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  1. Hi all, the tracks were trickier than I thought. First I realized that the idler wheels were way out of line and stood too far out. Whatever I did, nothing helped. In the last consequence I clipped off the locating pins and sanded down the arms until the wheels were in line with all the rest of the wheels. After this the tracks were painted in steel colour. The next problem occurred during the mounting of the tracks - by using all individual links they were too long, by leaving one link out they were too short. So I had to do some surgery - I cut out a piece
  2. Hi all, I'm back with some progress, this time I had been playing about with mud. I tried not to do too much and keep it restrained. This is the result. The wheels were also treated. I am quite happy with the result. Next will be the tracks. They are link and lenght, I hope they'll fit. Thanks for looking! Stay safe
  3. @_alfisti_ Hi Alfisti, great work! How did you achieve the typical swedish splinter camo? Did you brushpaint it? Masking off around all the complex shapes on the hull seems to be impossible to me! Stay safe
  4. @vytautas Hi Vytautas, your work is excellent! Simply stunning. Stay safe
  5. @Bullbasket Hi John, your detailing work is outstanding as always! It's always worth looking at your work and learning from your skills. Stay safe
  6. Hi everybody, some progress here. First I gave the wheels a dark brown wash... then the decals were scratched to give them a worn look... After the next clear coat I modulated the green colour by slightly drybrushing some very light grey and then the tank received a dark brown wash and a little sand wash here and there... This is the current status. Next will be some mud. Thanks for looking! Stay safe
  7. Very well done! Looking at the photos one wouldn't believe that the tank is even smaller than braille scale models! Stay safe
  8. Excellent result! The weathering is outstanding! Stay safe
  9. Excellent paint and weathering job! Great work! Stay safe
  10. Brilliant! I especially like the weathering, it looks spot on! Stay safe
  11. Hi Charlie, you are welcome! Very good progress, your build is coming along nicely! Stay safe
  12. @Terry1954 Hi Terry, thank you very much for the nice comment. I use this build to improve my weathering skills (in fact - no skill at all!) so we'll see how it'll turn out. Stay safe
  13. Hi all, some progress here. Gloss coat is on... ...and I scratch built the lost mudguard (right hand side) and painted the rims of the drive wheels in steel colour... ...then I painted the exhaust in steel... ...and drybrushed it with Floquil Rust... ...attached it... ...and put on the decals, which I think are way too big (the "Stalin"-letters)... ...the white cross was treated with much decal softener to get it into the panel lines. I plan to treat it somehow to make
  14. Hi Charlie, great progress! For cutting off delicate parts from the sprue I mostly use a razor saw to avoid twisting and breaking of such parts. Stay safe!
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