, Eduard etched set, Master gun barrels, Master turned brass masts and Artwox wooden deck.
  3. Two hour build! These kits are aimed at war gamers primarily so parts count and detail are both low, but I love 1:144, and Russian WWII subjects are thin on the ground so this kit appealed to me. I needed something fun to build as I've got a few projects that are trudging along and I just wanted something I could build quickly and get finished. That's when it hit me... How fast can I build it? I originally thought I'd just build it and see how long it took but then decided to set a two hour limit. I just came in under it with the help of very thinned out paint and a hair dryer. Brush painted with Tamiya & Revell acrylics, Humbrol Clear and a final spray of Tamiya matt varnish. So if you're ever experiencing "builders block", grab one of these Zvezda kits (109, Hurricane, Lagg-3, IL-2, Stuka) and have some fun!
  4. I found this in my local branch of Antics, having recently built a "snap fit" Zvezda 1/200 Li-2 transport plane I though I'd give this a go. Like the Li-2 I decided to glue it together as well as go for a nice weathered finish. No markings were supplied so I raided my decal stash and found something that looked OK. Painted in Revell acrylics, the scheme is purely fictional and just evolved as I went. Weathering was done using oil washes, pastels and dry brushing. The mud is pastels mixed with Micro Set and applied as a sludge.
  5. Found this online for £1.96 posted! (How do they make money on it?) So I thought I'd just snap it together, paint it & stick it on a shelf. As usual I got carried away... Corrected the engine nacelle shape and shortened the cowling, corrected the oil coolers, added the exhausts, ditched the glazing and made the cockpit frames from some square rod, cut out the rear window for the gunner's position (See below for the gun!) and worked on the undercarriage by drilling and filing to make them more realistic. While researching this plane I found a few photos online showing a gun mounted on the rear port side so I decided to add this. Made out of some scrap plastic card, rod and even one of my hairs as the cocking handle, it was a nightmare to glue together but I got there in the end. I decided to do a winter scheme so painted a generic light & dark green upper with blue lower then whitewashed the upper. For this I used Revell acrylic thinned with water to a 20/80 mix. It took 8 coats using a tiny brush to get the effect I was looking for but it was worth it in the end. A quick coat of Humbrol Clear and then I added the decals, did a bit of weathering and worked on the engraved lines with some thinned down ink. Everything was hand brushed except the final matt varnish. The windows were all made using Kristal Klear. So what started as an afternoon project turn into 5 days of holding my breath too long and going cross-eyed numerous times but I'm really happy with it.
  6. I bought this kit only a few days ago and im really happy with the progress, and the kit in itself. It will, when finished, wear the delivery colours of CCCP-65973: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Aeroflot/Tupolev-Tu-134A/0720882/L/&sid=bd50b80da3d101e77115dff9e924479c http://www.airliners.net/photo/Aeroflot/Tupolev-Tu-134A/0120071/L/&sid=bd50b80da3d101e77115dff9e924479c The decals i will use can be found here: http://www.f-dcal.fr/decals/product.php?id_product=1217. I did however, after getting this far, discover that maybe i should have waited with the pitot tubes until after i've added the decals as those pass right over them. --------------- This is the kit i prioritize, but i am also working on a Revell 737-200 with Air Inuit decals from V1 Decals and a Hasegawa MD-90 that i have yet to decide what livery it should wear. If anyone is interested in pics, just ask.
  7. Hello, My name is Alex and on behalf of Scale-model-kits.com I would like to notify all of you about latest new items that arrived in our shop's stock. - Grumman AF-2W Guardian from Ace in 1:72 scale (ACE72304) - Olympia (4 door saloon) staff car, model 1938 from Ace in 1:72 scale (ACE72518) - "Buran" Soviet shuttle from Amodel in 1:72 scale (AMO72023) - Mini Hacksaw & 7 Blades from Hobby Park in scale (HP-MHB-7) - Flakpanzer III "Ostwind" (3,7cm Flak 43) from Maco in 1:72 scale (MACO7210) - WWII Soviet submarine type 'S' (re-issue of AMP302) from Micro Mir in 1:350 scale (MM350-002) - Nuclear deep-water station Project 1910 'Kashalot' from Micro Mir in 1:350 scale (MM350-007) - Decal for bomber Junkers Ju - 87 Stuka from Print Scale in 1:144 scale (PRS144-002) - Decal for helocopter Bell UH-1 Huey from Print Scale in 1:72 scale (PRS72-019) - Decal for fighter F-18 Hornet Part 2 from Print Scale in 1:72 scale (PRS72-045) - A-90 'Orlyonok' troop carrier ekranoplan from Zvezda in 1:144 scale (ZVE7016) - K-300 BASTION coastal missile system from ZZ Modell in 1:72 scale (ZZ72016) Best regards, Alex Scale-model-kits.com - plastic scale model kits on-line shop
  8. Hello friends. A few photos of the model Fw.190 A-4 in 1/72 from Zvezda. 3D model based on the original factory drawings, and "Zvezda" tried to make the most authentic model.
  9. Russian protected cruiser Varyag (53067) Eduard 1:350 Just when you think that there arenât any older kits that havenât been covered by an aftermarket company and they prove you wrong. This is the case with Zvezdas Varyag protected cruiser. The kit, whilst quite good, really does need some updating and this two sheet set will do just that. Sheet one, 210mm x 135mm and as is usual for these types of sets, absolutely filled with new or replacement parts. Some areas of detail on the kit will have to be removed before these parts can be added although this is not really a problem, just ensure that the areas are flat. Starting at the bow the filigree moulding is removed before the finely etched parts are fitted. Several deckhouses, skylights and deck hatches are added, replacing the rather clunky plastic parts. Much of the kits bridge structure is completely replaced with etched parts so the wheelhouse and bridge wings shields have to be removed, leaving just the plain deck. Onto this a new etched deck piece is added to the remaining plastic deck part, this has nicely detailed wood detail etched into it. Onto this the new wheelhouse is built by folding the single piece etched part into shape before the roof is added and its attached railings. The cross bracings are added to the bridge wing supports. Two inclined ladders are fitted between the bridge deck and the main deck. The lower foremast platform has its shields removed before etched bracing is added underneath and railings are fitted to the top, whilst the searchlight platform is replaced. The two guns are fitted to etch mounts and have their breech detail replaced. Rope walkways are added to each spar. Whilst the smaller cannon have their mounts replaced, the larger guns only have added detail. All four funnels have new vertical ladders, handrails and tops fitted. The unusual aerial walkway between the foredeck superstructure and the aft superstructure is almost completely replaced with new cross bracing, walkway, with railings and supports should be constructed before fitting to the model. The rest of the sheet comprises of more deck hatches, liferings, skylight hatches, boat oars, cable reels, rear superstructure decks, support bracing, inclined ladders and vertical ladders. Sheet two is slightly smaller at 210mm x 95mm and provides more oars for the ships boats, a complete captains stern walkway that replaces the kits parts, ropewalks for the mainmast yards, eight replacement cranes with separate hooks, accommodation ladders, booms, and parts to replace and add detail to some of the kit cranes that are fitted to the central walkway. Right at the stern, liferings and their cradles are fitted along with what looks like a torpedo tube door. Railings are provided for the foredeck and quarterdeck, with ratlines to be fitted to the two masts. Conclusion This is a very comprehensive set, and it's good to have all the parts in one package rather than having to buy two sets to complete a kit. As stated above there are a lot of area on the kit which need to be removed, so care and patience will be required before even starting on adding the etch. There are also lots of very small parts, so a steady hand and some magnification will be needed. Despite all this the parts included in the set will really bring the kit to life and fill it with much finer detail than is in the plastic. I will certainly be using this set in a forthcoming build. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  10. Pin

    Zvezda 2013

    Brand new 1:72 MiG-29 - Yesssss!
  11. Zvezda's 1.144 kit, straight out of the box. The decals were less than co-operative. I used the window decals from the Jetrack resin kit. Please, Aftermarket, may we have decals that are worthy of this kit?
  12. T-90 Grilles for Zvezda EA35-086 ET Models 1:35 For those who just like to add a little bit of extra detail, or add some finesse to certain parts of their models then this new set from ET Models is just for you. Designed for the Zvezda 1:35 T-90 main battletank, the set provides three styles of grille, two large for the engine deck, two medium for the rear decking, and a smaller one just aft of the turret ring on the right hand side. The large and small grilles require folding in half with the attached cross bracing before fitting. Since these items are direct replacements, other than using CA or hypo GA glue there shouldnt be a problem for any modeller to use them. Conclusion A nice and simple set to use, perfect for those who havent used etched parts before or those modeller who are more than happy adding just the minimum to get what they want out of a model. Recommended. Review Sample courtesy of available in the UK from White Ensign Models ]
  13. Mi-24V Hind Antennas for Zvezda kit 1:72 Quickboost from Aires Over the years, Zvezda have built up quite a range of 1:72 scale Soviet and Russian helicopter models. There are no fewer than three different generations of Hind to choose from, including the classic Mi-24V Hind E. Now Quickboost have released this handy set of replacement resin Antennas to complement their excellent resin nose gun set. The parts are thoughtfully laid out on a single casting block with two vertical arms on either side. This helps ensure that the delicate parts shouldn’t come away from the block accidentally. The antennas (antennae?) themselves are perfectly cast and should look excellent once in place. You might have spotted that not all of the parts are actually antennas as there is at least one air intake included. Overall though this is a useful little set which should help to enhance an already very decent kit. Review samples courtesy of distributed in the UK by Hannants Ltd.
  14. A brand new 1/48th Yakovlev Yak-3 is to be released by Zvezda. Sources and pics: http://www.facebook....26613179&type=3 http://scalemodels.r...1-48-jak-3.html V.P.
  15. Hello Everyone I would like to do a British Airways 787-8, but im unsure what colour to do the engines, it seems to be mixed. Some people seem to thin k they will be white, others think blue. Does anyone know what colout they will be? Thanks Bradley
  16. 3rd build, hopefully not being too optimistic here!! This will be progressed when there's nothing I can do on the DC9 and VC7, the main object of this one is the conversion ot the fuselage into a cargo 747, and shortening the stretched upper deck back to it's original configuration. The rest of the kit looks like a straightforward OOB build, with possibly some scribing round control surfaces as there doesn't seem to be any difference between these and the panel lines. Decals look excellent and areby Two Six.
  17. Hello, Does anyone know if anyone planning to release any more decals for the Zvezda kit? Any passenger versions, Korean Air perhaps? Thanks, Andrew
  18. Aeroscale is running a "Super Sukhois Campaign" group build. My subject is Zvezda's wonderful little Superjet 100. Construction commences with the wings. The fit is very good. No tailsitting allowed! Zvezda calls for 5g of noseweight. I mixed a lump of Miliput and stuck a few finishing nails in. When it comes to noseweight, overkill is good Fuselage closed up. The fit again was very good, and the soft plastic allows the long fuselage seam to fill itself and squeeze up to be sanded off later. Test fitting the wings to the fuselage. No glue has been harmed here. Yet. It's going to need very little persuading to close together seamlessly.
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