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  1. On the anniversary of the Battle of Britain, I decided to make a model of the Spitfire Mk.I. The model is an Airfix, I enjoyed doing it. Here's the picture.
  2. The old Matchbox model, which like most of their models, represents relaxation for work. Although my box is from 1979, the decals were top notch. I am satisfied with what has been achieved, the colors are Model Master and Humbrol. I also plan on a Buffalo with Finnish markings, just a Hasegawa model. Here's the picture.
  3. It's time to open this year as well. The first completed model this year, the MIG-3 Hobby Boss. You know everything about the model, totally relaxing to work with. This device, which I worked on, was part of the 62nd IAP of the Air Force of the Black Sea Fleet, and since I did not yet have a MIG-3 in these colors, he also came by order. Standard, Humbrol colors. Here's the picture:
  4. Another completed model. Very old model, but it can look quite decent. I really like this Russian camouflage scheme. Here's the picture. Enjoy.
  5. I have always wanted to make a spitfire with Israeli marks. Although the old Italeri model, I still like it today. By the way, this year is the 19th completed model. Here's the picture.
  6. This model was supposed to be a relaxing work, but it's not like that. Quite a complex and poor model to work with. It can be seen that the company is new on the market and that it still needs a lot of work to reach the level of better and higher quality companies. Here is picture.
  7. The model represents an airplane operated by one of my favorite Condor Legion fighters, Gothard Handrick in 1938. The model is well known to most, without any serious problems. Here's the picture.
  8. Another completed model. Quite an old and demanding model, but with the effort it can look nice. Here's the picture. Enjoy.
  9. I am continuing the MIG-21 edition around the world. The last model made is the MIG-21R of the Egyptian Air Force. The model is made by Condor, known to everyone for all its shortcomings. I am pleased with what has been achieved and another MIG-21 is on display. Here's the picture.
  10. Another in a row made Russian plane. La-5FN by Zvezda. The model is correct for operation. The model I worked for is a 1943 plane from the Ukrainian front. Here's the picture.
  11. Old or excellent Dakoplast model. Everything I decal is great. I used AML decals. This is an apparatus that flew on the Ukrainian Front 1943-1944. Here's the picture.
  12. One ancient model. It cost me more than five years to start, so I decided to finish it. An extremely rudimentary and heavy model. Somehow I did a little fighting and it's not bad for the shelf. The decals were super gluey, only I didn't manage to glue the five-pointed to the spinner, so I painted it red. Here's the picture.
  13. This is an old Revell model. I'm very pleased with how it turned out in the end. They said only aftermarket. Here's the picture.
  14. Old Heller model, well known to all of you. But nothing is thrown at me but everything is made. They said only aftermarket. Here's the picture.
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