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  1. Hi all, after finishing the Saracen I started a new project. I don't remember why I bought this kit, as I am not really interested in WW II vehicles, maybe it was the strange look of this light tank or I just wanted to see how a kit of this company builds, I don't know. Anyway, I looked at it and decided that it was about time to pull it out of the stash. I forgot to take pics of the sprues and started right away as the kit landed on the workbench. These are the main parts that make up the hull. The green plastic is on the softer side
  2. @Bullbasket, @phildagreek John and Phil, thank you very much for your kind comments. I am also quite pleased with the result so far, but it's still a long way to go until all seats are done. Stay safe
  3. @Terry1954 Hi Terry, thank you very much indeed. I`ve always been fascinated by the strange look of this vehicle and I was very happy when Ace brought out this kit. Stay safe
  4. @IanC Thank you very much for your kind words, Ian! There are also models of Saladin, Stalwart (2 versions) and the Salamander from Ace, all quite strange looking vehicles. Stay safe
  5. Right then, it's me and my boring seats again. Seat #3 is done. Little disaster struck during the making of the seatbelts. First the lower part of the shoulder straps, that has to be pushed through the buckle broke in two while I bent it to get it through. No big problem, I just glued the front part to the buckle and the other one to the back. This brought the problem that the small orange strap couldn't be stuck onto the lowest link of the buckle anymore. Then the small strap pinged off my tweezers into the void, so I had to cut off a piece of the photo etch fret which was in simi
  6. Beautiful! Very good work! I especially like the three tone camo and the weathering! Stay safe
  7. @Courageous Hi Stuart, thank you for the nice words. I am sure you'll make a much better Saracen than mine! @Bullbasket Hi John, thanks a lot for the nice comment. @BKirwan Hi Brian, yes, correct, my Saracen is one that took part in "The Troubles". Stay safe
  8. Catching up with your build today, I must say that your detailing work is just fantastic! Stay safe
  9. Hi Rob, great work so far! Good to see how it's coming along. I also have the HST in my stash - the 155mm version, so I take notes for my future build! Stay safe
  10. Wow! This is just awesome! Your weathering technique is brilliant! Stay safe
  11. @vytautas, @Andy Moore, @Hamden, @Bullbasket Thank you very much for your very kind words, gentlemen! You are too generous, my photo etch skills are still very limited. Believe it or not - all of a sudden today it started to make fun to work with the photo etch seat belts! (I must be sick!) Here you see all eleven parts that make up the seat belts for one seat. The part with the circular end is already bent, otherwise you would see two circular shapes. Next step is to bend the buckles and the belts. Without a bending tool it would be almost impossible to bend the
  12. Hi all, the first seat is done! Only 16 left now... I am quite pleased with how it looks, although it's not perfect. I attached the dashboard and added the steering wheel. I also gave the dashboard a slight wash. That's all for this time, thanks for looking! Stay safe
  13. Hi all, Scratch build of the rear view mirror is done, now I call this one finished. It's in the RFI section now: Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions. Stay safe
  14. Hi everybody, up for inspection is my little Saracen from Ace, which I finished recently. For anyone interested in the building process I provide the link to the WIP thread. The build was not easy because of the many small detail parts and the flash everywhere - at some parts it was difficult to tell which was flash and where the part began. All in all I enjoyed the build, the real problem was me and my clumsiness. Shortly before reaching the finish line the vehicle decided to act as an airplane but failed and landed hard on the floor losing all the
  15. @Bullbasket Hi John, thank you very much for your kind comment. There's still a long way ahead, especially the seatbelts will be very time consuming. Stay safe!
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