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  1. Excellent work! The paint and weathering is very realistic. I especially like the hand painted white stripes. Have a nice day Nick
  2. Brilliant! The weathering of the tank is absolutely realistic and the base is just outstanding! Have a nice day Nick
  3. Brilliant job, Steve! I really like the paint job and the placement of all the equipment. It really adds to the model! The figure is also very well done! Have a nice day Nick
  4. Absolutely stunning work there, the wear and tear looks totally realistic! I am really looking forward to seeing the body taking shape. Have a nice day Nick
  5. Thanks gentlemen for your very kind words! This is much appreciated. Have a nice day Nick
  6. @Jasper dog Thank you very much for your nice words! Btw, who needs sanity??? Modelling life is much better without! @ivan-o Thank you very much, Ivan! Have a nice day Nick
  7. Very nice! Excellent build, I especially like the paint job - the colour modulation looks great! Have a nice day Nick
  8. Hi everybody, this project is nearly finished now. What has been done: clear coat, decals, pin wash, panel line wash, dust, a bit of weathering, dull coat, lights, filter, wheels, black frames of the side and rear windows and the rear view mirrors. Only a few touch ups are left now - I hope to show her soon in the RFI section! Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome! Have a nice day Nick
  9. @Courageous @Bullbasket @Dads203 Thank you very much for your very kind words, Stuart, John and Dads! Great! I hope you'll enjoy the build as much as I do! Not at all in fact, I swear and curse and say things not suitable for children's ears during handling such small parts! Anyway, I think the hardest part is done now. Have a nice day Nick
  10. Hi all, there has been some progress. First I sprayed a coat of primer to see if all the gaps are closed, especially the gap on the rooftop. After this I started to attach most of the detail parts. Some of them are very small, and I spent more time on my hands and knees searching for the jumped off itsy bitsy parts than attaching them. Fortunately my parquet monster wasn't hungry, I found them all! Next I sprayed another coat of primer, this is the current status. Next will be building the wheel disks, and then I might spray the first coat of green overall. Have a nice day Nick
  11. Well, I am speechless...this really looks spot on! Have a nice day Nick
  12. Very good paint job, the details are looking very good! No need to close up the backdoors! Have a nice day Nick
  13. Good luck with it and stay safe! Nick
  14. Awesome scratch job there, Rob! I never ever would have the patience or the nerves to do things like these! Hats off to your power of endurance! Have a nice day Nick
  15. Very nice detailing, they will add a lot of realism to the model! Have a nice day Nick
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