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  1. Hi Andy, the paint and weathering on your Abrams is outstanding and leaves me speechless. Brilliant! Have a nice day Nick
  2. Darryl, the camo looks very good, it'll look even better after treatment with washes and filters - you will see! Have a nice day Nick
  3. Hi everybody, the build has started, as per instructions with the chassis. Not much to see, but this is 28 parts alltogether. Nicely moulded and good fit so far. The chassis is now waiting for the paint shop for a coat of black. Thanks for looking! All comments are welcome. Have a nice day Nick
  4. @Andy Moore Hi Andy, brilliant! Thank you very much, this photo is of good use! Have a nice day Nick
  5. @Bullbasket Hi John, yes, compared to the VBL the Tiger is quite a large vehicle. Have a nice day Nick
  6. @Hamden Hi Roger, of course I will go for the three tone camo. Will have to guess how the camo scheme could be on the rooftop, the instructions do not show a view from above. @Jasper dog Darryl, I am glad that you'll accompany me, please take a seat and grab a beer. Any help and encouragement will be needed! Have a nice day Nick
  7. @Andy Moore Thank you very much, Andy! I am glad too that a little bit of the interior can be seen, also through the open roof hatch. Have a nice day Nick
  8. Great work, John! The tracks look very good. Have a nice day Nick
  9. Next project, another wheely thingie. It's Zvezda's GAZ Tiger-M with "Arbalet" remote control weapon system. Boxtop Inside is a sturdy top opening cardboard box Inside the box we have 6 sprues of grey plastic and one sprue with clear parts. Sprue A Sprue B A second sprue B - on both sprues B are parts that will go into the spares boc Sprue C - two times in the box Sprue F Clear parts, decals and metal foil stickers for the rear view mirrors Mesh and the tyres - the tyres have prominent mould seams running along the center lines, these will be hard to come by Paint instructions for two versions Finally a peek inside the instructions booklet This seems to be a nicely detailed kit and should be a straightforward build. Hope to show you some progress soon! Have a nice day Nick
  10. Hi Darryl, this is a great build so far! Have a nice day Nick
  11. Very nice model with a great paint and weathering job! Have a nice day Nick
  12. @Silenoz Hi Silenoz, thank you very much indeed. I am not a big fan of dirtying up a vehicle. Sometimes I feel that the vehicle should get a good share of mud, but I always overdo it. I have to learn that sometimes less is more, which I tried to achieve with this model. Have a nice day Nick
  13. @ivan-o Thank you very much for the nice comment! @Jasper dog Hi Darryl, thank you very much! Yes, this is a funny looking vehicle, always reminds me on some kind of rallye car or a beach buggy. Sorry to hear that you have troubles with brush painting. Maybe you need new paintbrushes? I always use a very fine brush for the outlines and a bigger brush for the rest. I thin down the colour considerably and paint a thin layer. I don't mind if it's not opaque, usually it takes two to three layers to get there. With this method I usually avoid visible strokes, but it doesn't work with every colour. Metal colours are a pain to brushpaint. Have a nice day Nick
  14. Hi John, very nice progress! The weathering is superb! Have a nice day Nick
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