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  1. I found pictures in this version. The model is very correct for work.
  2. The Iraqis used them as hunters. I also found photos in this version.
  3. Hello guys, this is my currently the last completed model. It's an old Hasegawa model. Here's the picture, enjoy it.
  4. I'm continuing with a series of jets and presenting my last completed model. SU-22M4 Iraqi Air Force. This plane flew at the end of the Iraq-Iran war, but also during the first desert storm. Here is picture , enjoy.
  5. Very impressive work. Nice.
  6. I started this model very long ago, so it's time to finish it. Every model is familiar, it's old, but I'm always cute old models. I did not want to correct any manufacturer errors, but I did it directly from the box. I did not even change the decals, which are green instead of white. I like it. Here's the picture, enjoy it.
  7. Hi friends , my last completed model. It is a Monogram's model in the Accurate Miniatures box. I am pleased that the model is made, so here's the picture. Enjoy.
  8. With this plane, I completed the planned series of Italian hunting planes. The model is old, but I liked to work. The images are a bit of a bad quality, because, whatever I do, the pictures are dark. So much of me. Enjoy.
  9. Decals is very thin. This is old Airfix.
  10. I continue to continue with the Italians. The model is old, but nice to work. I do not care about accuracy. I've already done one Fiat G.50 this year and knowing what's waiting for me to do this relaxing. Here's the picture, and I continue to work on the next Italian.
  11. I continue with the Italian Aviation jets. The Macchi C.200 Saetta, the old Revel's model, was completed. It suited me for work. It's all out of the box. except the decal and the elise. The model is a plane that was stationed in Crete. Here's the picture.
  12. I continued to work on Italian planes. The next one I've finished is Macchi MC.202 Folgore. The model is the company Italeri. Here's the picture . Enjoy.
  13. Camouflage was made with GUNDAM MARKER
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