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  1. Hi! I've used spray paints back then, this answer would disappoint me now, because I'm using acrylic-based colours as well. It was Motip 403 Monte-Carlo colour (not sure why the name). Can't find any RAL ref. Best of luck! P.S. I'd say tamiya royal blue is very close to the actual colour of the aeroflot branding, At least I've used it with my BA 767 restoration. Best regards, Steve
  2. Some updates: The sanding game requires a bit more effort than I've expected but I'm getting there. The cockpit canopy is almost perfectly fitted and the fuselage halves go along. Engines assembly is almost done, dry fitted though, not quite sure about the final nacelles and pylons colour, maybe subject to change I'm incredibly frustrated being low on personal time, but I'll just have to get through my half-term KPI deadline before 1st of July, then it should clear up and I'll hopefully start a parallel B738 build Cheers, Steve
  3. Great job! IMO Zvezda's B777 is the best 1/144 airliner kit on the market. Metallic decals really made the difference here!
  4. Hi. Thanks! Indeed all those lights and whistles are a bit in the way of normal build timeline, but why not now, haha. I've had a suspicion that lighter elements of the decal might be actually transparent when applied. Maybe I will spray white over the masks because I've got very limited amount of spare white decals, well, actually I've got a full sheet of white doors and spinners, but none of them will help. Maybe a piece of the B777 wing escapeways. By the way, how do you reckon that steel/aluminium fuselage colour should be sprayed over a white base? I've got a tamiya flat aliminium (xf-16) and chrome silver (x-11) and yet to decide what to use. Maybe I should mix in a bit of blue colour as well. Flaps are sorted out, slats are almost. Nose gear bay is also ready. I think I will put some weight inside the cockpit just in case though the plane looks pretty well balanced by the MLG point - you never now.
  5. Starting a new build, thought it might get interesting. Hopefully I'll get some relief after building some Eastern Express 'no fit no sense' kits. This is called the ultimate kit with the flaps, gear and even opened door options, so I'll try to go with the flaps down/doors closed/struts compressed config, decal windows, nothing too fancy. It's a total mess in the box, an unidentifiable pile of leading and trailing edges, total of six engines (in case what?) 3 IAE and 3 CFM, probably due to technological reasons for conversion from A320 to A321. Any advice is welcome while I'm sorting it out. Decals are from aerodeka.ru website, they're completely new to me and I'm excited to check them out. But the guy was nice enough to me to make A320->A321 Niki livery conversion at no cost, we'll see. Cheers, Steve
  6. Thanks a lot! I only had a Minicraft 757 with a Braz resin parts and it was quite a pain. Guess experience may vary from kit to kit.
  7. Thanks guys! This was a very long and epic project by my means, so I wanted to share just based on the time and effort, but I think the decals just saved the day here
  8. This is not my best model by far, but probably the most desired one, battle born with lots of setbacks. Definitely not the tidiest one, but I still like it! I wanted to build MD-90 so bad. Decals took almost 60 days to arrive (but they were a pleasure to work with and many thanks to Greg Drawbaugh for helping me out with my order). The correct grey colour took about a week of waiting and after that painting went horribly wrong. I painted 4 thin coats and it was worse and worse. I don't know what exactly went wrong since I was using spray can paint that time, painting outside, but I had to scrub it off in panic and paint it all over again with more or less satisfactory results. Still the surface is very rough. The Eastern Express kit does not fit well, but I don't believe Minicraft is better either. I've tried to give her a look of a real workhorse of an aircraft as she was, maybe slightly overdid. Kit: Eastern Express MD-90 Delta Airlines Decals: Draw Decals SAS MD-90, AA MD-87/90 Windows, a bit of kit decals My lockdown T-tails fleet Cheers, Steve
  9. What an awesome build and AA did a great job with the window decals. Metallic paint is absolutely glorious!
  10. Thanks! I guess it is a bit like coloured pencils, some like blue, some like red. Yep, Q400 feels more like an Airbus with the props, clean tidy white cabin with tray tables and no vomit smell, fast and smooth flight. I guess nowadays (I mean reasonable future ) you can have your luck with AirBaltic or SAS. I don't know where Flybe and AirBerlin dashes went to.
  11. Oh, best of luck. Mine was also Austrian airlines. I went light to dark with the propeller blades. First sprayed lemon yellow on unmasked blades, then put some tape on the tips. This is a pain because you can't really have a reference point and make them the same size (at least I didn't come up with a solution). But they look okay to the naked eye. So you just paint black on the masked blades, then I painted sides with a silver paint marker. Maybe rivet-counters would go with dedicated blade masks, but to me the result is not too clumsy. Yellow patches are a bit too big and they have a little curve, but I gave up trying to replicate it. Will be looking forward to your build!
  12. Yeah, I love turboprops, although once I hit my head on the wing structure inside the Fokker 50 cabin. Probably some people just don't like supercritical wing profile along with a nice long fuselage
  13. Thank you for the kind words! Decals technology has to be fine-tuned for me, but this is definitely a way to improve! Also if anyone is interested I can share them in any appropriate format. Now I remember I was also really interested in Wideroe livery, but managed to find only for the Dash8 q300 at Lima November, sooo maybe someday I will do that Thank you, everyone
  14. Thanks! Yep, I'm just not up to the resin kits. Probably used some nosecones and engines for the conversion, but not the whole kit. Eastern Express has some appealing aircraft types on offer, but one should be really cautious with their kits.
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