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  1. Great paint job! The chipping is awesome! Have a nice day Nick
  2. Very good job! I admire your skill with the etched parts, really well done! I wouldn't be able to do this like you do. Have a nice day Nick
  3. Hi Rob, very good job, I like the weathering, it turned out great! Have a nice day Nick
  4. Hi Nikolay, I will be glad to show the build of the Tigr! It has arrived already and I have to say that I am very impressed by the amount of detail! I am looking forward to building it! Have a nice day Nick
  5. Stunning paint job! Very well done! Have a nice day Nick
  6. @Bullbasket and @robgizlu Hi John and Rob, thank you so much for your very nice comments. I hope that it will turn out fine when finished, but the finish line is still not quite near and much can happen till I reach it. Hi everybody, in today's update you don't see so much difference to the last update. I only did some additional weathering, in my point of view this is finished now and the filter and the matte coat can be applied. Don't worry about the road wheels, they are only pushed on and not fixed yet. They will be nicely in line and on the ground in the end. I also worked on the tracks, this is how far I have come. 64 parts out of 90 for one track. To avoid a bore-out while working on the tracks I started a parallel project - Tiger Model Panhard VBL, another funny looking vehicle and much smaller than the AT-T. It fits onto the cargo bay of the tractor. I will open another WiP-thread soon. Thanks for looking, critiques and suggestion are always welcome. Have a nice day Nick
  7. @Nikolay Polyakov Hi Nikolay, nice build so far! Still waiting for my Zvezda Tigr, I hope that it will arrive soon! Have a nice day Nick
  8. @Hewy Hi Hewy, thank you very much for your nice comment. I like it too, it's an easy and straightforward build. Hi everybody, still the weather is too good to spend the days at the workbench, so only a little building in the evenings. Very slow progress now, but still there is progress. Almost all parts are attached now, only front and rear mudguards, the windscreen wipers and two towing cables are left. Started the weathering of the upper hull, did some panel line washings, pin washes, put some mud and dust here and there. This is the result so far, the weathering is not finished yet. Also started to assemble the tracks, but haven't got too far, I'll show it in the next update maybe. Next step will be the matte coat and some filter. Thanks for looking! Suggestions and critiques are always welcome. Have a nice day Nick
  9. @gamevender very good build of a very unusual vehicle! Have a nice day Nick
  10. @Mozzy19 Hi Sean, very nice result! The camo is very well done and the weathering also! Have a nice day Nick
  11. @Nikolay Polyakov Hi Nikolay, great build so far. Good idea to use the sprues for aligning the tracks! The Zvezda kit seems to be a very good and nicely detailed one. I haven't built any Zvezda vehicle, but I recently ordered the new GAZ Tigr M and I am quite curious about the quality. Have a nice day Nick
  12. Hi all, not much to show as the weather is too fine now to spend the time at the workbench. Little by little I painted and attached the small parts to the upper hull, like hooks, fire extinguishers, tools, headlight guards etc. Now there are not many parts left - lights, steel ropes and hooks. Now the washing and weathering of the upper hull can start. Don't want to think about the tracks - 180 parts for the two tracks... Thanks for looking. Critiques and suggestions are welcome. Have a nice day Nick
  13. Looks very good to me, Sean! I'm looking forward to seeing the beast weathered! Have a nice day Nick
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